11 Best Chinchilla Cages 2022

Chinchillas are cute and adorable, but they are also very delicate and can easily get injured if they are not given proper care. The only way that you can give these pets full-time protection is by using a chinchilla cage.

With the help of the cages reviewed below, your chinchilla will be well protected from potentially dangerous pets such as cats. Cages also provide chinchillas with a safe space in which they move and play freely without you stepping on them.

We have covered different sizes of cages so that you can pick the one that is large enough for your chinchilla. Most of the cages on our list are very spacious and can accommodate up to two medium-size chinchillas.

More to this, the cages that we have included on this review list are fitted with pull-out trays, which will make cleaning a breeze.

11 Best Chinchilla Cages

#1 Prevue Chinchilla Cage 495 Earthtone Dusted Rose

Prevue Chinchilla Cage

Coming from a brand that cares about the safety and comfort of your chinchilla, this multi-level cage may just be what your little furry friends need to have a good time.

The cage is very spacious, so your pet will have enough room to run, climb, and play freely without getting hurt.

This unit has a large door, which gives the pet easy access to the cage. Plus, the cage wires are tightly spaced, so your furry buddy won’t get any of his/her body parts stuck in between the railings.

In addition to this, the cage is entirely made of metal and is also powder-coated to keep rust at bay.

It also has a ramp, which the chinchilla can use when moving from one platform to another. This unit is designed with two platforms, which are firmly attached to the walls of the cage.

The materials from which this cage is built are chew-proof, so your pet won’t eat his/her way through it. Want to hear more? The cage features a wind-bell lock, so it is virtually inescapable.

When it comes to hygiene, the manufacture has fitted the cage with a debris tray, which catches the droppings. That way, your floor will always stay clean. Cleaning the cage is also not as difficult.

The fact that the bottom part has a pull-out design makes it even more convenient because it will allow you to remove the tray and grille with ease. Also, the included handle will give you maximum grip, thereby lowering the chances of you dropping the tray.

That’s not all; the cage has a locking mechanism, which prevents the tray from sliding off. Underneath the cage is a spacious storage shelf on which you can place Chinchilla food, toys, and any other thing that your pet may need.


  • Fitted with rolling casters
  • Practical design
  • Has rolling casters


  • The wire flooring has to be covered

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#2 Living World Deluxe Habitat

Living World Deluxe Habitat

If you are looking for a chinchilla cage with more space, this is one of the options that you can consider going for. Furthermore, this unit has several add-ons and is also built from high-quality materials.

The upper section of the cage is made of wire while the bottom part features a plastic construction.

This unique design ensures that the chinchilla gets fresh air at all times. More to this, the cage has a side door, but you can as well access it from the top.

The included hideout will provide the chinchillas with a quiet space to sleep. Atop the hideout is a tip-proof dish, which is made from pet-friendly plastic.

There is also a water bottle on the other side of the cage, meaning that this unit will provide your pet with all the things that it needs to stay healthy.

To save on interior space, the bottle is mounted outside the cage, but that does not mean that the pet will have a difficult time accessing it. This is because the bottle is fitted with a delivery tube that extends inside the cage.

The cage has a balcony and quick access ramp that will allow the chinchilla to climb with minimal strain.

When cleaning the cage, you can easily remove the upper part by simply detaching the clips connecting the plastic bottom and the wire section.

This cage is available in different sizes, so you can make your purchase based on the number of chinchillas that you have.


  • Well ventilated
  • Conveniently designed
  • Spacious


  • Requires some assembly

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#3 Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

You can create a conducive habitat for your chinchilla using this high-quality cage by MidWest.

This cage comes with several accessories that will keep your pet comfortable and safe. The wires are spaced horizontally so that the chinchillas can climb effortlessly as they explore their environment.

With the resting ramp in place, your pets will have enough room to play and sleep without getting in each other’s way. This cage can house up to two chinchillas, but this may vary depending on the size of the pets in question.

To give the pets quick and easy access to the top platform, the cage is equipped with an easy-to-climb ramp, which is firmly attached for safety purposes.

The ramp has a cover, which will allow the pets to climb comfortably without hurting themselves.

To make it even more comfortable, the wire flooring is covered by a leak-proof pan, which will provide the chinchillas with a solid surface that they can walk on without getting their feet stuck.

This cage requires minimal assembly, and the good thing about is that it does not require you to use tools. Thanks to its double-door design, you will have enough space when removing the tray.

More on the doors, they are fitted with durable locking latches that will keep the cage closed full time. To top it all up, the resting shelf is adjustable, so you can position it in a way that suits your pet.


  • Sturdily designed
  • The doors are full-width
  • Good quality


  • The pan is a bit shallow, so the chinchilla may scatter the beddings all over the place

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#4 YAHEETECH 6-Level Metal Critter Cage

YAHEETECH 6-Level Metal Critter Cage

The stylishly designed chinchilla cage from Yaheetech is so spacious and is, therefore, an excellent option for pet lovers who have more than one chinchilla. Nonetheless, ensure that you don’t crowd the cage since this may make the pets uncomfortable.

This unit has six platforms, which are well spaced to give each chinchilla enough space to play.

All the tiers are linked by strong ramps, which enable the pets to move from tier to tier without having any problem.

When you buy this cage, you will get complimentary accessories such as a feeding bowl and wall-mounted bottle. This chinchilla cage has a built-in slide-out tray, which will allow you to dispose of the droppings easily.

The bottom part is fitted with a grille, which will prevent your pets from coming in direct contact with the waste that has been trapped inside the tray. As a result, your chinchillas will stay healthy because they won’t be exposed to disease-causing pathogens.

Due to its size and weight, the cage is equipped with four smooth-rolling casters that will allow you to push the cage effortlessly. The casters feature a 360° swivel design, allowing for easy maneuverability.


  • Three-door design for easy access
  • Non-slip ramps
  • Easy cleaning


  • The grille is not covered

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#5 Mcage 3-Level Chinchilla Cage

Mcage 3-Level Chinchilla Cage

This chinchilla cage is entirely built from metal, so the pets will have nothing to chew on. With that being said, it will serve you for a very long time, thus saving you from buying new cages from time to time.

Moreover, this cage not only has a space saving-design but is also foldable. This means that you can easily tuck it away when it is not in use.

It is also fitted with two doors, which will give users direct access to the upper platforms and the lower compartment.

The wires making up the walls are tightly spaced, so the chinchillas won’t be able to escape. Plus, the cage is designed with the safety of your pet in mind, so you can rest assured that your furry friend will be in good hands.

Both tiers are paw-safe, but you can still add an extra cover to provide your pet with more comfort. For user convenience, the cage is fitted with two carrying handles that you can use when moving the unit.

The bottom tray will make cleaning a breeze since you can easily detach it whenever needed. Additionally, the cage is coated in epoxy, so the metal frame won’t get corroded easily.


  • Durable
  • Equipped with a slide-out tray
  • Toolless set up


  • No add-ons

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#6 Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage

Exotic Nutrition Mansion Cage

This four-level chinchilla cage is sturdily built and also has amazing features that your pet will like. In addition to having two floors, the cage is equipped with extra tiers, which are fitted with ramps to give your chinchillas a stress-free climbing experience.

Each floor is reinforced with a leak-proof tray, which collects the droppings and urine, thus keeping the cage and your home clean. And because the trays have a pull-out function, you will be able to clean the cage within the shortest time possible.

Both trays are chew-proof, so the pets won’t damage them in any way. More to this, the edges of the trays are raised to prevent the debris from flying out as the pet moves.

You can use the bottom shelf as a storage unit for food and other supplies that you may need to keep your pet in good shape.

The interior space is large enough to house two adult chinchillas without cramping the cage. When it comes to containment, the locks are durably built from stainless steel, hence making them reliable.

With the locks in place, the chinchillas will always stay in the cage, so you won’t have to worry about them escaping.

Apart from being spacious, this cage is designed from heavy-duty materials that will provide you with long term service.

The pet-safe powder coat that has been used on this cage protects the metal underneath from corrosion and rust, making it even more durable. With the help of the casters, you can move this cage without breaking a sweat.


  • The trays are removable
  • Superior quality
  • Fitted with large doors


  • Assembly may take time

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#7 Homey Pet CH-W38 Chinchilla Cage

Homey Pet CH-W38 Chinchilla Cage

The chinchilla enclosure from Homey Pet is designed with innovative features that will make your work easier when caring for your furry friend.

For starters, you won’t have any problem when it comes to waste management since the unit has a pull-out tray and a urine guard, which will keep your floors clean and dry.

The casters are lockable, so the cage will stay in the exact position that you place it. This makes it safe for the chinchillas and the user.

To add to this, the floor is fitted with a plastic grid, which separates the lower compartment from the debris tray.

The cage is held together by a series of clips, which you can easily remove when cleaning or storing the unit.

Furthermore, the ramps are designed with rugged surfaces to prevent the chinchillas from slipping as they climb onto the upper tiers.

The materials used in the construction are non-toxic, so your pets won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals.

Assembling the parts is very easy, thanks to the available assembly guide that will help you when installing the cage.

The base of this cage is built in such a way that the unit cannot topple over even when the chinchillas are playing. You can find this cage in different colors, so it is up to you to pick the option that will go well with your décor.


  • Customizable
  • Offers a lot of space
  • Well made


  • Mostly made of plastic

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#8 Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion

Quality Cage Crafters Chinchilla Mansion

This heavy-duty cage is specifically designed for chinchillas, so you can buy it knowing that your pet will have all the room that he/she needs to play and move freely.

The cage is metal-built while the shelves are made from high-quality pine wood to increase durability. And since it has no plastic parts, the chinchillas won’t chew through the cage.

This feature also makes it safe because the pets won’t ingest indigestible materials that may cause harm to their health.

The shelves are movable, so you can arrange the cage according to your preference. However, you have to leave enough space between the tiers so that the chinchillas can have enough room to play.

This will, in turn, keep the pets active, thus boosting their overall health. What makes this chinchilla cage unique compared to most models on the market is the fact that it is handmade.

As such, all the parts are accurately pieced to give you a cage that is not only durable but also escape-proof.

That being said, the cage will ensure that the chinchillas are well contained, and at the same time, protects them from other pets such as cats.

The bottom tray is powder-coated to minimize corrosion. Both the lower and upper sections of the cage are fitted doors for easy accessibility.


  • Very durable
  • Quick assembly
  • Solid construction


  • No casters

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#9 Little Friends Triple Metal Chinchilla Cage

Little Friends Triple Metal Chinchilla Cage

This cage comes with a strongly built stand that will keep your pets away from cold floors. The stand is designed with high-quality casters, which will allow you to move the cage while applying the least amount of effort.

When it comes to stability, the manufacturer has used premium quality steel to ensure that you get a cage that will last for a prolonged period. This unit has three large compartments, so your pet won’t be limited in terms of movement.

The chinchillas can easily climb from one platform to another using the included ramps. More on the ramps, they are made of steel, thus making the cage super durable.

This unit has two feeding stations, both of which are fitted with bowls that you can use when giving the chinchillas water or food. Because the feeding station is firmly attached to the cage, the pets won’t be able to flip the bowls over easily.

The stand has an additional storage space at the bottom, so you will have a place to store food, add-ons, and treats for your pet. Plus, the debris tray underneath is made from high impact plastic for durability purposes.


  • Designed with lockable doors
  • Pet-safe
  • Long-lasting


  • The doors could be larger

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#10 Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage

Dreamhome Heavy Duty Chinchilla Cage

This multi-tier cage is also another reliable enclosure that you can buy for your chinchilla. The plastic material used in designing this cage is chew-resistant.

Additionally, this cage has an onboard tray, which catches urine and droppings. The base plates are constructed from powder-coated wire to prevent rust.

Also, the cage has two large tiers and a steady ramp. That is not all, the casters on this cage are designed with locks, which you can engage or disengage according to your needs.

The resting shelves are designed with side hooks, which can easily attach to the cage walls. More to this, the bars are closely spaced, so the chinchillas won’t squeeze their way out of the cage.

Moreover, the base is highly raised to prevent the droppings from dirtying your floor and the adjacent surfaces. The doors are fitted with latches, which prevent the chinchillas from escaping.

One of the things that you will like about this chinchilla cage is that it won’t be affected by corrosion. Aside from that, it is well ventilated, so your pet will always have access to fresh air.

The bottom part is uniquely designed to prevent the chinchillas from walking on the droppings.

If the tray gets full, you can remove it by simply sliding it outwards. You can also attach a hammock to the cage to keep your chinchillas more comfortable.


  • Made from lead-free materials
  • Excellent quality
  • Has a urine guard


  • The bottom part is made of plastic

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#11 Aluora Wooden Indoor Chinchilla Cage

Aluora Wooden Indoor Chinchilla Cage

Unlike the above-listed units, this chinchilla cage is entirely made of wood, thus making it immune to rust.

However, the top section features a wire grid, which is equally durable. The mesh ceiling increases airflow inside the cage, thereby preventing the build-up of odor.

This unit has a large floor space and is also fitted with resting shelves to give your pet more space. In addition to this, the cage is fitted with a bottle holder, which you can as well use as a bowl holder.

The door is made from high-quality plexiglass, which is lighter, compared to normal glass. Since it has a see-through design, you will be able to keep a close eye on your chinchilla at all times.

Plus, the pull-out tray is galvanized to enhance the overall durability of the cage. The door on the lower side of the cage is fitted with a strong handle, which will allow you to open or close it with ease.

To add to its list of features, the side windows are meshed with tightly spaced grids to ensure that your chinchilla doesn’t escape from the cage. This assures you that your furry buddy will be well protected even when you are not around.


  • Elegant
  • Sturdy construction
  • Non-toxic


  • No ramps

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean a chinchilla cage?

A chinchilla cage should be cleaned daily in that you have to replace the bedding and clear the food bowl. In addition to this, ensure that you clean the cage thoroughly at least once a week to prevent the build-up of pathogens.

What should I consider when buying a chinchilla cage?

When buying a chinchilla cage, you have to check if it is spacious enough for your pet. Additionally, the cage must be well ventilated so that the pet can get an endless supply of clean air.

Lastly, the cage should have a slide-out tray underneath it to give you an easy time when disposing of the waste.

Which add-ons should I include a chinchilla cage?

You can consider installing a hideout, hammock, and resting shelves. Toys can as well be included, but you have to ensure that they are specifically designed for chinchillas to avoid causing harm to the pet.

Final Verdict

If you have a chinchilla, the best way that you can keep your furry friend safe is by keeping him/her in any of the cages that we have highlighted above. And since we care about your pets, we have only selected cages that are comfortable and safe.

It does not matter whether you have one or three chinchillas, the review list is inclusive of both large and small cages, so the final decision will be yours to make. Ensure that you pick the right size to avoid crowding.

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