Top 11 Best Dog Bandanas For 2022

We all love them. They are among the few friends that will always be there for us through thick and thin. That’s why we all strive to reciprocate the care and affection by giving them the nicest treats, gifts, care, and of course, getting them dog accessories that make them cuter.

Now, if you are looking for a way to make your dog look super cool, a dog bandana is one way to go. These dog accessories come with very exciting colors and prints that are sure to make your dog the center of attraction in any event.

And like any other accessory, it’s necessary to get the very finest for your pooch. So, what dog bandana is perfect for your canine? Well, with us today are the 11 top dog bandanas.

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11 Best Dog Bandanas

#1 VIPITH 8 Pack Triangle Dog Bandana

VIPITH 8 Pack Triangle Dog Bandana

Whether it’s on a wedding, Christmas, birthday, get-together, or any other special day, our number one dog bandana on the list is one sure way to make your lovely canine stand out in the crowd.

It comes as a set and is one of the most cost-efficient deals you will come across in the market. All the pieces of the set feature varying colors and styles. Hence, no matter the event, there will always be the ideal option for your canine.

Each member of the set has a dual-layer design. I mean, they are neither too thin nor too thick. Thus, no matter the piece you choose for your dog, it will not expose him to cold or make him overheat when it gets hot.

The set is of cotton construction. That’s why your dog will find it comfortable to wear for long periods. The ability to adjust the tightness of the scarf means that you can customize it to meet the size needs of your pup.

The dog kerchiefs are simple to maintain clean since they are machine washable. They also fold nicely for storage. The double-face design allows you to use the other side when one gets worn out.


  • The set is affordable.
  • They are machine washable.
  • They adjust easily.


  • More additional room for adjustment would be a nice feature.

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#2 Nonivivi Dog Bandana

Nonivivi Dog Bandana

The next option on our top-notch list also comes in the form of a set. Like the predecessor, all the pieces are of different designs, colors, and patterns. Therefore, no matter the event, expect to have a matching piece.

The neckerchiefs are of high-quality breathable material. Thus, in case you are looking for a set of dog bandana that will keep your pooch cool during the hot summer afternoons, here is one of the options that won’t disappoint easily.

The well-ventilated material of the bandanas is also super soft and skin-friendly. Hence, they are among the options that will make your dog more fashionable when keeping them comfortable all through.

The set is easy to keep clean. Each piece is long enough to fit the majority of dogs. To accommodate the size needs for small dogs and cats, these bandanas will fold neatly to smaller sizes.

Other than the scarfs, you might be lucky to land a bonus set containing a collapsible dog bowl. The bowl makes use of premium food-grade silicone material that is easy to rinse after use.


  • They are lightweight.
  • The bowl is of great quality.
  • It fits small to medium dogs.


  • They are quite small for giant-sized dogs.

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#3 Remifa Dog Bandanas

Remifa Dog Bandanas

Keep your dog looking more trendy and pretty cool with one of these bandanas. The set contains a total of six pieces, more than you will get from the majority of the competing models.

Each pet kerchief has a reversible design with each side coming with a different style of print. This means that you will have twice as many styles as the number of pieces to choose from.

The top-grade cotton yarn performs exceptionally in terms of breathability, comfort, and is also super absorbent. The double-layer design is an implication that this set is among the few made to serve the longest.

All the pieces are of the same size and work well for medium-sized dogs. However, since you can fold it multiple times to smaller sizes, it’s still a nice set to grab if you have one of the pint-sized furry friends.

The classic plaid design is sure to make your dog the center of attraction among other cuties. But the most interesting part is that it’s one design that will never run out of date.


  • They have reversible patterns.
  • They are so soft.
  • They are foldable.


  • They are not the thickest dog kerchiefs.

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#4 Tail Trends Happy Birthday Unisex Dog Bandana

Tail Trends Happy Birthday Unisex Dog Bandana

One way to make your dog feel special, loved, and part of the family is by making him look like you. And yes, one of the best ways you can make him look like any other member of the family is by adorning him with this stylish scarf.

Although you only get a single piece in the package, this dog bandana is durably-designed to serve for as many years as a set- if not more. It is 100% cotton, and that’s why its soft and cozy for your canine.

The fancy curlicue lettering not only promises to make the furry friends look more fashionable but also provides a way of letting everyone in the neighborhood know that they are celebrating their special day.

The unisex dog kerchief is lightweight so that it doesn’t become a burden to your furbaby. Additionally, we like that it adopts a unique boomerang shape that keeps him comfortable throughout the day.

The manufacturer avails this option in a wide spectrum of colors so that you can choose the one that works best with your dog’s shirt or other types of clothing. It is also available in 2 sizes for different size needs.


  • The quality is great.
  • It is very cute.
  • The unique shape provides better comfort.


  • It comes as a single piece.

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#5 Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana

Odi Style Buffalo Plaid Dog Bandana

This set works well for those that want dog bandanas for everyday use. I mean, whether you want to dress your dog up for a special day or a photo shooting session, you will love how each piece makes your dog stylish and adorable.

Each piece adopts buffalo plaid patterns on either side. The special design means that this option is not only a stylish set but also one that will not run out of fashion several years down the line.

They are made using a blend of cotton and polyester, and that’s why they will serve your dog for a very long period even when using them every day. The fabric is also skin-friendly to keep your dog happy and comfortable all day.

Every dog kerchief is big enough to fit medium and large dogs. However, to be sure that it will be the perfect option for your pup, measure your dog’s neck when leaving enough room for tying a knot.

For those that have small pets, we like that the material of this dog handkerchief is foldable. Therefore, you can fold it severally to the size that works perfectly for your tiny dog or cat.


  • They retain their shape.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • The weight is nice.


  • Sizing not so accurate.

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#6 Petsvv Washable Reversible Triangle Bibs Scarf

Petsvv Washable Reversible Triangle Bibs Scarf

Keep your pet looking cool and comfortable at the same time using one of these amazing dog kerchiefs. They come as a collection with each piece adopting a unique color and pattern for different occasions.

We like that each scarf is reversible. Thus, you can use the front and back interchangeably. And with either side of the bandana featuring a different pattern from the other, you will always have the right pattern no matter the event.

All the members of the batch are of top-quality cotton. Therefore, none will disappoint easily in terms of durability. The fabric also implies that any of these classy designs will keep your dog comfortable without sacrificing breathability during the hot days of the summer.

The set will also mask stains and dirt nicely for easy maintenance. However, it is soft enough to support handwashing and will retain its shape through many days of machine washing.


  • The stitching is excellent at the seams.
  • They have rich color.
  • They wash nicely.


  • The material isn’t the easiest to tie a knot.

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#7 Costume Adventure USA Dog Bandana

Costume Adventure USA Dog Bandana

If your four-pawed friend belongs to the category of the most energetic dog breeds, it’s always wise to ensure that you get a dog bandana with super tough construction. 

And yes, making use of premium-quality polyester blend material, this dog kerchief will stand up to everyday abuse by your furbaby. It is large enough to support most large dogs although it folds neatly to a smaller size that works best for tiny dogs.

The product has an American flag pattern. This exceptional style provides a way for your dog to express their patriotism. For this reason, we see it as a perfect dog scarf for July 4th or any other special day.

The product comes already pre-folded and ready for the challenge. The red, white, and blue stars alongside the stripe design affords you multiple ways of tying it around your furry friend.

However, unlike some preceding options on the list that come as a batch, this product arrives as a single unit. Hence, if you have multiple canines, you will have to add several of these bandanas to your shopping cart.


  • The design of the print helps it maintain its cuteness when folded.
  • The colors are great.
  • The fabric is tough.


  • It’s a little costly for a single piece.

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#8 Segarty Reversible Dog Bandana

Segarty Reversible Dog Bandana

Segarty has gathered fame over the years as one of the top manufacturers of dog accessories. Although she’s well-known for her premium dog bowties, she also makes top-notch dog bandanas.

This pet scarf remains her flagship product when it comes to dog kerchiefs. It is of dyed cotton yarn material which combines with excellent stitching for a top-of-the-line product in terms of comfort and durability.

It is a regular size scarf but you can fold it in half diagonally to get the dimensions that work best for your small pet. The members of the set come in a variety of vibrant colors for different occasions.

The patterns on each side of the scarf are very adorable and will keep your dog looking more adorable. And since the front and back have different patterns, you now have more designs for selection.

You can use this set for the head, neck, arms, or around anywhere else where it can fit. Finally, this set is super absorbent and well-ventilated for excellent heat dissipation during the hot and sunny days.


  • The material is skin-friendly.
  • The patterns are so cute.
  • They have a double layer.


  • The material is a little thin but still durable.

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#9 Unique style paws Dog Bandanas

Unique style paws Dog Bandanas

If you prefer buying a single piece to a set of dog bandanas, here comes one of the options that are conceived with your needs in mind. It is a premium-quality dog scarf that guarantees your dog superior comfort.

The pet scarf is available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from extra-small to extra large. The multiple sizes mean that no matter the size of your dog, chances are that there is that one size that fits him best.

The ability to fold multiple times means that you can buy a larger one and fold it to a smaller size and then increase the size to one that fits your dog well as the lovely furbaby continues to grow.

The pure cotton fabric indicates that you are getting a product that will last for many days even when using it for an energetic dog breed such as the German shepherds, Beagles, Labs, Golden retrievers, or any other.

The blue flower design is very elegant and suits wide use. However, if you prefer a different taste, the piece is also available in a wide spectrum of colors to let you choose the one that works best for your needs.


  • The fabric is very vibrant.
  • There are color varieties.
  • It’s easy to tie a knot.


  • The colors are way too dark beyond the expectations of some pet parents.

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#10 Lionet Paws Dog Bandana

Lionet Paws Dog Bandana

The tenth dog bandana on the list will also arrive in a single pack. It belongs to the category of large sizes. Hence, it will work well for medium and large dogs although you can still customize it for pint-sized furbabies.

Nevertheless, if you want the very size that comes with your tiny pup in mind, this dog bandana is also available in a smaller version. All the sizes are of high-quality cotton and that’s why they are soft to the touch and comfortable to wear for long hours.

The plain pet scarf has grey lines and will resist stains for easy maintenance. And with a wide variety of colors and patterns also available for selection, you can pick the one that matches your preference.

The top-grade cotton fabric is incredibly tough. Therefore, if you are looking for a decent quality dog bandana that will stand up to everyday wear by your pooch, this should work just fine.

The dog kerchief will work well for parties, weddings, and other special gatherings. You can even grab a matching collar and leash for the pattern you choose to make your dog look cuter.


  • There is plenty of room for tightening.
  • There are matching collar and bowtie.
  • The sewing is beautifully done.


  • The matching accessories come separately.

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#11 Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas Classic Set

Remy+Roo Dog Bandanas Classic Set

Although it comes last on our list, this set of dog bandanas is one of the top-rated options out there by pet parents. It comes with a lot to offer to your dog and that’s why we see it as a must-have for our list.

The set is available in two sizes; small and large. The small version will work well for the tiny furbabies while the larger scarf has wide compatibility since it can support dogs of almost all sizes.

Whether you settle for a large or small size, you will receive a set that features a curved design. The unique style of the neck ensures that each piece mimics your dog’s neckline for a comfortable fit.

All the pieces come with lovely styles and patterns that complement one another. That said, expect your lovely canine to probably look more trendy than ever with any piece of this set.

The tough polyester construction will support regular use. Also, unlike other materials that will shrink after washing, the polyester fabric of this set is an implication that it retains its original shape throughout its entire life.


  • The curved design is a plus.
  • Each piece has 2 layers.
  • It’s good for playful pups.


  • Be ready to pay for a little more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bandanas Good For Dogs?

Although they are one sure way to keep your dog looking fashionable, dog bandanas go a long way to play more important roles. For instance, they protect dogs from sunburns and help them retain a bit of their body heat when it’s cold.

Do Dog Bandanas Help With Dog Anxiety?

One of the hurdles you might face as a pet parent is that of helping your furbaby overcome anxiety. Although most people may not think of it as of great help when it comes to this, a dog bandana is one effective way for calming stressed dogs.

What Fabric Is Ideal For Dog Bandanas?

Before you buy a dog scarf, you want to ensure that you get one that is pet-friendly, easy to clean, and durable. Among the materials that promise these are cotton and polyester. Buying a blend of these materials is also a nice idea.

Is It Better To Make Or Buy A Dog Bandana?

If you don’t want to buy, it’s possible to make a dog bandana for your dog. However, we recommend buying since it gives access to more trendy designs. Some of the bandanas even come with a unique design for a perfect fit.

What Does A Red Bandana On A Dog Mean?

Other than keeping your dog calm, warm, and looking stylish, a dog bandana can also tell more about your dog. For instance, red bandanas are presumed to signify that the dog doesn’t like interacting with other dogs and people. Orange bandana is for dogs that react differently towards people and other pets whereas a green scarf symbolizes a friendly demeanor of the dog. When you see one with a yellow one, it may be sending a message that the dog has some form of disability.

Final Verdict

There are many reasons why you should dress your canine up with a dog bandana. There are also a hundred and one reasons why you need to settle for nothing less than the market’s finest.

And as simple as it appears, choosing the right option is among the things that are easier said than done. That’s why we have compiled this list to help you make the right decision.

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