Top 11 Best Dog Hair Bows For 2022

Choosing a dog hair bow may not be as easy because there are so many factors that you have to consider. Plus, the bows come in different designs and colors, thus making it even harder to settle on an option.

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  • 60Pcs/30Pairs,5 pairs lace dog hair bows and 25 pairs fabric dog hair bows. Colours of lace pet bowknot are consisted of blue,purple,red, pink, yellow. Other are mixed of all colors and patterns in random,maybe there are not all pairs.

And that is why we have thought it wise to provide you with a detailed review list highlighting the best dog hair bows that you can use as embellishment for other pet outfits.

11 Best Dog Hair Bows

#1 The Thoughtful Brand 50 Pcs Dog Hair Bows

The Thoughtful Brand 50 Pcs Dog Hair Bows

The set from Thoughtful Brand contains 50pcs of assorted dog hair bows that will help you glam up your fur baby. These bows are just the right size and will fit perfectly on almost all small dogs. The set is made up of a wide range of colors, which are beautiful and attractive. As such, your pet will get all the attention when at the dog park. Each bow is carefully handmade with great detail to provide your dog with a product that is worth it. Moreover, the dog bows are made from high-quality Oeko-tex material, thus offering your pet long-lasting durability.

Furthermore, the fabric is cured elastic, so it won’t pull on the dog’s fur. These bows are sewn with matching threads to deliver a uniform look that will make your dog stand out. The fact that they are lightweight means that they won’t distract your dog. So, your pet won’t try to pull the bow out once you attach it. All the bows have the same design and the only difference is the color. They have cute prints that can suit both formal and casual events. This will allow you to dress up your pet according to the occasion.

To ensure that the bow stays on, you can use the gentle rubber bands to secure the bows in place. Besides, the rubber bands are very strong, so they won’t break easily. This will enable your pet to play without losing his/her bow. Additionally, this will save you from adjusting the bow over and over when you are out having fun with your dog. The package is inclusive of a grooming comb that will help in straightening the pet’s fur before attaching the bows. To add to this, the comb has rounded teeth, so it won’t scratch your dog.


  • Easy to attach
  • Colorful themes
  • Ideal for everyday wear


  • The rubber band may come off if it is not well attached

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#2 YAKA 60PCS Cute Puppy Dog Small Bowknot Hair Bows

YAKA 60PCS Cute Puppy Dog Small Bowknot Hair Bows

These hair bows are not so big, and neither are they too small, thus making them a suitable option for both small and medium-size dogs. The hair bows are designed with the safety of your dog in mind, so there will be no fur-pulling or skin-scratching provided that you attach the bows correctly. Plus, the hair bows come in a variety of patterns that can blend well with most dog dresses. That said, these pieces can be an excellent embellishment for any outfit that may be in your dog’s wardrobe.

Each pack contains 60 bows that are strong and durable. As such, it will take a while before you buy your pet another set of hair bows. More to this, the material used in crafting the bows is of good quality, making these dog hair bows an option that is worth considering. There are up to 30 colors that you can choose from, so you will be able to style your pet in a way that you want. Also, you will find that the bows come in pairs that have the same color. That way, your dog can always wear another bow in case one gets lost.

These grooming bows will make your pet even more adorable due to the bright and vibrant colors. Attached to the hair bows is an alligator clip that will ensure the bows stay in place. The clip is made of stainless steel, thus making it rust-resistant. The hair bows will provide you with a long list of styling options that you can use when dressing up your pet. If you like, you can even attach two bows at a go to get a good hold of the dog’s fur.


  • Suitable for pets with thick fur
  • Well built
  • Fashionable


  • The clip may not hold as long on dogs with thin extremely fur

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#3 Masue Pets 50pcs in Pairs Dog Hair Bows

Masue Pets 50pcs in Pairs Dog Hair Bows

You can turn your dog into a pet diva by using these cute hair bows. The bows are made of top quality nylon fabric, which is not only soft but also durable. These hair bows are very stylish and come in different designs that will give your dog a sassy look. Since you will have 50 hair bows to choose from, you can go for the ones with floral patterns, rhinestone pearls, or any other print that you think will look lovely on your pet. Regardless of the color or design that you choose, your pooch will come out looking cute and adorable.

Unlike most hair bows that come with separate rubber bands, these colorful bows have their rubber bands sewed on the backside. This way, both items will always be in one place, so you won’t have to look for either when you want to dress up your dog. To get a good grip on the dog’s hair, ensure that you fold the rubber band multiple times. These items are handmade, so a lot of effort and skill has been applied to provide you with an amazing finish that will earn your dog the attention that he/she deserves.

These bows will give you an easier time when grooming your dog since they provide you with sophisticated designs, which blend effortlessly with other styles. If you are planning on taking your dog for a photo shoot or any outdoor event, these are some of the bows that you can consider attaching to your dog’s hair. They will make your pet look more vibrant and neat. To add to this, they are easy to attach and also won’t harm a single hair on your pet.


  • Elastic and strong rubber band attachment
  • Well designed
  • Long-lasting


  • There is a possibility of the rubber bands breaking

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#4 YOY 40pcs/20 Pairs Pet Dog Hair Bows

YOY 40pcs/20 Pairs Pet Dog Hair Bows

The pet hair bows by Yoy come in pairs, providing your dog with up to 40 pieces of bows. These bows are available in different color assortments that will go well with the outfits that your pet may have. The bows have a bowtie design but some are accessorized with beautiful attachments that make them cuter. These dog bows will look good on a wide range of small breed dogs such as Pomeranian, Yorkshire terrier, Maltese, Shih Tzu, and many others.

These bows are very versatile, so you won’t be limited when it comes to choosing a style for your dog. Furthermore, you’ll be able to dress up your dog according to your taste and preference. You can even go the extra mile by getting yourself a hair bow that matches the one on your dog. In addition to this, your dog can wear these bows when attending weddings, play dates, and parties.

Thanks to the super elastic rubber bands, you will be able to attach the bows to your dog in seconds. You have to keep in mind that the rubber band will only hold depending on the volume of hair that you have tied up. As such, it is advisable to tie up a medium-size bunch when dealing with breeds that are very hairy. You can always use multiple bows if you feel that one won’t hold.


  • Great quality
  • Gorgeously made
  • Adorable


  • May be too small for some dogs

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#5 Pony Princess Dog Bows

Pony Princess Dog Bows

If you are looking to give your dog a new look, you can try out these classy hair bows from Pony Princess. They are elegant and also classy, thus giving your dog a glamorous appearance. The available patterns are very attractive, so all eyes will be on your pet. Some of the hair bows have cute ribbon knots that make them even more aesthetic. These bows are handmade, so they may not be the same size.

Still, they are well made using high-quality fabrics, which are also pet-friendly. As such, your pet won’t experience any discomfort when wearing these bows. The ribbon-covered alligator clip is much safer for your pet compared to the ones that are not covered. As a result, the clip won’t pull on the dog’s hair unnecessarily. More to this, it is less likely to rust since it is well protected from the elements.

Not all bows in this package have the bowtie design. So, you can always switch between the available styles. These dog hair bows are suitable for different sizes of dogs. That said, you can attach them to small, medium, and large breeds. Moreover, there are bows with plain colors, floral styles, vintage, and many other cute designs. As you can see, the only thing that is now left is for you to make an order.


  • Comes in pairs
  • You get free rubber bands
  • Conveniently made for pets


  • The clip is not as effective

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#6 PET SHOW Dog Hair Bows

PET SHOW Dog Hair Bows

The Pet Show Dog Hair Bows are also an excellent option that you can go for. These hair bows are neatly sewn, thus making them extremely attractive. The bows in this set are stylish, durable, and practical. As a pet groomer, these bows will allow you to style your pooch in a pleasant manner. The bows have different prints that are made up of polka dots, love hearts, stars, butterflies, strawberries, stripes, etc.

The pattern that you choose will depend on the apparel that your dog is in and the final goal that you intend to achieve. Moreover, each bow has a band tied at the center to prevent it from losing its shape. That way, your pet can play with other dogs without damaging the bow. With this set, you will be able to doll up your pet in whichever way that you like. You will only have to figure out which of the 20 pieces suit the style that you want.

With their versatile design, these dog hair bows can come in handy in almost every event. Plus, they are easy to work with, so it will only take you a short time to groom up your pet. This set does not only contain dog hair bows that are fashionable but also beautiful. Thanks to these hair bows, your pet will have a charming look.


  • Easy to put on or take off
  • Durable
  • Rustproof clip


  • You only get 20pcs compared to other brands that offer more

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#7 MEWTOGO 30 pcs/15 Pairs Dog Hair Bows

MEWTOGO 30 pcs/15 Pairs Dog Hair Bows

The hair attachments by Mewtogo are fabulously designed to make pets cuter than they already are. The pack contains 15 pairs of bows, which you can use when grooming your dog. As such, your pet will have enough bows for all events. The styles depict different themes, so you can pick the bow that rhymes with your preference.

Another feature that you may find useful is how well the rubber bands are attached to the bows. This design is convenient not only to the pet but also to you. As such, you won’t have to deal with metal clips that may scratch the dog’s skin or pull out hair. These bows are so gentle that you can even attach them to puppies.

However, you may have to wrap the rubber band a couple of times for it not to slip off. Furthermore, the bows can also assist you when dealing with long-haired pets. You only have to place the hair in such a way that it doesn’t cover the bow.


  • Dogs won’t take the bows off easily
  • Several color options
  • Quality bows


  • The rubber bands are somewhat long

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#8 Hixixi(TM) 24pcs/12pairs Pet Dog Hair Bows

Hixixi(TM) 24pcs/12pairs Pet Dog Hair Bows

You will fall in love with these dog hair bows the moment you lay your eyes on them. They come in bright colors that will immediately catch the attention of those around you. This way, your pet will get all the love and adoration. These bows have a double ribbon design, which makes them unique compared to most dog hair bows on the market.

Some also have a shiny material attached to their edges, thus making them more vibrant. These items are handmade but they look like they are machine-tailored. Most of the bows have a floral design, while others have attachments and styles that you will find beautiful. Also, the materials used are durable, so the bows will last for a favorable period as long as your pet doesn’t chew on them.

The heavy-duty rubber band attached to the back of the bows has good elasticity and will allow you to tie up your pet’s hair in an instant. Also, it won’t break provided that you don’t overstretch it. The floral theme can go well with the holiday season, parties, and other functions that your pet may attend.


  • Suitable for small and medium dogs
  • Good quality
  • Lightweight


  • May be smaller than they appear

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#9 Yagopet Pet Dog Grooming Bows

Yagopet Pet Dog Grooming Bows

The grooming bows from Yagopet will help you keep your dog’s hair in check. They are fitted with rhinestone pearls, which will give your pet a classy look. The edges are stitched, thus giving the bows a stylish design that will enhance the beauty of your pet. Additionally, the dog hair bows have strong alloy clips that will cling firmly to the dog’s hair once the bow is attached.

These cute bows come in a variety of patterns that you can pair with different pet attires. More to this, the bows have a simple design, so you won’t struggle when attaching them to your dog. Also, your pet won’t even feel like he/she is wearing a bow since the nylon fabric used in the design is light. In case the bows get dirty, you can easily spot clean or hand-wash them.

Unfortunately, these bows don’t come in pairs since the package is made up of items with random colors. Still, you will find colorful patterns that will upgrade the look on your dog. On the bright side, the range of colors will allow you to come up with customized styles that will make your dog look unique.


  • Comes with a free dog tag
  • Clip delivers a tight hold
  • Nice prints


  • The set only contains ten pieces of bows

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#10 JJ Couture 40 Dog Grooming Hair Bows

JJ Couture 40 Dog Grooming Hair Bows

When you buy the hair bow set from JJ Couture, you will get 40 pieces of grooming hair attachments that can help you beautify your dog during the fall season. A majority of the bows in this collection are bright yellow, while others have a dark shade of brown. When it comes to the designs, you will get dog hair bows with flowers, beads, and poms.

In addition, the rubber band has a double loop design, thus making it more effective when it comes to holding your dog’s hair. Besides, it won’t hurt your dog since it does not snag hair. The set also has dog hair bows with polka dot design. If you are a fan of custom styles, this is the set for you. Plus, the accessories on the bows are carefully attached, so they won’t come off easily.

These bows are specially made for small dogs, so they will look pretty on poodles, Maltese, Yorkie, etc. Aside from all that, the bows come in two categories, thus allowing you to select either butterfly or tail bows. Both options will go well with your pet and will look even better if the dog has a matching outfit.


  • Stunning design
  • Easy to tie
  • Designed to last


  • Only suitable for small breeds

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#11 Aoyoho Pack of 40pcs/20pairs Baby Pet Dog Hair Clips

Aoyoho Pack of 40pcs/20pairs Baby Pet Dog Hair Clips

The dog hair bows by Aoyoho may just be what your pooch needs to look fashionable. This pack contains 40 bows, so it will enable you to groom several dogs and still have extra bows. The color assortment is random, but the bows are available in pairs, so you can tie multiple knots depending on how long the dog’s hair is.

You will also have a long list of patterns that you can choose from, thus allowing you to style the dog according to your needs. The clips on these bows have an easy on/off design, which will allow you to attach or remove the bows with ease. Also, they are made of a rust-resistant material that will stay in good condition when proper care is exercised.

These bows can give your pet a quick fix when you are on the go. This is because they are very easy to work with due to the design of the clips. If you love grooming your pet, this is one of the hair bow sets that you can consider adding to your dog’s hair kit. The bows are attractive and super adorable.


  • Durable
  • Suitable for different events
  • Multiple themes


  • Clips may snag hair

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are hair bows safe for dogs?

Dog hair bows are harmless to pets. However, you still have to be careful when attaching them to avoid pulling out the dog’s hair.

Can I attach hair bows to a short-haired dog?

This will depend on how short the hair is. If it is too short, the bow may not hold. As such, the dog’s hair has to be long enough for you to attach a bow.

How can I attach a hair bow to my dog?

Dog hair bows are fitted with rubber bands or alligator clips that will help you attach the bows to your pet.

Final Verdict

If your pet has a lot of hair, you can style him/her by using the dog hair bows highlighted on this review list. The bows are, durable, fashionable, and easy to attach. More to this, they will keep your pet looking neat and elegant,

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