The 11 Best Dog Carrier Purses In 2022

Dogs are great companions. That’s why we take them with us for walks, runs, shopping, camping, and every other place they’re allowed to accompany us.

However, some sites have restrictions, and dogs are not allowed to walk around even on a leash. Other times the crowd is huge, and it becomes hard for your dog to walk around.

Some of our lovely four-legged-friends are also overwhelmed and scared when in big crowds. The good thing is, there’s a solution to all this which is The Dog Carrier Purse.

A dog carrier purse allows us to carry our dog around in crowds and in places such as subways and planes where dogs are not allowed to be walking around. However, a dog carrier purse is only suitable for small breeds.

Picking the right dog carrier purse for your pooch requires a dive through size, material, durability, versatility, style, and intended purpose.

With a wide variety and manufacturers of dog carrier purses in the market, it can be tricky picking out the right one. We decided to narrow down the list for you to the top, most versatile dog carrier purses in the market.

Keep reading, and you might land on the perfect dog carrier purse for your canine.

11 Best Dog Carrier Purses

1) BETOP HOUSE Pet Carrier Tote

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BETOP HOUSE carrier Tote features a beautiful and attractive style while offering everything you need in a dog carrier purse.

It’s made of high-quality synthetic leather to ensure durability and strength. The material used is breathable and soft to keep your dog comfortable when carrying it around.

The heavy-duty nature of the bag doesn’t make the carrier purse any heavier. It’s quite lightweight for the dog’s parent comfort.

This bag comes in small and large sizes. In the small size, the bag has two meshed openings while in the large size, there’s only one mesh opening. The meshed windows provide enough air circulation to keep your pup comfy throughout any journey.

A snap pocket fitted at the front and a zipper pocket fitted at the back provide enough storage space for your dog’s treats.

This carrier bag has a removable bottom plate, which makes it easier to clean up the bag after use. It also makes the bag durable because if the bottom gets damaged, you only change the removable base plate.

The dog carrier bag features soft, padded handles for comfort when carrying the dog. A detachable and adjustable shoulder strap is also provided for versatility.

The only problem with this bag is that the portions covering the meshed parts do not stay rolled up.

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2) PetsHome Dog Carrier Purse

by PetsHome

This carrier bag is made to accommodate your pup comfortably and in a fashionable style. It’s made of high-quality PU leather which is durable, sturdy, and easy to clean. It’s also waterproof which keeps your pooch dry and safe inside the bag.

The interior of the PetsHome dog carrier bag features a soft padded material which is comfy and perfect for your pooch to sleep on. A small fixed leash integrated on the inside, prevents your pup from jumping or falling out, keeping him safe on the inside.

Two Integrated meshed windows create a well-ventilated and cozy environment for your dog. The window on the front side has “curtains” which can be rolled up and fixed, or closed accordingly.

It has a three-row adjustable top opening which creates more space and ventilation options for your dog.

The carrier purse has a back pocket to store snacks and food for your dog for easier accessibility and convenience.

Two bottom mats are included for easier cleaning of the bag.

The bag comes in small, medium, and large sizes to allow you to select the most suitable one for your pooch. It also comes in many varying colors to choose your dog’s favorite.

This carrier purse is airline approved, which makes its usage adaptable.

On the downside, this purse doesn’t come with a shoulder strap.

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3) Anima ZOOSTAR Dog Carrier Purse


The Anima Zoostar carrier purse is suitable for small dogs of less than 10lbs.

Its outside material is durable, sturdy, soft, and easy to clean. It’s also water-resistant, which makes it perfect for any weather to keep your dog comfy and dry on the inside.

The interior design features a soft, padded cotton material. It keeps your dog comfortable and warm. This material is also resistant to dirt, which keeps it cleaner for longer for prolonged usage. A removable fleece bottom is added for easier cleaning.

A fixed elastic leash is attached on the inside to keep your dog secure and prevent it from getting out during travel.

The purse has a meshed window which keeps your pet well aerated. The mesh can be covered with a quilted flap to keep your dog safer, warm, or calm.

For the dog parent’s comfort, the purse is lightweight and has soft but sturdy handles, which makes it quite easy to carry. It’s also fashionable to keep up with your style.

On the downside, the bag doesn’t have any pockets to carry small accessories or snacks for your dog.

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4) MyGift Faux Patent Leather Pet Carrier

by MyGift

MyGift Faux Patent dog purse exterior features an exquisite, quilted leather design. The material is durable, soft, and easy to clean, which creates convenience. This exterior design is designer-inspired, which builds a sense of style when carrying your dog.

Two pockets are integrated on the side to hold some accessories and food for your dog for easier accessibility and convenience.

On the inside, the purse has a breathable and soft material, which makes it more comfortable for your dog. There’s also a removable padded panel on the bottom for your pet’s comfort. This panel makes it easier to clean the bag.

The purse has two meshed sides for ventilation within the bag. The meshed sides can be closed or opened using integrated flaps, which creates versatility. The top part is also meshed to increase the carrier’s ventilation, which keeps your pet cozy.

This purse is lightweight, and it has sturdy, comfy handles for easier carrying.

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5) Argo Petagon Dog Carrier Purse

by Teafco

The Argo Dog Carrier Purse is not only stylish but also an approved airplane carrier because it meets all the IATA requirements.

The Petagon Purse features a super-lightweight construction (2lbs) for a carrier bag, which makes it easy to carry around. The construction material used is high-quality, heavy-duty, and durable to serve you and your lovely pet for long.

It’s integrated with five zipper pockets on the outside for storage of your furry friend’s food and accessories which create convenience.

The interior is fitted with a soft and comfortable material to keep the dog comfy when traveling.

The Petagon features a meshed top panel and two meshed windows on each side for ventilation. The mesh is double layered for reinforcement to make sure your pooch doesn’t get out.

It features a top opening for loading your dog, and a side opening for feeding your dog, which creates convenience.

It has sturdy over-the-shoulder handles for easier portability. The purse is also fitted with smart straps for seat belt attachment when traveling.

The purse comes with removable waterproof padding for easier cleaning of the bag after each use.

On the downside, this carrier bag only fits small dogs. Make sure the measurements fit your dog before purchasing it.

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6) Sleepypod Atom

by Sleepypod

Sleepypod Atom is one of the few dog carrier purses that have been successfully crash-tested for your dog’s safety.

This purse features a heavy-duty yet lightweight construction which makes it easy to carry around. This construction is sturdy and durable.

The carrier has storage pockets (Velcro pockets on the long sides and open pockets on the ends) for storing accessories and dog food, which makes it convenient.

It’s fitted with cute, soft padding on the bottom which is comfortable for your dog to rest on.

The carrier is well ventilated by a large mesh panel which creates a comfortable and fresh environment for your dog to relax.

A short leash integrated on the interior of this carrier keeps your dog from getting out, which keeps him/ her safe.

It has a strong handle and over-the-shoulder strap which make its portability easier.

This carrier is airline-approved for your convenience and versatility.

It’s available in one size, but it comes in five stylish colors to allow you to choose the most preferred taste as per your dog.

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7) Fashion Dog Carrier Purse

by Petparty

The Fashion Dog Carrier from Petparty is fashionable and stylish, and it accommodates your pet comfortably. This carrier purse is meant for small teacup dogs of less than 10lbs.

It’s made of high-quality, durable, and sturdy canvas material for prolonged use. This material is waterproof to keep your pup safe and dry. It’s also easy to clean for convenience.

The interior of this purse features a soft and breathable material to keep your dog comfortable during travel. It’s fitted with a soft removable pad, which is safely attached to the bottom via Velcro straps for your dog’s comfort, and to facilitate easier cleaning.

The purse has several zipped pockets to hold accessories and treats for your pooch, which makes it convenient.

It has several ventilation panels, which are meshed, to keep your dog well aerated and cool. These ventilation panels can be closed using flaps to keep your dog safe and warm inside.

There is a tethered flexible leash on the inside for attaching your dog’s collar so that they don’t jump out. This keeps them safe.

This carrier purse, however, doesn’t come with a shoulder strap.

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8) MG Collection Dog Carrier Purse

by MG Collection

This is a soft-sided carrier purse made to hold your dog securely, comfortably, and in style. It features a stylish, soft, and easy to clean quilted dual-tone exterior design. This material is durable and high-quality for prolonged use.

The interior design features a comfortable and breathable material to keep Fido cozy when traveling. A removable soft pad is also added to keep your dog more comfortable and for easier cleaning after use.

It has several storage pockets on both sides which hold several accessories and dog treats. This makes the purse convenient because you don’t have to carry an extra purse or bag.

The top panel is meshed, and there are eight reinforced grommet holes around the bag to create a well-aerated environment for your dog.

This carrier purse has two strong and durable handles for easier portability of your dog.

With two zippers and a Velcro pad securing the top panel, this carrier bag is really secure for Fido.

However, this bag doesn’t provide enough ventilation when the top panel is closed.

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9) Furry Lift Pet Carrier Purse

by Furry Lift

The Furry Lift Carrier Purse features a fully washable 100% cotton canvas. This material is durable and of high-quality, ensuring long term use.

The interior of this carrier purse is well padded for your furry friend’s comfort and to provide safety from impact. It’s also fitted with soft removable fleece padding for comfort, support, and warmth. This pad also makes cleaning easier.

This tote has an in-built 23” adjustable leash to attach to your dog’s collar for safety while still ensuring ease of movement.

It’s fitted with interior storage pockets with invisible zippers to keep your possessions safe and six exterior storage pockets. The storage pockets hold accessories and dog food/ treats for convenience.

The top panel has logo snaps for easier closing of the carrier purse without harming Fido’s fur like zippers do. The snaps also create easier accessibility

It has long shoulder straps and short handheld straps for easier portability, depending on your most comfy style. The straps offer perfect balance and support while carrying Fido.

Furry Lift Carrier Purse comes with a Free Clutch to provide extra storage space for your accessories or dog treats.

The purse has a grooved neck opening for breathability or aeration within the carrier to keep your pet comfortable.

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10) TAILFOUR Portable Tote Carrier Purse


The TAILFOUR Carrier Purse features a stylish PU leather construction which is durable and can withstand long term heavy-duty use.

It’s integrated with several double-stitched pockets for storing dog treats and small accessories for convenience.

The interior of this purse features a soft lining which keeps your dog comfortable and warm. It’s fitted with a sturdy, detachable, soft foot padding that keeps your dog comfortable and relaxed throughout any journey. This pad also makes cleaning easier.

It has a robust, ergonomic zipper at the top panel that keeps Fido safe and provides easier access to your pet.

An integrated groove neck opening provides ventilation to keep the bag cool for your dog. It also provides a way for Fido to poke his/ her neck out to enjoy the weather.

Its over-the-shoulder straps are comfortable to use, and they make portability easier.

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11) Hubulk Dog Purse

by Hubulk

Hubulk Carrier Purse is made of thick heavy-duty oxford fabric. This material is breathable, durable, and comfortable for your dog. It’s also washable and can withstand prolonged use.

The bag is fitted with a meshed ventilation panel on one end. The top also has a meshed layer that can be left attached via a zipper. These meshed panels enable air circulation to keep Fido happy and relaxed inside the carrier. The meshed side panel also doubles as an opening to pass your dog snacks. This makes this carrier purse very convenient.

It features several storage pockets which create a way to store essential accessories and dog treats for convenience and easy accessibility.

This carrier purse has short straps for quick mobility and a long adjustable side-back strap, which makes it easier to carry the purse for long walks.

It comes with a removable soft padded bottom which creates a comfy area for your pooch to rest and makes it easier to clean the bag.

However, this bag is not well-ventilated for use in a hot environment.

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What factors should I consider when choosing a dog carrier purse?

  • Function – this is the intended use of the bag. If it’s for going shopping or walks, then one can acquire any suitable carrier purse. However, if you intend to use the dog carrier purse on a plane, then you need to check if it’s approved for air travel by most airlines.
  • Size – always check the measurements of a dog carrier purse and make sure your dog will not only fit but also have some extra space to stretch and lie down comfortably.
  • Ventilation – the carrier needs to be well aerated, especially when you lock your dog in the bag. Make sure your dog stays comfortable throughout the journey.
  • Material – the material used to make the carrier purse determines its durability, breathability, ease of use, and the comfort of the dog and dog’s parent.

How do I measure my dog’s size?

  • Length (The back) – take measurements from the back of his/her neck to the base of the tail
  • Height – measure from the top of the shoulders to the ground
  • Width –Take end to end measurements of his/her broadest part of the torso

Does a dog carrier purse have any safety features?

Yes, a dog carrier purse should have some integrated safety features to keep your dog protected. For example, an inbuilt short leash attaches to your dog’s collar to prevent them from jumping out.

Can dog carrier purses hold large dogs?

No, carrier purses are designed to accommodate small teacup-sized breeds of up to 10lbs. Some can accommodate up to 15lbs, but one should always check the measurements and the carrier’s construction.

Final Verdict

Our dogs deserve the finest treatment, and if we want their sweet company wherever we go, then we should definitely purchase them the top carrier purses to carry them around. Carrier purses are perfect for carrying small breeds around. They should be comfortable for your dog and should contain all the features that make them suitable and easy to use.

The carrier purses reviewed in this article are of high-quality and suitable for a range of small dog breeds/ puppies. Choose accordingly and enjoy having Fido wherever you go.

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