The 11 Best Aerial Dog Runs 2022

Dogs are energetic pets to have around, and they require to play, exercise, and to relax from time to time. The outdoor/ yard is usually the best place for all this to happen. Building a fence around your house can be impossible or too expensive.

This is why a cheaper and simpler way for your pooch to have maximum fun is readily available; an Aerial Dog Run.

An aerial dog run is simply a zip line for dogs. It’s an overhead cable of substantial length supported by two poles/ trees with a lead/ tie out cable. This provides a way for your dog to roam around without much restriction.

When procuring an aerial dog run, essential features such as the weight the cable can support and its quality needs to be assessed. We decided to dive deep into research and come up with the top aerial dog runs for you.

By doing this, we hope we have narrowed down your search to the items in our review.

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  • ❤ HEAVY DUTY DOG RUNNER SYSTEM: Equipped with a 100ft dog tie out cable and a 10ft runner cable, which are vinyl covered to protect from rain and rust, durable and long-lasting enough to stand up constant activity, provide nearly 2000 square feet of playing area to explore and roam with safety and security. Turnbuckle is easy to adjust the length and tension, while avoiding sagging and helping pulley slide smoothly along the cable.

Go through the review, and you will find the perfect way for your dog to have fun in the backyard.

11 Best Aerial Dog Runs

#1. BV Pet Aerial Dog Run

by BV Pet

BV Pet Suppliers are dedicated to providing the most conducive conditions for your dog. Their dog run trolley system makes it possible for your dog to enjoy unrestricted freedom while keeping it safe.

The system contains a 60 feet aerial cable and a 10 feet runner cable. This provides your pet with 1,200 square feet of pure fun. This area is large enough for your dog to play with lots of freedom.

The cables are made of pure steel, which makes them strong to accommodate your dog’s weight without snapping. The system can hold dogs of up to 125 pounds. Steel based cables are also durable and resistant to wearing out.

Vinyl coating on the cables protects them from environmental elements to prevent rust and corrosion. This increases the durability of the BV Pet Trolley system. The vinyl coating also makes it easier for the trolley system to glide over the cable and protects the support structures.

Every other metallic part of the trolley system is also made of steel to keep the whole dog run robust and reliable.

An integrated shock spring prevents whiplash when your dog runs out of cable length. This averts severe injuries to your pet.

The runner tie rope has quick release swivel clips for faster and easier set-up. This saves you time.

However, the exposed steel parts require regular oiling to prevent rust.

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#2. Four Paws Heavy Duty Dog Cable Trolley Exerciser

by Four Paws

Four Paws Company provides you with three different sizes of aerial cables for you to pick the most suitable one. The aerial cable comes in 50ft, 75ft, or, 100ft. A 10 feet lead cable is also included.

Both the aerial cable and lead cable are forged using aircraft steel. This assures you of the cables’ superior strength and durability. They are galvanized (coated with zinc) making them resistant to rust. This increases the durability of the cords.

The cables are vinyl coated to increase durability by further protecting the steel cables from corrosion and environmental elements. The vinyl coating also makes the pulley system’s gliding easier and prevents damage to trees.

The cable has a shock spring which acts as a shock absorber to protect your dog from whiplash when it runs out of cable.

All the exposed metal parts such as snaps and hooks are made of galvanized steel to prevent rust and prolong the durability of the system.

This aerial dog run from four paws works well, but the metal parts (swivels) start to rust after prolonged exposure to environmental elements.

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#3. Freedom Aerial Dog Runs SUPER Heavy Duty

by Freedom Aerial Dog Runs

GOT A BIG DOG? Don’t let your dog stay locked in all day just because it’s big and you’re afraid it will rip through the regular dog runs. Freedom Aerial Dog Runs have a solution for you. Their super heavy duty aerial dog runs are made specifically for your big pooch.

The aerial cables range from 25ft to 150ft, offering you a choice to pick the right one for your backyard. The lead lines also vary in length from 8ft to 20ft. The versatility of this product meets the specifications of every user.

The lead and aerial cables are made from galvanized steel for superior strength to handle dogs of up to 200 pounds. Galvanized steel is durable and perfect for outdoor use because the zinc coating protects it from rust.

The connector clips on the lead cable are made of sturdy and durable alloys that can resist exposure to environmental elements.

The trolley has removable axles to make installation and disassembly easier. The rest of the system is also easy to install.

This super heavy-duty aerial dog run system is flawless.

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#4. PUPTECK Reflective Dog Run Cable


This product from PUPTECK features a 100 feet aerial cable with a 10 feet runner/ lead cable. The cables are made of steel for strength and durability. The cables’ construction allows it to work with dogs of up to 125 pounds. Zinc plating on both cables makes them rust-resistant.

The cables are vinyl coated to provide a protective layer against corrosion and environmental elements. This increases the durability of the cables for outdoor usage. The vinyl coating also acts as a shield to protect the trees against damage by the sturdy steel cables. The pulley system is also able to slide over the vinyl coating with little to no resistance.

The lead cable features sturdy, rust-resistant metal snaps to keep the connection between your dog and pulley secure.

Super active dogs tend to run until they are out of cable, which can lead to injuries. This is why this dog run integrates a shock-absorbent spring into the tie-out cable to prevent whiplash/ reduce tension.

The aerial cable is reflective at night for your family’s safety.

The PUPTECK Aerial Dog Run is flawless.

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#5. Boss Pet – Prestige 100ft Skyline Trolley

by Boss Pet Products

Boss pet products are well-known among pet owners because they’re of high and durable quality.

Their Prestige Skyline aerial dog trolley run has a 100ft cable and a long lead cable to provide your lovely pet with enough space to play and roam in the yard.

The cables are constructed using steel aircraft cable to hold dogs of up to 60lbs. The cables are galvanized for rust-resistance, which increases durability.

The lead and tie out cables are covered with vinyl to provide extra protection against corrosion and environmental factors that cause degradation of steel. The vinyl coating also acts as a protective measure to avoid damage to the trees/ poles supporting the aerial cord.

The steel pulleys are strong and slide over the vinyl coating with ease.

The swivel metal snaps are strong and prevent entanglement of the lead cable. This keeps your pet safe and comfortable. The metal snaps are quick to connect to save you time.

On the downside, it takes a lot of effort to make the aerial cable taut.

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#6. Petest Trolley Runner Cable

by Petest

Quality is what matters most when it comes to Petest products. This trolley runner is made to keep your dog playing safely in your yard.

It has a 60 feet tie-out cable and a 10 feet lead cable. The cables are made from steel which makes them strong enough to hold up to 125 lbs. Steel is also durable for prolonged use by your dog.

The cables feature a vinyl coating to prevent rust and corrosion to steel. Vinyl also acts as a shield against damage to the trees/ poles supporting the aerial cable. The metallic pulley also slides with no friction on vinyl, which keeps the cable and the pulley durable.

A strong steel spring is included on one end of the aerial cable to act as a tension buffer when the dog pulls the cord. This prevents injuries to your dog.

The metal snaps on the lead cable swivel to prevent entanglement.

The only problem faced is with the vinyl cover. It starts to wear out after prolonged use.

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#7. Titan Aerial Dog Run Dog Trolley System

by Coastal Pet

This trolley system is from Coastal Pet. It’s suitable for use by dogs of up to 80 pounds.

It features galvanized steel cables, i.e., aerial and lead cables. Galvanized steel is sturdy and resistant to rust due to the zinc coating. They are durable and withstand environmental exposure to offer continued service to your pet.

The aerial cable measures 50 feet and the lead line measures 10 feet providing ample space for your pet to roam.

A vinyl cover on the cables increases the durability of the galvanized steel by preventing corrosion and rust by environmental elements. The vinyl cover also makes the pulley system work smoothly due to reduced friction.

The metal snaps on the lead cable are brass coated for rust resistance and increased durability. They also rotate to prevent entwisting of the cable keeping your pet safe.

On the downside, the lead cable is of questionable quality.

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#8. Pet Champion Aerial Run

by Pet Champion

Pet Champion Aerial Dog Trolley System comes with 60 feet aerial cable and 10 feet runner cable. This provides your pet with enough ground to roam without breaking free.

The cables have a protective vinyl coating. This keeps them safe from corrosive elements, increasing their durability. The coating also acts as a shield against damage to the aerial cable’s support beams/ structure. It also provides a perfect surface for the robust pulley system to slide smoothly.

Apart from the vinyl coating, every other part of this dog run system is made of steel. This ensures that the system is strong to support dogs of up to 120 lbs.

It features a swivel metal snap for easier mobility by preventing entanglement of the lead cable. This keeps your pet safe and comfortable. The swivel snap is on the side connecting the lead cable to the dog’s collar.

The aerial cable has a shock-absorbent spring to keep tension on-check when the aerial cable is pulled. This prevents whiplash/ injury to your pet.

The cable is reflective to keep you and your pet safe at night.

On the downside, the lead cable has only one swivel, which is not enough to prevent entanglement.

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#9. You & Me Red Large Canine Zipline

by You&Me

The You & Me Canine Zipline is designed with a bright red vinyl coating to look sleek while keeping your pet happy.

This dog run system features a 100ft long tie-out cable with a 10ft lead cable. The cables are forged from steel, making them sturdy and durable for continued use.

The red vinyl coating on the cable keeps it safe from corrosive elements and rust. It also makes it possible for the pulley system to slide over the cable with minimal effort. If the cable is tied around trees, vinyl provides a protective shield to avoid damage.

The cables’ construction allows it to accommodate dogs of up to 100 pounds comfortably.

Its metal snaps are designed to rotate to keep the cable tangle free. This keeps your pet safe.

It works flawlessly as long it’s installed, used, and maintained as required.

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#10. PDQ Boss Pet Q5070 000 99

by PDQ

The PDQ Boss Pet is specially made for small dogs of up to 60 pounds. It’s light but strong to accommodate dogs of the recommended size without breaking.

With a tie-out cable of 70 feet and a 10 feet leash, this dog run provides a great way for your puppy to have fun in the outdoors.

The cables feature robust steel construction. This makes the dog run sturdy and durable.

The cables are covered in vinyl for increased durability. Vinyl protects the cables from corrosion and rust associated oxidative agents. Apart from being a protective layer, the vinyl coating creates a smooth surface for the pulley system.

The trees or poles used to support the aerial cable should remain healthy and strong, this is guaranteed by the vinyl coating which prevents damage from the steel cable.

Integrated metal snaps can rotate keeping the cable tangle free. This prevents injuries to your pet.

The only flaw associated with this dog run is the clasps which rust after a while. Otherwise, it works as required.

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#11. Omega Pacific K 9 Sky Trac Portable Dog Run

by Omega Pacific

This is a unique dog run as it’s portable, easy to set up, and it has polyethylene aerial cable and leash. The whole package weighs around 21ounces. This is meant for use in campsites, parks, and rest spots where your dog can take time to roam as you relax.

The cord and leash are heavy-duty for durability and strength. The cable features built-in dynamic tensioning to avert injuries to your dog when it runs to the end of the line.

The aerial poly cord measures 50 feet, and the leash is about 10 feet to provide your human friend with enough space to play and relax.

The leash has a swivel metal cap on one side to prevent any entanglement. This keeps your pooch safe.

Additional items that come in this set include a collapsible water bowl to feed your dog and a tensioning cleat to keep your pet safe.

On the downside, this dog run is only suitable for occasional use.

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What is the use of an aerial dog run?

An aerial dog run provides a way for your dog(s) to play and enjoy the outdoors with minimal restrictions while keeping them safe. It eliminates the need for locking up your dogs in small spaces or building a fence around your yard to hold your dog.

How do I install my Aerial Dog run?

The following are the steps followed when installing the majority of aerial dog runs:

  • Choose a place with fixed objects that can support your aerial cable or build stationary poles.
  • Install the aerial cable 6 feet or more above the ground.
  • Attach the eye hooks into the stationary objects or tie the cable around the stationary objects. If you have a spring, attach it to one end of the aerial cable and eye hook.
  • Place one of the stoppers onto the cable and let it glide loosely.
  • Slide the pulley onto the aerial cable.
  • Place the second stopper onto the cable loosely.
  • Loop the open end of the cable through the other hook and pull it tightly until there’s no slack in the cable.
  • Secure it with the clamps/ clips.
  • Tighten the clamps. Any excess cord can be cut off.
  • Select the ideal position for the stops and place a clamp behind both stops.
  • Attach the metal snap to your dog’s collar and let the fun begin!

What is the use of the shock spring in an aerial cable?

A shock spring acts as a shock absorber to prevent whiplash and injuries to your puppy when it runs to the end of the line. It keeps tension in check.

Are there any precautions that should be taken when using an aerial dog run?

Yes, there are a few precautions that should be put in place to ensure your aerial dog run is working correctly and your dog stays safe. They are mentioned below;

  • Always ensure your installation is secure before attaching your dog to it.
  • Ensure your Dog’s collar has no weak spots/ worn out parts that could tear.
  • Inspect all the dog run parts occasionally for damage. This prevents injury to your dog and keeps it safe.
  • Do not allow the aerial or lead cable to become kinked. Keep the aerial cable tight.
  • Make sure your dog trolley system stays high enough above the ground to avoid injury to people.
  • Never leave your dog unsupervised when connected to a dog run.

Final Verdict

Dogs require freedom to roam and play. Placing them in tiny storage houses only makes them vicious and dangerous. Aerial dog run trolley systems create a way for your dogs to have and enjoy freedom in the yard or any other outdoor sites.

Choosing the perfect aerial dog run requires a look into quality, weight limit, portability, and other special features that make an excellent dog run. Always choose a versatile and high-quality dog run to ensure optimal performance.

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