Top 11 Best Dog ID Tags For 2022

For years, people have been using dog ID tags and it is for a good reason. ID tags may seem simple but they can come in handy when you are desperately looking for your pet. All you have to do is to ensure that you include your contact information on the ID tag. This way, you can easily be contacted in case someone finds your dog.

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Unfortunately, some tags may not be as durable and may wear out prematurely. As such, we have highlighted some of the best dog ID tags that will provide you with exceptional service.

11 Best Dog ID Tags

#1 io Tags Custom Engraved Pet ID Tags

io Tags Custom Engraved Pet ID Tags

The dog ID tags by io Tags are not only cute but also durable. These tags have a sparkling glitter finish, which makes them even more beautiful. The tags are available in different colors, so you can go for the one that rhymes with your pet’s collar. Furthermore, the glitter is reinforced by an epoxy coating, which will ensure the tag maintains its quality. When ordering this item, it is advisable that you only include the basic details on the tag. This way, the text will be more legible, hence making it easier to read.

All engravings are etched into the ID tag to prevent the letters from eroding over time. Despite being thick, the material used in designing these dog tags is lightweight. This will allow your dog to wear the tag comfortably without feeling its weight. The tags come with a reliable split ring, which will help you attach the tag to your pet’s collar. Moreover, the surface of the tags is nickel-plated to enhance durability. This feature protects the tag from acquiring scratches, especially when attached to a playful dog.

Aside from dogs, these tags can also be worn by cats. More to this, the tag won’t stain the fur on your pet, making these items an excellent option for all pet owners. According to the manufacturer, you can make the text more legible by selecting an Arial font. Additionally, ensure that each line only has a few characters to avoid cramping the letters. If possible, you can only include three lines of text.


  • Durable
  • High quality
  • Comes in vibrant colors


  • Only one side is engraved

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#2 GoTags Stainless Steel Personalized Dog ID Tags

GoTags Stainless Steel Personalized Dog ID Tags

If your dog likes going on solo adventures, the ID tag from Go Tags can increase the chances of your pet coming back home safe. The tags come in a wide range of shapes, thereby allowing you to choose the dog tag that you think will look good on your pet. As such, you can go for the bow tie, heart, star, ranger badge, or any other shape that is available. Regardless of the shape that you choose, each tag can accommodate up to eight lines of personalized pet information.

With this, you will have enough room to engrave the name of the pet, your contact information, and any other detail that may aid the person who has found your dog to locate you. When ordering for this item, ensure that you submit all the details that you would like the manufacturer to engrave on your dog tag. Both the front and the backside of the tag can be engraved. This way, you can have the name of your dog written on one side and the contact info on the other.

The engraving is done using laser technology, which delivers clear and precise text. But most importantly, the texts are permanent, thus giving you full assurance that your dog will easily be found. Also, the tags are made from high-quality stainless steel, which has a high resistance to corrosive elements. As a result, the tags won’t rust even if your dog takes a dip in the pool or plays with sprinklers. To add to this, the ID tags have an attractive shiny finish that will look good on your dog.


  • Engraved on two sides
  • Arrives customized
  • Well made


  • The ring attaching the tag to the collar is of low quality

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#3 Leash Boss Pet ID Tag for Dog Collars

Leash Boss Pet ID Tag

This dog tag is deeply engraved to ensure the text doesn’t fade or wear out. You can get better results by attaching this pet ID tag to a nylon collar. Unlike most tags that are flat, this item is ergonomically curved to deliver a perfect fit to your dog’s neck. Moreover, the tags are available in four sizes, ranging from X-small to large. This allows you to pick a tag according to the size of your collar. In addition to this, the tag is crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel, which is strong and durable.

The tag has enough room for four lines of text, thus allowing you to include all the critical details. Additionally, the lettering is done in upper case to enhance legibility. Since this is a customized product, you have to be extra keen when submitting your details because the manufacturer will print the letters in the exact order that you input them. Plus, you are allowed to use any letter in the alphabet.

For the safety of your pet, the edges of this ID tag are smoothed and rounded to prevent it from cutting your pet. If you have an adjustable collar, this is one of the dog tags that you can consider buying. The tag will attach firmly to your pet’s collar provided that it is the right size. As such, the tag won’t fall off even when the dog is running. Another great feature that this tag has is the fact that it is thick, so it won’t bend or break easily.


  • Clear lettering
  • Long-lasting
  • Noiseless


  • May fall off when attached to thin collars

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#4 PetANTastic Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

PetANTastic Stainless Steel Pet ID Tags

PetANTastic provides you with high-quality ID tags that can assist you in finding your dog in case he or she gets lost. Furthermore, you can choose between engraving one side or both sides of the tag. This particular make has the shape of a ranger badge, but there are other shapes that you can choose from. The tags are crafted from stainless steel, so you can make an order knowing that this product will last.

It does not matter how active your pet is, this ID tag will hold up even when exposed to harsh conditions. Besides, the lettering is done using an advanced permanent laser technique, which engraves the letters deep into the steel for long-lasting durability. You can add a maximum of eight lines on each dog tag. As such, there will plenty of space to engrave important details such as your zip code, contact, the dog’s name, etc.   

You will be happy to know that the ID tags are available in two sizes, so they are suitable for both small and large breed dogs. These tags are easy to read and are equally attractive. Once the tag arrives, you will be able to attach it to the dog’s collar through the split ring, which is provided by the manufacturer.


  • Can withstand corrosive elements
  • Lightweight
  • Polished


  • Some letters may come out skewed

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#5 If It Barks – Engraved Pet ID Tags for Dogs

If It Barks - Engraved Pet ID Tags for Dogs

This double-sided dog ID tag is another great option that you can buy for your pet. With this tag in place, you can be sure that your pet will always be found. The tags are wide, thus providing a large surface area that can accommodate the necessary information that may help bring your furry friend home. The fiber laser technology used in engraving this tag is reliable, so the letters will remain legible even after having the tag for an extended period.

Additionally, the letters are centered to make them more presentable and legible. This ID tag will last for several years if you give it the proper care. As a result, you won’t have to buy new ID tags every now and then. There are so many ways in which you customize these dog tags. As a matter of fact, you can even throw in a hilarious phrase on the backside of the tag to lighten up the mood of the person who has found your pet.

Furthermore, there are different funny designs that you can add to your pet’s ID tag. However, you have to ensure that you use the available space wisely so that you can have enough printing area to engrave the key details. You also have to keep in mind that each line can only accommodate up to fifteen characters. The tag will be shipped with all your details, so you will only have to attach it to your dog.


  • Has a high resistance to rust
  • A split ring is included
  • Deeply engraved


  • Only available in one shape

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#6 LuckyPet Rivet-On Pet ID Tag

LuckyPet Rivet-On Pet ID Tag

One common flaw that most dog ID tags have is that they make a lot of noise, which may at times irritate you or the pet. Nonetheless, this pet ID is designed in such a way that it does not generate any sound even when the dog is moving. This feature has been achieved through the help of the high-quality rivets, which hook the tag firmly to the dog’s collar. When attached correctly, you won’t hear the clunky metal sounds that you often hear when using some of the ID tags on the market.

This item is ideal for dogs that are tough on tags. All you need is a durable collar that will keep the tag in the right position at all times. You can get this pet tag in three sizes depending on the breed of dog that your own. As such, you can buy the small, medium, or large tag. Moreover, you won’t have a hard time fitting the rivets to the collar since you only need a hammer to get the job done.

By default, the engraving is done CAPS format but you can request the manufacturer to customize your order in lower case. You also have the option of choosing the type of finish that you would like the tag to have. The available options include matte, polished brass, and mirror finish. All three designs can give you an attractive ID tag, so it is up to you to pick the one that you like most. This ID tag has a simple design but is very elegant and can fit both large and small pets.


  • Curved to fit the shape of the neck
  • Easy to attach
  • Durable


  • You can only engrave your details on one side

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#7 Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags

Providence Engraving Pet ID Tags

If you are looking for a colorful dog ID tag, this is one of the available options for you. Providence Engraving provides you with well-designed pet tags that are legible and durable. The tags are made from aircraft-grade aluminum, which is not only lightweight but also tough. To add to this, the tags come in eight different shapes and nine vibrant colors that you can pick from. This allows you to create the perfect tag that will look amazing on your pet.

All the tags are anodized to ensure that they maintain the bright colors that they come with. When it comes to the engraving, you can customize each tag with up to four lines of text on one side. Some shapes may allow you to engrave both sides, while others may not. Still, the available space will allow you to personalize the dog tag in a way that pleases you. The CO2 laser method engraves the letters in such a way that they won’t fade easily.

Also, this engraving method makes the letters more readable. Thanks to the split ring, you can easily link this tag to a collar in seconds. You won’t have to worry about rust and destructive elements since the materials used in crafting these ID tags are less likely to wear out as a result of exposure to water or salty environments. As such, you can take your dog on a day out at the beach without worrying about the tag getting damaged.


  • Custom-engraved
  • Lasts long
  • Attractive


  • May not be as durable

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#8 Love Your Pets Soundless Dog ID Tags

Love Your Pets Soundless Dog ID Tags

These designer tags are jingle-free, making them an ideal option for pets that are always on the move. The tags come in different patterns all of which are very beautiful and attractive. You can have the name of your pet engraved on the front side and include the other details on the backside. This will make the letters on the tag to appear more organized and clear. The silicone material used in making this dog is of high quality, thus making it durable.

Also, the tags are not as large, so they are suitable for small and medium-size dogs. When buying these dog tags, you will have the option of choosing the design and color that you find appealing. To make the work easier, you can consider basing your decision on the color of the collar that your pet has. This way, you can buy the ID tag that has the same shade as the collar on the dog.

In as much as the tags are not made of metal or steel, they can provide you with long-lasting durability. However, they may not last as long, especially when dealing with a pet that likes to chew on tags. There are also cleaning instructions that will guide you on how you can make the tag look even more attractive.


  • Not heavy for pets
  • Double-sided
  • Engraving does not rub off


  • Can easily snap from the collar

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#9 ROAD iD Pet ID Jingle Free Peace of Mind Dog Tag

ROAD iD Pet ID Jingle Free Peace of Mind Dog Tag

ROAD iD takes engraving to the next level by providing you with this uniquely designed ID tag. This item is sleek and sits flush when attached to the right collar. Besides, you won’t require any tool when attaching the tag to a collar due to its innovative design. The collar comes in an attractive graphite finish that will blend well with most collars.

Aside from that, you will also get a tag with rose gold and slate finish. This item has a heavy-duty construction, so it will serve you and your pet for a favorable period of time. In addition to this, the tags are corrosion-proof, so you can buy them knowing that the lettering will remain legible for years.

This ID tag won’t get snagged even when your dog is running around with other dogs. You can choose either the small or large dog tag depending on the size of your pet. Unfortunately, you can only have one side engraved. But the good news is that you will have plenty of space to engrave up to five lines of personalized text.


  • Low profile
  • Not affected by rust
  • Elegantly designed


  • The characters can easily get cramped

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#10 CNATTAGS Dog ID Tags Personalized

CNATTAGS Dog ID Tags Personalized

The personalized ID tags by CNATTAGS are specially designed for dogs and other pets for identification purposes. More to this, there are eleven shapes that you can consider giving a try. The engraving can be done on both sides, thus making the customization more convenient. Through this, you will be able to personalize the tag with multiple contact information.

This way, you can easily be contacted in case you and your pet get separated. Moreover, these dog tags are rich in color, so you will have a long list of options that you can choose from. The lettering is permanently engraved to prevent your information from wearing off. The ID tags are aluminum-built, hence making them rustproof.

You can increase the probability of finding your dog by buying this ID tag. One of the flaws associated with this tag has to do with the split ring. Despite being made from stainless steel, it is somewhat flimsy and may not hold up. As such, you can consider replacing it with a stronger ring. All in all, the ID tag is durable and worth what you will pay for.


  • Legible lettering
  • Versatile
  • Super lightweight


  • May come off due to the poorly designed ring

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#11 Slide-On Pet Tag ID – Silent Custom Dog Tags

Slide-On Pet Tag ID - Silent Custom Dog Tags

These dog ID tags are made of silicone and stainless steel. The materials are durable, so this tag will remain in one piece regardless of how active your dog is. To add to this, the tags are compatible with a wide range of collars. Since they come in different sizes, you will have to choose the one that fits the collar on your dog.

In addition to this, the part that is made of silicone is elastic, so it won’t break easily even when the dog pulls on it. Additionally, it has gone through testing to ensure that your pet stays safe. All the information that you give will be engraved into clear and precise text, thus making the characters easier to read.

The ID tags have a slide on design, so you won’t experience any difficulty fitting it into your pet’s collar. You have to ensure that you attach the tag to a collar that is large enough to prevent it from shifting positions.


  • Laser engraved for maximum durability
  • Comes in different colors and sizes
  • Multi-functional


  • The silicone loops are likely to break

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information should I include on my pet’s ID tag?

When customizing an ID tag, you can include your address, contact or vet info, and pet name.

How many lines of text can a dog tag accommodate?

A standard size dog ID tag can accommodate up to four lines of text. However, this may vary depending on the type of tag that you are buying.

What type of ID tag should I buy when dealing with an active dog?

Stainless steel ID tags are tough and durable, thus making them an ideal option for pets that like destroying tags.

Final Verdict

The dog ID tags on this review list are built to last and are also reliable. As such, you can choose the item that you think can accommodate all the information that will help bring your pet home. Always remember to double-check the information that you want to be engraved on your pet’s ID tag.

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