The 11 Best Dog Booties In 2022

Ever tried walking on hot concrete during the summer?

What about making a few steps on a snowy ground?

Well, I bet you have never, and neither are you planning.

Now, like humans, your dog also needs protection from heat, cold, and rugged terrain.

Therefore, before you have him accompany you to the beach or maybe in a walk around the neighborhood, you need to equip him with the right dog booties.

Dog booties are types of footwear that are designed to keep your dog’s paws safe from heat, cold, dirt, and dust.

Also, they protect the dog from infections that may result from walking barefooted.

As usual, we are here to give the market’s best dog booties that will offer high levels of protection to your canine!

11 Best Dog Booties

#1 QUMY Dog Boots

QUMY Dog Boots

These dog booties feature very rugged construction that will make it a perfect companion for your pup.

The strong construction will keep your pup’s paws safe from getting hurt when walking on grass, sand, concrete, or any other surface.

The premium-grade shoes have a very durable anti-slip sole which ensures the safety of your pet when indoors or outdoors.

Also, these shoes feature improved waterproof properties that will keep your pet’s paws dry even when walking on wet surfaces.

QUMY Dog Boots employ extra extended design at the top to allow for easy on and off while the shape takes after the shape of your dog’s paws so that they remain comfortable throughout the hike.

The two Velcro straps are long and adaptable and supply the ideal tightness for your dog while the reflective nature introduces visibility to keep your pup safe when walking at night.

The shoes measure 2.9 inches (length) and 2.5 inches (wide) and work best for dogs weighing 52-65 lbs although they are also available in smaller and larger sizes so that you won’t lack the excellent size for your canine.


  • They are good for dogs with arthritis.
  • The quality of the shoes is impressive.
  • They come in a variety of sizes.


  • There is no lining in them.

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#2 My Busy Water Resistant Dog Shoes

My Busy Water Resistant Dog Shoes

This shoe is also available in different size varieties ranging from 1-8 to suit different dog breeds and leg dimensions.

The dog has an anti-slip sole that provides excellent traction when walking on slippery surfaces such as ceramic tiles and wet rocks.

Most dog owners love that the premium fabrics of these boots are sewn together to ensure maximum durability, unlike the majority of options which are glued together; you can now approach any adventure with confidence.

Also, the design of the shoe allows for hassle-free on and off while the two adjustable straps provide a custom fit and prevent the shoes from coming off on their own.

The straps are also reflective which means that they double up as safety gear during night walks by enhancing the visibility of your pet.

Additionally, like the preceding version, these are also waterproof which indicates that you can trust them to keep your pup dry and comfortable during the rainy season.

Our specific option comes in a beautiful green color although there are other color varieties such as black, orange, and red.


  • They are available in a wide spectrum of colors.
  • They are easy to put.
  • The price is impressive.


  • The hard material may scratch your dog’s paws.

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#3 PUPWE Dog Booties

PUPWE Dog Booties

These dog shoes feature a waterproof design to keep your canine dry and comfortable even when walking through puddles.

The shoes feature high-grade anti-slip soles that offer perfect traction on any terrain to ensure the stability and mobility of your pet.

The durable construction provides perfect breathability to keep your pet’s paws comfortable all through the adventure.

Therefore, if you want dog booties that can serve during the hot summer and the chilly winter without compromising your dog’s comfort on either occasion, the PUPWE Dog Booties should be a good purchase for you.

The boots adopt a lightweight design to ensure that they don’t become a burden to your furry friend the next time you are out for a hike.

The wide top opening makes putting them on a piece of cake and allows for a faster removal after the hike.

Additionally, these booties feature two straps that tighten to ensure an excellent fit.

The straps are long to allow for wider adjustability and have reflective lines that allow you to keep track of your canine at night when out without the leash.

The cute design guarantees to make your dog a standout on the entire block while the plentiful sizes make it hard to miss on your dog’s ideal option.


  • The sole is sturdy for superior protection.
  • The fabric is breathable.
  • The shoes dry fast.


  • It is not available in smaller sizes.

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#4 Bark Brite Paw Protector Dog Boots

Bark Brite Paw Protector Dog Boots

In case you want dog booties that will keep your dog comfortable during the hot summer, this option should help.

The shoes come with premium-grade neoprene material which permits airflow when locking out debris and dust to keep your pet feeling comfortable in the hot afternoons of the summer.

Bark Brite Dog Bootie conforms to the shape of your canine’s paw to guarantee a snug fit and ensure that it does not inhibit the natural movement of your dog’s paws.

And since they are lightweight, these shoes will suit outdoor activities such as adventures, urban outings, regular exercise, and many others.

The straps are adjustable to ensure that you can customize them depending on the size of your dog’s paw so that he stays safe without compromising his comfort.

The reflective line on the straps prevents accidents during night walks by increasing the visibility of your pet.

Furthermore, the boots have a rubber outsole that has puncture-resistant tread to ensure maximum stability for the dog when in motion and to keep the dog safe when walking on rugged terrain.

The shoes are large although you can select a different size that will suit your pet best.


  • There are five sizes available.
  • They have ventilation holes.
  • It’s good for water play and swimming.


  • The sizing is not perfect.

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#5 Didog Waterproof Dog Boots Shoes

Didog Waterproof Dog Boots Shoes

This shoe measures 3.15 inches long and 2.95 inches wide and works best on medium to large dogs.

In other words, if you have a Rough Collie, Samoyed Dogs, Australian Shepherd, or any other medium-sized breeds, these dog boots should turn a good option for you.

Nevertheless, in case you want a small or large dog breed, these dog boots are also available in smaller and larger sizes.

The material of these shoes resists water to keep your dog dry and comfortable even during the rainy season.

The quality of the fabric guarantees unsurpassed durability, rendering it a good option for dog owners who need dog booties that can withstand daily use.

The bottom of the shoe is sturdy to protect your pooch from intense cold and hot surfaces, snow, ice, and other harsh elements he may encounter outdoors.

The soft lining cushions your dog’s feet to keep him feeling comfy and warm even when winter is at its best.

The simple design makes them straightforward to put on whereas the reflective straps allow the user to customize them depending on the size of the dog’s feet to ensure that they don’t slip off when your dog is on move.

The black color of the fabric resists stains to make the shoes easy to maintain than most of the competing models.


  • The straps are adjustable.
  • The shoes are durable.
  • They do not come off.


  • Not available in the smallest sizes.

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#6 Xanday Breathable Dog Boots

Xanday Breathable Dog Boots

Keep your pup safe and confident when going out for a walk on a sunny day using this premium-grade Xanday Breathable Dog Boots.

These dog boots feature sandwich netting that offers excellent ventilation to keep the claws of your pooch dry and comfortable when the temperatures rise.

The fabric of this shoe is high-quality and adopts a fashionable design that will make your dog a standout in the entire neighborhood.

Additionally, the material used on these boots is soft on touch to provide all-day comfort to your furry friend while the lightweight design means that it will not slow down your pet in your upcoming adventure.

The boots feature a wear-resistant sole that offers superior protection from cold, dust, debris, and hot surfaces to allow your furry friend to walk with confidence on any terrain.

The shoe expands to conform to the size and shape of your dog’s paw to ensure that it does affect the dog’s motion while the adjustable strap allows you to fasten the shoes so that they do not come off unexpectedly.

And since the straps are reflective, you can count on these boots to keep your pooch safe and on track during the late-night walks!

Xanday Breathable Dog Boots are available in three colors; blue, red, and black, so that you can choose the one that goes with your dog’s style. The eight sizes meet the varying size needs of dog owners.


  • They are nicely constructed.
  • They look nice.
  • They will not come off provided you get the size right.


  • There are some issues with sizing.

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#7 WINSOON Dog Australia Boots

WINSOON Dog Australia Boots

In case you want a shoe that will keep your dog’s feet warm during the winter, this could be the perfect gift for your four-pawed colleague the market offers for you.

Our hand-picked option features a soft fabric at the upper to keep the feet of your furry friend warm throughout the chilly weather.

The soft leather construction combines with the rubber sole to give the shoe durability that every dog owner would demand from their purchase.

Furthermore, the stylish design guarantees to dress your dog up with an attractive look whenever out for an adventure.

And since of is made to offer protection for your dog any time and any place, these shoes are not only good for the outdoors but also indoors to offer full-time pet protection and comfort.

The Velcro straps work to prevent them from coming off when your dog is in motion so that you will never have to worry the next time your dog decides to take a walk on his own.

Also, the back of these shoes separates to create enough space for you to fit the paws into the shoe, allowing for easy on/off.

The shoes come in different size varieties ranging from #1 to #5 which means that they work best for small to medium dogs.

Furthermore, you can choose your ideal color from the four options, that is, pink, black, light brown, and dark brown.

Amazingly, with all these features, these shoes only go at approximately half the price of most options on our list!


  • They are affordable.
  • They feature leather construction.
  • The soft fabric at the upper part keeps the puppies warm.


  • They are only available in smaller sizes.

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#8 YAODHAOD Dog Boots Paw Protector

YAODHAOD Dog Boots Paw Protector

These high-quality paw protectors also come at an affordable price that most dog caregivers can afford without going beyond their budget.

The boots have a very soft lining to keep the paws comfortable and warm even when conditions outside turn extremely cold.

The anti-skid sole is of commercial-grade material that can offer dependable protection and is flexible to ensure that it offers flexible footing for your furry colleague across a variety of terrains.

Also, the material of these shoes is breathable to keep your dog’s paws aerated for extended comfort.

And since the fabrics used are machine washable, you will never have to face the hassle that comes along with handwashing.

Our hand-picked option comes in a fashionable black color that resists stains, although you can still choose between the attractive blue and red colors.

The convenient design of the shoe makes it easy to wear and remove so that you will never be late again for an adventure.

The long and flexible straps keep the shoes on while the reflection feature of the strap prevents accidents when walking in the dark.

The shoes come in three sizes, #2, #4, and #6 which implies that you may not get the ideal size for your pooch.


  • The material is machine washable.
  • They suit any weather.
  • They feature a convenient design.


  • It would be better if there were more sizes.

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#9 RUFFWEAR Grip Trex

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Although the price may scare some off, Ruffwear-Grip Trex packs amazing features that live up to the cost.

The booties are designed with the toughest terrains and harshest conditions in mind.

In other words, if you love hiking or adventures, with these shoes, harsh weather and rugged terrain will never deprive you of the perfect company of your furry colleague.

The outsole the Ruffwear-Grip Trex is resilient and stands up to challenge no matter where you are out for an adventure.

The non-marking sole offers excellent grip both indoors and outdoors, which means that you can choose to use the shoes indoor after cleaning to prevent slipping on the wet tiled floor.

Another amazing feature about these shoes is that it features mesh construction on the outside.

This construction maximizes airflow so that your dog remains comfortable even when the afternoon sun is at its best.

Also, Ruffwear-Grip Trex adopts the gusset design that gives a wide opening to allow for hassle-free on and off so that you get more time on the trail with your pup.

The hook-and-loop design is straightforward and effective. The shoes come in a pack of two and four depending on your preference.


  • There are many sizes available.
  • The sizing is perfect.
  • The shoes are very fashionable.


  • They cost more than most options.

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#10 Muttluks Original Fleece Dog Boots

Muttluks Original Fleece Dog Boots

These shoes have a very impressing lining in the inner side which provides premium comfort to your pooch and keeps him feeling warm.

This size measures 3.75 inches by 4.26 inches which means that they are good for the large dogs.

Nevertheless, Muttluks 4-Pack Dog Boots can also come in different sizes depending on your dog’s needs.

The boots are available in seven color options although our specific option comes in a black color that is not only fashionable but also resistant to stains and dirt.

The straps are self-tightening to ensure excellent fit while the reflective nature of the straps ensures excellent nighttime visibility to keep your pet safe during a nighttime walk.

The outsole of these shoes is also flexible to allow for easy mobility while the leather construction can suit everyday use across a variety of terrains.

I mean, in case you love taking walks with your furry friend, Muttluks Original Fleece-Lined Dog Boots will stand up to the challenge.


  • They do not fall off.
  • They are perfect for winter.
  • There are many color varieties.


  • They are not exactly cheap.

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#11 Lymenden Dog Boots

Lymenden Dog Boots

These dog shoes also have fantastic features that qualify them on our list of top 11 Dog Booties.

The boots come in an attractive red color. In other words, apart from protecting your dog from rough terrains and harsh conditions, these dog shoes will also elevate their style.

We like that the materials used here are waterproof, which means that they will keep the paws of your furry friend dry and comfortable even when walking on wet surfaces.

The premium-grade fabrics are durable and lightweight so that your dog can wear them all day without them becoming a burden.

Furthermore, the outsoles of this option resist wear which means that they will maintain their excellent traction for years.

Also, these soles are strong to provide superior protection from thorns, cold, and heated pavements.

The shoe features an elastic design that conforms to the shape of your dogs to ensure a snug fit while the reflective nature guarantees safety when walking in the dark.


  • The design is very fashionable.
  • The quality of the fabrics is impressive.
  • The materials are soft to the touch.


  • There are only two color varieties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs need boots?

Well, like you, dogs also need shoes. Boots protect their paws from tough weather conditions. They also offer a line of defense against dirt and infections which may affect the overall health of the dog.

How do I get my dog’s shoes to stay on?

To ensure that your dog shoes do not come off, ensure that you fasten them tight before any walk. This is why most shoes come with adjustable straps. You also need to ensure that you get the correct size for your dog.

Is it OK to put socks on dogs?

There is no harm in your dog putting socks. In fact, they help keep him warm and comfortable during the winter season.

What do I consider when buying shoes for my dog?

When buying dog booties, check the quality of the material to ensure that it is durable, waterproof, and breathable. Also, ensure that the sole offers a good grip and strong enough to protect him/her from thorns and sharp stones. Consider other factors such as adjustability, design, color, and make sure you get the size right.

Can you use dog booties indoors?

Provided that they don’t have mud and dirt to stain the floor, dogs can use booties when indoor. In fact, they will protect his paws from the potentially cold floor.

Final Verdict

After going through our review, we believe you now have an understanding of why dog shoes are important.

We also believe that you can now select the ideal boots for your furry colleague easily from the overwhelming options.

What remains is to add your favorite option on our list to your shopping cart!

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