Top 11 Best Dog Car Harnesses 2022

Dogs are that little bunch of joy that gives our life a new definition of unconditional love. They always get your back whenever, wherever and however possible.

Most of the time, it is because of this jumping creature that we stay uplifted and motivated too. They are incredibly playful and hyperactive and always want to play or spend time with their human parents.

Even though most of them are always active, it is our responsibility as dog parents, to take care of their well-being by providing them with the required physical exercise. This includes taking them out for long walks or even strolls.

Another alternative is to tag them along whenever you are driving up to somewhere. It might be within your locality, but to them, it would be a refreshing experience. It is very important to secure your pups inside your cars whenever you are travelling somewhere. They might get injured because of the bumps and jerks.

Also, often, they stick their heads out of the window and do not bother about their posture thereby. They can potentially develop back pains or sprains while doing. Therefore, using a car harness is a very crucial key to control their movements accordingly.

In this article, we will guide you through the most useful and promising dog car harnesses so that you can get one for your pup.

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VavoPaw Dog Vehicle Safety Vest Harness,...
  • STRONG SECURITY: This car vest harness is specially designed for preventing pet dog running around in the car to distract the driver’s attention and further protecting dog's safety during the during time.

11 Best Dog Car Harnesses

#1. SlowTon Dog Car Harness Plus Connector Strap

SlowTon Dog Car Harness

This mesh vest dog harness adds a new dimension to the ordinary harness designs and features. It has a double mesh fabric provided with an elastic and durable safety seat belt that is made up of nylon for adjusting to the perfect fit. It has four PP material straps attached to the vest.

This harness is extremely gentle on a dog’s skin and provides a secure fit to support their torso. It comes with a safety seat belt for customizing the pressure on your dog. The harness has durable metallic and plastic buckles to ensure safety and easy use.


  • Provides maximum comfort, safety and customization.
  • Designed with easy-to-use buckles for better application and quick release.
  • Adjustable seat belt to maintain a steady and yet mild pressure for their convenience.


  • Not suitable for small dogs.
  • It should not be used for hyper-active dogs as they may get tangled from the seat belt if kept loose.
  • There can be hazardous situations due to the metallic buckles if not adjusted properly.

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#2. Juxzh Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

Juxzh Truelove Soft Front Dog Harness

It has an Aluminum alloy V-ring on the backside and O ring made up of stainless steel on the chest region. Juxzh Truelove Dog Harness has an outer layer made of Oxford material and is equipped with Draflex Buckle. This ensures good loading capacity.


  • It is extremely lightweight.
  • The buckles give a hassle-free experience of usage.
  • Nylon webbing, mesh lining and extra padding for comfort and durability.


  • Can fall apart if not adjusted in the right direction.
  • Plastic clips are fragile.
  • The material can cause irritation in certain breeds.

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#3. Kurgo Dog Harness K01405

Kurgo Dog Harness

 Kurgo Dog Harness is the safest harness possible for your pup. It is a crash tested and certified product for providing the extra and reassured safety to your dog. It has five adjustment points and no-pull D ring avoiding discomfort.

Made up of nylon and includes a protective wide and well-padded chest plate. It is also provided with a dog tether for securing to the seat safely.


  • Variants are available for dogs of every size and shape.
  • Life-time service against manufacturer defects.
  • It comes with a dog seat belt tether that is compatible with every car belt system.


  • The front latch should be adjusted carefully otherwise it tends to pull off.
  • The buckles are not easy-to-use.
  • Nylon can be uncomfortable for certain breeds.

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#4. Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo No Pull Dog Harness

Many dog breeds tend to pull a lot during long-drives, and this can cause severe hazards. It is their general nature to act in this manner as they are not fond of closed moving spaces.

Hence, you cannot change their instinctive behavior. That is why Rabbitgooo No Pull Dog Harness comes with a No-Pull Design which enables you to have better control of your dog by attaching the leash at the front clip of the harness. It is easy to clip it to the seat belt region of the car seat.

The harness comes with soft and breathable padding and comes with a snug fit which makes your furry friend comfortable while wearing it. Also, it is made up of lightweight material and does not impose any extra weight; hence no irritation is caused.


  • Sturdy top handle for a good grip in case of emergency situations.
  • Made from durable weatherproof material for all-season use.
  • Fast-release buckles for a faster release.


  • The side straps become loose after using the harness for some time.
  • The harness might not resist the pull if the dog is highly energetic.
  • Buckles might break if used for large breeds.

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#5. VastarAdjustbale Pet Dog Car Seat Belt

VastarAdjustbale Pet Dog Car Seat Belt

VastarAdjustbale Pet Dog Car Seat Belt has been designed in order to provide comfortable walks to your furry friend along with tagging them in car rides.

Very often certain harnesses are made with non-breathable materials which make them sweaty and your dog feels uncomfortable as well as claustrophobic while wearing it.

Also, when it comes to wearing a harness all day during car rides the comfort and breathability is the prime factor. It is made with a solid zinc alloy swivel snap and metal buckles which provides durability.


  • Strong Aluminum buckle with universal design and suitable for maximum car seats.
  • Adjustable buckle for proper length adjustments, so that your dog can grow with it.
  • Allows your dog to sit, stand and lie down during car rides.


  • Seatbelt clip is 2cm in size hence might not fit all the seats.
  • Fit for the front seat but not for the back seat.
  • Not suitable for small-sized dogs.

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#6. SlowTon Headrest Restraint Adjustable Safety Seat Belt

SlowTon Headrest Restraint Adjustable Safety Seat Belt

SlowTon Adjustable Safety Seat Belt is a safe option to go for. It is compatible with every car model which has a seat with a headrest. It comes with a lockable quick release buckle. It can also be used as a general leash and can be used while walking your dog.


  • Straps contain heavy-duty buckles and elastic bungee cords inside.
  • Mesh fabric for breathable wearing.
  • Comes with two adjustable straps on the neck and on the chest region.


  • Not suitable for large-sized dogs.
  • Cannot be used in cars without a headrest.
  • Small dogs might feel the weight of the metal buckles.

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#7. Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness

Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness

Lukovee Dog Safety Vest Harness comes with real adjustment facility for dogs. It has multicolor

 options to choose from. The harness has plastic buckles which do not add weight to the complete setup. It does not create extra weighty conditions for your pup.

The harness is perfect, especially for small dogs who cannot bear much weight.


  • Made with an elastic Bungoo Band.
  • The buckle can rotate 360degree without any hassle.
  • The fabric is breathable and avoids chances of claustrophobia.


  • Not suitable for big dogs.
  • Plastic buckles might not stay durable for longer times.
  • Does not suit every car model.

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#8. PetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness

PetSafe Deluxe Car Safety Dog Harness

PetSafe brings a completely padded dog safety harness which is perfect for travel. It is lined with breathable mesh fabric. It is crash-tested and attaches easily with your car’s seat belt. It includes a convenient connection point as well for attaching the leash in case you want to walk your pup.


  • Provides snug-fit to your pup and is comfortable during long-distance travels.
  • Suits small to medium-sized dogs.
  • Keeps you focused on the road by keeping your pup safely harnessed with the seat belt.


  • Not suitable for large-sized or over-excited dogs.
  • Extension tension might break the buckle with regular use.
  • Sudden stoppage of the car might detach the harness from the seat.

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#9. Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness

Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness

Mighty Paw Car Dog Harness adds innovation to the traditional dog car harnesses. It comes with 4-Tri Glide Attachments to make your dog safe, secure and comfortable during every car ride.

It also includes two leash attachments which can be used to buckle your dog inside your car, during walks, runs, or inside your house as well. It comes with metal hardware for providing extra support during bumpy and illustrious car rides.


  • Made with a breathable and all-weather fabric.
  • It comes with supporting pads, so your dog does not feel the weight of the harness.
  • Easily adjustable straps and durable clips for long-time usage.


  • Metal support system adds weight to the complete package.
  • Might not be suitable for small dogs.
  • Snug-fit is absent, which makes the harness slip at times if not carefully buckled.

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#10. AUTOWT Dog Safety Vest Harness

AUTOWT Dog Safety Vest Harness

AUTOWT comes with a different take in terms of their dog car harness. It is a vest-style harness. It is made from double mesh fabric with flannelette design and gives breathability along with comfort to your dog during long car journeys.

The harness comes with two buckles on the chest region, which makes it easy to secure.


  • Easy-to-wear design. Can be clipped to the seatbelt of your car’s seat.
  • Wide range of colour to choose from.
  • Buckle button made of plastic, perfect for small-sized dogs.


  • Might not be the perfect fit for big-sized dog breeds as plastic buckles are used.
  • Vest design might not suit every pup.
  • Cars of every model are not suitable for the use of this harness.

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#11. Musonic Dog Safety Vest Harness

Musonic Dog Safety Vest Harness

Musonic Dog Safety Vest Harness comes with a safety seat belt which can be used just like a normal seat belt. It is also a vest style harness which is made with a breathable fabric, and padded mesh keeps your dog cool during summer days.


  • Comes with support pads, so your dog does not feel the weight of the harness.
  • Suits small to medium-sized dogs.
  • Vest like design provides extra safety.


  • Sudden stoppage of the car might detach the harness from the seat.
  • Not suitable for bigger dog breeds.
  • Some car models are incompatible for the harness.

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Should pups wear car harnesses?

Even though people might find it inappropriate and incorrect to use a car harness for pups, it helps your pups in various ways other than securing them inside your car. During the initial years of their growth, their bones remain soft and nascent. Your pups may not be able to walk properly for a good amount of time, and throughout this period, a car harness can do the job of providing them with the needed guidance for walking. It is especially beneficial for them to wear one for several reasons. It helps them to build up a rigid and straight posture.

Which harness material should you buy?

The best fabric for harnesses is cotton fabrics or heavy woolens based on the climate of your region. It is equally important to take care of the under-padding along with the material. As your pup will always be proactive, it is necessary to make sure that the material of the harness does not cause friction or burns. Cotton or heavy woolens are the best choices because they can soak up moisture faster than other fabrics and give them a comforting experience. You may also go for household fabrics if you want to make one yourself. Just be cautious about the under-padding.

Can you use a car harness inside your house?

A car harness is structurally almost similar to an ordinary harness. The main difference lies in the function. Usually, car harnesses are attached to the car seat belt to secure your furry mates inside the car. However, some harnesses come with an extra belt by which you can attach your pup to the seat of the car altogether. So the answer is yes, you can use a car harness inside your house. You have to detach the extra belt (if provided) that is attached to the harness and replace it with a regular leash whenever you want to use it indoors. Usually, the belt comes with a hook system, so just unhook the belt.

Do harnesses hurt dogs?

The answer is both yes and no depending on the quality of the harness in use. If you are using a low quality and cheap harness, it is very likely that your pups may suffer from a back injury and skin burns. A good quality harness should be well-cushioned and under-padded to give the needed comfort to your pup. Such a harness is quite expensive, but you should never compromise on the comfort of your little bud. Mostly they get hurt from the overuse of a poor quality harness. Therefore, be sure that the material does not cause scratches or burns and discomfort to them.

Can you leave a harness on your dog all the time?

It is never recommended to leave a harness on your dog all the time. Even though it is required to have control over their movements, you should keep in mind that it can cause them extreme discomfort. Leaving a harness on your furry mate for a long period can cause them skin issues, spine and back-related issues and excessive shedding of hairs in some cases. Skin and shedding issues may arise from the constant friction against their surface. It does not matter if you are using a good quality harness; if you are using it more than recommended, it will create health issues.

Is it safe to use a harness?

Safety is in your hands while using a harness for your pup. It is up to you to ensure that it is safe on your bud and they can freely move around with it. Some harnesses make them stiff and choke them from the underside. In such cases, they tend to dig on the harness trying to make it lose but in the process, end up in a messy situation. Therefore, always make sure that the harness has set well on your bud and that they can move around if they need without much hindrance. If you use it correctly, yes, it is safe to use.

Are dog collars better suited than car harnesses?

If you want to use it for securing your dog inside your car, then a dog collar is not a good idea. The main purpose of using a car harness is to make sure that they are safe on those jerky and bumpy roads. If you are using a dog collar, you may have to attach the collar to the seat belt of the car. This is likely to cause strains and discomfort around their neck region, possibly choking them in certain situations. Unlike a car harness, a dog collar does not cover the back region of your bud; hence, their posture also gets altered.

How do I wash a harness?

You can wash it using a regular cleansing shampoo if the fabric is cotton or wool. Wash the material scrubbing with a nail brush thoroughly. Make sure that the shampoo lathers well and that there is no dirt left. After the first wash, to be cent percent sure that there is no obstacle or irritant left in the harness, go for a second mild wash. For drying, you can roll it up in a dry towel and get the excess water soaked up. Lastly, hang it on a hanger or blow dry it for a quicker result.

What kind of car harnesses should pups wear?

Use a regular car harness which has a pretty good quality. You should use a clean-designed harness rather than going for the heavily designed or fabricated harnesses. It should be easy to wash, attach and remove and should be of breathable material. Remember that your bud will be wearing it on long drives as well, so it should be comfortable and not cause them injury in any way by its features. Avoid harnesses that have sharp edges and less padding. Also, the belt quality should be checked.

How to use a car harness?

You should know the correct way to fix the harness inside your car in order to secure your pup to the seat. Firstly you need to place your dog in the right position. After they are comfortable in their position, put the car seat belt attaching to the harness by securing the hook. This is applicable for large breeds. For pups who have not yet been stable in their posture and structure, you can use a zip line harness. Such harnesses provide a loop-like structure through which the seat belt can be passed and locked around the car seat. It is important to look for their reaction and comfort while locking them up.

Final Verdict

Having a dog car harness is that portable safety belt to have for your pup. Safety of your furry mate is above everything, and you should always take care of the same. As they are always busy jumping and playing around instinctively, they often tend to do so inside cars and before you know it, they might just end up hurting themselves.

Especially when you need to make them sit on the backseat of your car, a car harness is of great help ensuring their safety. Some dogs may show strong hatred against wearing car harnesses. But do not panic in those situations and try to train them slowly and steadily. Through practice and habits, they will get the hang of it. Conclusively, you should resort to a car harness so that your bud can have all the fun being safe and in place.

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