Top 11 Best Cat Bowls For 2022

If you are in search of the best cat bowls, you are in the right place because this review article lists some of the high-quality bowls that are safe for your pet. You can agree with me that caring for pets is never easy.

And the first step that you need to take when raring a cat is to ensure that it is well fed. Like all living creatures, cats can easily be affected by what they eat, so always see to it that you give your pet the best food using the right bowl.

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11 Best Cat Bowls

#1 Lesotc Cat Bowls

Lesotc Cat Bowls

The melamine material used in making these cat bowls is of good quality and is also food-grade. As such, you can give your cat food and water with this bowl without worrying about the pet getting sick. To add to this, these bowls are strong and durable, so they won’t break easily. Furthermore, they are suitable for kittens and adult cats, thus making them even more convenient for your feline friend.

Aside from that, the bowls are easy to clean, so your cat will always eat in hygienic conditions. And since there are two bowls, you can use one item to serve water and the other for food. These bowls are ergonomically shaped so that your cat can have an easy time accessing the food. This way, your cat won’t strain to get the food even when it is at the lowest level of the bowl. Plus, the kitty ear design makes this cat bowls even more adorable.

Additionally, the bowls are angled in such a way that the cat can only eat from one side, thus preventing the pet from creating a mess when eating. Also, the bottom part has an anti-skid design that limits the bowl from sliding on the floor as the cat feeds. This will allow your cat to eat comfortably without having to chase the bowl around. Moreover, the bowls can hold both dry and wet foods, thus allowing you to feed your cat his/her favorite meals. These bowls are large, so your cat will eat to its full in every feeding session.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made from non-toxic materials
  • Generates no noise when the cat is eating


  • Not microwave safe

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#2 Van Ness ECOWARE Cat Dish

Van Ness ECOWARE Cat Dish

Sturdy, compact, and durable, the cat bowl from Van Ness is an ideal option for all cats. It has an open-shape design, which prevents whisker fatigue, so your cat won’t experience any discomfort when eating from this bowl. You can serve your cat all types of food in this bowl, including fluids such as milk and water. This bowl is partly made of plant-sourced materials, thus making it safe for all pets.

The base is made of silicone, so the bowl will stay in one place at all times. This feature can come in handy when dealing with a messy eater. More on the base, it is fine-textured, so it won’t scuff your floor. The bowl has a cute kitty cat face print, which adds to its beauty. In addition to this, the bowl has a high-polish finish, which makes it easy to clean. For the bowl to last even longer, you can wash it by hand. However, you can toss it in the dishwasher once in a while.

Besides, the bowl is shallow, so the cat will be able to access all the food with ease. Since the bowl is made of plastic and plant materials, it may get damaged when placed inside a microwave. As such, always use a separate dish that can withstand the heat when warming the cat’s food. This cat bowl is not only affordable but is also high-quality. So, pet parents who are on a tight budget will find this product helpful.


  • Has a large food holding capacity
  • Pet-friendly
  • Attractive


  • Likely to cause neck strain since the bowl is not raised

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#3 CatGuru Cat Food Bowl

CatGuru Cat Food Bowl

Made of medical-grade stainless steel, this is also another cat bowl that you can buy for your pet. The inner surface has a ripple design, which prevents the food from sliding as the cat eats. With this cat bowl, your pet will be able to eat without getting its face or the floor dirty. More to this, the cutout at the base will allow you to pick the bowl with minimal strain. This bowl will provide your cat with a stress-free mealtime since it gives the pet access to all the food.

The non-slip ring attached at the bottom of the bowl will minimize movement when the bowl is in use. To add to this, the ring will prevent the bowl from coming in direct contact with the floor, thereby limiting damage to the floor. Despite having a stainless steel construction, this bowl does not make as much noise compared to other models with the same design. It is also safe for cats since it does not encourage the build-up of bacteria. Still, you have to ensure that you wash the bowl after every meal for your cat to stay healthy.

This bowl won’t crack, and neither will it break, so your pet can use it for a lifetime if proper care is given. The bowl is corrosion-resistant, and is also recyclable, making it safe for the environment. It does not matter whether your cat likes wet or dry foods, this bowl will serve it all. The saucer-like shape allows this bowl to hold just the right amount of food that your cat needs. Actually, it can help you ration the quantity of food that you give your pet, thus preventing overfeeding.


  • Durable
  • Does not absorb the smell of food
  • Not deep


  • Food may get stuck on the ridges

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#4 VENTION Whisker Relief Cat Bowls

VENTION Whisker Relief Cat Bowls

Vention’s whisker relief cat bowls will allow your pet to eat freely without getting irritated. This is because the bowls are very wide, so the cat’s whiskers won’t touch the walls of the bowl. You can enhance the stability of these bowls by using a food holder of your choice. This way, the bowls won’t topple over or move unnecessarily. The sides of these bowls are leveled, so your cat can eat from whichever angle that he/she likes without getting fatigued.

When it comes to durability, these bowls won’t fail you since they are made of quality steel, which is rust-resistant. Also, the bowls are free of toxic chemicals that may harm your pet. Thanks to its shallow design, even small cats can get to the food without flipping the bowl over. What’s more, the bowls won’t corrode with time even when used repeatedly.

The edges of these bowls are curved to ensure that your cat is safe from unwanted cuts and scratches. If your cat is having a difficult time eating from a raised bowl, you can consider using this item as a replacement. The fact that its dishwasher safe means you can clean it in a matter of seconds, so you won’t have to keep your cat waiting.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Won’t deform easily


  • The base is not non-skid

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#5 Immaculife Raised Cat Bowl

Immaculife Raised Cat Bowl

This bowl has a wide base, which locks it in place as the cat enjoys its meal. When you buy this bowl, you will also get a non-slip mat that will keep your floor spotlessly clean by trapping food debris. Furthermore, this bowl has an ergonomic tilt, which allows the food to pile at the center for easy access. Through this, your cat will eat everything that you serve, thus limiting food wastage.

More to this, your pet won’t strain its neck when eating. Additionally, this bowl will incline the cat’s mouth in the right position, thus aligning it with the stomach, thus preventing the cat from vomiting. This bowl is crafted from high-grade ceramic, which has a high tolerance to heat. As such, you can warm the pet’s food in the microwave or oven without it breaking or melting from extreme heat.

You can provide your cat with a favorable eating environment by using this bowl. It is built to last and is also easy to clean. Plus, it has a practical design that will help your pet to eat comfortably. Lastly, the bowl is spacious and can hold enough food for an adult cat, thereby allowing you to meet the dietary needs of the pet.


  • Freezer safe
  • Well made
  • Non-spill lip


  • You only get one bowl

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#6 Bone Dry Pet Bowl for Cats

Bone Dry Pet Bowl for Cats

The stylish cat bowl form Bone dry has a beautiful stripe and paw patch design that makes it cute. Also, the base has a silicone rim, which prevents the bowl from skidding, so your cat won’t push the bowl all over the place. The porcelain material used in making this bowl is of good quality and is also safe for cats. That said, this bowl is BPA-free, so your furry friend can eat from it several times without getting any health complications.

With this bowl, you will have a no-fuss cleaning experience since it has a smooth surface, which prevents wet foods from sticking on the walls. Moreover, the bowl is available in various designs, sizes, and colors, thereby allowing you to choose the product that meets your preference. You will be happy to know that even the smallest bowl is still large enough to hold more food for your cat.

The shape of this bowl allows it to sit flat on the floor, so it will stay upright even when dealing with cats that like to flip bowls over. If you are looking for quality, this is one of the bowls that you can go for. The other benefit of using this bowl is that the colors don’t fade even after repeated washing and exposure to microwaves.


  • Long-lasting
  • Conveniently designed
  • Suitable for small and  large cats


  • The silicone rubber at the bottom may come off

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#7 Dr. Catsby Cat Food Bowl

Dr. Catsby Cat Food Bowl

Dr. Catsby’s cat bowl is designed with the health of your pet in mind. Its shallow design prevents the cat from dipping its chin in the food or rubbing it against the walls of the bowl. Consequently, this will lower the chances of your cat getting chin acne. This bowl is steel-built, meaning that its walls are not porous, so it won’t act as a breeding ground for bacteria that may affect the health of your cat.

This bowl is not as large, so your cat won’t eat more than it needs. As a result, you will be able to prevent possible cases of overeating. Through this, your cat won’t put on too much weight that may result in serious health risks. The shape will also ensure that the food stays in one place for quick access. This way, your cat will have a stress-free dining experience.

If you think your cat is suffering from whisker fatigue, you can use this high-quality bowl. It has no sidewalls, so the whiskers of your cat won’t be stimulated during the eating process. As a bonus, you will get a non-slip mat, which will keep the bowl steady when placed on the floor. The mat is detachable, so you can remove it when cleaning the bowl.


  • Made of kitchen-grade steel
  • You can clean the bowl using a dishwasher
  • Has a cutout for easy lifting


  • The bowl may slip from the mat if attached poorly

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#8 PETNOZ Double Cat Bowls

PETNOZ Double Cat Bowls

These bowls have an adjustable design that allows you to tilt them to suit the needs of your cat. This will release the pressure in your cat’s neck, thus allowing the pet to eat without getting uncomfortable. In addition to this, the bowls sit on a wide stand, which delivers superior stability. Since the bowls are slightly raised, the cat will have an easier time swallowing its food without experiencing a backflow. Also, this will improve the digestive health of your pet.

Both bowls can hold food and water, so you can provide your cat with both at a go. These bowls can particularly suit cats that have developed a negative attitude towards food. Additionally, they can help you solve most eating problems that may affect your cat. To add to this, the bowls lock firmly to the stand, so they won’t fall off easily. However, you should not pour too much water on the bowls since they can tilt to the side, resulting in spillage.

Besides, these bowls are suitable for all breeds of cats regardless of the shape of the face. The bowls are made of food-grade plastic, which is not only eco-friendly but also safe for your feline buddy. You can easily clean these bowls using soap and warm water. Nevertheless, you should never use hot water since it can degrade the quality of the plastic.


  • Innovatively designed
  • The stand has an anti-skid base
  • Easy to use


  • Cannot be placed inside a microwave

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#9 Our Pets Cat Food Bowl

Our Pets Cat Food Bowl

This pet bowl has a heavy-duty steel construction and is also shallow, making this a suitable option for cats that get irritated by traditional cat bowls. The bowl is very spacious, so it won’t interfere with your cat’s whiskers. Dirty bowls can cause severe health complications to your cat. And that is exactly why the manufacturers have designed this bowl in such a way that you can easily remove food residues from the walls when cleaning it.

The bowl has a simple design, but it has all the features that you may look for in a cat bowl. Like most cat bowls on this list, this bowl has a rubberized base for maximum contact. Furthermore, the rubber also prevents the bowl from making undesirable noise when the cat is eating the food. The ring is permanently bonded to the bowl, so it won’t come off even when you put the bowl in a dishwasher.

This bowl won’t leave your floor with scratch marks, so you can place it on wooden or tile floors. The only flaw that this bowl has is that it is not raised, so arthritic cats may have a hard time eating from it. However, you can solve this problem by using a pet bowl stand.


  • The bowl is rustproof
  • Does not hold odors
  • Good quality


  • The sticker leaves a glue residue on the bowl

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#10 Y YHY Raised Cat Food Bowls

Y YHY Raised Cat Food Bowls

With this ceramic cat bowl, your pet won’t create a mess in the eating area. It also prevents occasional vomiting by ensuring that the cat’s mouth and the stomach are in the right position when food is being ingested. As a result, your cat will have an easy time swallowing food. The bowl comes in different colors and also has beautiful paw prints that give it its eye-catching design.

To make it even better, this bowl is conveniently raised, so it reduces neck burden as the cat leans over to get the food. Through this, the cat will be able to eat while its neck is in a natural position, thus preventing unnecessary neck strain. This bowl also has a tilt angle design, which makes it suitable for flat-faced felines. It can also come in handy when feeding aging cats that may be physiologically limited when it comes to bending the neck.

This cat bowl is made of ceramic, thus making it even more durable. What’s more, you can hand wash it, or you can as well let the dishwasher do the job for you. Either way, the bowl will come out clean Additionally, this bowl tilts towards the cat, so all the food will pile in one spot, thereby allowing the cat to enjoy its meal.


  • Does not topple over easily
  • Prevents reflux
  • Limits the growth of bacterial


  • May break if dropped from a high height

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#11 Comsmart Stainless Steel Pet Cat Bowl

Comsmart Stainless Steel Pet Cat Bowl

Fitted with a high-quality rubber base, these pet bowls may just be what you need when dealing with messy cats. The rubber does more than just keeping the bowls in place. As such, it will ensure that your floors remain in good condition even if the bowls are placed in the same spot multiple times. Since it is removable, you won’t experience any difficulties when cleaning these bowls.

The stainless steel used in designing these cat bowls will provide you with long-lasting durability, so you won’t have to buy cat bowls from time to time. These bowls come in a vibrant grey color and also have cat faces printed on them, hence making them more aesthetic. Plus, the bowls can help you control your cat’s eating habits since they hold the right portion of food that can keep an average adult cat going for hours.

You can keep your cat healthier by using this pair of bowls. The smooth textured surface makes cleaning a breeze, so bacteria will have nowhere to breed. As for durability, these bowls cannot be affected by rust, so your cat will always eat in a clean bowl that is free of toxins.


  • Delivers superior performance
  • Sturdy
  • Anti-corrosion


  • May be too small for some pets

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are raised bowls good for cats?

Yes. Raised bowls provide your cat with multiple benefits when it’s eating. They prevent neck strain, vomiting, and also give your cat easy access to the food.

What is whisker stress/whisker fatigue?

As simple as they may seem, cat whiskers are far much complex and play a critical role in ensuring the cat collects enough information about its environment. Since the whiskers are attached to sensitive nerves under the skin, they can easily get over-stimulated when rubbed against a surface repeatedly. This may result in a change in mood, loss of appetite, and other serious behavioral changes that may impact your cat directly.

Are all cat bowls microwave safe?

No. Some cat bowls are made of materials that cannot handle extreme heat.

Final Verdict

Just like humans, cats deserve to eat in clean bowls that are made of high-quality materials. As such, you have to be very careful when choosing a bowl for your cat. The cat bowls on this list come in different designs are also crafted from different materials, so you can pick the bowl that you feel will make your cat happy.

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