Top 11 Best Dog Hats For 2022

Even before we get right there, some of the responsible pet parents are already looking for a way of keeping these furry friends cool in the scorching summer sun. Dog pools, dog boots, cooling pet beds, and cooling vests are among the things that are in high demand.

Surprisingly, most pet parents forget that it’s not only about the heat, but the rays too. That’s why when buying summer accessories for your pup, a dog hat needs to top the shopping list.

A dog hat will protect your dog’s face and shield their eyes from the damaging rays of the harsh sun. While that remains the primary purpose of dog hats, a good number of them now come in cool designs that make your dog look more fashionable- be ready for a memorable photo session with your canine.

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HIGH PAW Dog Hat Sun Hat Baseball Cap Trucker Hat...
  • Breathable Design: With two Ear Holes on top and Breathable Material, keep cool and comfortable even if worn for a long time.

And like any other dog accessory, you need to settle for nothing less than the finest. As usual, we are here to help you make the right decision. Below are our picks for the top 11 best dog hats.

11 Dog Hat Reviews

#1 Baja Ponchos Dog Sombrero Hat

Baja Ponchos Dog Sombrero Hat

As you buy other supplies for your dog for this summer, one of the things you shouldn’t forget is a decent hat. While it makes your dog look more fashionable, hats will go a long way to safeguard your dog’s eyes on shinier days.

While it’s alright to get the one that meets your dog’s exact size, it’s at times better to play it safe by buying a one-size-fits-all kind of dog hats. And yes, among the amazing options in this category is the Baja Ponchos Dog Sombrero Hat.

An adjustable cord that runs under the chin facilitates the universality of the hat through its ability to stretch and retract depending on the shape and the size of the dog’s head. Therefore, whether you want it for small, medium, or giant breeds, this option won’t disappoint.

The covering has a height of 3 inches. The diameter of the headspace is 1.5 inches while that of the brim is twice large. We like that the brim is colorful, making it a must-have accessory for your pooch in the upcoming photo moment.

Because it’s an adorable dog hat, this option makes for a perfect gift to your dog for a birthday, Christmas, Party, and more. Surprisingly, even with the level of beauty, the price is low compared to that of most members of the competition.


  • The brim is very colorful.
  • It’s easy to adjust.
  • Fits small and large dogs alike.


  • A few customers would appreciate a slightly longer strap.

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#2 Kitatayi Dog Sombrero Hat for Small Pets/Puppy/Cat

Kitatayi Dog Sombrero Hat for Small Pets

Whether it’s a fancy dinner, wedding, birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion, your dog will look super stylish with this amazing dog hat by Kitatayi. The hat is designed to make your pet look more adorable to make him stand out at any dress-up event.

It has a height of 7 cm and a diameter of 16 cm. That said, it’s clear that it’s made to work best for the small and lovely furry buddies. Hence, in case you have a medium or large dog, you should consider other options on our list.

We like that this hat is one of the options that are designed with versatility. In other words, apart from using it for the small pups, this hat will also not disappoint when you use it for that special cat in your life.

Although it’s made to last for many years, the Kitatayi Dog Sombrero Hat is very lightweight. Hence, it will remain comfortable for your pet throughout the occasion. In fact, chances are that your four-pawed colleagues will forget that they are wearing it.

The elastic adjustable cord allows you to customize it to your dog’s needs. This feature also ensures that the covering remains on your dog’s head without bothering him when playing or running around.


  • It can also serve as a cat hat.
  • The adjustable cord is of high quality.
  • It stays in place.


  • Is only perfect for small dogs.

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#3 ODD PET Line Friends Floral Sun Cap

ODD PET Line Friends Floral Sun Cap

Although some eye-related conditions in dogs are congenital, there are several that any dog can develop at any stage of life. Extended exposure to sunshine is one of the factors that can bring about eye issues.

While it’s impractical to have them indoors all the time, getting a sun cap is a great way to get your pup to enjoy the sunshine when keeping his eyes safe from the rays. And yes, among the most reliable options out there is the ODD PET Line Friends Floral Sun Cap.

This cap is made using materials of the highest quality for the best protection for your canine. Being a lightweight hat, it keeps your dog safe without turning a burden with prolonged hours of use.

The front ribbons and the elastic band at the rear maintains it exactly where you want it for hours of comfortable use. In fact, even when the pet shakes his head, this cap is designed to remain in position.

The hat comes in a visually-appealing pink color. However, if you think that pink looks girlish for your boy, ODD Pet also offers blue and yellow color options. In terms of size, you can choose between medium and large depending on the size of your dog’s head.


  • It provides superior UV protection.
  • It’s available in 3 color options.
  • The stopper is a plus.


  • It’s only available in medium and large sizes.

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#4 VORCOOL Dog Hat for Small Dogs

VORCOOL Dog Hat for Small Dogs

No matter what you are buying, be sure to get a product that will give you the best value for your money. Talking about dog hats, this fantastic option from VORCOOL one of the dog accessories designed to give you the best bang for your buck.

It is made of canvas, an incredibly tough material that will stand up to everyday wear for many years when still maintaining the day one shape of the hat. Hence, if you are after durability, this dog hat needs to top your priority list.

The leopard print makes the covering more visually appealing and unique. Since its made for small dogs, this cap isn’t a go-to option for the pet parents of large dog breeds.

The product is conceived with the harsh summer sun in mind. That’s why it features two holes at the top to ensure maximum air penetration for the comfort of your pet even with prolonged moments of use.

Most users appreciate that it comes with an adjustable cord. This feature makes it easy to fit the hat on the dog’s head and holds it in place without making even the slightest movements like some of the models out there.


  • The leopard print is cute.
  • It has 2 holes at the top for breathability.
  • The canvas material is durable.


  • It would be better if the inside had a softer material.

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#5 Wiz BBQT Adjustable 3D Christmas Santa Hat for Dogs Cats

Wiz BBQT Adjustable 3D Christmas Santa Hat for Dogs Cats

Next on the list is yet another great option you may consider getting for your furry friend. While it may not provide the best UV protection to your dog, this hat adopts a fun design.

The hat will serve as an excellent gift for your dog in the coming Christmas festive season. Although most people consider it a dog hat, the design of this accessory means that it can also well for cats.

The large hat has a height of 13.77 inches and a bottom diameter of 5.5 inches. It perfectly fits dogs with the head girth of 15 to 26 inches, which is typically medium-sized and large dogs.

If you want it for smaller pets, let’s say puppies, cat, rabbit, kitten, or bunnies, smaller version that fits pets with a head girth of 10-15 inches is also available. The smaller option has a height of 8.66 inches and a headspace diameter of 4.3 inches.

The 3D Santa hat is softly stuffed and has plushy material that interacts well with your dog’s skin. The elastic band ensures a custom fit for different head sizes. Once you place your order, the manufacturer sends the hat and a bonus measuring tape to provide you with a way of monitoring your pet’s growth.


  • Large and small sizes are available.
  • The material of the hat is soft.
  • It comes with a measuring tape.


  • It does not come with the lowest price.

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#6 Alemon Scarf and Hat Set for Pet

Alemon Scarf and Hat Set for Pet

Although the price of this option is just like that of other hats out there, there is a difference in what you are getting. I mean, unlike some hats that come as a sole unit, this hat comes as part of a set that also contains a pet scarf.

Even with an incredibly low cost per unit, this set of pet accessories is made with first-class quality materials. The acrylic fabric is not only durable but also soft to the touch to ensure that interacts smoothly with your dog’s skin.

The set is perfect for Christmas, family photo session, play date, birthday party, or just about any other special occasion that you would like to see your beautiful furry friend dressed adorably.

The hat has a diameter of 5.6 inches although it will stretch more to accommodate larger head sizes. The chin cord is adjustable to ensure the best comfort for different head shapes.

The pet scarf is 2.5 inches thick and is also elastic with the ability to stretch to a maximum length of 18 inches. Additionally, this dog scarf has a loop closure for quick put on and off.


  • It comes in a set.
  • The two cutouts for ears is a nice idea.
  • The scarf has a loop.


  • It would make a better set if the scarf had a little Velcro.

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#7 KEVIN-KW Dog Birthday Boy Bandana Scarfs-Crown Dog Birthday

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Make your lovely pup celebrate her birthday in style. The hat is crown-shaped and comes in a beautiful pink color. This makes it a perfect option for girl pets such as puppies, rabbits, cats, and more.

However, for those with boy pets, the manufacturer also makes available this great set in blue color. The fashionable hat has cloth flowers, yarn, elastic string, and a shiny paillette.

Apart from the hat, the manufacturer includes a glamorous bow and figures that run from 1-9 to allow you to use the figures over and over for different birthday celebrations. The manufacturer even gives you an extra number 1 for use when your furry friend turns 11.

The elastic cord will allow you to conveniently adjust the size to meet your dog’s needs. This ensures that the hat remains comfortable without bothering your pet on their big day.

The bow also comes in a matching pink color. And since it’s adjustable, it’s designed to ensure that it gives the best comfort no matter the size of the dog. The shiny design also guarantees to make your dog the superstar on her day.


  • There are multiple colors available.
  • The numbers are easy to stick on the crown.
  • It’s a perfect birthday hat.


  • The figures feel a little flimsy.

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#8 SCENEREAL Dog Party Hat 6 Packs


For those looking for dog hats for use on special occasions, this is yet another option that’s made with them in mind. These cone hats are super cute and come in a cost-efficient pack of 6.

We like that each hat has a unique color and happy patterns. That said, we are safe to say that this set is suited for different occasions. Thus, whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, birthday party, or a family photoshoot, you will always have the right color and pattern for the occasion.

All hats are of the same size. They have a height of 5 inches and a bottom diameter of 3.5 inches. The adjustable elastic strap means that they are made to remain in place when used by different pet breeds.

The caps utilize a premium-grade material that makes them incredibly durable through many years of use. The material of the caps is super soft to ensure that each hat delivers ultimate comfort to your pooch.

However, unlike other options, this hat doesn’t come ready for use. Nevertheless, they are easy to DIY in no time. In fact, you won’t even need anything for the job- not even glue!


  • The set is cost-efficient.
  • The different colors and patterns are good for a variety of events.
  • The material is of decent quality.


  • You will need some little input to get them ready for use.

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#9 Rubie’s Costume Company Top Hat for Your Pet

Rubies Costume Company Top Hat for Your Pet

This hat is one of the pet parent’s favorite. Therefore, even before we dig deeper into what it offers, we already have the confidence that it’s a product designed to generally delight pets and their owners.

The product comes from Rubies, a family-owned company based in the United States. And with over 70 years of experience in the industry, we expect him to have a deeper understanding of what families really need.

Unlike other options that come as a set, this dog hat comes as a single unit. However, considering the material, design, and what it’s capable of delivering, you are getting a better value for money here than what most sets can deliver.

It serves its role when used alone. However, you still have the option to match it with other pet accessories from the manufacturer if you want to make your dog more fashionable and charming. 

We like that the black color looks very nice and that it doesn’t catch dirt easily. However, if you would rather settle for another color, it’s unfortunate that this hat doesn’t come in other color varieties.


  • The black color is fantastic.
  • It’s made in the United States.
  • It fits most dog breeds.


  • It’s available only in black.

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#10 Rubies Viking Hat with Braids for Pets

Rubies Viking Hat with Braids for Pets

Sitting on the tenth spot is yet another dog hat worth giving a try. It also comes from Rubies, just like the preceding option. Therefore, we also expect its quality to be up to par.

Other than protecting the furry member of the family from the sun’s rays, this hat is designed to make dogs more charming. That’s why it comes with two horns attached and two orange braids.

The medium-large size works well for dogs such as Beagle, Pug, Bullterrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Weimaraner, and many more. However, it’s also available in small/medium and large/extra-large sizes.

But when choosing the right size for your dog, it’s advisable to follow the actual dog’s head size rather than relying on the breed to know the right hat size for your pooch. The breeds suggested here are just to suggest the dog kinds that the hat is most likely to fit.

We like that the material used for the hat is dog-friendly and comfortable. Pet parents like that the hat remains in place- there is now no need for readjusting every now and then.


  • There are many sizes available.
  • The horns and braids make it unique.
  • It allows for easy on and off.


  • Still no many color options.

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#11 HUELE 2 pcs Dog Birthday Hat

HUELE 2 pcs Dog Birthday Hat

Don’t leave out your furry friend the next time you have a special family occasion! This hat is a great way to have the four-legged member of the pack join you in the fun.

Although the amount you pay is typically not enough for one, the manufacturer sends these hats in a pair- one to make for your money and the other as the manufacturer’s gift to your lovely pooch.

The size of the hats is well suited for smaller pets such as puppies, cats, rabbits, and many others. Therefore, if you are looking for a hat that will fit your large dog, this may not be the best option for you.

The shiny fabric makes them a perfect option for pet dress-up events like birthdays, Christmas, and many more. And since they are elastic tightened and knotted, these hats are designed to remain in place and comfortable to your dog throughout the event.

However, since they are shipped flattened, you will have to keep them open for a while to let them regain their shape.


  • They are good for small dogs.
  • The shiny fabric is a plus.
  • The price is a steal.


  • They may take a while to regain their shape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can your dog shake it off?

Well, provided that your pup finds it comfortable, there are minimal to no chances of him shaking it off. Therefore, when you see your pup paw it off, know that it’s because it’s bothering him and that is the only way they can use to communicate their discomfort.

Why should you buy a dog hat for your pup?

As aforementioned, dog hats are an absolute necessity for every dog. Apart from keeping your pup safe from the unbearable sun, it makes him your dog look more fashionable and adorable.

How can you know the right size for your dog?

Before you buy your dog a hat, you need to be sure that it’s the right size for him. To determine the perfect size for your pooch, measure the circumference of your dog’s head using a soft tape measure. To know the right size for your dog, compare what you get with the size chart provided by the manufacturer.

What should you consider when buying a dog’s hat?

Before you reach your pocket for one, you need to examine a few things to ensure that you are getting something that your pup will appreciate. The material needs to be soft, comfortable, lightweight, and durable. The size should be adjustable to accommodate slight changes in a dog’s size or errors when measuring. Although not always necessary, it will also be good to pick a hat that matches your dog’s outfits. And as you consider all these, make sure that you stick within your budget.

Can you train your dog on how to wear a hat?

The fact that it’s almost impossible to train dogs on how to wear hats by themselves. Hats will need you to perform several adjustments, something that dogs can’t do by themselves. Therefore, the only training you can do it to teach him not to chew it.

Final Verdict

We have very nice dog hats out there. However, not all the so-called “nice” options are good for your pet. Even a well-made dog hat that doesn’t fit your dog isn’t any better than the poorly made options.

Therefore, to get the perfect option for your dog, ensure that you treat each factor with equal significance.

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