Top 11 Best Cat Hammocks For 2022

One of the ways that you can provide your cat with extra comfort is by buying him/her a hammock. Nevertheless, there is an endless list of cat hammocks out there, so picking a product for your kitty cat may be strenuous. To help you out, we have compiled some of the best cat hammocks that will keep your cat comfortable and warm.

All the products on this review list are close to purrrrfect, so you can trust that your fur baby will get the quality service that it needs.

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11 Best Cat Hammocks

#1 UsefulThingy Cat Hammock

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Rocking a colorful tiger-like print, the cat hammock from UsefulThingy will provide your kitty with comfort when sleeping or relaxing. The hammock is extra wide, so it can accommodate most adult cats and can as well be used by kittens. This item is made of high-quality fabric, which is strong and durable. As such, it won’t tear easily even when used by cats who love to scratch. Moreover, one side is made of a fleece material, which will provide your cat with warmth when the weather gets cold.

The fabric is very soft, thus allowing your cat to curl and snuggle as much as he/she wants. Attached to the hammock are four strong straps that are made of cotton fabric. With these, you can comfortably suspend the hammock without worrying about your cat falling. Nevertheless, ensure that you don’t tie the hammock too high up to avoid potential accidents. The straps work hand in hand with the metal hooks, which are easy to attach to cat houses and crates. Since the hooks are made of a zinc coated metal, you can trust that they will stay in good condition when given the right care.

Additionally, the edges and the straps are firmly stitched, thereby providing you with long-lasting service. When washing this hammock, the manufacturer recommends that you handwash it using a mild detergent to preserve its quality. Alternatively, you can use a washing machine, but you should be careful with the metal hooks since they may corrode when exposed to water and air repeatedly. All in all, this is a well-made cat hammock that will bring joy to the life of your pet.


  • Cozy
  • Easy to clean
  • Good quality


  • The metal hooks need improvement

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#2 JOYELF Cat Hammock Bed

JOYELF Cat Hammock Bed

You can create a cozy sleeping area for your cat while saving floor space by using this high-quality hammock. The Joyelf cat hammock will provide your pet with unmatched warmth, thereby enabling your cat to sleep comfortably for long hours. Furthermore, the hammock is dual-sided and uniquely designed, so you can use either side depending on how cold or warm the weather is. That said, the interior is made of luxurious faux wool, which can come in handy when the temperature is extremely low. This will provide your cat with all the warmth that it may need during winter.

On the other hand, one side is made of an artificial leather material, which will deliver a cooling effect to your cat during hot summers. More to this, the leather is waterproof, so it won’t allow water to seep through to the woolen side. There is also an intermediate layer on which the straps are attached. To enhance its stability and durability, the straps stretch into the hammock, hence providing you with a secure fit that will ensure your cat is safe when using the hammock. The seams are stitched using an advanced suturing technique to keep the hammock in one piece.

Also, the hammock can support the weight of both small and medium cats. The hooks have a solid metal construction, thus making them sturdy. To add to this, they will stay in place, thereby keeping the hammock in the right position. Moreover, you can set up the hammock on any structure that the hooks can attach to. When attaching the hammock, ensure that all sides are balanced to prevent the cat from sliding off.


  • Stylish design
  • Versatile
  • Machine washable


  • May be too small for some cats

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#3 RivenAn Hanging Cat Hammock

RivenAn Hanging Cat Hammock

With the RivenAn hanging cat hammock, your pet will have a safe place to sleep and enjoy endless comfort. You can install this hammock inside pet cages or under chairs. Either way, it will provide your cat with the quality service that it needs. Depending on where you have installed the hammock, you can adjust the straps to a suitable height. This way, your cat will be able to get on or leave the hammock with ease. Also, the straps have two types of buckles, so you can use the metal rings or hooks.

The hooks are highly preferred since they are easy to work with. Plus, the hammock comes in black, pink, and blue colors, thereby allowing you to choose the color that fits your taste and preference. When it comes to construction, one side of the hammock is made of a nylon material while the other has a plush fabric, thus making it even more efficient. What makes this hammock even better is that it is easy to clean. Its design allows you to handwash or toss it into a washing machine for a quick cleanse.

When installed correctly, your pet will want nothing but to sleep on the hammock all day long. What’s more, the hooks are designed in such a way that you can attach and detach them in seconds. This will allow you to move the hammock to your cat’s favorite chilling spot without interfering with its sleep. Aside from cats, this hammock can also be used by other pets such as chinchillas, bunnies, hamsters, small dogs, etc.


  • Ideal for any season
  • Designed to last
  • Space-saving


  • The metal hooks can damage your washing machine if a washing bag is not used

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#4 Wentur Large Hanging Cat Hammock

Wentur Large Hanging Cat Hammock

If you are a keen pet parent, you must have noticed that your cat likes climbing things. The only problem with this behavior, however, is that the pet may get hurt or damage valuable items. To stop this from happening, you can consider buying your pet this large cat hammock from Wentur. With this hammock, your feline friend will be able to sleep peacefully without being disrupted and neither will he/she ruin your items. In addition to this, the hammock is made of high-quality, reliable materials.

The size of your cat won’t matter since this hammock is wide enough and can accommodate large cats. Also, the straps are securely stitched to the hammock, so it won’t detach easily even when dealing with fat felines. The hammock has cute cat patterns printed on one of its sides, thus making it attractive. Another feature that is worth mentioning is that the hammock has hook attachments for user convenience.

The inner layer has an ultra-soft fabric that is pet-friendly. As such, your cat won’t experience any discomfort when inside the hammock. This item comes with all its accessories attached, so you will only have to figure out the perfect spot where you can install it. If you are searching for a durable cat hammock, the Wentur cat hammock is one of the products that you can consider adding to your list.


  • Made of breathable material
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to install


  • Adjustment mechanisms are made of plastic

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#5 CATONEER Сat Hammock

CATONEER Сat Hammock

Catoneer provides you with an innovatively designed cat hammock that your pet can use when indoors or outdoors. This hammock comes with a sturdy frame that you can assemble without relying on any tools. To add to this, it is easy to disassemble, so you can carry it when going on a picnic with your cat. More on the frame, it has attachment points, which lock firmly, thus preventing the hammock from collapsing.

Once you are done setting up the frame, you can easily attach the hammock to give your cat a spacious sleeping space that is equally comfortable. The fabric has a soft texture, so your pet will have a good time sleeping on this hammock. Furthermore, the hammock cloth is permeable, thus allowing air to flow efficiently through it. This way, your cat will get proper ventilation when the weather is extremely hot.

The fabric is also light, so it can dry easily even in the absence of a dryer. This hammock will incline the cat’s spine in the right position, thereby allowing your pet to snooze comfortably. The frame is made of high-quality birch wood, which has been uniquely curved to provide you with a strong hammock that your cat can depend on.


  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Stable


  • Not as warm

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#6 CUSFULL Cat Hammock

CUSFULL Cat Hammock

This hammock has a convenient hanging design that will provide your cat with maximum comfort. To get good results, you can attach the hammock to a cage, crate, or a raised chair. Also, the hammock has a super-soft liner and a waterproof side that you can use depending on the weather condition. Since the straps and the metal hooks are heavily reinforced, the hammock will stay in place even when the cat is playing inside it.

Having an easy-to-use design, you can attach this hammock within the shortest time possible, thereby giving your cat enough time to nap. This cat hammock is suitable for pet parents who are looking to save on space. One side is somewhat fluffy, while the other is made of a tough nylon material. As such, this hammock can be used at different times of the year since it only requires you to change the sides.

The hammock may seem light, but it is very effective when it comes to keeping your fur baby warm. More to this, the double stitching technique used in designing the seams makes this cat hammock even more durable. This hammock will keep your cat cozy without putting the life of your pet at risk. To prevent injuries, only attach the hammock to low-seated structures.


  • Dual-sided
  • Well designed
  • Long-lasting


  • The straps may not hold up if the hammock is overloaded

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#7 EONMIR 2Pack Cat Hammock

EONMIR 2Pack Cat Hammock

These cat hammocks are fitted with long traps, which are also adjustable. As a result, you will be able to tune them to suit the needs of your cat. The sides slightly curve inwards, thus allowing the hammock to create a pouch-like carriage when the straps are fully suspended. This will prevent the cat from falling off, thus making the hammock safe for all cats and any other pet that it can accommodate.

When you buy this product, you will get two hammocks, so your cat will always have a comfy sleeping space even when one of the hammocks gets dirty. Additionally, two hammocks mean you will be able to accommodate multiple pets. If you are dealing with kittens, two can easily fit in one hammock. Large cats, however, may have a hard time sharing the hammock, so you may have to buy an extra pair if you have several cats.

The cute leopard print makes these hammocks very stylish, so you can even suspend them in your living room without degrading the beauty of your decor. To add to this, the thread used in sealing the seams is very strong, so the straps will hold firmly when the hooks are attached. The inner layer is very fluffy, so it will provide your feline friend with optimal warmth.


  • Multi-functional
  • Customizable
  • Colorful


  • Cats may scratch off the fur on the inner layer

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#8 7 Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Hammock

Ruby Road Wall Mounted Cat Hammock

The floating cat hammock by 7 Ruby Road not only provides your cat with comfort but also ensures that your pet stays healthy. This is because it encourages the cat to jump from time to time, thus promoting the growth of stronger hind muscles. Moreover, this hammock is roomy and can accommodate even the largest cats. But, that’s not all; it is sturdy and also has a large loading capacity, making this a suitable option for cats that have gained weight. You can easily mount this hammock to a wall by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Plus, the hammock comes with two wooden steps, which will help your cat when climbing up or down. The steps are wrapped in natural jute rope to encourage scratching. As such, the furniture in your room will no longer be at the mercy of your kitty cat. That said, your cat won’t engage in destructive scratching thanks to this innovative design. Because the hammock is wall-mounted, it won’t get on your way and can also help you save more space in your room.

More to this, the hammock is made of sustainable materials, so you can gift your pet with this product knowing that it will last. Unlike most cat hammocks, this unit can grow with your pet in that you can adjust the spacing between the steps according to the age of your cat. When dealing with small cats, you can use a narrow spacing, but you can adjust the gap as the cat gets older. This will encourage your cat to be more athletic and agile.


  • Blends with a wide range of interior décor
  • No chemical smell
  • Versatile design


  • Requires some assembly

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#9 Paws One Cat Hammock with Stand

Paws One Cat Hammock with Stand

If you want your cat to relax in style, you can for the Paws One cat hammock. This product comes with a stable stand, which is ergonomically designed to keep your cat in a natural sleeping position. The base of the stand is fitted with non-skid pads, which lock the hammock firmly on the floor. This way, the unit won’t topple over when the cat is sleeping.

You can find this cat hammock in grey or beige. This particular design is grey, and also has cute paw prints. Your cat will fall in love with this hammock since it is not only soft but also cozy. It will wrap your cat in warmth, thereby providing the pet with the treatment that it deserves. More to this, the material has a furry texture, so your cat will enjoy rubbing against it.

The stand has rounded edges, thus preventing injuries to your cat. You can place this hammock on carpets or bare floors. Rest assured that it will stay upright even when dealing with large cats. This hammock will be your cat’s favorite spot when playing, sleeping, relaxing, etc.


  • Easy assembly
  • Sturdy
  • Safe


  • The hammock is not dual-sided

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#10 Toby + Atheni Cat Hammock

Toby + Atheni Cat Hammock

If you are not for the idea of suspending your fur baby in the air, you can go for this low-seated cat hammock. The hammock is made of a plush material that your cat will find comfortable. This item has a modern design and is also portable. The frame is crafted from quality beechwood, while the fabric is double-brushed to give your cat the comfort that it deserves. Also, the base has a wide surface area for maximum stability.

This product is tested and is, therefore, cat-approved. On top of that, the hammock contours to the cat’s body, thus allowing your furry friend to sleep in a healthy posture. Consequently, this will alleviate muscle pains that may affect aging cats. This hammock requires assembly, but that should not worry you since the assembly is easy. Besides, you only have to fit the pieces using your hands.

The fabric is machine washable and dryer safe, so you will only need a few minutes to clean the hammock. To make it even better, the frame does not squeak and is also very strong, making this one of the cat hammocks that you can rely on. You will be happy to know that the materials used in designing this hammock are eco-friendly.


  • Neatly packaged
  • Built to last
  • Exceptionally made


  • Large cats may find the hammock a bit small

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#11 TXIN Cat Hammocks

TXIN Cat Hammocks

This pet-friendly cat hammock is also another good quality product that you can buy. It is made of high-grade polyester, so it won’t irritate the cat’s skin. The fabric won’t fade or shrink when washed. This hammock can work well with small crates or cages since it has metal hooks that you can attach to corners.

The cozy faux wool will ensure that your beloved cat gets superior comfort and warmth. This hammock requires minimal care and is also foldable. As such, you can take it with you when traveling with your pet. Furthermore, the hammock has a versatile design since you can flip the sides to keep the cat warm or cool.

For the safety of your cat, the straps are made of a strong fabric, thus providing the hammock with quality support. Since hygiene is of utmost importance, this hammock is designed in such a way that you can clean it using a washing machine or go the old fashion way by giving it a handwash. Nonetheless, caution should be taken when loading the hammock to the machine since the metal hooks can interfere with the equipment.


  • Ideal for small pets
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy to hang


  • The straps are not adjustable

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a cat hammock?

Cat hammocks will provide your cat with comfortable and secure sleeping space. Additionally, they will help you save on space since they don’t take as much room compared to most pet beds.

Do cats like hammocks?

Yes. Most cats like hammocks because it provides them with the personal space that they need to play or relax without being disrupted. At first, your cat may be less interested in the hammock but will get used to it with time.

Are hammocks washable?

Hygiene is very important since it can have a direct impact on the health of your cat. As such, quality cat hammocks are machine washable and can also be hand-washed.

Final Verdict

Now that you have the information that you need to buy a cat hammock, feel free to order any of the hammocks listed in this article. All the items have been carefully selected to ensure that your cat gets the best product. Ensure that you attach the hammock correctly to avoid potential injuries to your feline friend.

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