The 11 Best Dog Car Barriers In 2022

Nearly everyone loves it; the company of the dogs. In fact, a dog is among the most common pets around the world. Now, if you own a dog, you must have realized that they are so playful.

Well, this is one of the ways that helps create a strong bond between them and us when also helping them lose excess energy.

However, not all times we are in for a little play, especially when driving, and unfortunately, this is where our furry friends fail in making the right judgment.

And yes, if you want uninterrupted travel time without compromising the company of your four-legged loyal friend, turning to dog car barrier would be a nifty decision.

A dog carrier barrier helps to separate the dog from the master when driving so that the dog doesn’t cause distractions that may result in accidents.

These guards suit different vehicle configurations making it quite hard to choose the perfect suit for your car. Luckily, I and other dog lovers took it upon ourselves to evaluate the markets top 11 dog car barriers that are friendly to both the dog owner and the dog.

11 Best Car Dog Barriers

#1 Pikaon Car Dog Barrier

By: Pikaon

Dog car barriers are of different varieties. For example, there are some that install immediately after the front seats while others are made for use in the cargo holds of SUV and other similar cars.

Now, if you just want to keep your furry friend off from the front seat, this is one of the car barriers that you should consider turning to.

The mesh measures 21” W x 21” H, a universal fit design that fits nicely in most SUVs and trucks. I mean, this dog barrier is highly compatible with most vehicles.

The wide compatibility clears the concerns that it may not fit in your vehicle. It features a buckle that makes installation easy and quick so that you spend less time installing to get more time for enjoying the trip with your dog.

The mesh is of premium polyester, material that is not only durable but also greatly breathable to enhance air circulation to keep your pet safe and comfortable far from the front seat.

Also, the high-quality mesh doesn’t easily tangle while the heavy-duty straps allow for adjustability to meet your needs. When not in use, this separator folds and fits nicely in the car storage area.


  • It is easy to clean.
  • It has a wide compatibility range.
  • It is easy to install.


  • May not be the ideal option for the big dogs.

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#2 SCENEREAL Pet Dog Net Vehicle Barriers


Also made to fit immediately after the front seats, this unit measures 33.86″ x 32.68″ which means that it fits most vehicles. The larger size helps to cover up to the car roof liner so that your pet stands zero chances of causing distractions.

The barrier is of a durable oxford cloth that has an elastic mesh construction which is strong enough to prevent the larger dogs from breaking into the front seats.

Therefore, with SCENEREAL Pet Dog Net Vehicle Barrier, you get durability that you will hardly find in other models. Also, the mesh is located at the upper and central area of the mesh so that your pooch will never miss a view.

The mesh design also allows for air flow which keeps your dog feeling cool even during the hot summers. Want to carry along your dog’s favorite treat?

No problem; the barrier offers two handy storage pockets at the back that offer plenty of space for accommodating your pet’s toys and snacks while the front side of the barrier has a pocket that holds your keys, magazines, phones, and other essentials.

The top and bottom part of the barrier each has two straps that make it easy to adjust so as to fit nicely into your car. When not in the company of your pet, this barrier folds with ease for convenient storage.


  • It is ideal for large dog breeds.
  • It is very sturdy.
  • It is clear enough to allow one to see what is happening at the back.


  • It may not fit in cars whose seats are far apart.

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#3 High Road Dog Car Barrier

By: High Road

Dogs can become anxious especially when they cannot see their master around. With this in mind, this barrier keeps the four-legged passenger away from the cab without blocking the view.

Therefore, your dog can easily see you from the back seat to prevent riding anxieties. The barrier features a durable steel frame that offers exceptional strength for maximum durability.

The foam bumpers ensure extra stability while the polyester material is chew resistant so that it can stand up to pups that love chewing. However, if your dog is a heavy chewer, it’s unfortunate that this may not be the right option for you.

The coverage area measures 37″H x 32.5″W which means that it covers plenty of space to prevent access. However, if you want it for the smaller dogs, this cover doesn’t stretch up to provide full coverage but rather leaves some space between the seat and the door where small dogs can find their way.

Also, High Road Dog Car Carrier features four adjustable straps that adjust high and low on the frame depending on your coverage needs. No one wants to face the hassle of a complex set up. Therefore, this unit is easy to install in minutes and uninstalls when necessary for easy storage.


  • It is very easy to set up.
  • It comes with installation instructions.
  • It adjusts up and down.


  • The installation instructions are sketchy.

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#4 Pawple Dog Barrier

Pawple Dog Barrier

If you want a dog car barrier for use in the cargo compartment, going by this option would prove a wise purchase. The barrier is large enough to provide entire coverage so that you and the rest of the passengers enjoy an uninterrupted drive without leaving the four-legged friend home bored.

Pawple Dog Barrier allows for full customization which means that it can be used for nearly any car.

Therefore, just in case you own more than one car and want a divider that is compatible with all your vehicles, this unit offers a wide compatibility range so that you won’t have to buy a dog car barrier for each of your cars.

The unit comes with commercial-grade steel wire construction that can stand up to years of everyday use.

Furthermore, if you are among the “busy bees” that have no time for complex set up, this blocker installs in simple steps and comes out with ease. The purchase comes with two bolts of different sizes for a sturdy installation.

However, if you want a sturdier setup, bungee cords can come in handy to ensure that the divider will remain in place even with a push by larger dogs.


  • It is very compatible.
  • Installs in minutes.
  • It is very durable.


  • The bolts do not come in the perfect size.

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#5 STARROAD-TIM Car Dog Barrier

STARROAD-TIM Car Dog Barrier

If you are on the lookout for the sweetest deal in the market, this could be just what you are looking for. The divider comes with the least price than any of the preceding model.

The unit measures 11.50 inches in length and 10.43 inches in height and fits nicely just after the front seats so that you afford your furry friend plenty of space to play with their toys, sleep, or even relax without finding their way to the haven.

However, just in case this size seems too small for your needs, this blocker is also available in a larger size measuring 15.74 inches long and 13.77 inches in height.

The divider boasts rugged construction and comes with your safety and that of your dog in mind. The mesh structure allows you to keep a close eye on your pooch and helps prevent dog riding anxiety.

Want a barrier that installs with less hassle? No problem! STARROAD-TIM Car Dog Barrier has four hooks that readily hang on the front seats to save time.

This design also means that removing the divider is a breeze the next time you don’t feel like going with your four-legged passengers such as when reporting to the office or a business meeting.


  • The storage pocket is a plus.
  • The screen folds easily when not in use.
  • It is lightweight yet very sturdy.


  • It only provides partial coverage since it only covers the space between the two seats.

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#6 UCAS Heavy-Duty Dog Barrier

UCAS Heavy-Duty Dog Barrier

This divider features a sturdy steel wire construction that offers extended durability. The metal construction features a smooth finish which guarantees to keep your car interior safe from scratches.

The smooth construction also minimizes the chances of hurting your pet which implies that it is made with the safety of your pet in mind. The divider employs a simple design that allows you to attach or detach it from your car quickly and easily even without the need for tools.

However, should you need any tools, the package arrives with necessary hardware accessories an explicit user manual so that you don’t have to rely on guesswork. UCAS Heavy-Duty Dog Barrier adopts an adjustable width which permits greater compatibility with most vehicles.

The width extends up to 48 inches. Therefore you should ensure that you measure the width of your car from window to window to ensure that it will fit in your car since it does not go with large SUV vehicles such as Jeep Grand Cherokee, Subaru Cross, and many other models.


  • It is a high-quality product.
  • It is easy to install and remove when needed.
  • The installation instructions are pretty straightforward.


  • It is not compatible with some vehicles.

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#7 AUTOWN Car Dog Barrier

AUTOWN Car Dog Barrier

Don’t want to leave your four-pawed loyal friend home but again don’t want distractions when driving? Well, this car dog barrier will deliver exactly that.

AUTOWN option promises to give you a serene car space by keeping the furry friend or the naughty kid at the back seat so that you concentrate on the road.

The separator adopts premium-grade polyester material that can stand up to everyday use for years to come.

Additionally, the polyester material is highly elastic which allows it to stretch with ease so that it fits the space between the two front seats in different vehicles perfectly.

In other words, the stretchable design implies that it can fit in different car configurations with ease, clearing the doubt that it may not fit in your car.

The divider features four hooks that allow one to set it up in seconds-forget about stickers and fasteners; just hook the unit up to the headrest pole and you now got distraction-free space you need for the journey!

The divider measures 18.3″ x 9.3″ and works correctly in jeeps, SUV, UTV, Off-road, and other many vehicles that have a headrest pole. The black color resists stains and cleans with ease so that you can keep it sanitary.


  • The barrier has pockets for dog toys and treats.
  • The ability to see through it curbs anxiety.
  • It is very stretchy for enhanced compatibility.


  • May not be the ideal option for use in pickups.

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#8 The Original Zookeeper Auto Car Pet Barrier

The Original Zookeeper Auto Car Pet Barrier

Being the award-winning dog car barrier, one thing here remains certain; satisfaction! And yes, this top-class fits in all vehicles, whether four-door cars or two-door cars.

The separator has rugged tubing that guarantees maximum durability of the divider. The beautiful black matte finish dovetails with the interior space of your car for a more streamlined look.

Also, the barrier works with premium bungee cords that wrap around the headrest to keep the barrier firmly held in place. In fact, you can even recline, tilt, and slide the chair when still remaining firmly in place.

And since the divider uses a cord mechanism, it is easy to secure in place even without tools or guiding instructions. The barrier allows for both vertical and horizontal adjustments which make it easy to adjust so that it fits the width and height of your car.

The unique design allows for better visibility as compared to other models. I mean, if you have an anxious dog, getting this divider should keep him calmer and feeling more secure since the furry friend can easily see you from the back seat. And since the product is made in the United States, you can buy without concerns on matters to do with quality.


  • It is greatly customizable.
  • It does not rattle when driving.
  • There is no screwing since it uses bungee cords.


  • The two cords provided may not always be enough.

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#9 Bushwhacker Paws n Claws Cargo Area Dog Barrier

Bushwhacker Paws n Claws Cargo Area Dog Barrier

This barrier comes with a commercial-grade material that is not only long-lasting but also tear-resistant. In other words, the material of this barrier is a true indication that it has been made with stubborn dog behaviors in mind. The divider measures 47″ x 21″ which means that it will fit in most vehicles.

This size also means that the unit gives full coverage in most vehicles leaving no space even for the small dogs to find their way through.

However, just to be sure whether it will be the ideal addition to your car, it’s highly recommended that you measure the width of your car interior just behind the backseats.

The half-inch tubing helps to keep the shape of the barrier and helps to keep the dogs completely off from the cabin.

The divider comes with a number of straps that make it easy to attach to the backseat headrest, seat frame, or any other place where you wish to draw a boundary line between the four-legged passenger and the rest of the passengers in the car.


  • The metal tubing is lightweight yet sturdy.
  • It cleans with ease.
  • It is very sturdy.


  • The separator leaves much space in some cars where small and crafty dogs can find access to the haven.

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#10 Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier for Pet

Walky Guard Adjustable Car Barrier for Pet

This car dog separator boasts telescopic height and width that ensures maximum compatibility with most cars. The height extends from 12 inches to 18 inches while the width possesses an adjustable width of between 34 inches to 56 inches depending on your car size.

The divider comes adopts top-quality powder-coated steel and works best for large and medium dogs. Therefore, if you want it for a pup, it’s quite unfortunate that it may not be the right option to prevent him from accessing the front seats.

The separator only works with vehicles that have customizable headrests and does not install in vehicles that have an additional seat belt box in the middle of the backseat.

To install, position it correctly and tighten the clamps and then you are sure that it will not move. Also, removing the guard is also easy; all it takes is to loosen the tightening knobs and remove them from the headrest posts.


  • The price is great.
  • It is safe and clean.
  • The telescopic bars promote compatibility.


  • It is only for small and medium-sized dogs.

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#11 The Pet Net Plus Barrier for Dogs

The Pet Net Plus Barrier for Dogs

If you want a non-metal separator that will reach your vehicle ceiling, this is one of the options that you need to give a try. The Pet Net Plus Barrier For Dogs reaches just below the ceiling in cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicle types.

In fact, unlike other dividers that come in a single size, this dog barrier is available in different sizes so that you won’t have a problem finding the ideal one for your vehicle. Just measure the interior dimensions of your car and compare them with the size chart to see the one that fits nicely into your car.

Want a barrier that can install just after the front seats when you are alone with your dog and behind the backseats when you have other passengers inside the car? Well, the design and size of this separator are made to just allow that. The see-through material is easy to clean and doesn’t catch stains easily.

Installation is also a snap and doesn’t require tools, unlike other barriers. But just in case you haven’t installed any other before, the package contains an understandable user manual to get you doing it like a pro the first time.


  • It is available in different sizes.
  • It installs in different locations in your car.
  • It comes with a convenient storage bag.


  • It does not come with the best price in the market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal for a dog to travel in the front seat of a car?

Highway Code, Rule 57 states that dogs and other animals should be restrained when in the car to avoid distractions when driving or injuring you or themselves. Therefore, to be on the safe side, it is advisable that you keep any animal you have in the car off the front seats.

Can dogs travel in the boot?

It is no crime to carry your furry friend in the car trunk. However, you should ensure that the boot is big enough for the furry friend to fit comfortably. Also, ensure that you put a guard in place to prevent the dog from invading the passenger interior.

How do I keep my dog from getting in the front seat?

One of the reliable ways is to install a guard. Other ways include putting the dog on a zipline, placing him/her on the crate and securing the crate in the car, and buckling up the dog.


If you have never had your dog jump into the front seat when driving, it may be hard to capture how important a barrier can be.

Therefore, whether you have a stubborn dog or not, a car barrier remains a must-have provided that you have the four-legged friend on board. Our hand-picked options have premium construction and are durable.

The cost is also pocket-friendly and they are easy to install, maintain, and remove. Therefore, just in case you are planning to get one for your car, choosing one of our options should pay.

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