The 15 Best Dog Doors In 2022

Dogs though great, may sometimes get haywire. This is especially probable with those dogs that are bred for security reasons.

To contain them and guarantee their safety, you want to make do with special pieces of equipment. The dog doors will come to your rescue in this.

These are special pieces of equipment which are used to seal the entrances to your dog’s kernels. They come in varied shapes and dimensions.

It is because of this that you have to find the best one for your use. A look at our reviews below will offer the much-needed help.

15 Best Dog Doors

#1: PetSafe Dog Door

PetSafe Dog Door

Lack of relevant installation skills yet want to make the best of these doors? Look for one that is easier to install like this one. It is in fact simple enough for the do-it-yourselfer.

Watertight Closure

When shut, the door gives off watertight closures indeed. This is brought about by some soft yet transparent single-flap door. It works hand in hand with a magnetic closure to achieve this end.

Reputable Brand

PetSafe is a truly reputable brand. It has served the needs of pet owners since 1991. Throughout its operations, it has done a truly great job indeed. Join the millions of satisfied customers by choosing it.

Unconstrained Compatibility

With this door, it is possible to attach and work with many like-minded brands and equipment. These include the doors, patio panels, and wall entries to mention but a few! Your use is hence unconstrained.


  • The flap adjusts to accommodate dogs of various shapes and sizes
  • Insulated to shut in air and prevent external interferences
  • Easy to replace the worn-out parts and components
  • Truly energy efficient and saves greatly on your money
  • Uses two flaps; one for the interior and the other for the exterior


  • Tackles only light home everyday use
  • Too weak to contain strong dogs
  • Highly susceptible to damages and impacts

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#2: OWNPETS Dog Screen Door

OWNPETS Dog Screen Door

Looking for a door that doubles up as a window too? This is the one to place your bet on. It is transparent and tough enough to serve dual roles. Use it to let your dogs get in and out easily.

High-quality ABS Material

In its entirety, this dog door is made of high-quality ABS material. Needless to say, this material is strong and durable. Expect the entire structure to similarly withstand the test of time.

Dog Screen Door

As noted, this door may also serve as a window. This stems mainly from the fact that it is transparent to allow for the infiltration of light. You need not purchase separate equipment to achieve this need.

Highly Versatile

For all practical purposes, this dog door is highly versatile. It gives you the freedom to install it on your doors, windows, or any other areas that contain screens. You stand to enjoy some extended freedom of use.


  • Compact in size and dimensions
  • Lets your dog easily get in and out
  • Closes automatically after your dog gets in
  • Lockable for added safety to your dog
  • Tough enough to withstand harsh impacts


  • Poor air circulation and breathability
  • Too small to handle larger dogs
  • Must hire expertise to fix it in place

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#3: Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door

Ideal Pet Products Aluminum Sash Window Pet Door

Does your pet dog weight 2 to 25 pounds heavy? If it does, this is the best dog door to pick and use for their kernels. That is because it is specifically intended for such kinds of dogs, almost to the latter.

Aluminum Construction

Setting this door apart from the others is the Aluminum construction. Unlike other Aluminum, this one is rich in quality and is white in color. With this arrangement, expect the door to install easily in many window styles.

Locking Rigid Flap

Expediting the opening and closing of the door is the locking rigid flap. Given its transparent nature, it also lets you see through clearly. In this way, you prevent any unnecessary dangers and accidents.

Spring-loaded Locking Slide

After squeezing your dog in, you will lock it safely courtesy of the spring-loaded locking slide. Hardly will any intruder gain access to your dog considering that the locking grip achieved is extremely tight.


  • Adjusts to fit windows of various sizes
  • Backed by exceptional back-end customer service
  • Specially designed for sash windows
  • Demands limited mounting space
  • Lacks those complicated parts and components


  • Limited to dogs that weigh 2-25 pounds
  • Yields limited returns on your money
  • May not serve that many purposes

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#4: Etna 3-Panel Lattice Design Wooden Pet Gate

Etna 3-Panel Lattice Design Wooden Pet Gate

Is your search for a door dictated by both indoor and outdoor uses? To achieve this aim, you must only use that door which is universal in scope and able to perform well in such circumstances. Look to no other than this.

Wooden Construction

Unlike many other pet doors, this one is made of wood. It is eco-friendly and very able to mean much to your environment. This notwithstanding, the door is still a reliable companion for your pet care needs.

Trendy Design

Its structure, construction, and design are all trendy. These are made possible mainly by the contemporary light finish. You may hence use this door to serve aesthetic values and purposes.

Medium-density Fiberboard Material

The wood in use is medium-density fiberboard. It is stable and strong. Also, some metallic hinges complement it to yield you much strength. In light of this, it provides you long-lasting performances and reliability.


  • Blocks any room of your home easily
  • Keeps your pets in or out of the room seamlessly
  • Freestanding and does not require external support
  • Serves some decorative purposes too!
  • Simpler to set up in a place


  • Quite bulky to carry around
  • Cannot serve as a window too!
  • Yields some poor interior visibility

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#5: BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door

BarksBar Original Plastic Dog Door

Want a door that is strong enough for day-to-day uses? A door of that kind has to be strong and resilient. This one is tested for bites and chews. It is hence a good bet for your use on a daily basis.

Stylishly Designs

In all, the design of this door is stylish indeed. Thanks to these elegant designs, the door is able to pair and match with just about any other home décor. Use it to complement your interior home beauty.

Built-in Magnetic Strips and Closures

Also abundantly present in this door are some built-in magnetic strips and closures. They keep the flap of the door intact to ward off the intrusion of the cold air drafts. For this reason, they maintain the interior temperatures warm enough.

Long-term Durability

Due to its tough and durable nature, the door stands the test of time. As it does so, the equipment also prevents any undesirable guests from seeping into the door. The safety and wellbeing of your dog are hence cared for.


  • The telescoping frame allows for long-term engagement
  • Fits doors of varied sizes and dimensions
  • Installs easily in five easy steps
  • Tamper-proof to restrict access whenever the door is not in use
  • Grants you some added peace of mind


  • Reckless handling may end up in injuries
  • Costly to come by
  • May require in-depth maintenance

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#6: North States Petgate Passage

North States Petgate Passage

Have some squeezed areas to mount the door? You need one that is optimized for matters of that kind like this one. It slips in those tight spaces easily to save on space requirements.

Extra-Wide Doorway

By all accounts, this equipment is wider than most others. That is because it contains a 21-inch walk-through to allow for easy entry and exit. This also lets it accommodate larger dogs with ease.

Easy-Open Door

For your easy opening and closing, the door comes along with some swing controls lever. Using this set of controls, it is possible to swing the gate in either direction for smooth entry and exit of your dog.

Grip-n-Twist Pet Door Latch

Lastly comes the grip-n-twist latch. As the name suggests, you have to get hold of the latch firmly then twist to engage. This makes it harder for intruders to gain access to your dog. You will have known before it happens.


  • Its pressure mount system performs instantly and securely
  • Spacious enough to let your dog roam around freely
  • Offers adequate protection to the interior dogs
  • Comprises an extra tall secure gate
  • Compact enough to fit tight spaces


  • Too small for too large dogs
  • Limited to small and tight spaces only
  • Prolonged use may pose premature damages

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#7: LUYA Pet Dog Screen Door

LUYA Pet Dog Screen Door

Wary of the squeaky noises that doors emit? Worry not! This one has you well taken care of. That is because it is quiet enough to let you use it without interfering with the stature of others around you.

Magnetic Flap Closures

This door manages to give off some strong seals indeed. Some two magnetic flap closures exist to bring about this particular need. They are found on the two opposite sides for effective sealing outcomes.

Automatic Operations

The door can open and close automatically and without any input from your part. This again goes a long way in enhancing your own comfort and reliability. It also prevents mosquitoes from seeping into the premises.

Fixation with Screws

Finally, the door is fixed with some screws. It is hence stronger and more reliable in the long run. This trait also makes it safer for your use and subsequent operations.


  • Sturdier and simpler to engage
  • So convenient as to let dogs enter and exit without human intervention
  • Automatic operations negate the need for human effort
  • Reinforced by use of screws for tighter sealing outcomes
  • The magnet strengthens the seals and wards off the intrusion of air


  • Many complex parts disparage the unskilled
  • Its operations are easily compromised
  • Requires too much care and attention

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#8: ORVINNER Portable Pet Magic Gate for Dog

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Do you change locations every now and then? You require a door that can easily be dismantled and carried back and forth. This is the one to place your bet on.

Durable Fabric Woven

Throughout its makeup are some durable fabrics. These are woven for strength and overall vitality. They are in turn made of thick yarn mesh and anti-pull fabric. Thanks to this, the door is long-lasting yet eco-friendly.

Strong Sticky Hooks

Some strong sticky hooks which feature the ABS high-quality plastics exist in this door. They let you easily fix the door firmly in place. Regardless of where you might find yourself, the hooks will be of help.

Easy to Install

By all accounts, this door is easy to install. You absolutely need no tools to do that. Yet again, this goes a long way in enhancing your use in locations that are detached from the mainstream.


  • Tested for longevity and performance
  • Simpler to keep clean
  • Reusable for handling many outdoor applications
  • Does not require any drilling to mount
  • Portable enough for remote usage


  • May not yield long-term reliability
  • Its parts are delicate and prone to damages
  • If broken, it may be too tricky to restore

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#9: PETLESO Dog Door Screen

PETLESO Dog Door Screen

If yours is a puppy, there is absolutely no need to use a larger door. You only have to look for a similarly small pet door like this one. It also has the added advantage of being able to resize to any window or door.

Anti-Scratch Mesh

An anti-scratch mesh stands tall among the list of its awesome features. This one lets in sufficient amounts of fresh air yet can withstand the scratches of the paws of the dogs and cats.

Sliding Lock

Next comes a sliding lock. This one sees to it that your pet remains inside the home even when you are away. It is also easy to engage and will hardly give the dog any room to escape when locked.

Magnetic Closures

Lastly comes the magnetic closures. They are basically some smooth magnetic screens that seal the doors tightly. In this manner, they expedite the process of letting your dog enter and exit the home unhindered.


  • The screws fix the door firmly in place
  • Gives you the room to choose the style you want
  • Highly resistant to impacts and strengths
  • Operates automatically and independent of your effort
  • Pairs with all screen and sliding doors


  • Too small for the larger dogs
  • Not so worthy a purchase
  • Has a shorter life expectancy

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#10: Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate

Arf Pets Free Standing Wood Dog Gate

Don’t just have enough space to mount your door? We ask that you give this one a try. It is free-standing and thinner in stature. It is hence able to fit those spaces that are ordinarily squeezed.

Multiple Configurations

The door features multiple configurations. These are epitomized by flexible connections which are may be arranged in diverse shapes. Courtesy of this, you stand to enjoy some freedom of operations to a large extent.

Freestanding Gates

As noted above, this door is free standing. This simply means that it can stand on its own and requires no foreign support to do so. You may use it to fill your doorways, staircases, and hallways.

Quality Wood Material

Some quality wood materials also constitute this door. Being of high quality, it lasts longer than what many others would ordinarily do. The wooden construction plays the role of environmental friendliness.


  • Keeps your pets pretty safe regardless of any potential harms
  • Fits tight spaces with ease
  • Convenient enough to carry around with ease


  • Not Suitable for larger dogs
  • Loses stability easily when tipped
  • May injure small babies

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#11: Namsan Pet Screen Door

Namsan Pet Screen Door

For your maximum peace of mind, you want a door that is strong enough to last you longer. This one will take you further. In fact, it has the ability to withstand all the wiles to manage everyday use.

Upgrade Slide Lock

Setting this door from the rest is an upgraded slide lock. This one is more stable and simpler to utilize. It also guarantees that your pet stays safe inside and with the least supervision possible.

Fixation with Screws

The joints are further fixed with screws. This use of screws adds some strength and reliability to the joints. They also guarantee the door will swing back and forth repeatedly and without any undue hassles.

Magnetic Flap Closures

Complementing the screws and the upgraded slide locks are the magnetic flap closures. These function by sealing any loopholes tightly and firmly. They also negate the need to put in much effort to yield the intended ends.


  • Controls the access of your pet to the interior
  • Has a rather attractive entrance for added aesthetics
  • Quite discreet as to negate any unlikely identification
  • Endures many years of potential abuse
  • Convenient enough for a do-it-yourselfer


  • Limited versatility restricts its applicability
  • Has a rigid stature and dimensions
  • Does not let in enough light

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#12: North States Petgate Passage

North States Petgate Passage

Intending to leave your home for too long? The door you use has to be stronger and more reliable. We ask that you try this one out. It is firmly secure and strong enough for long-term applications.

Comprehensive Construction

Generally speaking, this door is packed with tons of features. Some of these are the one-handed operated handle and the Grip-n-Twist latch. They allow for smooth operations throughout the lifetime of the dog.

Stylish and Dependable

In all, this dog is stylish and highly dependable. That is because it comprises some features which are similarly attractive in nature. The bronze matte finish stands out as it gives off some awesome décor.

Seamless Adjustability

You may adjust this door to a variety of spaces and other accessories. That is because it is flexible enough to fit spaces and openings that range from 29.75 inches wide to 39 inches long and is 30 inches tall.


  • Operable by one hand only
  • Has an easy-grip handle
  • Heavy-duty metal frame
  • Easy pressure-mount installation
  • Hard-to-climb barrier


  • You may find it complicated as a beginner
  • Care and maintenance are both tedious
  • Requires many other accessories to operationalize

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#13: Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

Some times of the year experience adverse weather conditions. You want an above-average door to guarantee the safety of your pet. This one responds well to those adverse weather conditions as you are about to see.


As stated, this door is resistant to harsh weather elements. It can, in fact, withstand 50 miles per hour of harsh winds and -40°F of temperatures. This arrangement lets it keep your pets safer in ways which others cannot even come close to.


The door is machine-tested for various potential damages and performance-related issues. In fact, it undergoes a whopping 30,000 trials to guarantee that it will not fail or sustain unnecessary damages.

UV-retardant Flaps

Its flaps are retardant to the harmful ultraviolet radiation. They also prevent cracks and warps which arise mainly in cold weather conditions and severe heat. This is not to mention that it maintains flexibility too!


  • Seals the dogs in tightly via the magnetic seals
  • The sturdy Aluminum tunnel allows for smooth movements of your dog
  • Fits those tiny and narrow spaces easily
  • Locks securely for added strength and security
  • Saves greatly on energy needs


  • Too weighty to carry around with ease
  • Costs some good money to operationalize
  • Takes up plenty of mounting spaces

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#14: Door Buddy Adjustable Door Strap and Latch

Buddy Adjustable Door

Have many pets in mind? The door you use has to be adjustable to be able to rhyme with the unique sizes of these pets. Of all that is under our review, it is this that fits that bill.


An adjuster does exist whose role is to alter the dimensions of the door and its opening. It is this one which makes your door be able to handle and rhyme with the needs of many kinds of pets.

3M Tape

To fasten the door, you will not have to rely on the complicated magnetic. Instead, you make do with a 3M tape. This one does a good job yet is cheaper than the magnet above.

Pet Door Latch

It also has a pet door latch. You use this to open and close the door. Being reliable, it is unlikely to cause any unnecessary inconveniences while in use. This is not to mention the strong and safe outcomes it gives.


  • Directs your dog easily to the litter box
  • Handles the needs of many pets at a time
  • Convenient enough for the adult pets too!
  • Requires no tools to install
  • Bars your pets from misbehaving


  • Leaves some room for air to seep in
  • Short lasting parts and components
  • Only useful as a stop-gap measure

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#15: FurryFriends Pet Window

FurryFriends Pet Window

Keeping your dog safely in its kernel is sometimes not enough. You want to go ahead and make it more comfortable. Perhaps the best way to do this is to give it a transparent door like this one.

Acrylic Dog Peep

An acrylic dog peep exists in this door. It is the one that lets your dog see through its exterior environment. Further, it spares your dog from those tense and anxious moments it experiences inside.

No-tool Installations

You require no tool to fix this door in place. That is because it is simpler and very easy to make do with. Yet again, it goes a long way in enhancing your own comfort and overall satisfaction.

Pet Window

A pet window also exists in this door. The role of this window is to widen the scope of your animal’s viewpoint. It basically lets your dog gain more leverage but for limited space, all factors considered.


  • Provides some great viewing experiences
  • Brings down any possibilities of harms
  • Relatively simpler to keep clean
  • Large enough for bigger dogs
  • By all means necessary for long term use


  • Its windows crack easily
  • Acrylic material tears apart easily with the dog paws
  • Too harsh impacts destroy the doors and windows

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ‘must-have’ safety features for dog doors?

A sliding lock cover and a magnetic seal are two of the ‘must-have’ safety features. If you are primarily concerned about the safety of your dog, they should never miss in your door.

How much does it cost to install a dog door?

If you choose to hire a pro, be prepared to part with no less than $125 to $300. This is beside the actual cost of the door. The breed of the dog may also influence the final costs.

What size of dog door do I require?

Measure the height of the dog, its weight, and the levels of activeness. Be sure to give some allowance for the dog to grow and move around.

Is it possible to install a dog door in a glass door?

YES, it is! Take care though that you do not use a glass door to house a dog that is hyperactive. You might jeopardize your own finances as you will have to purchase a new door every now and then.

How do you determine the size of a dog door?

The ideal size equals the size of your dog plus some decent allowances for smooth movements. You might need an expert to walk you through this whole process.

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