The 15 Best Dog Agility Tunnels In 2022

As a dog owner, it is impossible to get the very best of your dog without incorporating the agility tunnels.

They are basic yet challenging gears which boost the maneuverability of your dogs.

In their basic forms, they comprise some materials that stretch over a metallic framework and open at either end.

Due to their availability in many shapes, lengths, and sizes, finding the right one might never be simple.

That is why a suitable guide of this kind is by all means highly welcome.

Read through our discussions and reviews below for deeper looks into each of these products.

15 Best Dog Agility Tunnels

#1: HDP Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel

HDP Dog Agility Training Open Tunnel

If yours is a fully-grown dog, this is the tunnel we recommend. It is large and tough enough to accommodate such a dog. These notwithstanding, the tunnel is still intriguing in such a way as to make your dog fully engrossed.

18-feet Long

In its entirety, this tunnel measures 18 feet long. This is definitely a sufficient size to take on any kind of dog size. The size is also comprehensive enough to be able to confer to your dog the various kinds of pleasurable activities.

24-inch Opening

At either end is an opening that measures 24 inches. Such an opening is sufficiently large to let in and out your adult dog. Courtesy of this large size, your dog will not be constrained at all as it seeks to enter or exit the agility tunnel.

Durable Blue Cover

Throughout its exterior is some blue cover. This one is durable given the intertwined wove oxford Dacron material makeup. Expect it to withstand those harsh pierces which the claws of your dog may from time to time inflict on it.


  • Comfortable diameter
  • Steel construction is stronger and durable
  • Does not scratch your dog
  • Short stake design
  • Complies with the American Kennel Club standards


  • Only for adult dogs
  • Quite bulky to carry around
  • Requires plenty of muscle power to engage

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#2: Yaheetech Pet Dog Agility Obedience Training Tunnel

Yaheetech Pet Dog Agility Obedience Training Tunnel

Do you have some young puppies? This is the best tunnel to start them off with. It is basic in scope and shape and is hence a good way to start out with. Irrespective of its small size and shape, it is still a great way to acquaint your dog with matters of agility.

12 Metal Pins

The tunnel comes along with some 12 pins. You use these pins to stake the tunnel to the ground. They are so designed to hold the tunnel well. Chances of it being blown by strong winds are hence considerably reduced.


Unlike your ordinary tunnel, this one is twistable. You may, as a matter of fact, bend it to create a turn or twist it into a full circle. Your dogs shall hence enjoy better and more fulfilling practicing outcomes compared to those that use other tunnels.

Adjustable Size

One awesome aspect of this tunnel is the fact that you may adjust its size. You may shorten or lengthen it appropriately. To do this, you will make use of clips typically from an office supply store. In light of this, you will easily minister to the needs of many kinds and sizes of dogs.


  • Fits smoothly in a carrying case
  • Very light in weight
  • Simple to set up and take down
  • Long and agile for smooth handling
  • Slips smoothly into the trunk of your car


  • Complex operational procedures
  • Difficult to keep clean
  • Requires hefty maintenance

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#3: Houseables Dog Tunnel

Houseables Dog Tunnel

Could your search for the right agility tunnel be dictated by the need to train medium and small size dogs? This is the one to look up to if you answered this question in the affirmative. It contains all the features and specifications needful for the job.

Appropriate Compliance

This tunnel complies with many relevant standards. Chief among these are the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC). Your choice of this agility tunnel is hence a mark of trust and awesome outcomes.

Heavy-duty Covering

A heavy-duty covering adorns the exterior of the tunnel. It is blue in color and features the 600D oxford Dacron fabric. This overlays the steel springs which have an impressive diameter of 3 mm each. The choice of materials makes the entire system last longer.

7-inch Mounting Stakes

To install this tunnel on the field, you will make do with some mounting stakes. These come along with the entire package. They measure 7 inches each and are around 8 to 12 in total. Being firm and strong, they make some truly reliable mounting results.


  • Comes along with some storage bag
  • Fastens firmly courtesy of the grommet metal flaps
  • Incorporates a park playground
  • Large enough for many pets
  • Allows for smooth engagements


  • Unsuitable for fully-grown dogs
  • Lacks the strength needed for long-term use
  • Not for the unskilled persons

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#4: Lord Anson™ Dog Agility Set

Lord Anson™ Dog Agility Set

Agility tunnels come in different shades and forms. This is the one for those who are on the lookout for an obstacle course but lack the means to set up one. It is small, yet comprehensive enough for handling such strenuous exercises.

Secures Easily

Compared to other agility tunnels, this one secures easily. This is made possible by the metal grommets which are found at either side of the tunnel. It hence makes the safety of your dogs paramount and appropriately taken care of.

Metal Spike

It is not uncommon for these tunnels to fidget and shift their locations while being engaged. This is no exception. To prevent this from happening, the tunnel comes along with some metal spikes. They maintain the tunnel in place throughout the entire training session.

Adjustable Spacing

Lastly, you will also be able to adjust the space in between any two consecutive poles. This you will do to respond appropriately to the skill level of your dog. It is this particular trait that makes the tunnel well-equipped for the role of training your dogs.


  • Stimulates your dogs mentally
  • Accommodates puppies of all sizes
  • Firm and stable at all times of use
  • Handles many sizes of dogs
  • Imparts various kinds of skills to your dogs


  • Takes up plenty of space
  • Imposes some inconveniences
  • May not be easy to maintain

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#5: Festnight Dog Agility Training Exercise Equipment

Festnight Dog Agility Training Exercise Equipment

Want to strengthen that bond between your dog and you? Look up to no other tunnel than this one. It contains all the gears necessary to make this happen. At the same time, it gives off some competitive outcomes that are beyond the scope of other dogs.

190T Polyester Material

Standing tall among its list of features is the 190T polyester material. This one is pretty good at resisting ripping and tearing. As such, it gives your dog the freedom to exercise freely and aggressively as it may so wish.

Ground Stakes and Rope

Also coming along with this tunnel are some ground stakes and a rope. They are the ones you use to secure the obstacle firmly in place. Being strong and stable, they make it possible for you to use the tunnels comfortably outdoors.

Highly Versatile

With this tunnel, it is possible for you to work hand-in-hand with many other kinds of relevant equipment. Moreover, the poles are adjustable to allow for varying experience levels. They keep your dog interesting throughout the training exercise.


  • Takes less time to install
  • Quite a competitive course
  • Attaches to many kinds of equipment
  • Secures firmly on the ground
  • Lighter in weight


  • Quite rigorous in nature
  • Too tedious to maintain
  • Not for use in remote locations

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#6: Juvale Pack of 1 Pet Agility Play Tunnel Tube

Juvale Pack of 1 Pet Agility Play Tunnel Tube

In case you have many pets in your households, you want a universal agility tunnel. Of all the ones we have under review, only this comes close to that mark. You will find it great for teal, rabbits, cats, dogs, and a host of small pets.

Rugged Built-in Steel Frame

At its core is some rugged and built-in steel frame. Being made of steel, the frame is sturdy and very reliable indeed. Its stature helps to retain the shape of the tunnel intact no matter how much stress is imparted onto it by the dog.

Tunnel-style Design

The equipment comes in the form of some tunnel style design. It is this particular trait that suits it for use by smaller pets like small dogs, rabbits, and cats. Further, the design also lets those small pets make the most of their fun and exercise.


In all, the tunnel collapses easily. This trait comes in handy when you want to store or transport the equipment to a faraway place. The reason is that it lets the tunnel take up limited space. With this comes cheaper labor and more convenient handling.


  • Yields endless hours of fun
  • Improves the agility of your dog considerably
  • Retains its shape at all times
  • Resists the various agents of wear and tear
  • Provide awesome entertainment to your pets


  • Requires many accessories
  • Costly to maintain
  • Quite involving to operate

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#7: Pacific Play Tent Institutional Agility Dog Training Chute

Pacific Play Tent Institutional Agility Dog Training Chute

For your own convenience, you want a tunnel which can minister to your pets and children at the same time. Well, of all the tunnels we have in store, it is only this that is capable of discharging both roles at the same time. What’s more? It also develops their crawling, muscle and motor skills.


In the course of making this tunnel, it is painstakingly-tested to ensure that the outcome is strong and durable. For all practical purposes, this tunnel can take you further than others may probably do. It also takes less to maintain.

Interior Padding

Throughout its interior is some form of padding. This is put in place to make the plays of your dog more comfortable and fruitful. It also contributes to preventing injuries and other pertinent issues. Your dog is yet again cared for well.

Hardened Steel Wire Frame

Its skeleton comes in the form of some hardened steel wire frame. This one is strong enough to provide the support and strength necessary for those strenuous activities. It also goes a long way in enhancing the safety of your dog.


  • Cleans easily
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Heavy-duty construction lasts longer
  • Provides the most creative play environment
  • Has many awards and recognitions


  • Vulnerable to hygiene issues
  • May pose some sickness to your children
  • Accepts fewer attachments

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#8: FurryFriends Outdoor Training and Exercise Equipment

FurryFriends Outdoor Training and Exercise Equipment

Intent on instilling new tricks to your dog and making it active? This AKC-approved pet tunnel is the one to look up to. It is specially designed to be able to do just that. Its benefits stretch beyond that. It also has that ability to deeply engross your pet dog.

Interwoven Fabrics

The fabric that is used is interwoven for added strength. With regards to this, the tunnel is strong and stable enough for the most rigorous of chores. Expect it also to withstand the test of time. You will spend less to care for and maintain it as well.

8 Steel Inserts

Some 8 steel inserts also come along with this tunnel. You will use them to secure the tunnel to the grass. Further to that, they are gentle enough as not to scratch your pet. That they are green in color also makes them blend well with the ambient grass.

Spacious Interior

By all accounts, the interior of this tunnel is spacious. That is because the tunnel itself is pretty large in size. This being the case, your dog will enjoy enough room to play and go about its normal businesses. Its likelihoods of suffocating are also diminished considerably.


  • Long enough for unconstrained plays
  • Has a 24-inch diameter opening
  • Great for outdoor environments
  • Suited for many pets besides dogs and puppies
  • Approved by the American Kennel Club


  • Calls for rigorous handling
  • Does not collapse and is hence difficult to store
  • Getting rid of dirt may never be easy

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#9: Tobbi Agility Pet Tunnel

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Is yours an unruly dog? If it is, you want to inculcate some obedience to it. To do that, you want a tunnel that is specifically designed for dual roles. No other one comes to mind with regards to this aspect. You have no choice but to get hold of it.

Customizable Tunnel

This tunnel is unlike any other. It gives you that ability to alter its length, capacity, and shape in line with your unique expectations. It is this feature that makes you be able to tame those unruly dogs and train them accordingly.

210 D Oxford Cloth

At its exterior is some 210 D Oxford cloth material adornment. Being strong and resilient, the material resists the wear and tear smoothly. It also lets your dog handle those rigorous training with the required levels of reliability.

Carrying Bag

Lastly comes the carrying bag. In this bag, you slot in the collapsed tunnel for the sake of easy transportation. You will also use the bag to easily store the gears and retrieve them while on the go. This again brings along some convenience.


  • Makes your pet healthy and strong
  • Lets your pet bring out its full potential
  • Enables you to teach new tricks to your dog
  • Safe enough for outdoor use
  • Lasts longer than most tunnels


  • Not for you if you lack the necessary expertise
  • Imposes some fatigue to you
  • Lacks any aesthetic qualities

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#10: MIMU Dog Agility Tunnel

MIMU Dog Agility Tunnel

This tunnel is exclusively designed for your puppy. It is small and agile enough for them. At the same time, it is also well-equipped for the job. You will find it great to instill dexterity, speed, and obedience to it. This is not to mention that it relieves stress too!

Woven Synthetic Polyester

Standing tall among the list of its most awesome features is the woven synthetic polyester material. By reason of its synthetic character, this material is cheaper. However, it still yields the same strength and support as do its natural counterparts.

Zinc-plated Steel Ground Stakes

To fix this tunnel firmly in place, you will have to make do with some ground stakes. These are made of zinc-plated steel materials. They are subsequently strong enough to endure the test of time. This is not to mention that they retain the tunnel firmly in place.

Downward Angled Tips

The tips of the tunnel are angled downwards. They are also low profile not to mention that they stay firmly at the base of the tunnel. With this arrangement, expect the tunnel not to fidget or fall off even when bombarded with high impacts.


  • Yields positive training experiences
  • Treats and entertains your dog considerably
  • Lets you adjust the length appropriately
  • May serve as a play area for your kids too
  • Brings about higher returns on investments


  • Low weight capacity (90 pounds/40.8kg)
  • Cannot withstand prolonged use
  • Contains harmful chemicals

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#11: Topmart Dog Playing Tunnel

Topmart Dog Playing Tunnel

Dogs are generally unruly by nature. To make yours obedient and responsive to you, the tunnel you use has to be well-equipped for the task. This one will do more than just that. It also impacts the dexterity of the dog and its overall quality of life.

Strong Composure

All factors considered, this tunnel has a truly strong composure indeed. This is evidenced by its resistance to ripping and tearing. It draws from the 210 D Oxford polyester and allows for intense drills and training exercises.

Awesome Dimensions

The dimensions of this tunnel are truly awesome. It measures 505 cm/16.5 feet long and its diameter is 60 cm/24 inches. Due to these, the tunnel has a very spacious interior which lets it give enough room to your dog to exercise and have fun.

8-piece Ground Nail

Finally, the tunnel is accompanied by some 8-piece nails. These are the ones that fix it firmly on the ground. While so doing, they let the tunnel stay firmly and resistant to harsh winds and other environmental elements.


  • Collapses easily for the sake of easy storage
  • Occupies comparatively limited space
  • Sets up faster than most other tunnels
  • Provides enjoyable playing area
  • Great for everyday regular exercising


  • Lasts a shorter duration of time
  • Requires constant upgrades and adjustments
  • Fabric tears easily when stretched too much

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#12: Lake Effect Dog Agility Training Tunnel

Lake Effect Dog Agility Training Tunnel

Apart from merely letting your dog have some fun, this tunnel also relieves its stress. It is hence the one to go for if yours is a dog that is battling fear, anxiety, depression, and stress. Observe it keenly and find it truly great at growing with your dog.

Eight 7-inch Stakes

In its entirety, this tunnel comes with some eight stakes that measure 7 inches long each. It is these stakes that you use to place the tunnel firmly on the ground. They are easy to use and do a very reliable job indeed.

Downward Angling

Other than the comfortable length, the stakes are also angled downwards. This trait contributes to its overall strength and attachment power. They also harm not your pet as they are structured to be safe for them.

Anti-rust Metal Stakes

The stakes are also resistant to rust. For this reason, they will go further than most other metals of their kinds have the ability to go. Expect them hence to yield you years of uninterrupted services and reliability.


  • The material used is strong tear-resistant
  • Packs and unpacks in a matter of seconds
  • Usable in remote environments conveniently
  • Good for dogs and cats
  • Does not impose any strains to carry


  • Skates fidget when confronted with harsh winds
  • Poles can easily knock down
  • Extra-active dogs can easily make it fall

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#13: JAXPETY Pet Dog Agility Obedience Training Tunnel

JAXPETY Pet Dog Agility Obedience Training Tunnel

This is the tunnel to go for if you want to train your dog to be obedient and at the same exercise well. Its multipurpose nature saves you time and also expedites the dual processes. To add to these, the tunnel also lasts long and yields many cycles of operations.

Metal Grommets

Among its chief features are the metal grommets. They are rich in quality and hence last longer. Also, they take in stronger impacts not to mention doing a reliable job on the whole. It is them that make your dog exercise uninterruptedly.

Stable Skates

Apart from being strong, the skates are also stable. In light of this, they are also hard to remove as soon as you slot them into the ground. Being 12 in number, the skates allow for hard and reliable support throughout the duration of use.

Durable Lightweight Material

The material that adorns the exterior of the tunnel is durable and light in weight. Expect it hence to be easy to carry around. At the same time, be ready to enjoy the very best that your tunnel of choice may naturally give off.


  • Confers lots of fun to your dogs
  • Gives you the power to impact on your dog new tricks
  • Handles many kinds of drills
  • Good enough for everyday use and exercising
  • Brings about stronger and healthier outcomes


  • Stressful to set up
  • Limited efficacy while in use
  • Metallic components develop rust with time

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#14: LAZYMOON Dog Agility Equipment

LAZYMOON Dog Agility Equipment

Never tried agility training before? Worry not. This is the tunnel to choose and make do with. It is very simple and devoid of any complex parts and components. This should give you a reason to smile and start off well.

Comfortable Pet Tunnel Length

The striking feature of this tunnel is its comfortable length. It measures 16.4 feet in total. With this comfort, expect your dog to have the best fun it can possibly imagine. To add to that, the sheer massive length wards off suffocation.

Tunnel Entrance Diameter

At either end are openings that measure 23.6 inches each. The spaces are large enough to let in a fully grown dog. In so doing, it minimizes or even wards off any injuries completely. This is over and above smooth training outcomes.

Thorough Outcomes

All factors considered this tunnel delivers thorough outcomes indeed. It will enhance your dog’s obedience, dexterity, and quickness, to mention but a few! You have all to gain and very minimal to lose by choosing it.


  • Resists ripping considerably
  • Lets you take it anywhere with ease
  • Strong enough for everyday use
  • Inculcates new tricks on your dog
  • Hassle-free to carry around


  • Too basic in scope
  • Falls short of many expectations
  • Cannot handle vertical movements

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#15: Cool Runners 470GSM PVC Round Dog Agility Tunnel

Cool Runners 470GSM PVC Round Dog Agility Tunnel

Looking for an agility tunnel for long-term use? We suggest that you look no further than this one. It embodies all the crucial traits that a tunnel for such circumstance of use ought to possess. This is besides its potentially great performance.

8-inch Pitch

Its playing area is perhaps the most spacious of all under consideration. It measures a comfortable 8 inches. Being large, it can and will indeed accommodate your large dogs well. Also, it will let them handle their chores unconstrained.

Heavy Duty PVC Material

Unlike the fabrics of the ordinary kinds of tunnels, the ones for this one are extra-strong. That is because the material is made of the heavy-duty polyvinyl chloride rather than ordinary fabrics. Expect your tunnel to take you longer than usual.

Spacious Interior

Finally, its interior is also extra spacious. It measures a whopping 177 inches long by 24 inches wide. This sheer size also suppresses the likelihoods of suffocation and other issues which might compromise the overall health and wellbeing of your dog.


  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation
  • Weatherproof
  • Neither rots nor gets damaged by mildew
  • Yields higher value for money
  • Lasts longer by all measure


  • Its price is not pocket-friendly
  • Too rigid to upgrade or modify
  • Only for an experienced dog owner

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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is used in dog agility?

A number of equipment are useful. These include weave courses, jumps, fences, and guard rails.

How much does dog agility training cost?

Expect to part with $30 to $80 per training session. This figure, however, spikes in accordance with the skill level of choice.

Is agility good for your dog?

YES, it is! The exercise strengthens the dog, lets it bond well with you and may even instill obedience on it, among other benefits.

How high are the jumps in dog agility?

This varies considerably with the size of the dog, dimensions of the agility tunnel, skill level and the kind of discipline that is supposed to be instilled.

When should I start training my dog matters agility?

For best outcomes, start as early as 1 or 2 years. Starting earlier may injure or permanently deform your young puppies.

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