Top 11 Best Cat Nail Caps For 2022

Cats are instinctually driven to scratch on surfaces. They do this for several reasons. For starters, scratching helps cats to shed off worn-out nails. Additionally, cats scratch when they are marking their territory. The only problem with this behavior is that it can at times be destructive, especially when your cat scratches you or other valuable items.

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Thankfully, you can control this by covering the nails of your cat using nail caps. This review list provides you with the best cat nail caps that will make your cat less destructive.

11 Best Cat Nail Caps

#1 VICTHY 100pcs Cat Nail Caps

VICTHY 100pcs Cat Nail Caps

Victhy provides you with a full nail care kit that is inclusive of 100 pieces of cat nail caps, adhesive glue, an applicator, and a clipper. These nail caps are made of vinyl resin, which is safe for your cat and the environment. The glue also shares in the same qualities since it won’t harm your cat in any way. Your cat will find these nail caps comfortable provided that you apply them as directed. You also have to ensure that the nail caps are the right size.

Furthermore, the caps come in a wide range of colors, so you can apply one shade or multiple to make the cat’s nails more colorful. One application can last for two to six weeks. However, this may vary depending on the behavior of your cat. Some cats may not find the caps comfortable during the first week of application. As a result, they may remove the caps before the estimated period elapses. Nevertheless, this should not worry you because the cat will get used to the caps after a few weeks. So, you should reapply the caps that fall off.

Once the cat adapts, the caps will protect your furniture, clothes, and other things from scratches. But most importantly, they will keep you safe from sharp claws. The adhesive that is used is very strong and will ensure that the caps stay in place. Additionally, the applicators are designed in such a way that the glue is delivered with exact precision. Also, removing the nail caps is not as difficult. You can use a dispergator or nail varnish remover.


  • Offers multi-functional protection
  • Made from pet-friendly materials
  • Easy to apply


  • The glue can get messy if applied in excessive amounts

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#2 Lattook Pet Nail Caps Set

Lattook Pet Nail Caps Set

Cats may at times engage in destructive scratching. The consequence of this is that most of your items will get ugly scratch marks, which are often hard to repair. You can avoid all this by attaching these high-quality nail caps to your cat. With these caps, the nails of your cat will be less harmful to you and other pets that you may have in the house. The package contains small, medium, and large nail caps, so you can use the size that is suitable for your cat.

To add to this, there are ten different colors that you can choose from depending on how you intend to customize the nails of your pet. Three of the colors have glitter, while the remaining shades are plain. The nail caps come with a pair of nail clippers, which is ergonomically designed to give you an easy time when trimming the pet’s nails. In addition to this, there is a nail file that will help you grind down the sharp edges on the nails after cutting.

Through this, you will be able to stick the caps firmly without them falling off. Aside from offering protection, these nail caps will also make your pet cuter. When you buy this kit, you will get ten pieces of glue, which will help you attach the caps to the cat’s nails. The caps are made of non-toxic PVC material, which is harmless to cats. More to this, the nail caps won’t interfere with your pet’s normal behavior.


  • High abrasion resistance
  • The nail caps are flexible
  • Stylish


  • The bright colors may prompt the cat to remove the nail caps

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#3 Soft Claws Feline Nail Caps

Soft Claws Feline Nail Caps

The gold sparkle nail caps by Soft Claws won’t harm your cat even if the pet chews on them. This kit contains 40 pieces of nail caps and an adhesive. The glue has a fast-drying property, so the nail caps will stick almost immediately after application. Moreover, this product has an easy-to-understand instructional manual, which will guide you on how you can achieve maximum results when attaching the nail caps.

Besides, each nail cap has a series of cleats, which lock the caps to the nails. This way, the cat won’t be able to bite off the caps easily. Additionally, the soft cuff on the nail caps will ensure that the glue delivers a stronger adhesion. All the nail caps in this kit are medium size. As such, you must be sure that they will fit your pet before making the order. The glue included in the package is more than enough for attaching the nail caps.

Consequently, you won’t have to buy another adhesive in the course of the period that you will be using these caps. The applicator tips will help you administer the glue without spilling any. For your safety and that of your pet, you have to be extra cautious when applying the adhesive. Ensure that you point the tube away from your face to avoid eye irritation. The pet should also not be allowed to lick the wet glue.


  • Gives your cat a luxurious look
  • Durable
  • Safe for pets


  • May not fit cats with larger nails

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#4 YMCCOOL 100pcs Cat Nail Caps

YMCCOOL 100pcs Cat Nail Caps

Cats are naturally driven by instinct to scratch things. As such, you may find it somewhat difficult stopping your cat from destroying your items. The only sure way that you can curb this behavior is by attaching soft claw covers to the destructive nails. Your cat may not like the nail caps at first, but with gradual use, your pet will learn to tolerate them. Both the adhesive and the nail caps are safe your furry friend, so you shouldn’t be worried even if you see the cat licking its paws.

The vinyl resin used in making the nail caps is strong and durable and will last a couple of weeks before making a replacement. This kit contains up to ten colors that you can consider using. Some of the nail caps have glitter, so you can always alternate between using glitter and non-glittery nail caps. Either way, your cat will have neat nails that are equally beautiful. Since the nail caps have soft tips, your pet won’t be able to scratch your valuable items.

You can reapply the caps once the cat has shed off its claws. Before attaching the caps, you have to trim the nails of your cat to make the pet more comfortable when attaching the caps. The other reason for doing this is because sharp claws can easily pierce through the nail caps. If you think your cat will get distracted by the colorful caps, you can use the clear caps since they look almost like real nails.


  • Does not affect the normal growth of the nails
  • Available in different sizes
  • Strong adhesive


  • Does not come with a nail clipper

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#5 Kitty Caps Nail Caps for Cats

Kitty Caps Nail Caps for Cats

Are you tired of getting scratched by your cat? If so, these cat nail caps are here to rescue you. The caps are designed with vibrant colors that will completely transform the look on the cat’s nails. This kit contains two categories of nail caps, which are very attractive. You can use the spring green nail caps or go for the ultra-violet. Both options will look good on your cat, so you only have to ensure that you follow the application instructions.

These nail caps won’t restrict the nails from expanding or contracting, thus allowing your pet to carry on with its natural behavior. You should not apply too much glue when attaching the caps as this may result in an overflow. As a result, the cat may have some of its claws glued together. You can avoid this by wiping off the excess adhesive using a paper towel. Additionally, you have to keep the cat steady for five minutes to allow the caps to stick firmly.

Compared to surgical declawing, these nail caps are safer and humane for your cat. To lower the chances of the nail caps coming off, you have to insert them up to the base of the nails. You can do this by slightly pressing the cat’s paws such that the nails can expand outwards. This will provide you with enough nail area for maximum adhesion. There are also nail caps that are suitable for kittens, so you can start training your cat at an early age.


  • Non-toxic
  • Covers the nails completely
  • Multiple sizes


  • The cat may take time to adjust after attaching the nail caps

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#6 OWUDE Soft Cat Paws

OWUDE Soft Cat Paws

This kit provides you with 160 pieces of pet nail caps that will make your cat less dangerous. More to this, the caps are available in sixteen colors, seven of which have glitter. The caps are flexible, so the nails of your cat will continue growing normally the way they always do. At some point, you may have to reattach the caps since cats naturally shed off their nails after a certain period of time.

The caps are resistant to abrasion, so they will last as long as the cat doesn’t bite them off. Depending on how temperamental your cat is, it may take some time before your pet can fully get accustomed to the caps. Each adhesive comes with an applicator, which is conveniently shaped for user convenience.

You have to apply enough glue to the nail caps before attaching them to the pet’s nails. To ensure that the glue sticks, you have to wait until it’s half dry, after which you can fit the caps to the cat’s nails. You can make your cat even more adorable by using these beautiful pieces of nail caps. Thanks to these caps, you can play with your cat without getting hurt.


  • You won’t have a hard time finding the caps in case they fall off
  • The glue adheres fast
  • Eco-friendly


  • Only available in two sizes

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#7 Zetpo Cat Claw Caps

Zetpo Cat Claw Caps

If you own a cat, you must have a rough idea of how destructive they can be. Cats have a tendency of digging their claws into soft pieces of furniture. At times, they even scratch hard surfaces, thus leaving behind scratch marks that are costly to repair. Nevertheless, you can control this destructive behavior by gifting your cat with these nail caps. They are specially made for cats, so you can use them without worrying about the safety of your pet.

Unlike most nail caps that come assorted, this package contains claw caps with random colors. This will allow you to pick a variety of colors that you can blend to give your cat a classy look. Furthermore, the package is inclusive of a reliable adhesive that will provide you with exceptional results.

With the help of the size chart, you will be able to determine if the nail caps can fit your cat. The available size options will suit all breeds of cats and can as well fit kittens that are a few weeks old. You have to trim your cat’s claws when dealing with adult felines. However, the procedure may not apply to kittens.


  • The caps won’t fall off easily
  • Very colorful
  • Easy to put on


  • Cats can easily bite the nail caps

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#8 Dadiii Grooming Covers for Pet Cat

Dadiii Grooming Covers for Pet Cat

Cats have very sharp claws. And if proper care is not taken, you may end up with painful scratches that may manifest into serious infections. As such, you can protect yourself and your family by using the nail covers from Dadiii. These nail caps are soft and comfortable, so your cat won’t experience any difficulties when walking.

However, you have to be very keen when attaching the caps to your cat’s nails since the adhesive can stick to the pet’s fur. The nail caps come in six colors, so you can choose pink, orange, yellow, black, green, or blue. Alternatively, you can beautify the nails of your pet by attaching caps with different colors. The caps are crafted from non-toxic materials, which are friendly to all pets.

To add to this, the nail caps have a multifunctional design, so aside from protecting you, they will also ensure that your furniture and other items are safe. For your convenience, the product is neatly packaged to give you an easy time when using the adhesive and the caps. The good thing with these nail caps is that they will look amazing on any cat regardless of the color of the fur.


  • Comes with an instructional manual
  • Allows you to customize your own pattern
  • Fashionable


  • May fall off after some time

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#9 Smarthing 120Pcs (12Color) Cat Claw Caps

Smarthing 120Pcs (12Color) Cat Claw Caps

The undeniable truth is that cats are super adorable. However, they can also be very destructive when they want to. Since we love them and wouldn’t imagine living a life without them, we have no option but to tolerate our pets. Thanks to these nail caps, you can live with your cat peacefully without either of you getting scratched.

These items are ergonomically designed to deliver a tight fit, so they won’t come off even when the pet rubs its paws against surfaces. Furthermore, these nail caps are professionally made by a veterinarian, so you can trust that your cat will be in safe hands. There is a possibility that your cat may bite off the tip of the nail caps. Nonetheless, the pet won’t fall sick even if he/she swallows the caps.

Still, you have to look after your pet to ensure that they are not removing the caps. Smarthing provides you with 120 pieces of pet nail caps and attractive color options that you can pick from. If this is your first time using this product, you will be happy to know that there is a user manual that will walk you through the application process.


  • Easy-to-attach
  • Comes with adhesives
  • Does not affect normal behavior


  • The adhesive can irritate the skin

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#10 Roto Soft Caps Claw Control

Roto Soft Caps Claw Control

These soft claw caps will improve the relationship between you and your cat. As such, they will allow you to get close to your pet without the cat scratching you. Additionally, they will also protect other pets such as dogs from the wrath of your cat. Like most nail caps on the market, these claw covers come with strong adhesives.

The glue is very effective, so the caps will cling firmly to the cat’s nails. Once applied, the nail caps will stay on the nails for 4 to 6 weeks. This may, however, change depending on how the cat reacts after attaching the caps. You can prevent your cat from detaching the nail caps by distracting the pet a few minutes after fitting the caps.

The manufacturers have mixed up to ten colors, thus allowing you to personalize the nails of the pet according to your preference. These cat nail caps are made of high-quality silica get, which is also safe for pets. You will only have to apply a small amount of glue to prevent unnecessary spillage.


  • Lightweight
  • Super cute
  • Nicely designed


  • The adhesive is somewhat runny

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#11 Brostown 100Pcs Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps

Brostown 100Pcs Soft Pet Cat Nail Caps

Last on our review list are these high-quality nail caps by Brostown. This kit contains almost everything that you may need when attaching the nail caps. The only thing that is missing is a nail clipper. With these items, you will be able to protect your home from your grumpy cat. The package contains many pieces of nail caps, thereby allowing you to cover the nails of several cats.

Most of the nail caps are very colorful, so you can easily find them in case they fall on the sofa or carpet. These claw caps will provide your pet with a natural fit, thus keeping the pet comfortable. The cat may develop an urge to remove the nail caps but this will go away with continuous usage. If you notice that your cat is too uncomfortable, you can use a dispergator to remove the glue.

These nail covers can also be attached to hind paws to give the pet a uniform look. The application instructions are well written, so you won’t struggle when attaching the claw caps to the pet. Since the nail caps are light and soft, your pet won’t even feel that they are there. The only thing that you should be worried about is the glue. As such, you should ensure that it doesn’t come into direct contact with the cat’s skin.


  • Attaching the caps only takes a few minutes
  • The glue dries quickly
  • Safe for cats


  • May be too soft for super aggressive cats

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are nail caps safe for cats?

High-quality nail caps are made of materials that are safe for all pets. As such, they won’t harm your cat even if the pet swallows a piece of the caps. However, you should be extra careful with the adhesive since it can irritate your pet if applied excessively.

Do cat nail caps work?

Yes. If you attach the nail caps as directed, your cat won’t be able to harm you or damage your furniture.

Can cats chew on nail caps?

Nail caps are made of soft materials so that the cat can stay comfortable at all times. Unfortunately, some cats may take advantage of this feature and they may end up chewing on the nail caps to take them off.

Final Verdict

If your cat has a dark side, you can consider keeping his/her claws in check by using any of the nail caps highlighted in this article. All the products are safe for pets, so you will only have to follow the application instructions to the latter to get the desired outcome.

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