Top 11 Best Automatic Cat Feeders 2022

One of the things that you have to do as a pet parent is to ensure your pet is well fed. Unfortunately, you may not always have the time to feed your cat due to your busy schedule.

By using an automatic cat feeder, you will be able to feed your cat without interfering with your work schedule. These devices will keep you stress-free since you won’t have to worry constantly if your cat has eaten.

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Here is a list with some of the best automatic cat feeders that will ensure your cat has a regular feeding routine.

11 Automatic Cat Feeder Reviews

#1 Iseebiz Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

Iseebiz Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

The automatic cat feeder from Iseebiz has a ton of features that will make your life way easier when it comes to feeding your cat. This machine has an endless list of functions, and the good news is that you can customize all of them to suit your needs and that of your cat. For starters, you can program this equipment to automatically feed your cat up to four times a day. Through this, you can set the machine to give your cat breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a late-night snack. With this feature in place, your cat will never suffer from starvation even when you stay at your workplace all day long.

Moreover, the feeding schedules are well set apart such that food will only be dispensed when the timer reaches the time that you scheduled. To add to this, there is a portion control function, which will allow you to control the amount of food that your cat gets in every feeding session. This way, the cat will be conditioned to getting a specific portion of food, thus resulting in good eating behavior. As a result, your cat will no longer wake you up very early in the morning or late in the night for food.

When it comes to the safety of your pet, you will be happy to know that this automatic feeder is made of BPA-free plastic material. As such, your cat won’t develop any complications over time. Additionally, the lid of the dispenser is not transparent, so the cat won’t be able to see the food that is in store for future meals. This feature protects the dispenser in that if the cat were to see the food, chances are he/she will try to get it, and this may result in the feeder getting damaged.


  • Has a dual power supply system
  • Easy to operate
  • Portable


  • Batteries are sold separately

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#2 Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats

Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats

The Cat Mate C500 features five food compartments that can hold large portions of food that will serve your pet up to five meals a day. More to this, the feeder can work with dry and wet foods, thus allowing you to feed your pet whatever you want without worrying about the machine malfunctioning. When the compartments are full, this machine can feed up to two cats depending on how you set the timer. Unlike most automatic pet feeders that have numerous buttons that may confuse first-time users, this machine only has a few, making it convenient for all users.

To ensure that the food stays fresh for long hours, this cat feeder comes with two ice packs that will keep the food cool. Plus, the lid delivers a tight fit, so warm air won’t flow into the feeder. These features will create a favorable condition for the food, thus preventing the growth of bacteria. Cleaning this feeder is very easy since the bowl and the lid are dishwasher-safe. You can also anchor the feeder to a board to prevent it from moving as the cat eats.

This cat feeder has a large LCD screen that will show you all the scheduled eating sessions that are currently active. You only need 3 x AA batteries to power up this device. Unfortunately, the batteries are not included in the package, so you will have to purchase them separately. On the bright side, a new battery pack will provide you with up to twelve months of continuous operation. Nevertheless, this may change depending on the frequency of use.


  • Tamper-resistant to pets
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Runs quietly


  • The ice packs only keep the unit cool for a certain period of time

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#3 WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder

WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder

Thanks to its programmable timer, this pet feeder will provide your cat with enough food even when you are away. You only have to ensure that the food compartment is full before leaving the house. This automatic feeder also has an in-built voice recorder, which allows you to record messages for your pet. With this, the machine will play the recording each time food is dispensed, so your pet will know that it’s feeding time.

Furthermore, this device comes with a user manual that will assist you when using the available functions. This feeder is very accurate, so all the feeding sessions will be consistent with the timer. Besides, this equipment can run on electricity and batteries, thereby allowing you to use the readily available option. For safety purposes, it is advisable to use batteries if you know that you will be out for several hours. This is done to prevent possible complications that may occur in case of a power outage.

Also, the machine allows you to control the portion of food that is dispensed to the cat. This will enable you to select the amount that suits the size of your cat. As a result, no food will go to waste. The feeding tray is removable and easy to clean, so your pet will always have access to hygienic food. By buying this automatic feeder, your cat will always eat to its fill, thus leaving you stress-free.


  • Food compartment has a large capacity
  • Allows the cat to develop a regular eating routine
  • Customizable


  • Only suitable for dry food

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#4 Amzdeal Automatic Cat Feeder

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The cat feeder by Amzdeal is well–designed to provide your pet with quality service when it’s time to eat. This machine has a powerful infrared sensor, which prevents food from spilling or getting stuck as the rotor turns. As such, this device can effectively run on its own without scattering food all over the floor. Also, it has a wide base, which offers superior stability, so the pet won’t be able to knock this device over.

What’s more, the lid has a lock design, thus preventing the cat from accessing the food from the top. In addition to this, the lid is transparent, so you will be able to see the amount of food that is remaining in the reservoir. This device has detachable parts for convenient cleaning. However, the control panel is not washable. To clean it, you can use a piece of cloth to wipe off dust from the screen.

This food dispenser comes with both large and small rotors. You can use the large rotor when dealing with adult pets that require large portions of food, while the small rotor is suitable for smaller pets. The motor on this device operates quietly, so it won’t disturb your peace even when sleeping at night.


  • Innovatively designed
  • Serves a maximum of four meals
  • USB and battery-powered


  • The motor may irritate some pets

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#5 PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder

PETKIT Automatic Cat Feeder

Petkit provides you with an advanced automatic feeder that you can pair with your mobile device. Besides it is compatible with both Android and iOS systems, so you will be able to control the food dispenser remotely. This device will allow you to set a feeding schedule that will satiate your cat’s hunger without giving the pet food manually. The dispenser door and the lid close tightly, thus keeping the food dry and safe for your cat.

To make it even better, the dispenser has a built-in sensor, which will notify you when the level of food has dropped. This will enable you to know when to re-fill the food compartment. Furthermore, the Petkit app has a user-friendly interface and is also sociable since it allows you to chat with other pet owners. Through this, you can share ideas with other pet parents on how you can give your cats’ proper care.

You can connect this food dispenser to a wall outlet, but you can as well use batteries. This dual power feature will ensure that the dispenser is always running even when the power goes out. Additionally, the dispenser is equipped with a high-quality motor, which runs smoothly, so your cat won’t be spooked when the feeder is turning.


  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Convenient for pets
  • Sleek design


  • Only pairs with devices when there is a 2.4GHz frequency network

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#6 BELOPEZZ Smart Pet Automatic Food Dispenser for Cat

BELOPEZZ Smart Pet Automatic Food Dispenser for Cat

This automatic food dispenser will provide you with a hassle-free experience when feeding your cat. It will save you from delivering food to the cat manually, so you won’t have to worry whether your pet has eaten or not. Since the machine is programmable, you can use the timer to control the interval at which food is delivered and the portion that the cat will eat in each session. Through this, your cat will be healthier and happier.

Besides, this device also limits over-eating, so your cat will always be in good shape. When using this equipment, your cat is less likely to starve since it operates continuously provided that there is food in the tank. Additionally, the system will automatically stop dispensing food if the feeding tray is full. To add to this, the food is dispensed with exact precision, so it will fall directly into the tray.

The rotator has blades that are well-shaped, so it can handle different types of food without jamming. But, that’s not all; you can make a custom voice recording that will remind your pet that the food is ready. Also, the food reservoir and the motor are in separate compartments, so you can always detach the two when cleaning the dispenser.


  • Durable ABS housing
  • Comes with a bonus pet toy
  • Pet-friendly


  • The batteries are not included

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#7 HoneyGuaridan Upgraded A25 Automatic Pet Feeder

HoneyGuaridan Upgraded A25 Automatic Pet Feeder

The upgraded cat feeder from HoneyGuaridan will ensure that your pet is well fed when you are not home. This unit has an ultra-low power consumption function that allows it to run on battery packs for a couple of months before depletion. The twist-lock lid will prevent your cat from eating the food that is stored in the compartment. As a result, the cat will only eat when it is time to eat, thus preventing irregular eating behavior.

You won’t have to reboot the system every time you change the batteries since the feeder has a memory function, which saves all your settings. From the display screen, you will be able to see the number of meals that have been dispensed, and those that are yet to be released. The buttons are labeled to give you an easy time when customizing the settings. More to this, the dispenser allows you to feed your cat up to six times.

This way, your cat will never disturb you when it’s hungry. However, you have to keep in mind that this device can only dispense dry food. One major flaw that this automatic feeder has is that the hole through which the food is dispensed is low-seated, so smart cats can easily stick their paws inside the unit to steal the food.


  • Sturdy base
  • Has infrared sensor
  • Limits food wastage


  • Somewhat noisy

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#8 VinDox Automatic Cat Feeder

VinDox Automatic Cat Feeder

This dual-powered automatic cat feeder is also another convenient option that you can consider using as a pet parent. It is built with materials that are friendly to pets, so your cat will be in safe hands. Furthermore, the feeding tray is made of stainless steel and is also detachable. This will make your work easier when cleaning the feeder since you can remove the tray and reattach it once you are done.

The timer can support up to four feeding schedules per day, so your pet won’t run low on food even in your absence. To add to this, the dispenser has a layered setup, which prevents food from getting stuck. As such, this device won’t jam provided that you use the right size of food. It is, therefore, recommended that you check the maximum size of food pellets that can pass through the dispenser hole.

This equipment will ensure that the food is kept fresh for as long as possible. Moreover, the lid is airtight, so the cat’s food won’t get contaminated. The low battery indicator will give you a warning before the battery runs out of juice. You can always go through the available instructional manual in case you have a problem operating this device.


  • Leak-proof
  • Can hold a large amount of food
  • Reliable


  • The system resets when there is a power outage

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#9 4pawslife Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

4pawslife Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

This pet food dispenser has six food compartments that will serve your pet multiple times a day. Additionally, this equipment can handle both wet and dry foods. Nonetheless, it cannot contain liquids such as milk. For this machine to work properly, ensure that you don’t place food beyond the height of each food compartment as this may cause the rotor system to jam. If this happens, your pet may starve when you are not around.

Once the food is dispensed, an alarm will be sounded to get the attention of the pet. Unfortunately, this device has no record function, so you won’t be able to make a custom recording for your cat. The volume is also not adjustable, but this should not worry you because cats have excellent hearing capabilities. This equipment is designed in such a way that your cat won’t be able to steal the food contained in the compartments since the lid only rotates when the timer has reached the set point.

This device requires minimal maintenance, so it will run smoothly provided that you use it as directed. As such, the circuit board and the motor should be kept dry at all times to avoid unnecessary system malfunctions. In line with this, always keep your eyes on your pets to ensure that they don’t pee on the dispenser.


  • The tray and the lid are dishwasher-safe
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Versatile


  • Does not support AC connection

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#10 Wonder Creature Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats

Wonder Creature Automatic Pet Feeder for Cats

Cats can be very stubborn when they are hungry. To save yourself from the meows, you can consider gifting your pet with the M20 automatic cat feeder. This device is built to provide you with quality results, so you can trust that it will serve your cat well. The dispensing hole is strategically placed to prevent the cat from clawing out the food when it’s not yet feeding time.

With this equipment, you will be able to program the timer to feed your cat after a specific period. This means that your pet will only get food when he/she needs it. As a result, your pet will maintain a healthy diet. Trough the LCD screen, you will have access to the available settings, thus allowing you to make the necessary changes to suit the needs of the cat.

Plus, you can make a 10-second recording that will alert your pet immediately the food drops from the reservoir. Besides, you can always change the recording whenever you want. Depending on the available power option, you can use the power adapter or a battery pack. When it comes to durability, the housing is made of a strong plastic material that won’t break easily.


  • User-friendly design
  • The feeding tray is removable
  • Made from BPA-free materials


  • Can only contain dry foods

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#11 HomeRunPet Automatic Pet Feeder

HomeRunPet Automatic Pet Feeder

Unlike most automatic cat feeders on this list, the food dispenser from HomeRunPet has an in-built 2400mAh lithium-ion battery, which can power the feeder for up to a month. As such, you won’t have to buy disposable batteries from time to time. To add to this, the feeder is equipped with sensors, which can detect if food is stuck in the dispenser door.

In addition, the system has a reliable memory, so you won’t lose your settings even when there is a power outage. As such, all the parameters will continue working normally without you hitting the reset button. This feeder will allow you to calibrate the feeding schedules and the amount of food that you would want the cat to eat in each session. You can set the device to feed the cat up to five times a day.

Also, you can schedule the feeding sessions through your mobile phone or tablet. You can do this via the SmartPetHome app. Moreover, this device can serve dry and wet pet foods. However, wet foods should not be placed in the storage box since it can interfere with the normal functions of the motor. Instead, you can place the food directly on the feeding tray.


  • Dispenser hole does not block easily
  • Easy to use
  • Built from environmentally-friendly materials


  • Cannot hold fluids

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are automatic cat feeders safe for pets?

High-quality cat feeders are built from pet-safe materials, so your pet won’t be affected in any way. Additionally, they run on quiet motors that won’t scare your cat.

Can an automatic cat feeder serve wet food?

Yes. Some cat feeders can serve both wet and dry foods, while others can only dispense dry food. As such, always check the specifications to get maximum results.

Are automatic cat feeders reliable?

Automatic cat feeders have programmable timers, which will prompt the dispenser to release the food when the timer reaches the scheduled time input. Additionally, they deliver food according to the set portions, thus making them reliable.

Final Verdict

Automatic cat feeders can make your life easier since they provide your pet with food even when you are not around.

Most cat feeders run on batteries and electricity, so they will keep on running even when there is a power outage. This gives you full assurance that your pet will always get fed regardless of the situation.

The only thing that you have to do is fill up the food reservoir, and schedule the timer.

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