Top 11 Best Cat Blankets For 2022

Are you thinking of getting your cat a blanket? If so, the products highlighted on this review list will get you started on your search for the best cat blankets.

We know how much you love your cat, and that is why we have taken our time to carry out in-depth research on the pet blankets that are currently available on the market.

All the blankets have been critically analyzed to ensure that your pet gets the best of the best.

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11 Best Cat Blankets

#1 MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Pet Blanket For Cats

MIGHTY MONKEY Premium Pet Blanket For Cats

The ultra-plush pet blanket from Mighty Monkey is designed to keep your cat warm at all times. This cat blanket is made of two different types of fabrics that are of high-quality. The topside is made up of faux-fur, which is super soft, thus providing your cat with optimal comfort when snuggling or sleeping. On the other hand, the underside is designed with Sherpa fabric, the same material that is used in making most winter wear products. Together, both fabrics will ensure that your cat gets maximum comfort and warmth even when the air temperature is very low.

Additionally, the seams of this blanket are well-stitched to enhance its durability. Plus, the blanket is available in three different colors, thereby allowing you to choose the shade that you like most. More to this, the blanket comes in small, medium, and large sizes, so you can pick the option that suits your cat. Since cats can get messy at times, this blanket is easy to clean and is also machine washable. Also, it is dryer-safe, so your cat won’t have to wait for long hours for the blanket to dry up.

Aside from keeping your cat warm, this blanket will also protect your furniture from sharp claws. Moreover, the blanket has a stylish design, so it won’t look bad when you place it on your sofa or bed. As such, your cat will no longer crawl up in your blanket late in the night when it gets cold. This blanket is so warm that your pet may find it hard leaving it behind. And if you are not careful, your cat may just replace you with a blanket.


  • Pet-safe
  • Versatile design
  • Great quality


  • The fur on the topside may shed off with time

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#2 Comsmart Soft Fleece Pet Blankets

Comsmart Soft Fleece Pet Blankets

When you buy this product, you will get six blankets that can help you keep all your pets safe from the cold. The blankets are suitable for all small pets including cats, and they come in vibrant colors that will light up the mood of your pet. All the blankets have decorative paw prints, which make them even more attractive. The blankets can come in handy in any season but can particularly be more useful during winter. You can also use these blankets as bed covers for pet beds and carriers.

To add to this, the blankets are not as heavy, so they won’t burden your cat when it’s sleeping. The blankets are double-sided, so your cat will get the right amount of warmth. What’s more, these blankets are very soft and will retain this quality even when they are washed continuously. The fact that there are six blankets means that your cat will still stay warm even when you wash some of the blankets. For this to happen, you have to ensure that there is always a clean blanket that your cat can use when you do your laundry.

These blankets will provide your cat with favorable conditions for maximum sleep. As a result, your pet will spend more time sleeping rather than disturb you. In addition to this, the blankets can assist you in different situations since they can as well work as sleeping mats for your pet. As if that is not enough, you can also use these blankets as pet towels. This way, your pets will get instant warmth after you have bathed them.


  • Super cozy
  • Well made
  • Made from breathable fabric


  • Size is constant

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#3 PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

PetFusion Premium Pet Blanket

You can show your cat more love by buying this premium quality blanket from PetFusion. This item comes in multiple sizes, making it a suitable blanket for both small and large pets. However, when dealing with cats, ensure that you go for the smaller sizes so that your pet can have an easy time when using the blanket. This blanket can also protect your car seat, sofa, and other pieces of furniture when dealing with cats that like digging their claws into things.

Moreover, it is made up of a dense fabric, which will ensure that the claws don’t cause as much damage surfaces. This blanket is available in neutral colors that will blend well with your décor. That said, you can go for a brown or grey colored blanket. To ensure that your cat stays cozy, the blanket has a micro-plush design that will provide your pet with all that it may need to have a comfortable sleeping session. Additionally, the blanket is reversible, so you can use either side to keep your cat warm.

This blanket has gone through strict safety tests, thus making it ideal for all breeds of cats. Also, it is suitable for kittens and adult cats, so you only have to ensure that you choose the right size of blanket for your pet. The stylish in-seam makes this blanket to appear neat since it keeps the threads out of sight.


  • Machine washable
  • Ultra-soft
  • Makes your cat more secure


  • Only available in two color options

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#4 Softan Premium Fleece Pet Blanket for Cats

Softan Premium Fleece Pet Blanket for Cats

Made of high-quality polyester fleece, these pet blankets are life savers when dealing with cats. The blankets are very fluffy, so your cat will have a good time snuggling in them. To add to this, these items are free of chemical smells that may irritate your cat. As such, you can use them without worrying about the safety of your pet. Besides, the fabric used in designing the blankets won’t irritate the cat’s skin. The seams on these blankets are very firm, so your cat won’t be able to tear them up.

To clean the blankets, simply toss them in the washing machine. Alternatively, you can handwash the blankets. You can dry the blankets faster by using a tumble dryer. Plus, your cat will get five pieces of blankets, so the pet will be okay even if some of the blankets don’t dry up in time. These blankets have cute print patterns that make them more beautiful. Despite being warm, these blankets are lightweight, thus making them even more convenient for small cats.

You will be happy to know that the blankets won’t shrink or expand even after repeated washing. To add to all this, the fur on these pet blankets doesn’t shed off, so they won’t become defective over time. With Softan pet blankets, your cat will always have warm winters. These blankets will ensure that the pet’s sleeping area is comfortable and warm regardless of how cold it is outside.


  • Durable
  • Multifunctional
  • Easy care


  • Somewhat thin

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#5 YINXUE Soft Pet Flannel Blanket

YINXUE Soft Pet Flannel Blanket

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, so it’s only fair that you invest in a pet blanket that will provide your cat with optimal warmth. One of the blankets that you can consider purchasing is the Yinxue soft pet flannel blanket. As the name suggests, this blanket is made of a flannel fabric that will keep your cat cozy when the temperature drops. This blanket has a fine texture, so it will give your pet a delicate touch. As such, your pet won’t feel lonely even when you are not around

This blanket can be many things depending on how you use it. Aside from being a blanket, this item can also serve as a sleeping mat for your cat and other pets. It also comes in six amazing colors that will make the pet’s sleeping area vibrant. To add to its beauty, the blanket has 3D paw prints. Furthermore, this blanket is just the right size, so it will allow you to cover your cat completely, thus delivering the warmth that the pet deserves. In addition, this blanket will keep your sofa free of cat fur.

The color of this blanket won’t fade provided that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Also, the edges of the blanket have a superb finishing that prevents cats from clawing out the threads. This feature allows the blanket to withstand the sharp claws of your cat. The blanket comes in different sizes, so always ensure that you have picked the right size before confirming your order.


  • Reversible design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Suitable for all small pets


  • Some of the fluffy furs may come off

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#6 AK KYC 6 Pack Mixed Cat Fleece Blankets

AK KYC 6 Pack Mixed Cat Fleece Blankets

KYC provides you with high-quality blankets that will offer your cat maximum protection when it is cold. These blankets are made of materials that are soft and durable. Rest assured that your cat will fall in love with these blankets. The blankets come in mixed colors and are also easy to clean. Moreover, the fleece material will not depreciate in quality even after having the blanket for a long time. However, you have to exercise care when washing the blankets to avoid damaging the fabric.

These cat blankets are super soft, so you can even use them when dealing with kittens. And since the blankets come in a pack of six, you will be able to keep all your cats warm. These blankets will allow you to wrap up your cat in warmth at night and during cold winters. As a result, your pet will sleep peacefully and will also be healthier. All the blankets have paw prints with different colors that vary depending on the color of the blanket.

Plus, the blankets are good at absorbing moisture, so they can make good cat towels for your pet. In as much as these blankets are fluffy, they are easy to wash and also take a short time to dry. To make your work easier, you can use a washing machine and a dryer when cleaning these blankets. Additionally, you should not add bleach as this may cause the blankets to fade.


  • Double-sided
  • Quality stitching
  • Lightweight


  • No size options

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#7 PetAmi Premium Cat Blanket

PetAmi Premium Cat Blanket

Cats may have fur all over their bodies but that does not mean that they are immune to cold. To keep your cat warm during the cold season, you can gift your pet with this blanket. It is designed to deliver comfort and warmth when your cat is napping or just relaxing. If you like traveling with your cat in the car, this is the right blanket for you. This cat blanket will ensure that your car seats are well covered, thus preventing the cat from scratching the surface of your seats.

Aside from that, the blanket will also prevent the transfer of fur from your cat to the seats. The same will apply when in the house since the blanket can also protect your carpet and sofas from unwanted scratch marks. Unfortunately, there are no size options that you can go for. As such, you have to be sure that this is the exact size of blanket that you want.

On the bright side, it comes in a wide range of colors that you can choose from depending on your preference. This blanket has a Sherpa lining that will keep your cat cozy, while the polyester fabric will ensure that the blanket serves you for the longest time possible. Besides, the blanket has a durable construction, so it will stay in one piece even when dealing with temperamental cats.


  • Silky smooth fleece
  • Easy to wash
  • Made from high-quality microfiber


  • Not fully spill-proof

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#8 Firefly Collection Large Throw Pet Blanket for Cats

Firefly Collection Large Throw Pet Blanket for Cats

You may not always be around to snuggle and play with your cat. However, you can leave your cat with this warm pet blanket from Firefly Collection. This blanket is made of a fuzzy fleece material that your pet can rely on when it’s cold. To add to this, the blanket is designed to last, so you can trust that it will withstand the abuse that your cat may throw at it. The bone patterns and the paw prints on this blanket make it extremely adorable.

Due to its size, this blanket can keep multiple cats warm at a go. As a result, your cats will stay even warmer since the heat from their bodies will cause the blanket to warm up faster. If you are looking to keep your fur-baby happy, this pet blanket can help you out. It has a practical design, so you can use it in a wide range of situations. You can place it on the floor, bed, couch, and any other place that your cat may find comfortable.

This blanket can also assist you when resting with your pet on the porch. The ends of this cat blanket are double-stitched to prevent the seams from detaching. This blanket has all the features that your pet may need when the temperature reaches sub-zero levels. That said, your cat can use the blanket during winter all through to summer.


  • Long-lasting
  • Ideal for large pets
  • Safe for cats


  • May be too big for small cats

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#9 Lovely Baby Fleece 3 Pack Cat Blankets

Lovely Baby Fleece 3 Pack Cat Blankets

There are three things that are considered important for cats, food, play, and warmth. These blankets may not deliver the first two, but you can be sure that they will provide your pet with the warmth that it needs. The blankets have polka dot prints and come in three bright colors that you can consider using. These cat blankets are washable, so your pet will always sleep in a hygienic environment.

Also, the fabric is plush and extremely soft, thus providing your cat with optimal comfort. Cleaning sofas that have cat hair can be daunting. To save yourself from the trouble, you can use these blankets to cover your couch. This way, your seats will always stay neat and fur-free. As a matter of fact, the blankets can also shield your sofas from destructive claws.

If you like, you can use one of the blankets as a bed cover by laying it inside the cat’s crate. With these blankets, your cat will curl up in warmth throughout the night, and part of the day depending on how cold the weather is. You can as well use these blankets when you are on the road with your pet since they can easily be packed inside travel bags.


  • All-weather design
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable fabric


  • Not as fluffy

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#10 CHEE RAY Premium Sherpa Fleece Blanket for Cats

CHEE RAY Premium Sherpa Fleece Blanket for Cats

The cat blanket by Chee Ray will completely change how your pet sleeps. It is made of high-quality polyester for long-lasting durability. This blanket is dual-sided and is also extra fluffy, so your cat will enjoy sleeping in it. Furthermore, the blanket is beautifully designed, so it won’t ruin the look of your décor. Actually, the available colors will go well with most items in your home.

As such, you can get the blanket in pink, blue, and grey. This blanket will make your cat’s bed comfier and warmer, so your little friend won’t suffer when the room temperature drops. Unlike most blankets that shrink when they are washed, this blanket will retain its size throughout the period that your cat will be using it.

More to this, the blanket does not shed its color, so you can wash it as many times as you want. The other good thing about this blanket is that you can hang it out to dry the old fashion way or put it in a dryer if the pet needs it urgently. Both methods are safe for the fabric, so the blanket won’t get damaged in the process. However, when using a dryer ensure that you follow the instructions outlined by the manufacturer.


  • Very soft
  • Good quality
  • Versatile


  • Only one size

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#11 Juqiboom Fluffy Cat Blanket

Juqiboom Fluffy Cat Blanket

In as much as these cat blankets are thin and lightweight, they will generate enough warmth to keep your cat comfortable even when the weather is cold. The secret lies in the fabric used in crafting these items and how they are designed. For starters, the blankets are fluffy, so the fur on the surface can trap a thin layer of air, which prevents excessive heat loss from the cat’s body.

Through this, the cat won’t lose a lot of heat to the environment, thus bringing about an intense warming effect that will keep your pet cozy. The fact that the blankets are double-sided also makes them more effective when it comes to keeping your cat warm. These cat blankets are not too small and neither are they too large for small kitty cats.

You will get to know how effective these blankets can be after your cat spends the first night in them. When it comes to storage, the blankets fold neatly, so they won’t take up a lot of room in your drawer or closet. Additionally, the sewing is precise, thus making the blankets durable.


  • Doesn’t fade
  • Lovely paw print design
  • Protects pets from cold floors


  • May be too small for some cats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats get cold?

Yes. The thick layer of fur on your cat helps to some extent, but at times the cold can overwhelm your furry friend, so you may have to cover the cat with a blanket.

Are pet blankets safe for cats?

Yes. Pet blankets are completely safe for cats. However, you have to ensure that the blanket is soft to avoid causing discomfort to the pet.

Do cats like blankets?

Cats love staying warm, and blankets provide them with exactly what they need.

Final Verdict

With the help of a pet blanket, your cat will stand a better chance of surviving the cold seasons. This article has just provided you with some of the blankets that you can consider buying. Feel free to choose the cat blanket that you find most appealing.

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