Top 11 Best Cat Tents For 2022

As humans, there are times we want to interact and have fun with the people around us. However, there are other moments all we want is a peaceful time away from everyone. And that’s exactly the case with our adorable cats.

After a long time of play and interacting with family, cats need private time away from the noise and the disturbance of the youngsters. That’s why as a cat caregiver, buying a cat tent is one of the ways to keep your feline friend happy.

A cat tent will give your lovely furbaby a place to call home within your house. Some have well-padded floors to double up as comfortable pet beds while others are large to afford plenty of space for play. Here are the 11 best cat tents in the market.

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11 Best Cat Tents

#1 Best Pet Supplies Inc. Pet Tent Soft Bed

Best Pet Supplies Inc. Pet Tent Soft Bed

This pet tent is one option that will give your cat that comfortable private spot she needs. It’s an indoor unit that will also double up as a cat bed for your furry friend whenever she needs to take a nap.

The corduroy beige plush means that this pet bed will blend in with different styles of indoor decors. But in case you think it isn’t the most suitable option for your space, we still have a wide variety of colors for selection.

The manufacturer combines premium materials with quality construction for a cat tent that will last for many years. That said, if you are searching for a durable pet tent, you won’t go wrong here.

It features a spacious design. Therefore, it should provide enough space for any cat to sleep and stretch. But if you want more room for your pet to sleep and play, it’s available in a few larger versions.

The top-grade piece sets up easily and disassembles in a breeze for easy transportation. And since it’s portable, you can always bring it along wherever you go with your cat for the best comfort away from home.


  • It is machine washable.
  • It looks great indoors.
  • There are many color varieties.


  • More padding would be good for the floor.

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#2 Bedsure Pet Tent Cave Bed for Cats

Bedsure Pet Tent Cave Bed for Cats

Although it doesn’t come from the same manufacturer with the first member of the list, there isn’t much difference between this tent and the preceding option. You can use it anywhere within the home whether living room, balcony, or porch.

It is a versatile pet tent. In other words, other than providing a perfect private spot for your tabby, it’s a perfect hideaway for rabbits and small dogs such as the Chihuahua, Pugs, Pomeranian, and others of that kind.

The high-density foam alongside the 100% microfiber outside material means that you are getting a sturdy bed that will last for many years. The soft cushion is removable for maintenance and external use from the bed.

The cave-like design alongside the triangular access door of the tent implies that you are not only gifting your cat but also getting something that is visually appealing to have within your space.

The anti-slip bottom keeps the unit in place whereas the quality construction guarantees that it will not collapse on its own. Finally, this unit is foldable and has a leather handle at the top for transportation.


  • It has great versatility.
  • The leather handle is great.
  • The cave-like design makes it beautiful.


  • It’s quite small for a larger cat.

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#3 OUTING MAN Cat Tent Outdoor Playpen Pet Cat


Although most pets will prefer spending the best part of their day playing outdoors, it’s not the safest place for them. Ultraviolet rays have over the years proved to be a major threat to our pet’s wellbeing.

This cat tent provides a way for your adorable cat to enjoy an outdoor environment when keeping safe from the harsh sun. It’s a very large enclosure that will work well for multiple cats, rabbits, ferrets, and more.

The circle-like entrance is large for easy entry and exit even for large pets. The reliable zipper mechanism keeps off predators and other threats that may come along when away from the furry buddies.

The breathable mesh ensures a cool and comfortable space for your cat during the hot summer afternoons. The well-ventilated material also keeps bugs and all other irritating insects at bay to give your pets a comfortable and serene environment to relax, lounge, and play.

As large as it appears, this cat tent has a quick set up. The manufacturer sends it with adequate staking pegs to make the process smoother. When not in use, it will collapse and nest neatly in a handy carry bag for transportation.


  • It is straightforward to assemble and break down.
  • The weight is good.
  • It has good breathability.


  • It’s quite large for indoor use.

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#4 Pet Camping Tent Playpens Cage for Cats

Pet Camping Tent Playpens Cage for Cats

This is another multi-functional cat tent on our list. It will work well for cats,  turtles, birds, dogs, rabbits, and other small animals that can fit. It’s cute to serve indoors but also incredibly tough for the outside environment.

The top-grade PE fabric alongside PPC mesh and steel pole account for its exceptional performance in terms of durability. That said, if you would rather pay a few more bucks for a better lifespan, this cat tent is a good pick for you.

The roomy design will accommodate several pets and leave enough room for play and toys. The breathable mesh keeps ventilation at par so that it creates a perfect cooling spot for your pet when temperatures rise.

The zipped door will open readily to let your pet in or out and then lock to keep all unwanted insects out. The opening is also large to allow for convenient and safe entry and exit from the tent.

When not in use, this unit will collapse to a tiny size for transportation. The high-quality carry bag provides a convenient way to haul it over a long distance. And since the case is sturdy, it will maintain its shape for long.


  • It’s perfect for indoor/outdoor use.
  • The carry bag is of good quality.
  • The floor is easy to clean.


  • It should come with instructions on how to take it down.

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#5 PURR…FECT FENCE Purrfect Play Tent

PURR...FECT FENCE Purrfect Play Tent

Whether it’s at the balcony, RV, campsite, or deck, this pet play tent won’t disappoint. It is excellent for indoor and outdoor settings. Although it’s a low-maintenance unit, this cat tent is as functional as you could ever want it.

This piece sets up in seconds to give your pet a safe and disturbance-free space. And with the plenty of room it provides, your pet now has enough space to relax, play, and even move around when remaining safe from the bugs and other irritating beings.

The well-engineered pet play tent features components of the best quality. That’s why it has for years proved to stand the test of time even with constant exposure to the harsh outside conditions.

The mesh material ensures optimal airflow. We like that it’s also extra-tough to survive your cat’s claws. The fiberglass poles are 1.4 times thicker than those of the majority of the members of the competition.

The enclosure has two doors on 2 sides to give your pet multiple entry and exit points. The “D” shaped doors will open wide to provide ample space for larger cats, humans, cat boxes, cat toys, and more.


  • It comes with an adjustable weatherproof cover.
  • It has two doors.
  • The components are of top quality.


  • It’s not the most affordable on the list.

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#6 MyDeal Pop Up Instant Kitty Play and Sleep Tent

MyDeal Pop Up Instant Kitty Play and Sleep Tent

Give your cat a sense of security and a nice place to destress far from disturbance. The enclosure comes with dual doors for quick and convenient access. It assembles without any special tools and folds down flat for storage.

A durably-constructed toy hangs at the roof of the tent. This accessory provides your cat a healthy way of getting rid of the excess bits of energy while the roomy design means that your tabby will have enough space for playing.

The play and sleep tent is of best-in-class quality materials. The frame is of heavy-duty steel for maximum strength and years of service. The material used for the sides is pet-friendly and super tough and will not tear easily.

That said, other than serving in the indoor environment, this sleep tent has all it takes to survive many days of exposure to inclement weather of the outside space. Its lightweight design allows for easy transportation between indoors and outdoors.

The tent comes with a convenient cloth bag for storage. The carry case also provides a convenient way of hauling the cat tent on a long trip.


  • It has a built-in toy.
  • It doesn’t need any tools to set up.
  • The material is weatherproof.


  • It doesn’t afford enough room for multiple cats.

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#7 Sterling Premium Comfort Pet Beds

Sterling Premium Comfort Pet Beds

This cat tent is designed to give your feline the privacy she needs when keeping her in the know of everything happening around her world. The unit features a well-padded cushion that serves as a bed whenever your cat needs to take a nap.

The color of the fabric alongside the beautiful patterns of the outside material makes this cat tent a beautiful addition to any indoor space. Therefore, whether you want it for the living room or any other space, expect it to coordinate well with the existing decor.

The cushion is well padded, making it an excellent option for elderly pets. It has the same material on either side, which means that you can overturn it for your pet to sleep on the bottom when the upper gets dirty.

After the two faces are dirty and need cleaning, the cushion will come out with ease. The most impressive thing about it is that it’s machine washable so that your pet’s mess will never be a bother again.

The padded walls promise comfort at all angles. And with a sturdy carrying handle at the top, it’s a piece of cake to bring it wherever you take your feline colleague.


  • The cushion is machine washable.
  • The external fabric is very elegant.
  • The padding at the walls keeps the pet cozy.


  • It may not be the ideal option for summer.

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#8 Arkmiido Pet Teepee Cat Bed

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When buying anything to set up in your inside space, you want something charming to improve the visual appeal of your room. And yes, nothing will look better at the corner of your house than this cat tent bed.

The enclosure features 100% cotton canvas fabric with nice detailing and excellent stitching for long-lasting beauty. The heavy stuffing of the bed means that it’s one addition your cat will always want to snuggle in it.

The top-grade material boasts great breathability. Hence, this cat tent will keep your pet warm during the chilly days and cool when the temperatures rise. Furthermore, it’s a bite-resistant material that will also not fade over time.

Like most members of our list, this cat tent is one of the most straightforward to put together. The lightweight structure makes it easy to carry around. Hence, if you love traveling with your tabby, this is one of the cat tents that won’t slow you down on your next trip.

It’s large to provide ample space for any cat and their toys. A name board allows you to write the name of your pet to mark it as her territory. However, it doesn’t come with chalk so you may have to get it from one of your teacher friends.


  • It will not fade.
  • It has a nameplate.
  • Set up instructions are available.


  • Including a small piece of chalk would be nice.

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#9 YDYL Easy Installation Mesh Cat Play Tent for Indoor Cat

YDYL Easy Installation Mesh Cat Play Tent

Taking the ninth position on our reviews is an amazing option from YDYL. It is a large pet tent that will work in the balcony or indoors if you have enough space. Although its a cat tent, you can also use it for your dog or other pets.

The tent will accommodate several cats (or other pets) when leaving enough room for them to move around, stretch, and play. You can use the extra space for a foam bed to give your pet the best outdoor experience.

The two zipper doors at the opposite sides open wide to let you in and out when cleaning. And since they are designed to link up with cat tunnels, we are good to say that this cat tent will give your furry friend more fun.

The mesh construction of the sides ensures optimal air circulation and lets you keep a keen eye on your pet from afar. The rain fly shields your pet from rain and sun when using the unit in the open space.

Want to go camping with your pet? No problem! This big tent will compress to a manageable size that fits nicely in the carry bag. It’s now easy to bring your cat her house anywhere you take her.


  • It’s super lightweight but sturdy.
  • The package includes a rain fly.
  • The mesh design is great for the outdoors.


  • It may be way too large for some indoor spaces.

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#10 ASPCA Mudcloth Pet Tent Wigwam for Cats

ASPCA Mudcloth Pet Tent

ASPCA is a North American country established on the belief that pets need proper care and treatment by their owners. She focuses on making products that will make the lives of our pets more fantastic and interesting.

And coming from this manufacturer, we are confident that this pet tent will better the life of your pet when giving your home a great visual appeal. The stylish design of the unit blends in with a variety of home aesthetics.

The fabric is of best-in-class quality. Therefore, other than beauty, this cat tent is durable and will stand up to playful claws. The wooden posts are not only sturdy but also eco-friendly to make it a safe addition to any home.

Surprisingly, even with the amazing quality, this tent comes at a price that most pet caregivers can afford. You can use it for cats although it also has all it takes to work well for the small canines.

The unit doesn’t come assembled, however. But with all the parts and instructions coming in the package, it’s easy to have it standing a few minutes after pulling it out of the box.


  • The price is nice.
  • The pattern on the fabric is very cute.
  • It’s a versatile cat tent.


  • It does not have a bed.

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#11 Furhaven Pet Playpen For Cats

Furhaven Pet Playpen For Cats

This playpen will also give your cat the much-needed personal space. It features a pet-friendly design and has a versatile design that meets the needs of different pets. Therefore, whether you want it for cats, rabbits, dogs, or other small animals, it will not disappoint easily.

The tent is a piece of cake to put together. Its pop-up design allows it to quickly open up for use and fold down for storage. The flexible construction improves its portability feature, making it one of the ideal picks for camping enthusiasts.

The sailor blue color of the finish complements any home. And with other color varieties also available for selection, you can now pick the one that comes with your favorite tone or that of your pet.

The Furhaven Pet Playpen is an extra-large version. Thus, it will provide enough room for several pets. But in case you don’t have many pets or don’t have enough space for its size, it’s also available in smaller versions.

No matter the size, each tent features a light mesh window. The mesh fabric keeps the tent interior at a comfortable temperature when providing a way for your pets to view the surrounding without coming out of their serene atmosphere.


  • It’s simple to use.
  • There is a broad assortment of sizes.
  • it’s long-lasting.


  • There are a few color varieties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cats Like Tents?

Yes. Like humans, cats want their personal space. That’s why she will more often prefer spending most of her time in the darkest corner of your home. You might have also found her “hiding” inside boxes.

Can You Go Camping With A Cat?

If you are planning for a camping trip but can’t imagine spending all that time away from your lovely cat, it’s easy to question whether its good to come along with her. If that’s the question you have in mind, the short answer is “Yes”. If you have the right camping gear for your pet, your cat will be happy to accompany you to the campsite.

Why Do Cats Sleep In Small Boxes?

Although there is no scientific backing as to why cats like sitting in boxes, most experts claim that it’s because boxes provide a good sense of security. They seem to borrow this behavior from their wild counterparts who prefer to spend most of their time in tight spaces safe from their predators.

Are Indoor Or Outdoor Cats Healthier?

As a cat owner, you may wonder what’s best for your cat between spending moments indoors or outdoors. Well, each has its advantages and disadvantages. But according to scientists, indoor cats are healthier and will live longer than those that spend most of their time outdoors.

How Long Can You Leave A Cat Alone?

Although they will at times need their private time, it’s not advisable to leave your feline friend alone for a very long time. Even with easy access to water, food, and other basics, vets recommend that you shouldn’t stay away from them for more than 24 hours.

Final Verdict

Although to some pet parents it doesn’t sound like a necessity, the fact is that cat tents are a must-have for any family with a cat. They are one way to give these furbabies the best life.

When buying one, consider the size, type of fabric, price, ease of set up, versatility, and portability. Our top picks summarize the market’s top-notch options. All have the best of these features.

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