The 15 Best Dog Kennel Covers In 2022

Dogs generally feel excited whenever they see the outside world.

This might make their transportation from one place to another a rather daunting undertaking.

To keep them in shape and allow for smooth transportation, you have to cover their kennels.

Dog kennel covers are the solutions you desperately yearn for.

They constrain the ability of your dogs to see to the outside world.

In doing so, they contribute to the calming of the said pets which in turn allows for smooth transportation.

You might also use them to shield your pet dogs from external weather elements if you have to place the structure out in the open.

Find out more about these wonderful pieces of equipment in our reviews below.

Also discussed are a host of frequently asked questions.

15 Best Dog Kennel Covers

#1: Avanigo Dog Crate Cover

Avanigo Dog Crate Cover

This one provides the comfort, security, privacy, and protection necessary to secure your dog. You will find it useful hence for a variety of tasks and dog-related purposes.

Velcro Design

It boasts of a Velcro design which lets it stay firmly in place. This is because the material does not fidget unnecessarily but lets you handle it firmly and reliably as you move your dog.

Durable and Waterproof Polyester

Other than staying firmly in water, this item is also durable and waterproof. This stems from the tough and water-resistant material that is used to make it up. It is hence great for all outdoor applications.

Machine Washable

Further, the cover is also machine-washable in that you may easily get rid of all dirt using the washing equipment. Moreover, it also dries conveniently via the use of the drying machine to make your experience wholesome.


  • Large enough for a complete covering
  • Allows easier access to the interior contents
  • Diminishes anxious behaviors
  • Withstands much washing
  • Excellent light-proofing materials


  • One-door design
  • Too rough to your skin
  • When torn, costs a fortune to mend

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#2: HiCaptain Double Door Dog Crate Cover

HiCaptain Double Door Dog Crate Cover

Intending to fly with your dog? You want a kennel cover that is approved for use in airlines. Of all the ones under our review hereunder, it is this that fits the bill well.

420D Polyester Material

The heavy-duty polyester material construction tops the list of its most celebrated features. Thanks to the use of this material, the cover is light, portable, and lets in a copious quantity of air.

Two Entrance Doors

Unlike many other covers, this one has two doors. It hence allows for easy entry, exit, and evacuation. Moreover, it contains roller shades to allow for simple adjustments of light and air inflows.

PVC Coating

A PVC coating adorns the entire exterior of the cover. Its role is to provide protection against all the harsh external environmental weather conditions. This way, it keeps interior dogs safer.


  • Contributes to the enhancement of your interior décor
  • Simpler to set up and deploy for use
  • Absorbs odors too!
  • Secures firmly to the ground
  • Resists tears and other elements of damages


  • Costly to come by
  • Requires tender care
  • Shorter lifespan

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#3: Petsfit Polyester Dog Crate Cover

Petsfit Polyester Dog Crate Cover

It is not uncommon for your dog to be suffocated in the course of its journey. To ward off this undesirable eventuality, you want a cover that contains mesh windows, such as this one.

Tough Zipper

Standing tall among its most awesome features is the tough zipper. Its draws its strength from nylon teeth and a metal slider. Then again it is over 10,000 times stronger.

Multiple Windows

It does contain numerous windows. You have the option of selecting the window which closely mirrors your own unique expectations. This means excellent air permeability outcomes on your part.

Comfortable Interiors

The sum total of all the traits explained above is a comfortable and dark interior environment. This one helps to make your dog sleep faster and sounder as you move it along.


  • The material is soft and comfortable
  • Resists wind and water
  • Protects your interior dogs firmly
  • Padded for extra strength and longevity
  • Has two entrances for emergency evacuations


  • Complicated to handle
  • Easily frays
  • Difficult to keep clean

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#4: Explore Land Dog Crate Cover

Explore Land Dog Crate Cover

Have many kinds of kennels in your home? You need a universal cover of this kind to spare yourself the agony of having to switch back and forth many items. This also is necessary for your own convenience.

Heavy-duty Oxford Material

In its entirety, this cover is made of durable heavy-duty Oxford fabric. On account of this, the cover yields some ideal den-like environment. This, in turn, manifests in reduced chewing, utmost relaxation, and improved security.

Mesh Window

Also abundantly present in this cover is some mesh window. It plays the role of letting in the fresh air and out stale air. It also comes along with some shades to let you determine the levels of ventilation and visibility.

Convenient Handling

Finally comes the benefit of convenient handling. With regards to this, you will easily install and disassemble this cover whenever the need some comes up. This is also not to mention the limited expertise.


  • Fits many kennel sizes
  • Highly resistant to harsh winds
  • Adjusts the visibility of the interior
  • Provides appropriate ventilation
  • Pretty rich in quality


  • Way too bulky
  • Traps plenty of dirt
  • May inflict respiratory illnesses

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#5: Cool Runners Aluminet Heat Reflective Shade Cover

Cool Runners Aluminet Heat Reflective Shade Cover

In case yours is too hot or humid an environment, you want a cover that is similarly optimized to reduce the extreme heat levels and provide a cool interior. This is the one to look up to!

Highly-reflective Shade Panels

Compared to the ordinary covers, this one is highly reflective indeed. It has the ability to reflect well over 70% of the rays of the sun. In doing so, it keeps off excess heat from penetrating the interiors of the kennel.

Adequate Ventilation

Over and above granting some cooler interiors, this cover also allows for adequate ventilation. This is by reason of letting in the fresh air and out stale air conveniently. Your dog is hence spared from the risk of suffocation.

Truly Reliable

A combination of factors makes this cover truly reliable. These are the resistance to ultraviolet radiation, mildew, and corrosion. Moreover, it also possesses rust-free aluminum grommets for stable installation.


  • Reduces ambient temperatures significantly
  • Yields added heat protection
  • Useful in many applications
  • Covers the pen shades as well
  • Lasts longer than many counterparts


  • Unsuitable for cold seasons
  • Too thick and heavy
  • Cumbersome to carry around

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#6: yotache Dog Crate Cover

yotache Dog Crate Cover

Are you only preoccupied with matters of comfort? Well, for such a case, we invite you to try this cover out. You will find it awesome for your dog as it is equipped with all the comfort features available.

Excellent Construction

By all accounts, this cover features some excellent construction indeed. It is windproof, waterproof, and highly durable. It is hence a great safety companion for your dog throughout the duration of use.

Unconstrained Air Circulation

Yet again, it also delivers unconstrained air circulation when engaged. That is because it contains numerous perforations throughout its fabric to facilitate the exchange of air.

Simplified Installations

You will also enjoy the rare benefit of simplified installations. The item comes along with some loop strips and magic hooks. These let you fix it wherever and whenever you might find some space.


  • Requires limited muscle power to engage
  • Highly breathable and unlikely to suffocate your dog
  • Yields a dark and comfortable interior environment
  • Allows for tool-free assembly
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation


  • Calls for the tender care
  • Prone to tears and frays
  • Not machine-washable

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#7: LEMONDA Pet Dog Fence Peek Window

LEMONDA Pet Dog Fence Peek Window

Have many items that require covering in your home? This is the cover item to look up to. You will find it useful for covering storm chaser vehicles, tree houses, and children’s playhouses, over and above the kennels.

Clear Acrylic Plexiglass

The fabric material that makes up the cover is the legendary clear acrylic Plexiglass. Being clear, it lets in adequate amounts of light and air. Use it during the day to have your dog secured appropriately.

Easy to Install and Clean

On the whole, the cover is easier to install and keep clean. In fact, you may make do with some non-fluoride white toothpaste to get rid of all wastes and other harmful substances on the fabric.

Excellent Deterrence

All factors considered, this cover is an excellent deterrent of all manners of possible harms. You might want to look up to it for keeping off curious dogs from jumping over your fences.


  • Makes your pet feel less lonely
  • Prevents unnecessary disturbances
  • Improves the interactions between the dog and you
  • Minimizes contacts with passersby
  • Quite hard to break apart


  • Relatively heavy to lift around
  • Too costly to come by
  • Takes too long to restore when dirty

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#8: Weatherguard Kennel Cover Only

Weatherguard Kennel Cover Only

Intending to carry your dog in times of extreme rains? You have this particular cover for your use. It has strong waterproof characteristics which make it reliable to use at such times and environments.

Waterproof UV Protective

It combines the elegant traits of waterproof and resistance to ultraviolet radiation. With these two outstanding properties in mind, you may count on it to provide you adequate shield against all potential harms.

3-layer Polyethylene Cover Material

Its material comes in the form of the three-layered Polyethylene fabric. Owing to the three layers, the material is able to provide added protection from the possible intrusion of water into the kennel.

Reinforced Tie-down Grommets

To make your installation a breeze, the item comes along with its own grommets. These are reinforced and operable via the tie-down mechanism. They do some good role in securing your cover firmly on the ground.


  • Installs easily
  • Fits all the major kennels
  • Safeguards your dogs from external elements
  • Useful in all the four seasons
  • Provides long-lasting barriers


  • Replacement cover only
  • Has no metal frame
  • Restricted in scope

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#9: WindscreenSupplyCo Dog Kennel Shade Covers

WindscreenSupplyCo Dog Kennel Shade Covers

Preparing for the upcoming summer? Find this cover as soon as you possibly can. It is designed to offer seamless protection at such times. It is particularly awesome for extremely hot weather use.

Knitted HDPE Polyethylene Design

You will find it pretty strong and durable. These two traits come about courtesy of the use of the high-density polyethylene material. It is further knitted for tighter and more durable outcomes.

4-ply Reinforced Binding Tape

Some four-ply reinforced binding tape also exists as part of the structure of this cover. It binds the tiny bits and pieces together to make them stand intact and offer the necessary support.

Anti-Rust Grommets

Some anti-rust grommets that measure 24 inches on all sides also constitute the overall makeup of this cover. You use them to secure the cover firmly in place to avoid fidgeting and allow for smooth use.


  • Lasts longer
  • Portable to carry around
  • Resistant to ultraviolet radiation
  • Resists frays and tears
  • Does not rip apart unnecessarily


  • Does not block light
  • Unreliable for winter months
  • Delivers limited to no warmth

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#10: X-ZONE PET Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate Cover

X-ZONE PET Indoor/Outdoor Dog Crate Cover

Lak any tools or skills for installation and use? This is the cover to look up to. You will operate it without any tools given the simplistic stature and overall design. Moreover, it is also easier to carry around.

Easy Access and Evacuations

The cover allows for easy access and evacuations. This stems from its possession of two doors; one at the entrance and the other at the exit. Use it in those environments which are potentially prone to accidents.

Top Panel

At its top is a panel which opens and closes easily. It lets you do so by revealing a handle which you may put your fingers in. Your handling and carrying of the device will never be better and more convenient.

Excellent Material Construction

Further, the entire cover features some excellent material construction. They are the Oxford heavy-duty fabric which resists wear and lasts longer. Count on it to protect your dogs from insects, dust, and wind.


  • Makes your feel sure and relaxed
  • Reduces anxiety and associated issues
  • Contains many windows for easy ventilation
  • Very convenient to access interior contents
  • Spares your dog from the risk of suffocation


  • Too simple
  • Accepts limited accessories
  • Yields lower returns on investments

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#11: Morezi Dog Crate Cover for Wire Crates

Morezi Dog Crate Cover

Just in case yours is a dog crate that measures 36 inches, you have this particular cover for your trial and use. That is because it is specially optimized for such circumstances of use. That aside, it does a really good job.

Stylish Design

All factors considered, this cover comes in a stylish design indeed. It is on the whole very colorful and truly amazing to behold. You may hence use it also to complement your home’s interior décor.

Poly/Cotton-blended Cover

Throughout its exterior is some poly/cotton-blended cover. With this cover, you will accrue some excellent warm and dark interiors. These confer some added privacy to your dog which rests it fully.

Awesome Privacy

Lastly comes the benefit of awesome privacy. The entire structure reduces stress and the likelihood of barking by your dog. It achieves this feat by making your dog feel secure and pretty safe.


  • Exudes some elegant and stylish design
  • Complements your home interior décor
  • Makes your dog secure and comfortable
  • Generates some private relaxing and resting environment
  • Relatively simpler to keep clean


  • Only for kennels that measure 36 inches
  • Cover only
  • Does not include the grommets

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#12: Agfabric Sunblock Shade for Car Dog Kennel

Agfabric Sunblock Shade for Car Dog Kennel

Want to confer some shade to your dog? This is the cover we would suggest that you make do with. It is, on the whole, a shade. You use it to reflect backlight to give your dog some dark privacy.

Highly Reflective

In all, this material is highly reflective indeed. It has the ability to bounce back the rays of light to give rise to some dark and secure interior. You may use it even in your vegetable gardens too!

Breathable Materials

Other than being reflective, the materials used are also highly breathable. They contain numerous perorations which let in the fresh air and out stale air. These keep your interiors free of the risk of suffocation.

Reinforced Edges

Along its edges are some reinforcements. These are implemented using some tapes and Aluminum grommets. The aim of these reinforcements is to lengthen the overall lifespan of the structure for your added peace of mind.


  • Lowers the interior temperatures significantly
  • Blocks a whopping 60-70% of sunlight
  • Protects against the harmful ultraviolet radiation
  • Keeps your pet enjoying the fresh air
  • Comes with its own grommets to assist in matters installation


  • Delivers limited functionality
  • Does not withstand tears and frays
  • Cannot withstand repeated washing

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#13: Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shade

Advantek Pet Gazebo Outdoor Sun Shade

Looking to protect your pets from intense heat and sun? Waste not your time with other sheds. Look to this specific one as it is the one that is more likely to do you some good, with regards to this need.

Reversible Rip-stop Nylon

At its core is the reversible rip-stop nylon material. It is this one that is chiefly responsible for the provision of the shade. With it, you may count on the material to secure your dog appropriately.

Easy Attachment

You will easily attach this item to any fixed object nearby. You have some four ball ties to help you achieve this very feat. Yet again, you have the pleasure of having to make do with it wherever.

Extra-large Size

Compared to the other covers, this one is truly extra-large in size. With this arrangement in mind, expect to enjoy some additional areas of shade which the other covers, unfortunately, cannot provide to you.


  • Fits the 8-foot pet gazebo
  • Provides an extra area of shade
  • Measures 58 inches by 65 inches
  • Useful all day long
  • Comes with its own security mechanism


  • Does not shield against too much cold
  • Has only one entrance
  • Makes evacuation difficult

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#14: PONY DANCE Dog Kennel Cover

PONY DANCE Dog Kennel Cover

Are you a career dog breeder? If you are, you want to make do with a universal cover like this. It is universal in the sense that it can achieve many tasks and purposes at a time. Use it to secure your dog, offer it privacy, and block lights.

100% Polyester

In its entirety, this cover features soft polyester fabric construction. Expect it hence to be highly breathable, long-lasting, and non-toxic. What’s more? You will also wash it easily courtesy of the machine-washable trait.

Amazing Design

The entire design is truly amazing. Its front and side covers may be rolled up. Further to these are the snap fasteners which allow for simplified access, adequate security, and appropriate ventilation.

Light Proof

Lastly, it is also light proof. This simply means that it can block light from penetrating the interior of the kennel. In doing so, it generates a truly cozy environment which is great for your dog.


  • Provides much comfort to your dog
  • Makes your dog sleep faster
  • Lets you pull it down easily
  • Regulates the interior lights
  • Manufactured using environmental-friendly materials


  • Truly costly to afford
  • Requires strenuous maintenance
  • Calls for some expertise to handle

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#15: Alion Home Pet Kennel Shade Cover

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Planning to protect your pets in the sun? This is the cover to consider making do with. As you are about to note, it is truly equipped for that very role. Moreover, you might even customize it for your unique roles.

UV-resistant Fabric

Setting this cover apart from the others is its awesome resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Indeed, it has the ability to block a whopping 90% of the harmful radiation from the sun. You have it for the safety of your dog.

Anti-rust Metal Grommets

Complementing the resistance to the ultraviolet radiation above are the anti-rust grommets. They allow for easy installation and redeployment when necessary. You will experience limited hassles and downturns as you do so.

Super Strong Material

The fabric in use is super strong. It resists color fading, mildew, mold, and tears, alongside other agents of deterioration. You will find it a long-term reliable partner in your dog care.


  • Appropriately knitted for added strength
  • Lasts many years and repeated use
  • Guards against Ultraviolet degradation
  • Reduces day time temperatures by a massive 35%
  • Allows for smooth circulation of air


  • May not be so useful in winter
  • Unreliable in moments of emergencies
  • Only for outdoor use

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I soundproof my dog’s crate?

YES, you can! To do this, you may either have to purchase a cover that is made of soundproof materials or attach some soundproof materials to the kennel cover on the whole.

Does a dog crate need a cover?

By all means, it does! The role of the cover is to protect it from external weather elements. These covers also protect it from direct contact with the ‘outside world.’ This way, it keeps its cool and allows for easier transportation.

Should I cover my dog’s crate at night?

It all depends on the weather. During the harsh winter months, you will want to cover your crate to add some warmth. That may however not be advisable in the hot summers as your dog requires some cool. Then again, the species matter.

Is crating a dog a cruel thing to do?

NOT really! How else will you be able to shelter and shield your dog save for not crating it? Moreover, crating also makes it easier for you to transport the dogs from one place to another due to limited exposure to the external environment.

How thick should a kennel cover be?

This one depends mainly on the season at hand. You need a thicker one in the fall, winter, and spring. Temperatures at such times may dip below the freezing point. The opposite is applicable though for the hot summers.

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