Top 15 Best Dog Food for Pit Bulls In 2022

Pit bulls, also known as American Pit Bull Terriers, are often labeled as vicious, aggressive, and unfriendly by most people given their appearance.

However, anyone who owns one or has had a kind of interaction with these beautiful creatures can attest to the fact that they can be quite loving and friendly; always ready to meet and greet new faces.

As people realized their gentle side, more and more people are embracing them as family pets just like any other dog.

In addition to their stocky build and smooth coat which makes them quite easy to recognize, many people love them for their incredible bravery; they are the kind of pets who would die for their family in a bid to protect it.

If well taken care of, pit bulls can live for up to 14 years.

One of the best ways to ensure that your furry buddy gets to live healthier and for much longer, is providing them with a high-quality, natural and well-balanced diet that meets their day to day nutritional needs.

There are so many varieties of dog foods available in the market, and making up your mind on the most ideal diet for your pet can seem daunting.

This is due to the fact that pit bulls are quite prone to allergies as they love to eat a lot.

In our article today, we have made everything so easy and straightforward for you, eliminating the need to conduct research on the best product yourself.

Read on to find out essential things you need to take account of when it comes to your Pit Bull’s dietary needs, and more importantly, our top 15 picks for the ‘Best Food for Pit Bulls!

15 Best Dog Food for Pit Bulls

#01. JustFoodForDogs Pantry Fresh Dog Food

JustFoodForDogs Pantry Fresh Dog Food

For high quality and well-balanced nutritional diet for your pit bull, the JustFoodForDogs Pantry Fresh makes a perfect choice.

Fresh yet non-perishable

This pet food can last for up to a year while still fresh at room temperature. This feature makes it easy to serve, store as well as travel with.

Human quality ingredients

All the ingredients that are used to make this food are fit for human consumption. This fact affirms that the food is of top-notch quality, ensuring that your pit bulls feel their best and look their best.

Fresh, whole-food recipes

This pantry fresh dog food redefines the meaning of real food when it comes to the dog food market. It is formulated by highly educated veterinarians who recommend that it gets gently cooked to maximize the nutritional value while boosting your dog’s immunity.

100% Natural

We can all agree that natural food is always a better choice as compared to artificial food given its health benefits and other nutritional features. With the JustForDogs dog food, there are no added colors, flavors, and growth hormones, making it all-natural.


  • Ideal for all dogs, whether they are growing or old
  • It is a convenient and quick meal
  • The high calcium and phosphorus levels greatly help to enhance growing tissues and bones
  • Great for weight management given the low-fat concentration
  • Good for dogs with sensitive stomachs and gluten allergies


  • The various ingredient combination may make it unpalatable for picky eaters

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#02. Wellness CORE Dog Food

Wellness CORE Dog Food

Revolutionize the way you feed your furry buddy by introducing the Wellness CORE Dog Food to their everyday diet. Sit back and watch as your pit bull grows into an active, muscular, and strong dog that displays utmost good health.

Grain free

Ideal for puppies with sensitive tummies, this food has no added artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It also lacks wheat, soy, or corn, all of which are common stomach irritants.

Omega and fish blend

For healthy skin and coat, the Wellness CORE Dog Food has a unique blend of omega-rich nutrients and fish.

DHA fatty acid

The DHA fatty acid in this food is derived from real salmon (a type of fish known for its high nutritional value). It helps in promoting the development of a healthy brain as well as overall muscle growth.

Vital minerals and vegetables

It comes with minerals such as phosphorus and calcium for healthy and strong bones. The unique vegetable blend reduces the risk of getting indigestion.


  • Higher levels of phosphorus and calcium when compared to other recipes
  • All-natural
  • Highly affordable
  • Includes probiotic support for healthy digestion


  • Not ideal for dogs that are sensitive to turkey or chicken
  • The high protein levels (36%) can be a little bit too much for puppies that are not quite active

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#03. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food

Do you have an adult pit bull and you are wondering what the perfect choice of dog food to meet its everyday nutrition need is? Look no further! The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Dog Food is here for you.

Meat first

Real Buffalo foods tend to prioritize meat; the real lamb gives it high protein concentration to enhance muscle building and promote good muscle health. In addition to meat, they contain garden vegetables, wholesome whole grains, and a variety of fruits for extra nutritional value.

Ideal for adult dogs

Adult pit bulls are quite active and aggressive, which requires them to have even higher energy levels in their bodies. The Blue Buffalo Life Protection has essential proteins and carbohydrates required to meet these high energy demands. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids promote healthy skin and shiny coats.

Lifesource bits

This dog food formula contains Blue’s signature Lifesource bits; a special and unique blend of carefully picked vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants by accredited animal nutritionists and holistic veterinarians. This gives your dog all its life stage requirements, improved immunity, and a healthy oxidative balance.


This formula is made from the finest of natural ingredients that are enhanced with nutrient-rich minerals and vitamins. There are no chicken products, poultry by-products, corn, soya, and wheat which makes it even better in case your dog has a hard time digesting these products.


  • Does not contain food irritants
  • Promotes good joint health
  • High protein content
  • High-quality ingredients for optimal health


  • May contain exceedingly high protein concentration for the younger adult dogs
  • May not be palatable with picky eaters given the array of ingredients

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#04. Solid Gold – Wolf King Dog Food

Solid Gold - Wolf King Dog Food

The Solid Gold – Wolf King Dog Food meets Solid Gold’s main mission of delivering the best quality limited ingredients dog food recipe in the market.

Top-notch quality

This dog food formula is made in the USA from single-source meat meals and the real meat of the highest quality, which are all sustainably sourced from Europe, North America, and Australia.

Lean protein-packed biston

This is the very first ingredient, and it comes combined with whole grains, healthy fats, a unique blend of 20 highly nutritious superfoods designed to help in digestion, muscle maintenance, and healthy skin.

Powerful superfood blend

The 20 superfood blends in this formula go way beyond basic nutrition, providing a perfect balance of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, fiber, and many other nutrients to aid in digestion, support the immune system functions and boost overall dog health. Some examples include broccoli, pumpkin, blueberry, and cranberry.

Protected probiotics

Solid Gold’s special fiber-rich probiotics are patented to ensure that they retain their high quality. They stay viable and alive until consumption, giving your pet optimal gut and digestive system healthy.


  • All-natural ingredients
  • High protein content
  • Lower fat concentration
  • Perfect for larger-sized pit bulls
  • No wheat, soy, or corn; easy to digest
  • Olive oil and canola oil for monosaturated fats required for healthy skin


  • High protein contents may be too much for smaller pit bulls
  • Might be slightly expensive to feed your dog on all the time

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#05. Nature’s Variety dog Food

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If you look forward to having your pit bull wag its tail around in pure majesty and utmost good health, then you have to try out Nature’s Variety dog food formula! It tops the list when it comes to your pet’s instinctive choice.

High animal protein

This formula is made from the caged chicken as the very first ingredient, which comes combined with lots of animal proteins for strong and very lean muscles. It contains 95% chicken and chicken-turkey liver and 5% wholesome ingredients, vegetables, and fruits.


Nature’s Variety dog food is grain-free and also lacks ingredients such as wheat, soy, corn, potatoes, artificial preservatives, and artificial colors. This enhances smooth digestion.


  • Innovative nutrition
  • Real meat
  • Lean poultry
  • Chelated minerals to enhance nutrient absorption
  • Ideal for dogs at all stages of growth
  • Omega fatty acids for better and healthier skin and shiny coat


  • May contain too much fats or proteins for smaller sized dogs
  • Less affordable than other choices in the market

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#06. CANIDAE Premium Dog Food


Enjoy a long and healthy life with your pit bull by introducing the CANIDAE Premium Dog Food into their daily food routine.

Grain free

This formula is grain free, which makes it a perfect choice if your dog has a sensitive tummy. There is no soy, wheat, or corn in the meal, so you need not worry about your pet suffering from indigestion.

Quality protein content

The CANIDAE Premium Dog Food comes with 6 different proteins; lamb, salmon, duck, biston, boar, and chicken. This meal instinctively appeals to your dog’s taste regardless of their stage of growth and size.

Limited ingredients

The total number of ingredients used in this formula does not exceed 10. This makes sure that your pet, whether male or female, gets exactly what he or she needs and nil unnecessary ingredients.

HealthPlus feature

Each and every bite of this dog food feels like some added health. It comes with antioxidants for a stronger immune system, enhanced probiotics to aid in digestion, and omega fatty acids for great skin and shiny coat.


  • Simple whole food recipes
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Highly nutritious
  • Provision of wholesome health
  • Lacks excess ingredients; ideal for picky eaters


  • The protein content can be a little bit too much for puppies and small pit bulls

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#07. Merrick Grain Free Dog Food Recipes

Merrick Grain Free Dog Food Recipes

We all have our favorite foods and dogs too have favorites when it comes to food. Made from a perfect blend of meat and other ingredients the Merrick Grain Free Dog Food Recipes are made to give all their formulas that divine taste that your dog will love for sure.

Real whole foods

For optimal natural nutrition, the Merrick Grain Free Dog Food Recipes are made from whole foods such as sweet potatoes, apples, pears, and blueberries. They do not contain any artificial additions such as colors, flavors, and preservatives.

An all-round solution

This formula has something to offer to pit bulls of all sizes and ages. Its recipes are well crafted to nourish puppies, adults, senior dogs, large breed dogs as well as dogs that have a need for weight management.

High levels of top-notch quality proteins

The first ingredient in Merrick’s Grain Free dog food is deboned fish, meat, or poultry giving it the leading levels of high-quality protein concentration it is well reputed for.


  • No gluten and grain ingredients; easy to digest
  • No unnecessary fats and calories
  • Glucosamine and omega fatty acids for overall good health
  • 100% natural and locally sourced
  • Ideal for weight management
  • Contains chondroitin and glucosamine for better hip and joints function


  • Pit bulls that are overly active may need a diet that has higher fat concentrations
  • Lacks probiotics

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#08. Natural Balance Dog Food

Natural Balance Dog Food

Your pitbull deserves the very best of care, and the same is especially true when it comes to matte diet; the Natural Balance Dog Food delivers just that.

Limited ingredients

This feature sees to it that your pitbull only gets essential nutrients rather than a concentration of ingredients that add no value to the body.

High protein concentration

The bigger percentage of the protein content in this formula is derived from lamb, which provides your pit bull with all its protein requirements.

Purely natural

This diet has no added flavors, colors, preservatives, and steroids. If your buddy’s tummy is sensitive, you don’t have to worry about them suffering from indigestion.


  • Ideal for pit bulls prone to allergic reactions
  • Omega fatty acids for optimal health and great skin
  • Essential oils and fiber enhance digestive health


  • You need a different diet for the promotion of joint health
  • Does not contain so much proteins as compared to other choices in the market

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#09. Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food

Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food

If you have a picky one, then try the Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food. Being quite palatable it is highly likely that your pit bull will love this formula.

Farm-raised duck

The one thing that is unique to Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food is the fact that it is made from ducks that are farm-raised specifically in western France. In addition to this, the formula is well balanced with chickpeas and wholesome vegetables. The limited ingredients promote low blood sugar.

Essential fatty acids and minerals

For optimal health, while keeping the sodium levels on the low, this formula contains tons of minerals and fatty acids. These also help in the promotion of good skin and a shiny appealing coat.


  • Promotion of low-glycemic nutrition
  • Boosting digestive health
  • Real meat (farm-raised duck)
  • Low sodium levels
  • High protein levels


  • Protein levels might be too high for less active dogs
  • Slightly pricy

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#10. Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food

Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food

After the seemingly long wait for your pit bull to finally become an adult, finally, it is time. As usual, you want to provide them with the best diet ideal for young adult pit bulls. Nulo Adult Grain Free Dog Food makes a perfect choice while at this stage of growth.

Protein rich meat

This formula is crafted using meat that is quite rich in protein, low on carbohydrates, and with BC30 probiotic all of which see to it that your dog is well taken care of when it comes to nutrients required to it to manage its active phase.


Nulo adult does contain have any allergy-triggering ingredients such as grains like wheat gluten, corn, and soy, artificial preservatives, flavors and colors as well as chicken by-products.


  • Easy to serve and preserve
  • No irritants
  • High calcium levels for strong bones


  • Less affordable compared to other choices
  • The protein levels can be too much for young puppies

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#11. Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild

Just like the name suggests, this formula has with it that tantalizing taste of the world that seems to wake all the senses right up.

Antioxidants and omega fatty acids

Taste of the Wild comes packed with antioxidants to help in the development of a strong immune system. The omega fatty acids help in ensuring that your furry friend’s skin is healthy and all shimmering.

Grain free

If your pitbull is prone to allergies or has a sensitive tummy, this right here would make its perfect recipe given the fact that it is free from all irritants.


  • 100% natural
  • Highly affordable
  • Rich in proteins


  • The sweet potatoes can cause allergies to some pit bulls

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#12. Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food

Ensure that your pit bull’s dietary needs are well taken care of by introducing the Rachael Ray Nutrish Dog Food in their diet.

Purely natural

This recipe has no artificially added flavors, colors, preservatives, and even steroids. If your pit bull’s stomach is highly sensitive indigestion will be a thing of the past.

Farm-raised beef

The first ingredient in this formula is high-quality beef which is farm-raised to ensure that your dog gets the most nutritional value


  • Very affordable
  • Highly nutritious
  • Zero irritants
  • Quite tasty


  • For other additional nutrients such as phosphorus and calcium, there is the need for additional supplements

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#13. IMK9 Dog Treats

IMK9 Dog Treats

They call them dog treats for a reason; try the IMK9 Dog Treats and be sure that you will have found your dog their new favorite food.

Freeze-dried salmon

This is a natural treat that your pitbull will definitely go crazy for. Dogs have a thing for freeze-dried salmon, and this diet gives them just that.

Human grade ingredients

The IMK9 formula is made from high-grade salmon that is fit for human consumption. This is an indication that it is quite high quality.


  • Incredibly nutritious
  • Omega fatty acids for great skin
  • Numerous minerals for added nutrition


  • Slightly pricy
  • Protein levels can be too much for young puppies

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#14. Doggie Jerky Bites

Doggie Jerky Bites

Bosco’s snack time will never be the same again with this tasty natural snack that redefines tasty!

Natural recipe

This healthy and holistic treat is quite tasty and it contains natural ingredients from fruits, vegetables, and poultry products.

Premium grade quality

Made in the USA with nature’s very best ingredients, these healthy treats are ideal for dogs of all ages and sizes.


  • Grain-free to reduce the risk of indigestion
  • Great taste that all dogs love
  • Contains numerous minerals for added benefits to the body


  • Not ideal for pit bulls that are sensitive or allergic to sweet potatoes

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#15. Pet Naturals of Vermont Dog Food

Pet Naturals of Vermont Dog Food

After feeding your furry buddy with a meat-based diet, it is important to combine it with a wholesome kind of recipe, and the Pet Naturals of Vermont Dog Food makes a perfect choice.

Tasteful flavor

This formula is made with a home-style chicken flavor that will fully satisfy all your dog’s cravings without necessarily adding unnecessary fats and calories to the body.

Organic ingredients

To ensure optimal health and nil irritation, this diet is made from purely organic ingredients as well as superfoods such as kales, spinach, oat meal, blueberries, and sweet potatoes.


  • Highly nutritious
  • Ideal for pit bulls with sensitive stomachs
  • Complements meat-based diets


  • Your dog is still required to consume meat-based diets
  • Some pit bulls are allergic to sweet potatoes

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Why is it important to be careful about your pit bull’s diet?

However sturdy they may appear; pit bulls are quite prone to allergies. The fact that they eat a lot does not make matters any better. Observing their diet ensures that you only feed them with what is enough in terms of quantity and nutritional value.

Do pit bulls of all ages and sizes eat the same food?

No. with different ages comes different body requirements. A growing puppy requires food rich in proteins for enhanced tissue and muscle growth. An active adult requires food rich in high energy levels, while a senior pit bull requires a lot of say calcium supplements to ensure that the bones are still strong.


Your pit bull’s diet is quite important to keep track of. The good thing is that it is not rocket science. You only need to know the various requirements at different stages in life.

Most of the products above are ideal for dogs of any age and size. However, depending on other specific needs, you will be required to choose the appropriate diet.

Our list above gives you a great starting point and makes your dog food life so much easier

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