Top 11 Best Cat Kicker Toys 2022

Although they may not need as much physical and mental stimulation as their canine counterparts, a bored cat can cause more trouble than one would expect.

And unless you offer them an outlet to release their aggression through, cats will more often turn to furniture, shoes, and other valuables to fill in that gap.

That’s why as you buy your dog an interactive toy, spare a few bucks to also keep your feline friend healthy and entertained.

As affordable as they are, a good kicker toy for your kitty may go a long way to spare your couch and other valuables around the home.

Now, like any other pet accessory, settle for nothing short of the best when buying a cat kicker toy. Find your cat’s next companion from our review of the hand-picked top 11 models.

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Petmate Jackson Galaxy Hunting Instincts Kicker...
  • PLUSH KICKER CAT TOY: This toy for cats kittens satisfies natural hunting instincts, rebounds back to your cat after kicking Two slits in the design make this cat toy great for longer shorter cats

11 Best Cat Kicker Toys

#1 Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish Cat Kicker Fish Toy

Keep your cat mentally engaged using this amazing kicker toy. The look of this toy mimics that of a real fish. Therefore, it’s sure to capture the attention of your lovely cat seconds after coming from the package.

Other than the appearance, this kicker dish toy moves in a wiggling way. The internal motion sensors get it into action after detecting a slight touch by your adorable kitty- your cat will see it as a real fish!

Although the eye-catching fish appearance is enough to draw the attention of your feline friend, this toy is also infused with catnip. The catnip will help keep your four-pawed friend happy and relieve her from stress.

The kitty toy is of high-strength cotton plush. Hence, it will serve for many days even with daily abuse by the sharpest claws. The durable construction is also non-toxic. That said, it will provide physical and mental stimulation to your Kitty without causing any health issues in the long-term.

The toy is USB rechargeable. This feature means you don’t have to worry about the hassle and cost of finding replacement batteries frequently. Also, the chargeable motor will come out with ease to make cleaning simple.


  • It is a rechargeable unit.
  • The battery charges rapidly.
  • The materials are of high-quality.


  • It is somehow loud.

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#2 SmartyKat Kicker Cat Toys

SmartyKat Kicker Cat Toys

Give your feline friend the best life by getting this adorable kicker cat toy. It will keep your lovely cat well stimulated and away from your adorable items. The size works well for small, medium, and large kitties alike and is just the right size to tug and toss.

The materials used to make the toy are of the highest quality for long-lasting performance. The soft fleece and plush make the toy more cuddly, so your cat will always want to play with it.

Unlike some toys that are well-made but infused with toxic catnips, the attractant used for this toy is pure and from the same manufacturer. That means you can rest easy with this SmartyKat Kicker Cat Toy.

Additionally, this cat toy by Smartycat has multiple textures. This feature goes a very long way to make it more fun and engaging. And with the low price tag, it’s an ideal option for anyone who isn’t willing to pay much for a product of its kind.

With all the fun this toy packs, it will be unfair to ignore that it also has some downsides. The major drawback of it is that you can’t smell the catnip like you would in some toys.


  • It is multi-textured.
  • The size is good.
  • It feels very cuddly.


  • Adding more catnip would be good.

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#3 Our Pets 1400013857 OPB Snagable Platypus Cat Kicker

Our Pets 1400013857 OPB Snagable Platypus Cat Kicker

Cats have a natural hunting instinct. That’s why they have for years being the rat’s greatest enemy. Now, if there aren’t rats to chase after, cats can direct their aggression to your furniture and other adorable items around the home.

If you want to keep all your valuables safe and your cat happy at the same time, this toy will come in handy. It has a durable construction that should stand up to everyday abuse by the most ruthless cats.

The looped textured materials not only makes it more engaging but also versatile. I mean, other than just keeping your cat happy, this kicker toy will also help in maintaining the right length of the claws.

With that said, a cat scratcher may not be necessary once you get this multi-functional kicker cat toy. That means it will not only keep your Kitty happy and healthy but also save your pocket.

Although it has a catnip smell, that’s not the only way this toy uses to lure your lovely cat into play. The looped material and the crinkle sound it produces also play a central role in enticing your pet.


  • It doubles up as a scratcher.
  • It stays intact even with abuse.
  • It is very cute.


  • The stitching should be a tad better.

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#4 SmartyKat Kicker Cat Toys

SmartyKat Kicker Cat Toys

SmartyKat is one of the famous brands when it comes to pet products. She’s famous for producing premium pet products. Therefore, before we find out more about this kicker cat toy, we already know that it won’t disappoint you nor your cat.

The toy is neither too large nor too small but of a realistic size that will work well for young and senior felines alike. Therefore, if you want a toy that will serve your cat well as she transitions from a kitten to a senior pet, you won’t go wrong with this product.

The shape of this option is a sure eye-catcher. I mean, since it comes with a shape of a rat, expect it to attract your Kitty as soon as it gets outside the package. But apart from the enticing shape, this toy comes with catnip.

When buying a pet toy, one of the factors you need to consider is durability. And yes, with the premium materials alongside the excellent stitching of this toy, expect it to remain your cat’s favorite companion for a very long time.

Although it’s very long-lasting and fun for your cat, this ratty toy goes for a budget-friendly price. That said, no matter your budget level, it’s now easy to keep your cat happy and healthy.


  • The shape is nice.
  • The materials are of high quality.
  • The ratty is budget-friendly.


  • The catnip isn’t so detectable.

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#5 Senneny Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy

Senneny Electric Moving Fish Cat Toy

This kicker cat toy looks like a fish. It has an internal motion-sensor that triggers it to make movements that mimic that of a real fish. The internal sensor also makes it produce sound, attracting your cat for play.

The internal motor has a USB charging port to rid you of the cost and hassle of buying replacement batteries. The package even includes a USB cable to eliminate the additional cost of buying it separately.

Another amazing feature about this cat toy is that the motor is removable. The ability to come out gives you an easy time when it’s washing time. It’s now easy to keep this pet’s accessory in tip-top condition.

The premium plush fabric alongside the pp cotton stuffing is an implication that this toy will last for many years. The high-quality materials are also non-toxic. That said, we can think of it as one of the options that come with the health of your pet as an ultimate priority.

The catnip used in this toy has a very strong aromatic fragrance. Therefore, expect it to draw your cat’s attention in no time. The 3D printing process makes it a perfect toy for kicking, biting, and chewing.


  • The motor is removable.
  • The built-in sensor works well.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • A catnip bag would be a little stronger.

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#6 WONDAY Cat Kicker Fish Toy

WONDAY Cat Kicker Fish Toy

The next kicker on the list shares the majority of the features with the preceding model. For example, it takes the shape and appearance of a real fish. And since cats like fish, this kicker is sure to become your felines favorite companion.

The internal detector senses even the slightest touch to get the toy into action. The catnip bag in the belly produces a strong pleasant smell that keeps your cat excited, happy, and free from stress.

The toy uses high-grade fabric in the construction. The quality materials make the kicker super-tough enough to withstand everyday biting, chewing, and kicking by your energetic Kitty.

The electric fish toy has a high-quality internal motor that comes out with ease when it’s time to wash the toy. The motor is rechargeable using a micro-USB cable. And since it comes with one, there is no need to order it individually.

Unlike some rechargeable models that last for a short time, the battery of this toy has a long lifespan. For even greater battery life, this toy is programmed to shut off automatically when not touched in a while.

Lastly, it comes in a pack of two, but for the price of one. Thus, it should make an ideal option for you if you have two cats. But even with one, you can use one toy will keep your cat busy when charging the other.


  • The materials are easy to clean.
  • The zipper closure is well crafted.
  • The auto shut-off feature is a plus.


  • There is no way to tuck the zipper in.

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#7 Hartz Cattraction Silver Vine & Catnip Cat Toys

Hartz Cattraction Silver Vine & Catnip Cat Toys

This option is one of the most popular kickers on the market- and for a reason! I mean, it is a durably-constructed unit that packs everything that you and your feline friend need in a cat kicker toy.

The canvas material is super tough and will withstand rough play for many years to come. The long-lasting material also is easy to maintain clean so that your four-pawed friend will always begin the play with a fresh toy.

The toy is thoughtfully designed to stimulate and meet your cat’s ancestral hunting and play needs. The multiple curves promote different types of play including wrestling, hugging, and kicking.

According to research, 68% of cats will respond to catnip while 79% will respond to silver vine. A blend of the two will attract up to 91% of cats. This toy combines both catnip and silver vine attractants for greater effectiveness.

Cats prefer large toys. That’s why it comes as an oversized toy. The large size also means that it is designed to work perfectly for cats of all sizes. You won’t need to buy your cat a new toy once she’s fully grown!


  • The attractants are very effective.
  • The canvas material is nice.
  • The large size is perfect.


  • The large size may be scary.

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#8 Jackson Galaxy Ultimate Bunny Kicker Cat Toy with Catnip

Jackson Galaxy Ultimate Bunny Kicker Cat Toy with Catnip

When talking about Pet products, one of the manufacturers we can’t go without mentioning is Petmate. She’s one of the industry-leading producers of pet products, thanks to her ability to deliver quality products at an affordable price. With that said, if you want a combination of great quality and price, you won’t go wrong here.

Keep your cat livelier and happier whether at home or not with this toy. As one of the top-rated options out there, the Jackson Galaxy Ultimate Bunny Kicker Cat Toy is sure to keep your pet engaged for a long time.

The two slits in the design make it long enough for both small and senior cats. Therefore, if you want a high-quality cat kicker toy that will work well for bunny kicks, you won’t go wrong with this model.

Like all the other preceding models, this toy has tough construction. The superior-grade canvas will stand the test of time even with everyday abuse. The catnip grabs the attention of your feline and keeps her engaged in the play for a very long time.


  • The length is great.
  • It works well for bunny kicks.
  • The quality is fantastic.


  • The sound isn’t so audible.

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#9 Petlinks HappyNip Cat Toys

Petlinks HappyNip Cat Toys

This toy combines silver vine and catnip attractants. Thus, it’s very effective on cats including those that don’t respond to catnip alone. The design and the size are well-thought-of to ensure that it works well for most cats.

The outside construction of this toy makes it one of the most aesthetically appealing cat toys you will ever bring to your home. The exterior materials also make it more cuddly and comfortable for your pet to play with for many hours.

The stuffing in the inside is recycled plastic. Therefore, you are not only getting a perfect playing companion for your adorable pet but also a toy that will keep the environment she lives in healthy.

The very style is very cute and will more likely entice your cat into play. But in case you don’t like the design for whatever reason, there are a wide variety of cat toy styles available for selection.

All Pet link products are made in conformance to child safety standards. However, before you buy this cat kicker toy, beware that it will shed a little for the first few days. But other than that, everything about it is up to par.


  • There are multiple styles.
  • It conforms to child safety standards.
  • All the materials are environmentally friendly.


  • It sheds a bit.

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#10 Ruolan Flippity Fish Cat Toy

Ruolan Flippity Fish Cat Toy

Although cats aren’t so aggressive like their counterpart canines, they can be very destructive when they direct their energy to the wrong area. This fish toy is a surefire way to keep your feline friend physically and mentally stimulated away from your furniture.

It comes in the shape of a fish, so expect it to make great friends with your furry friend. Once you turn on the switch, this toy will swing automatically like a live fish once your feline buddy touches it.

Unlike some options that will swing more vigorously and loudly, the swing amplitude and the sound this fish cat toy produces is just of the right level. That means it won’t scare your cat away like some of the models out there.

The plush fabric has a calming effect on your cat. That said, this cat toy will not only keep your lovely Kitty happy and entertained but also healthy and free from stress and other anxieties. The pp cotton stuffing has great resilience and will hold up well through the roughest playtimes.

Unlike some electric models that run on disposable batteries, this kicker has a rechargeable battery. Thus, it’s eco-friendly and gentle on your pocket in the long haul. The automatic shut-off feature after a short moment of non-contact.


  • The battery life is good.
  • It packs several smart features.
  • The material is very thick.


  • The internal components aren’t removable.

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#11 KONG Kickeroo Pattern Catnip Cat Toy

KONG Kickeroo Pattern Catnip Cat Toy

Last but not least on our top-notch list is a cat toy from the famous Kong brand. It is one of the cat’s favorites, and that’s why it has such a high rating. Therefore, before we get further, we already know that it’s an amazing unit.

The giraffe color and pattern looks very cute. However, just in case you or your cat doesn’t like the style for whatever reason, this cat kicker toy is also available in other wonderful colors and styles.

All the materials used in making the toy are of best-in-class quality. Having that said, you can buy this cat toy with the confidence that you are getting a high-quality piece that won’t disappoint in terms of durability.

Additionally, all the components and the processes used for the production are non-toxic. Thus, this kicker by Kong is among the options that come with the health of your cat as an ultimate priority.

The size is also what almost every cat wants. And while it’s sturdy, the Kong Kickeroo Pattern Catnip Cat Toy is lightweight. This design makes it easy for the cat to carry it around in the mouth when they want to transfer the fun to their favorite spot.


  • The materials are non-toxic.
  • There are different colors and patterns.
  • The weight is nice.


  • There is no way to add new catnip.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cats get lonely?

Like other pets, cats will get lonely when you deny them your attention for a very long time. That’s why it’s a wise thing to get them an interactive toy if you are too busy to give them the time they need.

Are cat kicker toys worth it?

While they are fun, cat kicker toys go a long way beyond entertaining your feline friend. For instance, they provide relief from stress, keep them physically stimulated, and many more.

Do cats get bored with their toys?

It’s normal to get bored, even with the things we like. In the same way, cats can get bored with the same toy. That’s why it’s wise to stock several of them so that you can rotate them once they start getting bored by their current toy.

How can I entertain my cat without toys?

Toys have for years remained the sure way of entertaining our lovely felines. But is there any other way of keeping our cats happy and lively? Well, there are a few. For instance, you can get a fish tank or another cat. However, toys remain the most effective way to offer them fun.

How long do cat kicker toys last?

The durability of a cat kicker toy leans on the quality of the construction, intensity of play, level of abuse, and more. Some may last just a few hours or days at most while the premium options can go for several months or even years.

Final Verdict

Keeping your pet healthy entails a whole host of activities. You have to ensure proper medical care, a healthy diet, and grooming.

Also, for your cat to remain healthy and happy, you will need a cat kicker toy.

That’s why we see them as a must-buy for every pet owner. And since it’s hard to choose the right kicker, we suggest that you give options given on this list a priority when shopping.

They are high-quality, durable, and have almost everything you and your cat needs to stay happy.

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