The 11 Best Dog House Heaters In 2022

“Dogs have very thick fur that keeps them warm during the coldest months.”

You may argue. But no, it’s not always the case. At some point of the year, especially the winter months, things can be too tough for your furry friend.

At this point, the temperatures fall below the freezing point in most areas of the world, forcing even the thickest fur to let some air in.

In other words, no matter where you are and the breed of your dog, finding a way to keep your pooch feeling warm during this harsh period is more of a matter of safety than comfort.

Now, there are several ways you can keep your dog warm, but none of them does the works better and safer than a dog house heater.

Installing a dog house heater is a way of providing your pup with a place to always turn to when things turn unbearably cold in the outdoors.

However, before you fork out your cash for one, you need to be sure that it will do the work correctly. Unfortunately, telling whether the product will work at the point of purchase is never easy.

With this in mind, we took it upon ourselves and hand-picked some of the vet’s favorites and subjected them to thorough testing to see if they can do the work.

Here are the best dog house heaters that you should never hesitate to buy.

11 Best Dog House Heaters

#1 Hound Heater Dog House

Hound Heater Dog House

Taking the first spot on our list, this is one of the reliable dog house heaters you can count on to perform the work just as you want it.

The thermostat control of the heater comes contained in a flip-on enclosure for easy adjustments without putting the life of your pet at a risk.

Whether it’s your first time installing one or you are a pro, this unit installs in few straightforward steps; just drill a hole through the wall of your canine house, feed the cord through the hole, mount the unit, set the thermostat and that’s all!

The cord of this heater is chew-proof to guarantee the safety of your pooch and prolong the service life of the product.

Therefore, if your dog loves to chew, this unit could be the ideal addition to his house.

The housing of this heater does not have any sharp corners which guarantee to keep your dog safe from getting hurt all through the chilly months.

The external heat shield works excellently to disperse the heat to ensure that it doesn’t leave some pockets of cold air like some heaters.

The heat shield also prevents any materials from lying on top of the unit to ensure that its integrity is not compromised so that it serves your canine for several years to come.

This dog house heater comes with a one-year warranty to ensure that you buy with peace of mind that it will not disappoint easily.

Key Features:

  • The unit is of 16 gauge steel material.
  • The internal heat shield for protection.
  • It installs easily with clear and understandable instructions.

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#2 K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad

K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad

K&H is one of the leading manufacturers that most pet owners have relied on for years to supply premium-quality products for their furry members of the family.

And yes, this is yet another amazing product that you can count on to keep your pet warm when the weather turns extremely chilly.

Unlike the initial option, this heater comes in the form of a pad that works by capturing your pup’s temperature and radiating it back to him to ensure that he remains feeling warm and cozy when things turn to be tough in the outdoors.

Therefore, with this crate pad, you won’t incur any electricity costs, making it a good option for any caring dog parent who wants to keep their fur kids safe and toasty warm during the winter without spending more on electricity bills.

And since it doesn’t have any cords to plugin, you can buy it with confidence that it doesn’t pose any risks to your lovely pet.

The pad comes in six sizes and three color assortments to meet a variety of buyer needs.

The microfleece top guarantees comfort while the non-slip bottom means that the pad will remain where you place it without making any movements like other options.

The one-year warranty acts as a confidence booster just in case you doubt the performance.

Key Features:

  • It is easy to wash.
  • The top is super soft.
  • It has a non-slip base.

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#3 ASL Solutions Deluxe Dog House

ASL Solutions Deluxe Dog House

Unless you have a well-designed dog house, installing even the most effective dog heater does not guarantee to keep your pet feeling warm.

Now, instead of redesigning your dog house before buying a heater, you can instead consider getting this professionally-designed house that comes with a heater.

The purposeful design of the house together with the effectiveness of the heater guarantees to keep your dog feeling warm in the chilly nights of the winter.

The dog house is large enough and can accommodate nearly any dog size when still leaving enough space for play so that the dog remains active indoors when outdoor weather seems not to allow.

The insulated door prevents cold air from accessing the interior, keeping the inside of the house warm all through. The floor comes raised four inches off the ground to double up as a perfect dog bed, saving the money you would have used for the purchase.

The floor is sloped and has a drain hole to make cleaning quick and easy; you can now keep your dog’s house more sanitary than it has ever been.

To clean the house, you only need to hose down and then the water will find its way out through the handy hall.

Key Features:

  • The floor is sloppy.
  • The windows suit both the winter and summer seasons.
  • It has a drain hole.

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#4 Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat

Kane US Made Pet Heat Mat

This Pet Heat Mat is yet another great option you can trust to keep your pet warm in the cold months.

The mat is made in the United States which means that you can buy with fewer concerns over quality.

Before being released into the market, each mat is passed through thorough testing and confirmed to conform to the strictest UL and CUL standards.

The unit features polyethylene construction that guarantees to stand up to several winters to come.

The material also wipes clean easily, making the mat a good option for anyone in the lookout for a low maintenance option.

The versatile design means that you can use the mat whether in the outdoors or the indoor space of your garage, kennels, dog houses, or any other place where your dog loves to sleep.

To keep the mat in place, you can fasten it down with plastic ties although the holes on the sides also permit you to screw it down onto the floor.

The heating temperature range of 40-150 degrees F allows you to select the ideal temperature for your dog.

When left unattended, the mat maintains a temperature of 37 degrees F which means that you can concentrate on your chores without the worry that the mat may overheat and hurt your dog.

The insulation at the bottom makes them energy efficient. This mat delivers more energy efficiency than up to 80% of the other mats of the same caliber.

Key Features:

  • The mat measures 18 x 28
  • It adjusts to the right temperature automatically.
  • It cleans with ease.

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#5 Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace

Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace

As you budget for heavy clothing in the upcoming winter, it’s important to allocate some cash for ensuring that your pooch remains feeling comfortable and loved during this cold period.

Now, among the gifts you can buy for your canine is the Akoma Hound Heater Dog House Furnace.

This heater utilizes a 16-gauge powder-coated steel construction which means that it will outlast the majority of dog house heaters out there.

A stainless steel spring protects the cord to make it suitable for dogs that love chewing.

The 300-watt heating element features a cord strain relief that avoids cord tension problems to keep the performance of the heater up to par.

Furthermore, the thermostat adjusts between 30-100 degrees Fahrenheit and will only run when the weather turns chilly to help save energy.

For the first-timers, this heater comes with understandable instructions that will get them doing the installation work like a pro.

And for the doubters, the manufacturer stands behind each heater with a one-year warranty to let them buy with confidence that the unit will do exactly as it says.

Key Features:

  • It has a very rugged construction.
  • It adjusts the temperature depending on the ambiance.
  • It features a simple design for a straightforward installation.

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#6 Climatesafe Electric Dog House Heater

Climatesafe Electric Dog House Heater

Also being one of the high-quality options in the market, this boasts plenty of amazing features that make it a standout in the market.

It comes with an internal fan that helps to ensure uniform distribution of heat in the entire dog enclosure without leaving some areas having cold air.

The inside fan also ensures that the casing does not overheat, guaranteeing the safety of your pet and elongate the service life of the unit.

In case your dog is a notorious chewer, this option comes with a premium-grade chew-proof cord that is covered by a metal coil to prevent shocks in case your furry friend attempts to chew; you can rest assured that your dog is safe when around this heater.

The heat dial allows for the smallest intervals of temperature adjustments to allow you to create a conducive environment for your pet.

The handy graphics distinguish the low, medium, and high settings for the sake of the first-timers.

For those that have never installed a dog house heater before, this model installs in simple steps; just put the template at the top corner of your house and drill a hole through the template and the wall, feed the cord through the hole, mount the heater using screws, plug the power cable into a GFI outlet, and that’s all!

Key Features:

  • The 200-Watt heater has an internal fan for durability and safety.
  • The cord is chew-tolerant.
  • Has heat dial for temperature adjustments.

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#7 K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed

If you want to keep your pet feeling cozy and warm without investing in the expensive appliances, you can consider getting this heated bed for him.

The award-winning mat is one of the options that most vets and dog owners have relied on for over 30 years to keep dogs comfortable and toasty warm.

Furthermore, the bed is of orthopedic foam that is soft to the touch, to keep your dog comfy.

Dogs can never remain indoors throughout the entire summer season, explaining why this heated bed is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.

The exterior material of the mat is PVC, which is not only durable but also waterproof to ensure that it does not sip water through no matter where you place it.

The steel-wrapped cord ensures the safety of your pet even in the case of chewing while the removable fleece cover is easy to wipe clean so that you always provide a clean space for your dog to lounge or relax.

In case you are a busy bee or don’t want to face the hassle of washing, the fleece cover is also machine washable to make maintenance of the bed easier than ever before.

The thermostatically regulated heater warms the mat without exceeding your pet’s temperature to make this choice one of the safest options you will come across in the market.

Key Features:

  • It suits both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It does not exceed the body temperature of your pet to ensure safety.
  • The PVC construction is water-resistant.

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#8 K&H Pet Products Outdoor Heated Pet Bed

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K&H Pet Products Pet Bed also suits both outdoor and indoor use. In other words, whether you want it for use in the garage, porches, barns, homes, and dog houses, this option will keep your dog feeling warm no matter how chilly it is.

The bed comes with durable PVC construction that can stand up to years of use, making the pet bed an excellent option for anyone on the lookout for a pet bed that will last.

Like the previous option, the PVC material of this pet bed also boasts excellent waterproof properties that guarantee to keep the pet bed ever heated no matter where you choose to place it.

Plus, the mat measures 36″ x 25″ (L x W), which means that it is large enough to provide enough space for nearly any dog.

However, in case you need a smaller option that can fit into your dog’s small floor space, this heated pet bed is also available in other smaller versions.

The power cord of this cable features metal foil to ensure safety for the dogs that love to chew.

Also, the thermostat controlled heater will never exceed the body temperature of your pet so that you can buy it without worrying that it may burn your lovely Fido.

Key Features:

  • It comes in a brown color.
  • The fleece cover is machine washable.
  • It is very safe and durable.

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#9 ASL Solutions Dog Palace Floor Heater

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Whether your dog has a long hair or short, when let in the cold throughout the summer may trigger several health issues.

Therefore, to keep your dog healthy throughout the cold season, getting this floor heater would be a wise decision.

The floor heater measures 0.75″ x 18″ x 18″ (H x L x W) and is powerful enough to warm up your dog’s enclosure to the ideal temperature without risking burning your four-pawed loyal friend.

The built-in thermostat keeps the temperature within a safe range, unlike other unsafe options that may overheat to expose your loyal friend to the risk of burning.

Additionally, this heater comes with a water-resistant construction so that it lasts for several years to come even when exposed to moist conditions.

The floor heater suits both indoor and outdoor and can be used in dog kennels, houses, garages, and anywhere else where your dog loves to spend most time sleeping.

Although it features rugged construction, this floor heater only weighs 3.5 lbs to make transferring it to your dog’s favorite spot a breeze.

Key Features:

  • The weather-resistant construction makes it ideal for year-round use.
  • The thermostat and fuse ensure safety.
  • It suits indoor and outdoor applications.

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#10 Pet Innovators Heated Pet Mat

Pet Innovators Heated Pet Mat

This winter mat for pets has premium-grade construction that comprises of high-impact ABS material.

This plastic material is long-lasting to ensure that it stands up to everyday use year after year.

The construction of this unit is also weather-resistant so that it suits indoor use as well as harsh outdoor conditions.

The mat measures 24 x 29 inches, meaning that it affords plenty of space for nearly any dog size to lounge comfortably.

The red indicator LED alerts you when the mat is on while the chew-resistant cord avoids cases of electrocution for the chew-notorious dogs.

Therefore, if your dog is among those that love to chew nearly everything that they come across, you should not go beyond this heated pet mat.

The lambkin fleece cover guarantees to keep your dog feeling comfortable, unlike most other pet mats of the same caliber that can permit outdoor use.

Key Features:

  • It is available in three sizes.
  • The package contains instructions for use.
  • It has a red LED indicator.

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#11 Akoma Heat-N-Breeze Dog House Heater

Akoma Heat-N-Breeze Dog House Heater

Summer and winter are very tough months, especially for the dogs. Summer is characterized by intolerable heat while during the winter things turn extreme at the other end.

This Akoma Hea-N-Breeze Dog House heater is designed to warm your house during the chilly winter season and cool him off during the hot months of the summer.

Therefore, this heater remains handy no matter the season of the year to ensure that you reap the maximum value from your money.

The ultra-quiet fan is durably constructed so that it outlasts most fans and to prevent the heater from overheating the unit.

The fan refreshes the air once or twice in a minute to provide your furry friend with a soothing atmosphere they need to relax.

The built-in thermostat lets you program the fan to turn on and off at your preferred temperature to make work easier for you and save energy.

The simple design makes it easy for anyone to use although the understandable instructions avoid guesswork.

Key Features:

  • It has both heater and fan.
  • The fan has a lifespan rating of 30000 hours.
  • It is very efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are dog house heaters safe?

Yes, they are safe. However, you should not use heaters made for human houses to heat your dog’s house since they may cause fire hazards.

How can I keep my dog warm without electricity?

In case of a night-long power outage, you can still keep your furry friend warm without the dog house heaters. You can provide your furry friend with extra bedding. In this way, the dog will use their body temperature to heat the bedding to keep them feeling warm.

How cold is too cold for a dog?

Most vets and dog experts recommend that most dogs can withstand temperatures of above 450F. Any temperature below this may need your intervention in providing a special sweater, coat, or installing a dog house heater.

Final Verdict

Dog house heaters are normally quite costly that most people prefer to buy heated pet beds instead.

Our list covers both these options to make it easy for an any-budget dog owner to get the perfect suit for their pockets.

Our hand-picked options are all high-quality, safe, and do the work correctly as they promise.

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