Top 11 Best Cat Costumes For 2022

Cats are among the most adorable pets. They are playful and often do hilarious things that get us laughing even when we don’t feel like it.

If you are looking to laugh more, you can consider dressing up your cat. You will be surprised by how well your furry friend can rock a costume. You can get better results by choosing the most adorable costumes on the market.

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Here is a review list with the best cat costumes that you can consider adding to your cat’s wardrobe.

11 Cat Costume Reviews

#1 Pet Krewe Lion Mane Costume

Pet Krewe Lion Mane Costume

The lion mane costume from Pet Krewe can fit cats that are up to 15lbs. It is made from premium quality polyester, which is fine textured, so the costume won’t irritate the cat’s skin. Additionally, the costume has a lovely animal print pattern that resembles the mane of an actual lion. This item has a realistic look that will give your kitten a fierce look. However, this may not be the case for all cats since some may end up looking more adorable than fierce. It will all depend on the personality of your cat and the physiological appearance of the pet.

This costume delivers a firm grip, so it won’t fall off even when attached to a playful kitten. It has a hook and strap design, thus making it easy to put on or take off. The straps are reliable and adjustable. As such, you can tighten or loosen the costume depending on the size of your cat. If you attach the strap correctly, you won’t have to make adjustments to the costume from time to time. Also, your cat will be able to run and play freely without tripping on the costume.

Most cats will find this lion mane costume comfortable provided that you place it in the right position. Besides, the costume is light, so the cat won’t even feel its weight. Your cat can even wear this mane whole day long without minding its presence. This lion mane costume can come in handy in different occasions. You can use it when having a pet photoshoot, during Halloween, or on your pet’s birthday party. And if you don’t own a cat, you can buy this costume as a gift for a friend or a family member who loves cats.


  • You can clean the costume through hand washing
  • Very adorable
  • Made from pet-friendly materials


  • Does not fit all cats

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#2 Legendog Halloween Cat Costume

Legendog Halloween Cat Costume

You can give your cat an eye-catching look during Halloween by dressing the pet in this well-designed costume. When you buy this cat costume, you will get a cape and a hat with horn-like protrusions. The cape has a neck length of 8.66 inches and can fit both small and medium-size cats, while the hat is 6.3 inches long. To add to this, the material on which the horns are attached is made of high-quality PU leather.

Both the hat and the cape are made from satin material with a smooth, comfortable texture. The horns are cotton-filled and the inner layer of the hat has a plush fabric that will give you cat a delicate touch. More to this, the straps attached to the hat are somewhat elastic, so your cat is less likely to get uncomfortable when wearing this cute costume. Depending on how you want your cat to look, you can use either the cape or hat. Nonetheless, it is advisable to use both items to get the complete Halloween look.

The cape has a Velcro strap, which will ensure that the costume doesn’t come off easily. There are also ribbons that you can tie up to reinforce the Velcro. However, this cat costume is not only restricted to Halloween, you can use it in almost all events that may require your cat to look cool. This cat costume can also fit small dogs that are within the recommended weight limit.


  • The costume has an attractive glossy finish that will make your cat stand out from the crowd
  • Easy to wear
  • Stylish


  • The cape is likely to slide to one side

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#3 Mikayoo Cowboy Cat Costume

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Are you looking to play sheriff with your cat? Well, look no further because the cat costume from Mikayoo will provide you with everything that you need. This costume is just too adorable and will most likely make your cat look cuter. The manufacturers have added tiny details to the costume to make it look as real as possible. What’s more, the costume is available in XS, S, medium, and L, so you can make a selection according to the size of your pet.

This costume is ideal for photoshoots, pet parties, and many other events. You can as well dress your cat just for fun or when going for a walk. The costume will shine the spotlight on your cat due to the creative crafting that has been applied in designing this item. To enhance durability and comfort, the manufacturers have used polyester fabric in making this masterpiece. This costume is beautifully made, so the only problem that you are likely to have is picking the right size.

As such, you should pay close attention to the neck and chest region since these are the areas that will help you determine the right costume for your cat. The costume is inclusive of a cool looking cowboy hat that will complement the rest of the uniform. Moreover, all the seams are stitched to keep the costume in one piece.


  • Well made
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable


  • May restrict movement if a smaller size is chosen

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#4 Bro’Bear Pet Peacock Costume

BroBear Pet Peacock Costume

This designer cat costume is quite colorful given that it mimics the appearance of a peacock. The costume can fit all pets that weigh no more than 11lbs. Furthermore, this costume is not only designed for cats but can as well fit puppies and other small breed dogs. The costume comes in an attractive blue color that will improve how your pet looks. In addition to the body costume, this outfit has a lovely headpiece, which resembles the head of a peacock.

The costume is suitable for cats with a neck girth that is between 7.5 inches to 9.5 inches. On the other hand, the chest region should be 15 inches to 17 inches. The strap in the chest area will ensure that the costume stays in one place, thereby allowing the cat to move comfortably without the costume sliding off. Thanks to the Velcro fastener, you will be able to adjust the costume to get the perfect fit for your cat.

As a safety measure, ensure that you don’t fasten the strap too tight as this may give the cat a hard time when walking. You can remove the costume by simply disengaging the Velcro straps. The peacock costume has a uniquely designed tail section, giving it an appealing look. This costume combines comfort and style to give your cat an astonishing look.


  • Comes with a bonus key holder
  • Made from fine-textured fabric
  • Has a charming appearance


  • Some cats may remove the headpiece since it is likely to interfere with the movement of the ears

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#5 Bolbove Pet Christmas Santa Claus Suit Costume

Bolbove Pet Christmas Santa Claus Suit Costume

You can make your Christmas holiday fun and memorable by dressing up your cat in this Santa Claus costume. It made from a soft fabric that is equally warm, making it an ideal costume for the cold holiday season. This costume is available from X-small to X-large, allowing you to choose the correct size for your pet. The design of this costume will allow your cat to move with minimal restriction.

As such, your pet will be able to play as usual without experiencing any difficulties moving the front and hind limbs. With this costume, your cat will get all the attention in the room. Also, the costume is durable, so you can always keep it once the holidays are over. This way, you won’t have to buy a new costume for your cat every Christmas season.

A Santa Claus outfit cannot be complete without a hat, and that is exactly why the manufacturers have included a cozy Christmas hat as a bonus. The costume has a convenient strap that will enable you to make the required adjustments when fitting the costume on your cat. If you like, you can even buy your own costume, so that you can match outfits with your pet.


  • High quality
  • Very cute
  • Warm fabric


  • The arms attached to the costume may scare some cats

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#6 Kitan Club Cat Cap

Kitan Club Cat Cap

If you don’t like giving your cat a full dress up, you can go for this attractive headpiece from Kitan Club. This item is designed with the comfort and safety of your cat in mind, so you can put it on your cat without worrying about anything. The cap looks simple but is made from authentic materials that are animal-safe. Cats are naturally cute, but this costume will make your cat cuter.

It is easy to work with and also won’t hinder the movements of your pet compared to most full-body costumes. This cap is ideal for cats with a head circumference of between 11 inches to 11.5 inches. These costumes are hand-made, so there is a possibility that the sizes may vary slightly. Unfortunately, this cap may not work well with cats that don’t like collars or those that don’t prefer being in close contact with other items.

Still, you can give the costume a try. Your cat may end up loving it in the long run. You can lock the cap in place by using the bottom strap. When attaching the strap, ensure that you consider the girth of the cat’s neck to avoid tight fits that may choke your pet. This costume is available in five different styles that you can pick from.


  • Easy to put on
  • Elastic
  • Ideal for photoshoots


  • No earholes for the cat

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#7 AriTan Pet Bandana Costume

AriTan Pet Bandana Costume

The costume from AriTan is made from a breathable material that will ensure your cat stays comfortable throughout the day. You can dress up your pet in this outfit when attending special events or just for fun. There are five beautiful colors that you can choose from depending on the look that you plan on achieving. Additionally, the colors won’t fade easily, so the costume will look good for a longer time.

This item is decorated with floral patterns, which will make your cat look like a prince. Since the costume only covers the neck area, the cat won’t be easily irritated. As a result, your pet will be less likely to take off the costume. This makes the costume an ideal option for everyday wear. This costume can particularly go well with official functions and weddings.

However, it can also give your cat an amazing look when attending casual events like parties and photoshoots. The costume is fitted with a lace that will help you achieve a secure fit for your cat. You should measure your cat’s neck before buying this costume as this will assist you in knowing the item that will make your pet more comfortable.


  • Versatile design
  • Perfectly stitched
  • Elegant


  • Some cats may find the costume uncomfortable

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#8 Idepet Funny Pet Clothes Pirate Cat Costume

Idepet Funny Pet Clothes Pirate Cat Costume

Brace yourself because you are about to go on a treasure hunt with your cat. This humorous pirate costume by Idepet will kill you with laughter. Plus, the size of your cat won’t matter since this outfit comes in a wide range of sizes. Also, there is a size chart that you can refer to before ordering the product. You should put a lot of priority on the chest and neck area to get the exact measurements for your cat.

The outfit is made up of a body costume and a classic pirate hat. Furthermore, the hat is branded with the famous pirate symbol to make it look more authentic. To add to this, one of the arms is curved into a hook arm, thus giving the costume the full pirate vibe. The only thing that this outfit is lacking is an eye patch of which may not be necessary since some cats will take it off as soon as you place it.

Besides, the color combination is well done, bringing about the complete theme. You only need to get your cat to stand in the right position to get the perfect pirate shot. This costume is suitable for Halloween and other holidays. More to this, you can adjust it accordingly to meet the needs of your cat. This costume is brilliantly made from high-quality fabrics that will offer you long-lasting durability.


  • The fabric used has a high air permeability
  • Artistically made
  • Keeps the cat comfortable


  • Finding the right size for your pet is somewhat challenging

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#9 i’Pet Princess Floral Cat Party Bridal Wedding Dress

iPet Princess Floral Cat Party Bridal Wedding Dress

Your cat will find this floral dress very comfortable. It is elegantly designed to make your cat super cute. The fabric used in the design is stretchy, so the costume won’t limit your cat in any way. This costume is very fashionable due to the attractive flower-like patterns on the backside. The poker dots also add to its beauty, giving the dress a lovely appearance.

The costume is partly made of a mesh fabric, which is light. This feature makes this costume a suitable option for kittens and large cats since your pet won’t be weighed down. Depending on your preference, you can buy for your cat the yellow dress or the white one. Regardless of the color that you select, your cat will come out looking glamorous.

This costume straps well around your cat, so it won’t come off accidentally even when the pet is playing. The decorations on this cat costume will go well with female cats, but you can also dress up male cats just for the fun of it. You can choose any of the available sizes depending on how large or small your cat is.


  • You can easily take the costume off or put it on
  • Adorable
  • Easy to clean


  • Only available in two colors

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#10 Prymal Comfort Trump Cat/Dog Costume

Prymal Comfort Trump Cat/Dog Costume

This cat costume is another interesting option that is currently available on the market. It is designed for cats and dogs. However, it will only fit cats that are not so big. As such, you have to double-check on the specifications to ensure that your pet gets a comfortable fit. Its use can apply during Halloween, parties, festivals, etc.

The costume comes with a neatly made hairpiece that will give your cat a bossy look. It can particularly look good on cats that have brown fur. You won’t have a difficult time attaching the wig to your cat since it has an elastic band that will hold the hairpiece in place. The strap has to be fastened correctly otherwise the cat may pull the wig off.

In addition, the costume has a white collar and red tie, which blend well. If you pair the three pieces, you will be surprised by how amazing your cat looks. This costume is crafted from reliable materials, which are harmless to cats and other pets. When it comes to cleaning, you can wash the pieces and hang them out to dry.


  • Fitted with strong Velcro straps
  • Easy to attach
  • Simple design


  • The hairpiece may upset some cats

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#11 ANIAC Cute Green Elf Outfit for Small Pets

ANIAC Cute Green Elf Outfit for Small Pets

This green elf outfit can make a good Christmas costume for your cat but you can also use it on different occasions. It is quite adorable, thus giving your cat a look that will catch the attention of many people. This costume won’t get in the way of your pet, thereby making it a good option for jumpy cats.

The hat has an adjustable strap that will allow you to customize the costume to match the size of your cat’s head. Moreover, the collar can easily be worn or taken off with the help of high-quality straps. The costume also has other accessories, which look like elf boots. As such, you have to attach these to the cat as shown in the available pictures.

This costume is machine washable, so you will be able to wash off the dirt very fast. Alternatively, you can hand wash the outfit to preserve the original quality of the fabric. The costume is made from materials that are not only tough but also warm.


  • Brightly colored to enhance beauty
  • Durable
  • Cute design


  • Some pets may find the costume uncomfortable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are cat costumes comfortable for pets?

Cat costumes can only be comfortable for your pet if you buy the right size. As such, you should always see to it that you get the exact measurements before purchasing the costumes. Additionally, you have to ensure that the costume is customizable such that you can easily make adjustments if you notice that your cat is having a hard time moving about.

Can dogs wear cat costumes?

Yes. Most cat costumes can be worn by puppies and other small breed dogs.

Will a pet costume harm my cat?

Pet costumes are very safe and a good number are made from materials that cannot harm your pet. Still, it is advisable to keep a keen eye on your pet after putting on the costume. If you notice some discomfort, you can consider taking the costume off.

Final Verdict

The cat costumes highlighted above will dramatically change the appearance of your pet. They are super comfy, so your cat won’t struggle when playing or walking. The costumes are available in different designs, so it is up to you to select the one that you think will look good on your cat. However, you have to ensure that the costume you have picked fits your pet.

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