Top 11 Best Christmas Dog Sweaters 2022

As Christmas holiday draws near, pet parents are already looking for the perfect way to make their furry friends look their best in the mega family party. Now, if you aren’t sure about what to toss on your dog this approaching festive season, a Christmas dog sweater is one good option.

These sweaters come with exciting patterns that make them more festive and fun to wear when also performing the basic function of any sweater- keeping the furbabies toasty in the chilly weather.

But beware, some dog breeds already have enough amount of fur and any additional layer is likely to do them more harm than good. Additionally, more than a few options have poor designs that may affect your dog’s mobility during this happy moment.

That aside. What Christmas dog sweater is good for your pet? Well, find your dog’s most suitable option on our list.

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Hollypet Small Puppy Dog Cat Christmas Red...
  • Size: Back length 10.5", Chest girth 14.5", Neck girth 9". The knitwear is elastic.

11 Best Christmas Dog Sweaters

#1 S-Lifeeling Red and White Striped Dog Sweater

S-Lifeeling Red and White Striped Dog Sweater

Keep your pet toasty in the coming festive season using this dog sweater. The piece of clothing has just the right amount of thickness to protect your lovely canine from cold without affecting their mobility and comfort.

The acrylic fiber fabric is of top-quality. That said, if you need dog apparel that will last through several festive seasons, this pet sweater might be what you want.

Keeping your pet’s clothing in tip-top condition can be a real hassle, especially for the energetic furbabies. But not anymore! The material of this sweater is machine washable using cold water and gentle cycle.

It’s a red sweater with beautiful white stripes. Hence, other than serving as a perfect Christmas dog sweater, you can use it for Halloween, valentine, wedding, or any other special day you see fit to dress up your dog.

The clothing is available in different sizes. Therefore, to get an excellent fit for your dog, be sure to have the correct measurements of your dog for comparison against the manufacturer’s size chart.


  • It’s soft to the touch.
  • It is simple to put on a dog.
  • It is machine washable.


  • The hood is quite large for the sweater size.

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#2 E&L Christmas Holiday Classic Pet Dog Apparel Clothes

E&L Christmas Holiday Classic Pet Dog Apparel Clothes

The next on the list is an XXL option. Therefore, it should fit large dogs with a big chest. But with four smaller sizes also available, you should get the right size for your canine no matter the size.

The sweater makes use of 100% acrylic fiber material. Hence, like the first option, the E & L Christmas Holiday Classic Pet Dog Apparel is soft, durable, and a piece of cake to maintain in the best condition.

Instead of a striped design, this apparel embraces snowflakes and Christmas tree style. These designs alongside other decorative patterns are sure to make your dog the center of attention in the upcoming Christmas celebration.

The red color renders it an ideal option for a variety of holidays and special events. Hence, whether you are looking for the perfect option for the Christmas, wedding, valentine, or just a mere photoshoot, you won’t go wrong with this model.

The fabric will mask stains and dirt perfectly. And when it’s time to clean, simply toss it in your washing machine alongside other clothes of the same color. But beware, it doesn’t have a hood.


  • It’s good for super cold weather.
  • The design is nice.
  • It looks expensive.


  • It doesn’t have a hood.

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#3 HAPEE Dog Sweaters for Christmas

HAPEE Dog Sweaters for Christmas

Hapee dog sweaters are available in a wide variety of sizes. With the size rating beginning from XS way up to XX-large, you won’t miss the ideal version for your dog no matter the type of breed and the size.

The sweater features a cartoon Santa Claus design. Hence, whether you want it for a holiday, special day, or just for a mere walk around the neighborhood, expect it your dog to get garner compliments for her appearance.

The white striped design steps up the overall beauty of the piece. Hence, if you are obsessed with taking photos with your furry friend, expect this jumper to make your gallery more colorful and vibrant.

The stretchable design allows it to conform to your dog’s unique body shape for customized comfort. The material also means that the sweater will remain comfortable for your furry friend when still allowing him more room to grow into.

However, this product also has a downside. For instance, you shouldn’t soak it for a long time or use it with chlorine bleach. But other than that, everything else about it is commendable.


  • The slightly stretchy material is a good idea.
  • The price is outstanding for the quality.
  • There are various patterns for selection.


  • It’s not machine washable.

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#4 BOBIBI Pet Cartoon Reindeer Christmas Dog Sweater

BOBIBI Pet Cartoon Reindeer Christmas Dog Sweater

Although they are famously described as “Christmas dog sweaters”, these dog clothes aren’t made to necessarily serve in the festive season and then remain useless in other moments of the year.

Other than making your dog more colorful in the Christmas period, these sweaters will serve as the conventional dog jackets to keep the canine warm and comfortable during the coldest moments of the winter.

Now, one of the dog sweaters that will reliably serve your dog well during these days is this option by Bobibi. It features beautiful stripes for a fashionable look and is thick enough for perfect heat insulation during the chilly days.

The material of the sweater is quite elastic. This feature ensures that it contours to the unique shape of your dog. The stretchy nature of the apparel also increases compatibility in case you make a slight error in taking the measurements of your dog.

The cartoon pattern at the back of the apparel is aesthetically appealing to make your dog standout around the neighborhood. And with the windproof design also coming on board, your pet will always feel comfortable in this clothing.


  • The acrylic yarn material is very durable.
  • It has a windproof design.
  • The spacing of the paw holes is nice.


  • There is no XX-L version.

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#5 Blueberry Pet 20+ Patterns Christmas Clothes

Blueberry Pet 20+ Patterns Christmas Clothes

This holiday dog jumper combines tango red and navy blue colors for an aesthetically appealing design. And as the name suggests, regardless of your pattern preference, the 20+ style varieties leaves you spoilt of choice.

No matter the pattern you pick for your pet, expect to get a fashionable piece of clothing for the festive period when doubling up as a warm jacket for your pup when winter gets to it’s best.

The acrylic fabric is super soft and bears just the right amount of thickness and weight. In other words, this dog apparel will keep your pet cozy in the chilly days without getting too heavy for him when moving around the house.

We all enjoy walking around the neighborhood with our canines. The activity gains more fun when you dress your dog up with a trendy pet accessory. This dog sweater comes with a well-placed harness hole.

The classic turtleneck means that this Christmas dog sweater is among the options that will never run out of date. Therefore, if you need an option that will serve your dog through several festive seasons.


  • The patterns are very adorable.
  • The harness hole is a plus.
  • It’s affordable.


  • The white parts could be a little brighter.

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#6 Lanyar Dog Reindeer Holiday Pet Clothes Sweater

Lanyar Dog Reindeer Holiday Pet Clothes Sweater

This pet apparel falls in the category of small Christmas dog sweaters. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work ideally for all small-size dog breeds. Hence, take your dog’s measurements for a more accurate comparison.

The manufacturer avails it in six size varieties for wide compatibility. In fact, with the size beginning from XS to XXL, this piece of dog clothing is versatile enough for use by small pets like cats as well as giant dog breeds.

The red color will dress your dog up with a vibrant Christmas theme. Also, this color is an implication that it will work well for other special moments such as valentines, birthday, weddings, Halloween, and more.

The sweater is made of 100% acrylic material. Hence, it will interact well with your pet’s skin to keep him happy all through. The thickness is also nice and will keep your dog safe from cold without putting too much weight on him.

The sturdy fabric has an incredible lifespan even with regular use. And since the dog apparel supports machine washing, dealing with your canine’s mess will never be a headache to you again.


  • Some sizes fit cats.
  • The stitching is excellent.
  • The sizing is spot on.


  • The collar looks quite large.

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#7 InnoPet Christmas Dog Clothes

InnoPet Christmas Dog Clothes

Although it’s not one of the best-selling Christmas dog clothes, we must acknowledge that this piece by Innopet is one of the cutest gifts you can ever get for your pup for Christmas, birthday, new year, and any other special day.

It’s a red sweater with very adorable patterns that will add more fun to the photo shooting moments with your pet. We like that it is available in five different sizes to meet your dog’s exact size requirements.

The polyester fabric means that you can count on it to join the class of your dog’s longest-serving accessories. Also, the polyester fabric makes maintenance work a whole lot easier since you can wash and dry it with machines.

The leg holes are elastic so that they fit even the thickest of dog arms. This design also improves the costume’s overall level of comfort and ensures that it doesn’t limit your dog’s mobility in any way.

Once you get the size right, this piece of clothing should fit your dog without being overly tight. That said, we expect your canine’s excellent size to be easy to put on and take off.


  • It’s good for cold weather.
  • The openings for the legs are elastic.
  • It will not shrink after washing.


  • There is no hole for a leash.

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#8 Friends Forever Cozy Dog Knit Sweater

Friends Forever Cozy Dog Knit Sweater

The next sweater on the list combines Christmas and striped pattern. That’s why it’s versatile for any occasion as well as all-year-round use. It is available in 5 sizes and 6 color patterns to meet buyers’ varying needs.

The manufacturer recommends it for use on dog breeds such as Maltese, Pug, Boston Terrier, and other dog breeds of comparable size. But even with any of these dog breeds, remember to rely on your dog’s measurements to determine the right size.

The acrylic yarn material is easy to care and is one of the most long-lasting materials that a dog sweater can ever come in. The material is also machine washable but with other clothes of a matching color.

Although the thickness implies that it’s made to keep your furry friend warm in the most extreme winters, this neatly knit dog sweater has a nice weight. Therefore, your dog can comfortably wear it for extended periods.

But even with the beauty and the quality construction of the sweater, there is still one thing that keeps it a step or two from reaching perfection- it doesn’t come with a leash hole which is a basic feature for dog lovers who love taking their furbabies out for walks.


  • They will keep the dog dry.
  • The patterns make it double layered.
  • They fit pint-sized dogs perfectly.


  • They are generally for only small dogs.

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#9 oneisall LED Light up Dog Sweater

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If you don’t mind paying a few more dollars to make your lovely furry friend the hit at the approaching Christmas party or any other special event, this dog sweater is for you.

It is a red sweater with an adorable Christmas tree pattern at the back to make your dog cuter than any other furbaby of the neighborhood in the festive season. What’s more, the LEDs are well-placed around the Christmas tree pattern to illuminate the beautiful pattern in the dark.

The package includes two button cells and a power switch. What we like about these accessories is that they hide neatly inside the apparel without affecting the overall appearance of this piece of dog clothing.

The batteries supply enough amount of juice to keep the LED running for up to 48 hours. To keep the Christmas apparel lit throughout the package, the manufacturer supplies 2 more pairs of batteries for replacement.

The textile is super soft and your dog will love to wear for as much time as he can during the Christmas celebrations. The overall design of the cloth allows for optimal comfort and will not affect the mobility of your pet.


  • The LED lights twinkle pretty bright.
  • It comes with 4 additional batteries.
  • The “lighted” design is unique.


  • The LEDs grow dim as the batteries run out.

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#10 Blueberry Pet 10 Patterns Dog Sweater

Blueberry Pet 10 Patterns Dog Sweater

One of the things that we have to acknowledge about dog sweaters is that they make our dogs look more fashionable. Now, among the options you can count on to keep your dog more adorable is this fantastic option by Blueberry.

The costume is made of acrylic material that is of best-in-class quality. Thus, whether it’s in durability, maintenance, or keeping your dog warm in the cold weather, this is one of the jumpers we least expect to let you down.

The machine-washable apparel is of chic creamy white color with lovely patterns. However, it is also available in more than 10 color varieties and pattern designs to allow you to pick the one that best matches the target event.

The timeless color patterns mean that this dog sweater is designed to serve your dog for several festive seasons. The strategically positioned opening at the top allows you to connect a leash to the dog’s collar without affecting the appearance of the sweater on your dog.


  • The patterns have classic timeless designs.
  • It looks well on your dog’s wardrobe.
  • The material is dirt-resistant.


  • It isn’t the easiest to take off.

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#11 Xiaoyu Dog Sweater Pet Clothes

Xiaoyu Dog Sweater Pet Clothes

With up to 8 sizes for selection, this piece of pet clothing is designed to work perfectly for almost all dog sizes. And no matter the size you choose for your pet, expect the vibrant Christmas patterns to make your dog a standout for this year’s festive season.

All the sizes are available in two color varieties: red and black. The red sweater works well for Christmas, festivals, weddings, and other events while the black pajama makes for a perfect option for everyday use.

The acrylic coated cotton material performs exceptionally on grounds of durability. The material is also pet friendly, ensuring that it interacts well with your pet’s skin for extended hours of comfort.

The stitching of the material is nice. Hence, unlike other sweaters where the threads will come out after a few days of use, expect this top-quality jumper to retain its pristine beauty and shape for many days.

The sweater doesn’t come with a leash hole, however. Therefore, it may not be the ideal option for dog lovers who love to walk about with their four-pawed friend. But far from that one downside, everything else about it is up to par.


  • It’s a multifunctional sweater.
  • The material is quiet.
  • It doesn’t affect the dog’s movement.


  • It may arrive with an unpleasant smell.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should Your Dog Start To Wear a Christmas Sweater?

If you are wondering just exactly when you should dress up your pet with the Christmas attire, the fact is that there is a no clear answer on when you should do it. However, most pet parents will prefer adorning their pets with these clothes from Christmas day through new year’s celebrations.

Why Are They Called Ugly Christmas Sweaters?

Well, it’s easy to wonder where these cute pet clothes fetch the term “ugly”. Well, the term comes from the fact that most of them are handmade. Therefore, we don’t expect much perfection in their construction since not everyone makes a great artist.

Can You Use Christmas Dog Sweaters For Other Occasions?

Well, as aforesaid, these sweaters aren’t only for serving in the festive season. You can use them for any event or as a regular dog jumper when you think that your furry friend needs an extra layer of covering.

Do Dogs Like Christmas?

Christmas is a time for families to come together and share their year’s achievements. It’s a moment to celebrate. Now, whether your dog is going to enjoy Christmas or not lies in the personality. If he is the social type, then meeting new friends will make him love the festive period as you do. However, if he is one of the shy dogs, it may be one of the worst moments of his life.

Do Dogs Know When It’s Christmas?

While humans have a clear knowledge of what is happening during the festivities, it’s not exactly the case with our pups. However, the smartest dogs will have a clue that there is something special going on from a few changes you may make in your home.

Final Verdict

Although they are famously known as “ugly Christmas dog sweaters”, it’s undeniable that this name is ironic to what most of them are in the real sense.

However, we don’t oppose the fact that we still have some ugly models that aren’t worth using for your lovely canine. That’s why we have our list to guide you on where exactly you direct your money.

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