Top 11 Best Bird Cages 2022

If you are among the people who are allergic to fur, getting yourself a bird to serve as a pet will be a great idea. Birds are fun to watch and have impressive personalities. That’s why they make the next go-to option for people not intending to pet four-legged creatures.

And as special as their personality are their needs! I mean, you have to get them high-quality food, clean water, a nice place to call home, and so on. Now, the house you choose for your avian friend matters really a lot. After all, that’s the only place they can call home.

Before you settle for one, consider the size, material, and other special features depending on the type of bird you have. And as usual, we are here to help you get the right option for your feathery buddy. Here are the top 11 birdcages money can buy!

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Yaheetech 64-inch Play Open Top Medium Small...
  • 🐦【OPEN TOP DESIGN】: To keep your bird stimulated, the roof of our hanging birdcage can be opened and locked up at will. It includes a perch that keeps the top doors open for the birds to stand on and can be closed to give them a safe enclosed home.

11 Best Bird Cages

#1 Prevue Pet Products SPF0610 Flight Cage

Prevue Pet Products SPF0610 Flight Cage

Just like we humans want to live in luxurious homes, birds want to have sumptuous houses. The house you choose for your lovely avian friend will define how comfortable life gets for them.

Now, among the options that will make your birds’ life more wonderful is the Prevue Pet Products SPF0610. It is among the highly-rated bird cages out there. Thus, we don’t expect it to disappoint easily in any way.

This flight cage is of a good size that can support multiple smaller birds. The two plastic cups and two wood perches make life more comfortable for your avian friends.

The door at the front of this cage provides a generous amount of opening to ensure that your bird enters and exits the house safely at all times. Furthermore, we like that the tray is removable. The pull-out design of the tray makes cleaning an easier and more straightforward affair.

Although it provides a large amount of space for your feathery friends to play, the Prevue Pet Products SPF0610 maintains a tiny footprint. In fact, with this design, you can easily stack several of these cages when you get more birds.


  • The size is good for the price.
  • You can stack several of them.
  • The size of the doors is good.


  • It could be a little sturdier given the price.

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#2 Hagen Vision 83300 Bird Cage for Canaries

Hagen Vision 83300 Bird Cage for Canaries

Whether you have budgies, finches, lovebirds, canaries, or other birds of that kind, this cage makes a perfect home. It comes with almost everything your avian buddies will need to have that pleasant and convenient experience you want for them.

It is a durably-constructed unit. Therefore, you can buy it knowing that you are getting a birdhouse that will last for many years. And since birds are frenetic eaters, this cage has a deep base and lowly-positioned feeders to eliminate mess.

Moreover, unlike some cages whose perches have a uniform diameter, those of this cage have varying thicknesses. The different diameters alongside the wavy pattern provide better blood circulation and help the birds develop different grasping positions to avoid foot problems.

The dual front doors provide multiple options for entering and exiting the cage. Also, we like that the doors are designed to work independently. This feature comes in handy when you want to catch the bird since it eliminates the chances of the bird escaping through the other opening.

Finally, you can detach this unit at the base for cleaning. With that said, it’s easy to provide a comfortable place for your birds with this unit compared to when using the majority of the competing models out there.


  • The perches have carrying thickness.
  • The two doors work independently.
  • The detachable base makes cleaning a breeze.


  • Detaching the base isn’t the easiest of tasks.

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#3 Vision Bird Cage Model M02

Vision Bird Cage Model M02

Although birds create mess easily, they aspire to live in a clean and comfortable environment. That’s why when buying a birdcage, you should buy a model that is easy to maintain clean at all times.

This model is one of the options that will give you an easy time when cleaning. The base disengages from the main unit, making it easy to empty the mess into a waste bin. The unique design of the bottom works well for different types of mess whereas the raised ridges work incredibly well to prevent mildew.

Like the previous model, this house also has perches of different thicknesses. The multi-grip perches promote proper blood circulation, keeping your birds’ health up to par free from foot-related issues.

The design of the home allows for non-invasive exterior access. This feature reduces stress during maintenance, ensuring that your birds remain happy, and more confident when in what they call their home.

The design of the unit and the placement of features suit the behavior of canaries, finches, parrotlets, and others. Finally, you can get it in different sizes depending on the number and the size of the birds you have.


  • It comes with installation instructions.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • The two doors provide versatility in access.


  • The instructions aren’t very comprehensive.

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#4 Ferplast 52066817 Planeta Bird Cages

Ferplast 52066817 Planeta Bird Cages

The next option on our list also makes one of the top-rated bird cages we have out there. It has everything that your small avian friends need to have a wonderful living and playing experience.

First, it offers a generous amount of space. In other words, it’s large enough to accommodate several birds when still leaving for them enough room for them to play and have other types of fun.

The base of this cage comes in the form of a drawer. Hence, there is nothing to unclamp when you want to remove the base: Just slide the drawer out when you need to empty the mess and then back in after cleaning.

In terms of construction, this piece has sturdy construction from top to bottom. Hence, if you are looking for a durable birdhouse that is easy to maintain clean, you can count on the Ferplast 52066817 to not disappoint.

The stand-on wheels indicate that you can move this piece about without having to lift the whole house. And while it’s a good idea to have them on board, some bird parents feel that the wheels could be a tad sturdier.


  • The drawer slides in and out with ease.
  • The casters allow for easy mobility.
  • It is spacious.


  • The quality of the casters doesn’t match that of other parts.

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#5 Yintatech 53-inch Bird Cage

Yintatech 53-inch Bird Cage

With the large space of this birdcage, you will have plenty of space for your birds to fly about, play, eat, and do more. The large space also makes it one of the go-to options for anyone intending to pet several small birds.

The unit comes with a stand so you don’t have to worry about where you will put it. The cage and the stand are of high-grade iron, making it one of the most long-lasting homes you will ever get for your avian pets.

A spray powder paint covers the heavy-gauge iron construction. The high-quality coating delivers aesthetic benefits, prevents rust, and minimizes wear to maintain the “day one” impression for many days.

Like the predecessor, this birdhouse comes with four casters. The wheels in this case are durably constructed and roll easily for a more effortless and convenient way of relocating your birds when need be.

The tray works perfectly well to collect the mess. The grille at the bottom ensures that your birds don’t step on their droppings so that the house remains in tip-top condition. To get rid of the mess is also a cinch- slide out the tray for emptying and back once you are done.


  • The feeders are very nice.
  • The coating is of high-quality.
  • The casters are heavy-duty.


  • It’s not the most affordable on the list.

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#6 Colorday Lightweight Bird Carrier

Colorday Lightweight Bird Carrier

Other than having them at home, at times we just want to enjoy the company of our avian friends on the road. Now, since it’s impossible to carry along their whole house, a bird travel cage comes in handy at such times.

This carrier is large enough to accommodate birds of different species pretty well. It will accommodate cockatoos, lories, caciques, mini macaws, and just about any other bird of a similar size.

The transparent side alongside the paranomic design means that your feathery friend remains put without missing a view of whatever is happening on the outside. This design also lets you monitor your bird more conveniently without having to risk opening the carrier.

The carrier features four vents on the four sides for optimal airflow. The mesh design also plays a central role in air circulation, ensuring that your bird remains comfortable in this carrier just as he would when out.

The solid wood perch provides a place for the bird to grab. The zipper design ensures greater convenience in access. Finally, we like that this birdcage is easy to clean and that it folds with ease when not in use.


  • It has a sturdy shoulder strap.
  • The handle is great.
  • The zipper design ensures easy cleaning.


  • The screen mesh comes with a slight smell.

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#7 A&E Cage Co. CC3232 Black Corner Bird Cage

A&E Cage Co. CC3232 Black Corner Bird Cage

Also on the list, there is much to admire about the A&E Cage Co. CC3232. It is one of the units that are specially designed to keep your birds feeling happy, lively, comfortable, and healthy.

The thick wire construction stands the test of time even with the severest everyday abuse. To make it even more durable, this birdcage comes with horizontal and vertical bars that help reinforce the construction.

The powder coating finish makes the unit generally beautiful to the look when also preventing corrosion. And since the finish is non-toxic, you can buy this cage with ease of mind that it’s safe for your pet.

The two perches connect the opposite walls of the house, ensuring that your bird gets a sturdy and enough space for grasping. And since they are two, they will still provide enough space for several birds.

The tray at the bottom of the cage slides out easily to allow you to remove mess with ease. Additionally, the heavy-duty wheels mean that moving the unit about is easy and more convenient.


  • The price is hard to beat.
  • It is big and sturdy.
  • It looks very cute.


  • Instructions need to be better.

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#8 Ferplast 52064811W2 Piano 6 Bird Case

Ferplast 52064811W2 Piano 6 Bird Case

This house has built-in perches, plastic feeders, drinking bottles, birds’ toys, a mirror, and other features necessary to give your feathery pet the sumptuous life they aspire to live. It makes an ideal home for canaries, parakeets, small exotic birds, and more.

Unlike some competing models that won’t allow for modifications, this house comes with modular extendable perches. These perches allow you to change the configuration, letting you adopt the right one depending on the kind of birds you have.

The wire mesh used in the construction is long-lasting and sturdy enough to survive years of use in the most rugged environments. The small opening doors make daily maintenance operations more convenient.

The two feeders can turn 180 degrees, making it easy to refill them from outside. This design minimizes the chances of your avian pet escaping. Also, the feeders are clear, making it easy to see the level of food at a glance.

The bottom of this unit is spacious and large enough to accommodate more mess. The pull-out design of the trays simplifies cleaning so that your birds will always have a comfortable space for eating, playing, and flying about.


  • The feeders are transparent.
  • You can change the configuration.
  • The feeders come out for refilling.


  • One large tray would be better than the two smaller ones.

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#9 MPS Daisy Little Bird Cage Sand

MPS Daisy Little Bird Cage Sand

Although it’s good to have a large birdcage, it makes more sense to get a smaller one if you only have a single bird. The smaller size normally costs less and is easy to move about than the larger versions.

Now, if you are looking for a small but nice bird cage, here is one of the options you can consider giving a shot. It comes at an affordable price that most bird parents can comfortably take in their budgets.

The manufacturer recommends that you use it for canaries or budgies. However, when we consider the size and the features it packs, this birdcage will work well for just about any other bird of similar size.

The wire mesh is incredibly tough and will stand up to years of use. We also love the thoughtful spacing of the wires as it lets you monitor the condition of your bird without affording them space for escaping.

The tray at the bottom works well for different types of mess. The tray will slide out when and back again with ease to make cleaning more convenient and straightforward.


  • It’s easy to assemble.
  • The design is great.
  • The price: quality ratio is excellent.


  • It’s quite small for multiple birds.

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#10 Vision Hagen S01 2-Bird Cage

Vision Hagen S01 2-Bird Cage

Although pull-out trays are easy to use, some may develop issues with time, causing problems in maintenance. Now, like the before siblings, this unit embraces a detachable base that won’t fail over time.

The base of this house is large, deep, and will work well for all types of waste. And since it’s easy to empty, this piece takes less tine for maintenance, leaving you with plenty of time enjoy with your pet.

The base also features a debris guard. This great feature keeps all the mess in the base, eliminating the need to clean the area near the cage. The door opens in either direction for maximum convenience.

We also like that this house has raised ridges at the bottom. While this feature may look a little minor, it plays a large part in preventing mildew and improving the ventilation of the birdcage.

The multi-grip green perches keep your birds’ feet healthy. The non-invasive exterior access to the feeders keeps the environment peaceful for your birds and reduces the chances of them escaping when refilling the feeders.


  • It can house two birds.
  • It has rotating doors.
  • The raised ridges eliminate mess.


  • The plastic knobs holding the doors aren’t very sturdy.

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#11 Prevue Pet Products House Style Economy Bird Cage

Prevue Pet Products House Style Economy Bird Cage

If you want a small high-quality bird cage without having to pay through the nose for it, here comes one of the models that are conceived with you in mind. Although it costs way less than the standard models, its performance and design are up there with those in the high-end category.

The unit contains everything your bird needs to live happily and with more fun. For instance, it comes with two built-in cups, a swing, two plastic perches, and many more to make things more comfortable for your birds.

Although it makes a perfect birdcage for your avian friend at home, the compact design doubles it up as a perfect travel cage. Hence, with this unit, you won’t need to buy a bird travel cage the next time you want to bring your feathery buddy on a trip.

Since it’s designed with portability in mind, we expect it to come with more features that facilitate the same. And yes, the carry handle comes in handy when hauling it around the home or on a long journey.

The tray takes care of your birds’ droppings and other mess they create when eating, playing, and bathing. The pull-out design of the tray slides out easily to make cleaning a breeze.


  • It has a carry handle.
  • The price is amazing.
  • It has several access points.


  • The perches are of plastic and not wood.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a bird cage?

As simple as they appear, choosing a birdcage can be an overwhelming affair. Ensure that you consider the size, features, access, ease of maintenance, and the construction type. Other essential features include the ability to modify, portability, the spacing of the wires, and the budget.

What do birds need in their cage?

There is much to do to keep your bird happy. One is to get them a nice house. The other thing is to supply everything they need in their home. For instance, every bird will need clean water, high-quality food, food and water bowls, perches, toys, and more. The needs differ depending on the species of the bird.

Do birds like round cages?

Although round cages look very cute, there are a few reasons why you should consider other designs. For instance, they are hard to clean compared to other versions. Also, the welding is usually not the best, making them less durable compared to other models.

Can a birdcage be too big?

Birds are made to fly in the air. Therefore, a cage can never be too big for your bird. However, before you buy once, check the spacing of the wires to ensure that it’s the perfect one for you.

Should I cover my birdcage at night?

Birds will need a quiet and dark place to sleep. If you can afford them such space without covering the cage, it’s fine. However, if you can’t, it’s good to get a cage cover to create a dark area for them to sleep. The quality of sleep your bird gets has a great impact on their well-being.

Final Verdict

If you are planning to get a bird as a pet, begin by identifying the perfect home for your feathery friend. After all, birds will fly away if you give them the freedom to roam around like the four-legged pets.

The house you choose will have an impact on the well-being of your pet. Keep your avian pet happy, comfortable, and healthy by picking the right cage from one of or hand-picked models.

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