Top 11 Best Bird Toys 2022

Having a feathered friend is one of the greatest joys of life, just like finding surprise money in your pockets. We all agree that birds are lovely creatures, and the delight of having one make your home their home is hard to replicate.

Of course, birds kept for pets have a different lifestyle from their wild cousins. However, that doesn’t mean they have variant needs. Keeping your feathered friend happy and healthy goes beyond providing high-quality food and water, just like the wild counterparts. You have to ensure that you provide enough physical and mental stimulation—and that’s where bird toys come in.

Whether you are keeping parrots, parakeets, cockatiels, or any other type of bird, adding a play toy in their cages is one way to keep them happy and active. Now, the bird toy you buy for your feathered friend matters a lot. Some cheaply-made models are a safety hazard that can easily rob you of your lovely friend. Find the ideal bird toy for your pet from our suggestions below.

11 Best Bird Toys

#1 BWOGUE 5pcs Bird Parrot Toys

BWOGUE 5pcs Bird Parrot Toys

Here comes the first piece that you may find appropriate for your feathered friend. It is one of the top-rated models out there, thanks to the joy it brings to every birdcage. Although the name presents it as a parrot bird toy, this option works as well for other species as it does for the parrots.

The option includes five different types of parrot toys to meet a variety of your bird’s needs. The design of the multi-functional toy will improve blood circulation in your pet’s feet and curb foot-related issues. The toy will also provide audio entertainment and give your pets a place to climb, chew, and swing.

What’s more, all the pieces are colorful, so most birds will want to interact with the unit right from the first day. Additionally, all the materials used for the toy are pet-friendly. Hence, it’s one bird toy that will improve the lifestyle of the pet without posing any regrets in the long haul.

The toy is conveniently-sized for most cages. However, if you have one of the smallest birdhouses, this toy may not leave enough room. The steel hook makes it a breeze to connect to your bird’s house. In terms of price, it is one of the best-priced models given the number of pieces.


  • The product is well made.
  • It has a clasp for hanging.
  • It is visually-appealing.


  • It works better for larger cages.

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#2 Prevue Hendryx 62801 Coco Hideaway with Ladder Bird Toy

Prevue Hendryx 62801 Coco Hideaway with Ladder Bird Toy

The next suggestion on the list is more than just a toy. Other than the ladder bird toy, this option includes a coco hideaway. The hideaway keeps your bird feeling more secure as it acts as a perfect place to hide when they sense any threat.

Therefore, other than keeping your bird mentally and physically active, we are safe to say that this option will also improve the quality of life of your pet by keeping them feeling more comfortable and confident.

The toy is of natural and sustainable materials. That gives us confidence that it is one of the products conceived with pet safety as the utmost priority. The high-quality materials also guarantee a sturdy surface for play.

Additionally, this unit features a variety of textures in different parts. The different textures mean that the toy will not only keep the bird physically and mentally active but also satisfy the natural instinctual needs.

The quick-link attachments provide a reliable and convenient way of connecting the multi-functional piece to your bird’s cage. Finally, the design and size of this bird toy imply that it will work ideally for small to medium size birds.


  • The natural construction is pet-safe.
  • The hideaway is a brilliant idea.
  • It has multiple textures.


  • It may not work well for the large birds.

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#3 Super Bird Creations SB747 Bird Toy

Super Bird Creations SB747 Bird Toy

This bird toy is specially-conceived for small birds. Therefore, it will be an excellent gift to cockatiels, lovebirds, parrotlets, parakeets, and other pet birds that have a size that’s similar to that of these species.

The toy features a seagrass mat that’s suspended by a colorful chain. Unlike the metal chains that catch rust over time, that of this bird toy is of plastic. Therefore, it will retain it’s day one beauty for many years to come.

The mat will provide an outlet for their chewing and shredding instincts. Also, it’s incredibly sturdy to hold up well through years of constant abuse. Above all, it’s replaceable, so you don’t have to buy the entire unit all again when the bottom wears out.

The bird toy also has a swinging platform, a feature that aims at giving mental stimulation to your lovely pet by helping in developing coordination skills. Therefore, it’s one unit that will promote a balanced life for your domestic pet.

With all that we’ve said, it’s clear that the SB747 Bird Toy packs plenty of fantastic features to keep you happy and give pet birds a wonderful life. The variety of materials, colors, and textures for the different parts means it will never become boring to your pet.


  • All the parts hold up well to chewing.
  • Its chain is of non-rust material.
  • It is from the United States.


  • Some birds may be afraid of it at first.

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#4 Planet Pleasures Spiked Pinata Natural Bird Toy

Planet Pleasures Spiked Pinata Natural Bird Toy

Like other pets, our avian friends need regular physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy and happy. One surefire way to afford them joy even when away is to buy them a bird toy. And yes, this natural bird toy from Planet Pleasures should become your pet’s best friend.

The weaving utilizes palm leaves while the stuffing is also of natural materials. Additionally, all the materials used for the construction are renewable and recyclable. Therefore, it’s one of the toys that come with a healthy environment in mind.

The medium size will fit most bird cages and still leave room for your feathered friend to move in. However, in case you feel that you need something bigger or smaller, this premium-grade bird toy comes in different sizes.

The piñata shape is attractive and will entice your bird into shredding it. By promoting chewing, this unit keeps your avian friend active. Hence, it’s one option that will make the life of your winged friend more interesting.

Surprisingly, even with the sturdy construction and the amount of fun the toy packs, this unit is one of the lowly-priced models. Therefore, there’s no excuse as to why you should keep your pet bird bored in the enclosure.


  • The materials are environmentally-friendly.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes.
  • The price suits most pockets.


  • It may come with a slightly unpleasant smell.

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#5 Deloky 8 Packs Bird Swing Chewing Toys

Deloky 8 Packs Bird Swing Chewing Toys

Have you ever imagined spending the rest of your life in a room where all you have is food and water? Well, that’s the kind of life we at times want our feathered friends to live. While we can’t entrust them the freedom to roam around, we can make their life better and more fun.

Now, this bird toy features eight different pieces. The multiple parts address a variety of birds’ needs. Also, several components promise fun to almost all bird species. Hence, whether you have cockatoos, parakeets, finches, lovebirds, or even multiple bird species in the same cage, this option won’t disappoint.

The design of the toy means it will provide your bird a place to perch, giving rest to their feet when improving blood circulation. Other parts remain suspended in the air, so your bird will have to fly to interact with them, keeping the wings also healthy. Therefore, it is an option that promotes all-round fitness for your pet.

The blocks utilize all-wood natural construction while the ropes are of corn leaves. Also, the dye is of edible pigments. Thus, all the components of this bird toy are of pet-safe materials, so you can buy it with peace of mind that it won’t cause your lovely birds health issues.


  • The parts are enticing.
  • The multiple toys promise lots of fun.
  • They are simple to clip.


  • The noise of the bell is a little lower than your bird would probably want it.

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#6 PETUOL Small Bird Swing Toys

PETUOL Small Bird Swing Toys

Although it doesn’t pack as many parts as the previous option, this toy has everything your bird will need to stay happy and healthy. It is one of the top-rated models, and that’s enough to tell us that it’s a high-quality piece that does all that it promises.

There are a total of six toys in this case—two swing toys, two chew toys, and two hanging toys. Some of the toys also feature a bell that keeps the avian friends entertained. The chew toys provide rest to the bird’s feet while the rope rubber band helps in improving balance.

The purposeful combination of parts gratifies a variety of birds’ needs, so your avian friend will enjoy life just like the wild counterparts. You can use the unit for anchovies, macaws, parrots, parakeets, finches, and other birds of similar size and needs.

The toys provide birds with a way to exercise their body muscles and to keep them mentally-engaged. All the materials are 100% pet-safe natural wood and non-toxic ABS materials. Hence, you can buy with ease of mind that you are getting something healthy for your adorable bird.

The option arrives with an active hook. The attachment accessory gives you an easy time when attaching the toy to the roof of the cage. What’s more, the size of this pick works fine for most pet houses.


  • The materials are pet-safe.
  • It works for different birds.
  • It’s a multi-functional option.


  • The bells look a little cheap.

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#7 Featherland Paradise Knots ‘N Blocks Natural Bird Toy

Featherland Paradise Knots 'N Blocks Natural Bird Toy

As you buy presents for your special friends, don’t forget to get your lovely bird a gift too! And yes, this unit makes an excellent gift for Christmas, new year, birthday, valentine, and other special days.

Unlike the majority of the previous options that come in form of multiple pieces, this toy arrives as a single piece. Although it’s one, it goes a long way to make life more interesting for your pet. It provides a place for your pet to climb, chew, preen, condition beak, and to direct other innate behaviors.

The unit features multiple layers, so the feathered member of the family will have a large area to explore. The well-thought-of combination of wood blocks and knots will stir the curiosity of your bird and keep him busy for the best part of the day.

The 100% cotton rope and the natural sisal rope means that the materials used for the unit are safe for your pet. Hence, if you are looking for a pet-friendly bird toy that will provide physical and cognitive stimulation to your bird, you won’t go wrong with this option.

The sole unit connects to the bird’s cage in a breeze using the supplied quick link fastener. Lastly, the size works well for most birdcages, although it’s also available in smaller and larger versions if you need a different size.


  • It’s good value for the price.
  • It attaches to the cage easily.
  • There are several sizes to choose from.


  • It isn’t the most affordable on our list.

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#8 RYPET Bird Chewing Toy

RYPET Bird Chewing Toy

Keep your bird livelier, happier, and healthier by getting this bird chewing toy. The high-quality piece shares lots of similarities with the preceding option. Therefore, just like the predecessor, we expect it to go a long way in keeping your pet entertained.

The unit features several blocks that are multi-colored to attract your pet. The blocks are configured in several layers to encourage climbing and keep the pet engaged for several hours a day.

All the materials used for this toy are natural and pet-safe. Also, it has edible pigmentation, ensuring that it’s safe for your feather friends to chew. In terms of durability, the chew toy is handmade, meaning that it lasts for longer even when using it for heavy chewers.

The unit is super easy to install in cages. It comes with a heavy-duty steel hook that provides a quick and reliable way to connect it to your bird’s enclosure. And unlike in some options where the hook catches rust with time, the steel hook of this bird toy will retain its beauty for years.

The unit works well for small and medium-sized birds. Therefore, you can use it for parakeets, parrots, conures, lovebirds, budgies, macaws, finches, and other birds of similar size. Lastly, since it’s a well-made product, it makes an excellent gift for Christmas, Valentine’s, and other special days.


  • The hook is of good quality.
  • It works for different bird species.
  • It makes for a perfect gift.


  • It isn’t the best option for the most destructive birds.

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#9 KATUMO 6 pcs Bird Parrot Toys

KATUMO 6 pcs Bird Parrot Toys

The next option packs six different bird toys. The multiple pieces in the same package give it the versatility a bird toy needs to suit a variety of birds’ needs. It works incredibly well for different bird species.

Therefore, if you have different species in the same cages, here is one of the models that will serve your birds well. The toy has a vibrant color that’s sure to get the attention of your avian friend right from day one.

The toys combine natural wood and pet-safe ABS materials. Therefore, it will provide physical and mental stimulation without causing any side effects, whether in the short term or the long haul. You just got the best friend for your pet!

When talking about installation, it’s no different from that of some of the previous models. The active hook provides an easy way to connect the piece to your bird’s cage. In fact, since it’s a straightforward process, there are no special skills needed to install it in your pet’s house.

Now, talking about the downside of this unit, you have to be careful not to drop any of the toys in the water. Since they don’t have harmful color fixing gel, the toys may lose their vibrant colors when immersed in water.


  • The swing is wonderful.
  • It’s very sturdy.
  • They are a lot for the price.


  • The clips are a bit hard to open.

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#10 SHANTU Wood Bird Chewing Toys-Blocks Parrot Tearing Toys

SHANTU Wood Bird Chewing Toys-Blocks Parrot Tearing Toys

If you want a toy that will cater to all your bird’s needs, this option may be what you need. It comes as a single piece, meaning that it will keep your friend happy and engaged without taking much room in their cage.

Although the name suggests that it’s a parrot’s toy, this product has everything that other bird species need to stay healthy. With that said, you can use it for parrots, finches, macaws, and almost any other bird the kind.

The size of the unit works well for larger birds like African Grey and many others. In terms of the price, it’s as good as the size, so it’s one option that most bird lovers can easily accommodate in their budgets.

The special design of the toy makes it one of the most attractive gifts you can get for your lovely pet. Also, the distinctive design of the unit guarantees to give your winged friend plenty of mental activity to keep them healthy and fit.

All the materials used for the bird toys are of high-quality. Therefore, if you have one of the destructive parrots and want a toy that will serve them for many days, it will be a wise thing to consider giving this unit a shot.


  • It works perfectly for larger birds.
  • The rope is sturdy but soft.
  • It is well put-together.


  • More strands and wood would make it better.

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#11 ESRISE 8 Pcs Bird Parrot Toys

ESRISE 8 Pcs Bird Parrot Toys

A lonely bird is an unhappy one. That’s why as a loving pet parent, you need to look for ways to keep your adorable friends active. Eleventh on the list is one of the bird toys that will go a long way to reduce loneliness and aggression in birds.

The option consists of eight toys, so far the largest number that comes in a single package. The toys are perfect for chewing, hanging, swinging, and more.  In other words, with all the pieces that come in the package, your feathered best friend is sure to love the fun that option brings.

We all love our pets, and that’s why we are looking for ways to give them the best life. This product is designed by bird lovers, and that’s why it’s super-safe for your pet. It utilizes natural wood and non-toxic ABS construction for the healthiest pet.

Other than safety, the construction of this option is very durable. Hence, if you are tired of buying bird toys that only last for a short time, the sturdy construction of this bite-resistant unit is sure to make the toy one of the most durable additions to your bird’s cage.

Of course, like humans, bird’s love beauty. And yes, as one of the most colorful toys out there, your feathered best friend will find it irresistible to interact with the toy. Therefore, it’s one option that’s sure to become your pet’s best friend.


  • It is bite-resistant.
  • It has wide use.
  • It is very durable.


  • The paint at the backside of the mirror may begin to come off after some months of use.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can you tell that you need a bird toy?

Physical and mental stimulation are basic needs for all birds, including those kept home as pets. Therefore, one way to tell whether your bird needs a toy is if you haven’t bought them one already.

How do you tell that your bird is happy with a toy?

Well, most manufacturers and professionals claim that toys bring pet birds happiness. So, how do you know that your bird is happy with the toy you bought? Well, there are a few things to look out for. Some of the signs of happiness in birds include flapping of winds, singing, chatter, and tongue clicking. However, you may also notice other behaviors not mentioned.

What toys do birds love the most?

Like other pets, birds have innate behaviors that need to be satisfied. Birds will appreciate any kind of toy that provides outlet for their natural instinctual needs. They will appreciate toys like swings, beads, mirrors, bells, and more.

What other way can you keep your bird entertained?

It’s undeniable that toys are fun for birds. However, they are not the only thing that can make your pet happy. Among the other ways of keeping your pet happy is to afford them more room to roam around and exercise. Also, you can vary the arrangement in their cages to stir some curiosity and desire to explore. Some birds will also be happy if you equip their cages with a variety of natural-looking perches.

What makes a good bird toy?

We all want to get nothing short of the best bird toys for our feather friends. When buying one, the first thing you need to consider is the type and quality of the material. The material needs to be pet-safe (preferably natural) and strong enough to last for long. Also, consider the type of the toys. As aforesaid, mirrors, beads, swings, and bells pack the best fun for most birds. The toy also needs to be colorful to ensure that it attracts the pet for play.

Final Verdict

Although commonly overlooked, physical and mental stimulation are essential for your bird’s health.

Unfortunately, with lots of other things claiming the best part of our time, it’s quite hard to regularly afford your lovely bird the amount of time they need for play. That’s where bird toys come in.

As less costly and simple as they look, bird toys work incredibly well at keeping your boy busy for the best part of the day. Sadly, choosing the right toy isn’t easy.

Our article narrows down the options leaving you with only the high-quality options. Grab one from the list to give your pet the wonderful life you’ve always wanted for them.

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