The 11 Best Dog Dryers In 2022

It’s a fact that every dog owner/ lover wants their poops happy, healthy, and clean. Grooming is one of the main ways to fulfill these desires.

However, grooming your dog can be quite labor-intensive, especially if you own several of them. By incorporating the right grooming systems, the whole process gets easier, and your dog’s grooming experience becomes more exciting.

One of the most crucial grooming systems a dog owner or a professional groomer should have is a powerful Dog Dryer.

Acquiring a good air dryer requires a detailed look into several factors, including versatility, safety, energy efficiency, accessories, and the dryer’s power, among other factors.

To make the selection process easier for you, we decided to look into all these factors and narrowed down to the top dog dryers in the market.

Dive in and get a dryer for your furry friend.

11 Best Dog Dryers

1) K-9 III Dog Grooming Dryer

by K-9 Dryers

When it comes to pets, K-9 is a well-recognized brand because it bases its tools and accessories on quality, efficiency, and durability. The K-9 III Dog Dryer is one of the top grooming systems in the market. It’s simply a beast.

The K-9 III has an 18 gauge steel body construction to withstand continuous use. The steel construction makes the dryer resistant to corrosion and increases its durability.

It’s fitted with two powerful motors unlike most dryers in the market which have only one motor. The dual motors make it versatile in that one can choose to use one motor for light or delicate drying jobs or both motors for heavy-duty drying.

The dryer has two variable speeds, i.e., 118 CFM, 34,321 – 62,000 FPM. The varying speeds allow you to choose the power you require as per the density of your dog’s coat.

The dryer comes with a 10 ft air hose to make the drying process easier. Two blower tips, for versatility, and two filters accompany the dryer.

The K9 – III dryer is flawless.

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2) NaturePlus Hand Blower

by NaturePlus

NaturePlus dog dryer is composed of a sturdy ABS and stainless steel construction. The stainless steel body is resistant to corrosion and rust, which ensures prolonged use. The body’s durability and strength make it perfect for recurrent use.

It has a 2400W, 3.2HP motor. This is powerful enough to dry even the thickest coats. The motor has advanced energy-saving technology, which enables it to run on low power consumption without affecting its performance.

The NaturePlus dryer features variable temperature control ranging from 40 to 50. This makes it versatile.

It’s integrated with advanced technology to prevent a rise in temperature when the airflow setting is low.

The dryer is well insulated to minimize noise when in use. The maximum sound the dryer produces is 60db.

The dryer has an easy to use interface and a LED display, which makes it easier to adjust speed and temperature as required.

It has a strong handle, which makes portability easier.

The dryer comes with three air nozzles for adaptability when drying your dog.

This dryer works flawlessly.

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3) Chris Christensen Kool Dry

by Chris Christensen Systems

One of the factors one should consider when choosing a dog dryer is its versatility. The Chris Christensen Kool Dry is one of the most versatile and powerful dog dryers a dog owner or a professional groomer can own.

This dryer has variable speed velocities to meet any pups’ drying requirements. It has high velocity for thick furs or large breeds and low velocity for small breeds and puppies. This makes it adaptable to any dog drying needs.

The Chris dog dryer’s motor features a Smart Start Technology which starts the motor at 2 to 3amps and increases its power to 6/9amps at full speed.

It has variable speeds which allow for over 200 airflow options to fit different drying requirements. This comes in handy when detailed grooming is required.

The dryer is made of rustproof Polyethylene housing, which is strong and durable to withstand continuous usage. The housing is fitted with sound-absorbing foam, which keeps the whole process quiet and comfortable for your pup.

It’s also fitted with trip breakers which protect the dryer’s circuit from a power overload.

The dryer comes with a long hose (over 8ft) for more comfortable drying and two air nozzles for adaptability.

The Chris Christensen Kool Dry Dryer is flawless.

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4) Flying Pig High Velocity Dryer

by Flying Pig Grooming

The Flying Pig Grooming Dryer provides you with the best accessories to save time and energy during grooming.

It features a strong steel construction which is sturdy, resistant to rust and corrosion, and durable to give your dog grooming services for years.

The dryer comes with a stand which plays several significant roles during use. First, it allows for hands-free drying, which saves you time. It also makes mobility easier since it’s fitted with four lockable casters. The stand is adjustable from 33″ to 51″, which allows you to set it at different heights depending on speed, your dog’s size or air temperature.

Flying Pig Dryer has a 4.0 HP/ 16.36 amps/ 60-cycle motor. This is powerful enough to run the dryer at high speeds for a fast-drying experience.

The dryer is integrated with a 360-degree rotating nozzle and a 120” hose. This combination makes it easier for the owner to choose the most suitable way to dry their four-legged friends.

It has adjustable speeds and temperature for versatility when drying your dog. The heat can be turned off and on depending on the immediate surroundings.

On the downside, the nozzle tends to move around due to vibrations. The plastic screw used to hold the stand in position is also weak.

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5) Shernbao Professional Dog Dryer

by shernbao

Shernbao features a seamless dryer designed from the combination of unique engineering, style, and industrial-grade design.

The dryer has a powerful motor of up to 5.0 HP. The motor is constructed from industrial grade materials to ensure that it runs without any hitches.

It has a double clamshell housing which reduces noise and vibrations to keep your dog comfortable during drying.

The dryer is integrated with an ergonomic handle for portability and comfort. The handle is insulated with a heat-resistant sleeve for protection.

It has two adjustable temperature settings, i.e., low and high ranging from 55Fahrenheit to 131Fahrenheit. It also has an infinitely variable speed from 515FPM to 64,000FPM. The variability of velocity and temperature allows you to set the ideal conditions required to dry your dog faster and safely.

Shernbao Dog Dryer comes with a 10ft flexible hose, three nozzles, and air filters. These accessories make the drying process more convenient.

This dryer has no flaws.

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6) Shelandy Dog Dryer


Shelandy Dog Dryer features a 2400W power output motor with a 110-120 voltage. This means that the motor is quite powerful to support your pooch cleaning requirements. The motor is made of high-quality, stable materials for durability and to support prolonged usage.

The dryer features a protected heater with an on and off switch. This allows you to choose between warm or cold air, depending on the immediate requirements.

It has adjustable airflow speeds of between 56MPH – 135MPH to regulate air velocity according to your pet size or coat density. The wide range of low to high velocity allows use in small breeds, large breeds, and even in puppies.

Shelandy dog dryer is fitted with a four-level noise reduction technology to create a comfortable and friendly environment for your dog during the drying process.

The dryer comes with four nozzles for versatility when drying up your pet. It also comes with a flexible 65″ hose, which makes it easier to dry up your pet.

This dryer works flawlessly.

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7) Free Paws Pet Dryer

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The versatility attained when using this Free Paws Pet Dryer is impressive. The dryer is designed to make the whole process as easy as possible.

It has a 4HP motor made of copper to make sure that it works at optimal. The ideal construction and high power output of the motor make this dryer powerful enough to tackle any dog drying requirements.

The dryer has a full and an adjustable speed setting. The stepless adjustable speed setting ranges from 4921FPM to 11023FPM to accommodate both small and large dog breeds.

The Free Paws Dog Dryer features low, high, and off temperature setting. This allows you to select the best heat setting for your dog as per the immediate conditions.

It has a stainless steel construction which is durable and robust for prolonged use. It’s also resistant to rust and corrosion, which increases its durability.

It’s fitted with an ergonomic handle which enables portability. The handle is insulated to protect your hands during use.

The dryer comes with a flexible hose (up to 7.9 ft) to enable usage away from the powerful motor. It also comes with a multipurpose grooming glove, seven finger nozzle, wide slot nozzle, standard size nozzle, 21 holes comb nozzle, air filter, and a cylindrical nozzle.

This dryer works efficiently as long as it’s maintained and used as required.

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8) Go pet Club Grooming Dryer

by Go Pet Club

The Go Pet Club Dryer features a 2400W/ 110v/ motor. The motor has a stainless steel housing which makes the dryer durable, resistant to rust, and robust to withstand regular use.

The dryer has two adjustable speeds of 25M/S and 50M/S. This makes it suitable for drying small to medium-sized coats.

It also features two adjustable temperature settings of 30 and 75 to allow adaptability as per the coat’s condition.

The dryer comes with a puncture-resistant, double reinforced, and flexible air hose for easier drying. Three nozzles accompany it for flexibility during use.

To keep your pooch comfortable during cleaning, the dryer is integrated with low noise technology.

On the downside, the dryer is only suitable for small breeds.

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9) Metro Vac Air Force Master Blaster

by Metro Vacuum

The Master Blaster from Metro Vacuums is a useful industrial-grade dog dryer. It has robust full steel construction for durability and to allow continuous use. The steel construction resists corrosion and rust from environmental and physical elements.

The dryer is fitted with a 10ft industrial grade flexible air hose which enables easier and fast drying of your dog’s coat. It comes with one heavy duty neoprene nozzle to fit on the hose.

Metro Vac Master Blaster has two 4HP motors which deliver up to 58,500FPM. The two motors can be used concurrently to deliver maximum power or independently when low power is required.

This dryer features adjustable airflow velocity and temperature to allow the user to employ the most suitable settings as per the immediate drying requirements.

The dryer features a strong handle and wheels to enable mobility due to its heavyweight construction (weighs 28 pounds).

The Metro Vac Master Blower is flawless.

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10) Xpower Thermal Ace Force


The Xpower Thermal Ace dryer has a 3Hp motor designed to deliver precise and powerful airflow to make grooming easy. The motor produces up to 31,000RPM on max settings.

This dryer has variable speed control from low velocity for use with puppies and small breeds to high speeds for larger breeds. The variable speed also allows you to control the noise level, especially for stressed/ sensitive breeds.

It has two temperature settings for adaptability depending on how soaked the coat is or as per the coat density.

The dryer has an ABS housing, which makes it lightweight for easier portability and use. ABS is also durable and resistant to environmental elements for long-term use.

It comes with a flexible hose, three washable filters, and three different shaped nozzles. All these accessories play a vital role to keep the dryer working efficiently.

Despite its great features, the dryer takes longer to dry one average-sized dog.

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11) Flying One High Velocity Dog Dryer

by Flying Pig Grooming

Flying One Dog Dryer is among the most recommended dryers for dogs with sensitive skins or skin conditions.

It features a 4.0HP/ 12.72 amps motor which provides enough power for this machine when in use. The motor runs quietly making it perfect for nervous dogs.

The dryer has a sturdy steel construction. This ensures durability, resistance to environmental and physical elements, and prolonged/ regular use of the dryer.

It has adjustable low and how temperature settings from 81 to 160. This allows adaptability to different factors when drying your dog. The heat can also be turned off to use cold air for drying.

Integrated adjustable air speeds make the dryer versatile for use in drying all fur densities.

This dryer comes with a flexible, robust, and durable hose measuring 10ft. The length of this hose makes the grooming process more comfortable.

Two nozzles and a washable filter are included in this dryer for convenience.

The Flying One Dog Dryer works without a hitch.

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How do I get my dog used to a dryer?

The best way to get your dog used to an air dryer is to start slow and at an early age. By starting slow and at an early age, you get them accustomed to the dryer’s noise. You can also leave the dryer running even when you’re not using it to dry your pooch. This gets the dog used to the air dryer’s sound.

How do I keep my dog calm during grooming?

  • Give your dog small treats during grooming for distraction
  • Start with the dog’s favorite part
  • Avoid loud dryers

What are some useful tips to follow when using a force dryer?

  • Place your dog on a grooming table when using a dryer. It makes drying easy.
  • Turn the dryer on a few minutes before you begin drying your dog to familiarize them with the noise (lowest settings)
  • Always start blowing less sensitive parts such as the ribs and midsections

What is the importance of using a dog dryer?

  • Saves you time and effort
  • It prevents bad odor
  • Prevents colds
  • Helps to maintain fur and skin
  • Removes and prevents dirt accumulation on your dog’s coat

Why not use the regular hair dryer on dogs?

The typical hair dryer produces a lot of heat, which can cause burns and damage to the dog’s skin and fur. This is why a special dog dryer is recommended for use on dogs.

Final Verdict

A dog dryer is a significant part of your dog’s grooming systems as it dries up your dog faster averting dirt and diseases. Choosing a good quality and ideal dryer for your dog requires a careful analysis of versatility, power, durability, air velocity, and several other factors which are mentioned in our review.

We hope that you find your next grooming tool in this review. Always choose the finest for your pooch.

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