The 11 Best Dog Raincoats In 2022

It is a weekend, the only time you have to spend quality time with your family and friends.

You have had enough time with your pals and kids; it’s time to take a walk with your furry friend in the neighborhood.

Oh, NO! We are in the rainy season and you fear that you and your four-pawed pal may be caught out by rain.

Now, unless you have the necessities for going out in such weather, there are high chances that you and your pup won’t enjoy the quality time you had intended.

For this reason, a dog raincoat turns into a must-have piece of gear for every dog owner.

A dog raincoat is specially-designed to keep your pooch warm and dry in inclement weather.

The coats come in traditional poncho designs and fully-insulated styles that keep your dog comfortable and confident to walk in any weather even when Mother Nature seems to throw the worst!

Unfortunately, not all dog raincoats out there guarantee to do the work as they should.

Therefore, if you intend to get one for your canine, it’s wise that you take a walk with me to find the ideal one!

11 Best Dog Raincoats

#1 Fashion Pet Raincoat For Small Dogs

Fashion Pet Raincoat

Although some dogs can go outdoors in severe weather conditions, some dog breeds are not comfortable with even the lightest sprinkles.

Now, whether your dog is impervious to rainwater or not, it’s essential to get a raincoat for him since no one wants the awful wet dog smell.

And yes, this is one of the raincoats that guarantee to keep your fluffy friend warm, dry, and comfortable in rainy, snowy, and other harsh weather conditions.

The poncho features 100% polyester fabric that won’t let water to penetrate through to ensure that your dog remains dry even during the heaviest downpours. The coat comes in a vibrant yellow color which is highly conspicuous to ensure increased visibility for your pet.

The safety reflective stripes mean that your dog will be safe to walk at night safely while the full coverage hood guarantees to provide entire body coverage to ensure maximum protection from the harsh elements.

The adjustable Velcro straps at the belly and chest ensure snug fit whereas the availability in different sizes means that you won’t have a difficult time to find the right size for your pup. The lightweight design makes it easy and more convenient to put on and off even for the first time.

Key Features:

  • It is purely of water-resistant polyester fabric.
  • It adopts a lightweight design.
  • It has adjustable straps for a comfortable fit.

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#2 Nourse CHOWSING Dog Raincoat

Nourse CHOWSING Dog Raincoat

This raincoat comes in a dirt-resistant gray color that will look great on any dog. However, in case you need something else different from gray, the coat is also available in a beautiful blue color.

Like the predecessor, this rain jacket is of water-repellent and windproof premium-grade material that can stand up to even the toughest outdoor conditions without compromising the comfort of your canine.

The professional material also allows for excellent breathability to allow for long hours of comfortable use. Additionally, the 3M night reflective strip enhances the visibility of your dog at night or in poorly lit conditions to increase security and minimize cases of accidents- your pet has just gotten safer!

Although the jacket portrays a simple design from the outlook, it has a comprehensive functional design that makes it ideal for multiple outdoor activities ranging from a mere outdoor walk to mountaineering, traveling and shopping.

The lightweight design means that the jacket will not slow your dog down and permits all-day comfort. The broad Velcro strap makes it easy to wear and take off and holds the jacket in position to keep your pet protected all-through when in the outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for dogs with up to 44 lbs although other sizes suit other dog sizes.
  • Comes with a leash attachment hole at the back.
  • Adopts a safe design.

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#3 RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

Never let the inclement weather limit your outdoor fun with your furry friend! And yes, this is one of the dog raincoats you may opt to buy if you need to face any outdoor condition with confidence.

The poncho comes in bright and colorful rubber ducky color although it is also available in other 13 color options to suit a variety of customer preferences. The product is also available in wide size spectrum ranging from XXS to XXXL so that you will never miss the perfect size for your pooch.

The coat comes with water-resistant taffeta shell that will keep your dog dry all through even when caught by the rain miles away from home. The compact design implies that the coat will nest neatly into your carrying pouch so that you will never have to worry when you are far away from home with your dog during the stormy season.

The water-resistant coat also has a slit for the leash and adjustable Velcro straps that hold the poncho in the correct position to ensure that your pet is safe from the harsh weather.

Key Features:

  • It has unimpeded leash access.
  • It is available in different colors, sizes, and patterns.
  • The material is both windproof and waterproof.

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#4 Mikayoo Large Dog Raincoat

Mikayoo Large Dog Raincoat

There is much to admire in this premium-grade dog raincoat. First, it comes with a professional-grade material. This material resists the tough outdoor conditions to keep your dog dry, comfortable and lively even when Mother Nature seems to be unsupportive.

The yellow color is easy to see from a distance although it is also available in five other colors.

Furthermore, this jacket features a reflective strip at the back to keep your dog safe when walking at night or in areas with poor lighting conditions.

The elastic leg strap allows you to adjust the jacket so that it fits your up nicely while the belly strap ensures that the jacket remains where you want it to ensure maximum protection to your dog from the harsh conditions.

Moreover, Mikayoo Large Dog Raincoat features a handy pocket at the back which holds your dog’s snacks so that you will never keep your pet angry the next time you are out for a long walk.

The polyester construction ensures that your pet remains 100% safe from rainwater and snow so that the wet dog smell with never bother you again.

Key Features:

  • It comes with polyester construction.
  • The simple design makes it easy to put on and off.
  • The fabric is thick and sturdy to ensure superior protection.

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#5 Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat

Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat

Also available in different sizes, you will never miss the correct size for your Fido. The coat employs the double-layered design to keep moisture, snow, and other harsh conditions from finding their way to your dog’s coat.

The additional buttons and the zippered design means that you will have the easiest of time to put this coat on to your dog and remove it. These properties also make the jacket more stylish and customizable to better fit your pet.

The water-resistant material ensures all-weather protection to give your dog more confidence when engaged in the outdoor space. The removable hoodie covers the head region so that the raincoat provides all-body protection, something you won’t readily get in most do rain jackets.

The various pockets allow you to store small items you need for the journey while the small opening at the upper back means that this option is designed with harness users in mind.

However, in case you are looking for a low-budget option, it’s unfortunate that this could not be the right option for you since it comes with a slightly higher price tag than other raincoats.

Whether you need one for your giant dog breeds such as the gold retrievers or your pint-sized furry colleague such as Chihuahua, this protective gear comes in various sizes for nearly all the dog breeds.

Key Features:

  • It is super cute.
  • It protects nearly the entire body including under the belly.
  • It has buttoned pockets.

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#6 Morezi Zip Up Dog Raincoat

Morezi Zip Up Dog Raincoat

In case you need a raincoat that has similar traits with the previous Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat but at a lower price, this model would be the right option for you. In fact, by looking at this model, you can mistake it easily for the initially-covered model.

The raincoat also utilizes a double-layered design that guarantees superior protection from the elements than the majority of the options you will come across in the market.

The buttons and the zipper mean that putting on the coat and taking it off is a breeze while the buttoned pockets hold small items that are a necessity for the adventure.

The premium-grade material of this raincoat guarantees to keep your furry colleague safe and dry even under the belly, for worry-free adventure even during the stormy season. The small opening at the back serves as a leash attachment hole to ensure greater convenience for the leash users.

The vibrant yellow color guarantees to look great on any dog although the jacket is also available in two other colors; grid blue and red. After getting dirty, the material wipes clean easily with a wet wrung-out cloth, making it ideal for regular use.

However, in case you want to stay off the hassle completely, the raincoat also washes clean in a washing machine using cold water.

Key features:

  • It has multiple pockets.
  • It adopts the double-layered design.
  • The buttons and zipper maximize adjustability.

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#7 Vizpet Dog Raincoat

Vizpet Dog Raincoat

Getting wet can result in skin disease and other health complications in our fur kids. Therefore, it is always wise to equip your pooch with the right tool for walking out in the wet and rainy outdoor conditions.

The Vizpet Dog Raincoat comes as one of the options you may rely on to keep your furry colleague safe and dry when laying in the stormy or snowy weather.

The raincoat slicker is keenly crafted with the highest-quality nylon with advanced weather-resistant properties to guarantee to keep your pet drier than the competition.

The poncho features a built-in leash slot that lets you use a leash on your dog even when it’s snowy or rainy, to give the user greater convenience.

The fluorescent green color at the back is easily visible at night while the reflectable stripe maximizes visibility even when walking in the darkest nights to guarantee safety in the night walks.

The jacket is available in different sizes ranging from small to XXXL making it easy to get the one that will provide a snug fit for your pet. The two-month guarantees let you buy with peace of mind that the raincoat will get the work done correctly as intended without disappointment.

Key Features:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It possesses better reflective properties.
  • It is available in different sizes and colors.

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#8 BINGPET Raincoat for Small to Large Dogs

BINGPET Raincoat for Small to Large Dogs

This raincoat has a length of 23 inches which suggests that it is excellent for medium-large and large dogs.

However, in case your dog is smaller, it is also available in medium and smaller sizes to ensure that you won’t miss the ideal one for your loyal friend. The rain jacket features a sturdy and comfortable material that offers excellent water repulsion to keep your pooch dry and comfortable in the wet and cold weather.

Although the material does not permit water to pass through, it enables breathability to ensure all-day comfort.

The lightweight design assures that it will not slow your dog down the next time you are out for an adventure and provides long hours of comfortable use.

Furthermore, the ability of the material to dry quickly means that this would be a great option for any dog owner on the lookout for a high-quality dog raincoat that can suit everyday use.

The stretchy bands around the neck and the rear legs allow for customization and secures the raincoat in position ensuring that it does not fall off to expose some parts of your dog.

The reflective stripes imply that the safety of your dog is sure at night while the handy carry bag provides storage when it is not in use.

Key Features:

  • It adopts an adaptable hook and loop design.
  • It has a hole for the collar.
  • The high-visibility stripe keeps your dog protected at night.

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#9 Pro Plums Dog Jacket

Pro Plums Dog Jacket

Sometimes choosing the correct raincoat size for your canine can be very challenging. In fact, more than often, most buyers end up settling for the wrong size.

However, with the Pro Plums Dog Jacket, you can buy without the worry that you may get the incorrect measure since the jacket comes with an adjustable collar and back strap to fit dogs of different sizes no matter the breed.

The reflective stripe keeps your dog shining in the dark to avoid cases of accidents. The harness hole allows you to attach the leash to ensure that you get better control of your dog even in the harsh rainy weather.

Additionally, the best-in-class material offers excellent water-resistant properties so that you will never have to worry about your furry friend when the weather changes stormy in the course of our adventure.

The material also has excellent breathability which ensures proper airflow to keep your dog feeling comfortable even in the hot summer period. Also, unlike other fabrics that fade with time, the Pro Plus Dog Jacket guarantees to maintain its new look even with frequent washing.

Key Features:

  • The material is breathable.
  • It is highly customizable.
  • It is available in different sizes.

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#10 SENYE PET Dog Raincoat

SENYE PET Dog Raincoat

This poncho comes in a medium-size and is available in three color assortments; purple, blue, and black.

The jacket is of high-quality polyester that resists water, wind, and other harsh outdoor conditions to give your lovely pooch the kind of comfort that every dog owner would want for them.

The inner webbed layer of the jacket allows for airflow since it is breathable. This feature means that you can use the jacket to protect your furry colleague from the scorching summer sun without compromising on his/her comfort.

The adjustable hood gives head coverage to ensure all-body protection while the longer base steps up the elegance of the jacket and guarantees your canine’s comfort in the heaviest downpour.

The reflective strips of the jacket maximize the safety of the pawed member of the family and while the Velcro provides a snug fit for a variety of dog sizes.

The Velcro strap also gives you an easy time when putting it on, making it a good option especially for the dog owners who are buying the raincoat for the first time.

Key Features:

  • The simple design is easy to put on and take off.
  • The breathability is perfect.
  • The design does not restrict movement.

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#11 NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat

NACOCO Large Dog Raincoat

This dog raincoat comes with professional material that withstands the harsh outdoor conditions all-year-round. The premium-grade fabric is waterproof to keep your dog dry during the snowy and rainy season.

The breathability means that it will permit aeration during the hot summer afternoons so that your pet remains dry and comfortable no matter the time of the year.

The jacket features elastic leg straps that permit snug fit while the adjustable belly strap allows you to adjust the jacket so that it does not fall off when your furry friend is in movement.

The reflective type on the back makes it easy to trace your furry friend when in the dark, eliminating the chances of accidents.

Our specific option is extra-large in size although you can also get other sizes for your pet. The handy pocket at the back holds small items to free your traveling pouch the next time you are out for an adventure.

Additionally, this bag comes in a wide spectrum of seven colors to let you choose the one which your pet loves most.

Extra Features:

  • It comes in vibrant yellow color and is also available in the other six colors.
  • It has customizable straps.
  • It is available in different sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How cold is too cold for a dog to be outside?

According to most experts, temperatures that are above 45oF are okay for the furry pals. However, any temperature below this will be too cold for most dog breeds hence they will need protection.

How do I keep my dog dry in the rain?

You can use an umbrella to keep your dog dry. However, this is not effective since the pup is likely to wander off from the scope of the umbrella to finally end up wet. Therefore, the only reliable way to keep your canine dry is by using the right raincoat for him.

Are dogs afraid of the rain?

Some dog breeds are impervious to rainwater. Therefore, they portray less fear than other dog breeds which have short fur.

Final Verdict

Dog raincoats are very essential not only in protecting your dog from rainwater but also for keeping them cool during the hot summer.

However, choosing the ideal one for your pooch is no longer a walk in the park. Luckily, this article has just separated the quality raincoats from the chaff making it easier now for you to pick the right one for your pet.

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