Top 11 Best Dog Shirts For 2022

If you are a pet parent living in areas that experience sub-zero temperatures for the best part of the year, you already know how things can get tough for your furry friend. That’s why every responsible dog owner needs to find ways of keeping their pooch warm when temperatures fall. Now, one of the ways you can make the cold winters cozy for your canine is by investing in a high-quality dog shirt.

Dog shirts are specially designed to fit dogs. They work well in heat insulation, keeping your furry friend as comfortable and warm in the cold as you when wearing that heavy jacket. Apart from that, a dog shirt will also make canines look more stylish and prevent them from itching and chewing off their fur.

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  • M- Recommended for 7-10lbs. Size chart may vary from different merchant, please check the size guide before ordering and follow the chest girth in priority.

Now, just like when buying your own shirt, you should be considerate when acquiring a shirt for your pet. Size, material, price, and design are only a few of the many things you need to take in mind. In this article, we will be examining the market’s top 11 best dog shirts.

11 Dog Shirt Reviews

#1 BINGPET Security Dog Shirt Summer Clothes

BINGPET Security Dog Shirt Summer Clothes

Make your dog comfortable in the winter and more fashionable come summer with this amazing dog shirt. It’s high-quality clothing that will serve your dog for several years.

The shirt is of cotton (65%) and polyester (35%) materials of the highest quality. Also, these materials provide the best comfort to your dog and are machine washable to make maintenance a breeze.

The “SECURITY” printing on the shirt steps up the overall beauty of the shirt and sends a message that they are made to work best for guard dogs- Just make your pup wear it in the upcoming party to let everyone know that he’s in charge of security.

Our hand-picked option is medium in size. It has a 10-inch neck while the chest is 15.7 inches. Also, it is 11 inches long. But just in case you find it small or large for your pup, the shirt is available in other sizes running from XS to XXXL.

The black color of this shirt masks stains so that you don’t have to wash it more often. But when the need to wash arises, no need to fret: BINGPET Security Dog Shirt is machine washable to rid you of the hassle.


  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • The material is nice.
  • Shipping is fast.


  • It may be a little tight for some dogs around the neck.

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#2 EXPAWLORER Hawaiian Pet Dog Polo T-Shirts

EXPAWLORER Hawaiian Pet Dog Polo T-Shirts

This polo T-shirt is yet another option you can consider getting for your pup. Like the preceding option, it’s an all-year-round shirt. Therefore, in case you want a shirt that will serve your canine come rain come shine, you won’t get it wrong here.

The product is made of cotton. Hence, it’s not only comfortable for dogs but also very long-lasting. And since cotton is natural, it’s one of the shirts you can buy knowing that it’s safe for your pup.

The large size measures 17 inches at the neck, 28 inches at the chest, and has a back length of 20 inches. Not the best size for your pooch? No problem! This is just one of the many sizes available for selection.

The stylish Hawaiian printing guarantees to make your dog look the coolest all over the neighborhood. And since it’s machine washable, you will like how easy it gets to keep this premium-grade dog shirt in tip-top condition.

The apparel is also designed with versatility in mind. In other words, apart from serving perfectly for small to medium dogs, this dog T-shirt works well for cats. If your dog gets along well with your cat, getting one for each will improve the bond.


  • It’s suitable for cats as it is for dogs.
  • The cotton material is safe.
  • It is very stylish.


  • It will only work for small to medium dog breeds.

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#3 Fitwarm Palm Leaf Pet Clothes for Dog

Fitwarm Palm Leaf Pet Clothes for Dog

Even if you have a small dog breed like Chihuahua, it doesn’t mean that all size small clothes are perfect for him. Therefore, when choosing your dog’s shirt, begin by getting your dog’s measurements to know the perfect clothes for him.

This shirt measures 16 inches at the chest while the back is 14 inches. The manufacturer categorizes it in the medium size shirts. If you want a smaller or bigger version of it, it’s available in XS, S, M, L, and XXL sizes.

The material of the shirt is of decent quality and feels comfortable for your pet even with extended hours of use. That said, if you are looking for a dog shirt that will suit everyday wear, this is one of the options designed just for that.

Although it’s one of the most durable dog shirts, this amazing product maintains a lightweight design. Hence, it’s one shirt that will keep the dog warm, comfortable, and looking pretty without affecting their motion.

Most dogs will love the vibrant green color. And being versatile apparel, this apparel will not disappoint when you use it for your cat given that you get the correct size.


  • The material is breathable.
  • It serves well as an everyday dog shirt.
  • It is soft.


  • There aren’t many colors for selection.

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#4 Petroom Large Dog Striped T-Shirt

Petroom Large Dog Striped T-Shirt

After you measure the size of your dog, be sure to compare it to the size chart provided by the manufacturer of the shirt you are intending to buy. I mean, manufacturers don’t use standardized size charts. Hence, a shirt rated as small by one manufacturer can fall in the X-Large category of another manufacturer.

This medium-sized dog shirt is perfect for dogs with the chest girth of between 30-32 inches although there are smaller and larger versions. The manufacturer also recommends that the dog should have a minimum weight of 45 pounds.

From this information, it’s clear that these shirts are designed for large dogs. Therefore, whether you have a Golden retriever, Siberian Husky, Border Collie, American Bulldog, German shepherd, or other large dog breeds, consider looking at these shirts.

The top-grade shirt has a purposeful combination of Cotton (65%) and Polyester (35%). The cotton content keeps the dog comfortable and improves the ventilation of the shirt whereas the Polyester improves toughness and prevents it from shrinking.

Four plastic buttons are strategically positioned at the bottom for easy on and off. The loose collar ensures that it remains comfortable for dogs that have a thick neck. It comes with red and white stripes that are aesthetically appealing. But in case you are looking for a different color combination, there are four other options available to meet a variety of user preferences.


  • It is easy to put on and off.
  • There are 5 color options.
  • It works well for large dog breeds.


  • It isn’t the best option for pint-sized dogs.

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#5 Chol&Vivi Dog Shirts Blank Clothes

Chol&Vivi Dog Shirts

When you add this option to your shopping cart, the manufacturer will send you two dog shirts of the same size for the price of one. That said, for those after the best deal in the market, there may be no better deal.

The two shirts come in different colors. Our pair comprises of black and grey. Nevertheless, other color combinations such as red and orange, blue and purple, pink and rose red, black and white, and many more are also available. Hence, no matter your style, chances are that you will find the pair that complements it best.

Although they are inexpensive, these shirts make use of top-class cotton material. That’s why they are so breathable, comfortable, and do not hurt the dog’s skin even with many hours of wearing.

The top-quality material combines with nice stitching and excellent workmanship to ensure that you get a pair that will fit your dog(s) perfectly and serve them for a very long time.

With 7 sizes available for selection, these shirts are made with almost all dog sizes in mind. Thus, whether you are looking for a perfect shirt for your tiny Pomeranian or the large Labrador retriever, odds are that you will have an excellent fit for him.


  • The cotton material is very durable.
  • The price is great.
  • The stitching is nice.


  • Since the pair is made from cotton, it will shrink a bit after washing.

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#6 Puppy Face Dog Shirts Tank Top

Puppy Face Dog Shirts

This shirt has a length of 19.5 inches while the chest and neck are 26 inches and 19.1 inches respectively. The manufacturer recommends them for dogs with the weight range of between 35-55 lbs. although you should not overlook the importance of measuring your dog.

Green and grey stripes combine to make the shirt more visually appealing. But if this doesn’t fit your style, the manufacturer brings this shirt in a wide spectrum of colors.

The shirt has a stylish bulldog logo on the rear. But don’t get it wrong; it doesn’t mean that it’s only made for use by Pitbulls- this shirt is suitable for use by any dog no matter the breed. That’s why it comes in as many sizes as 8. In fact, you can also use it for your cat.

The manufacturer uses a blend of cotton and polyester in making this dog clothing. This renders it durable, comfortable, and breathable when also ensuring that it maintains its shape after every wash.

Unlike other non-elastic shirts that become tight after feeding the pet, the bottom of the Puppy Face Dog Shirt is stretchable. The elastic design keeps the pet feeling comfortable even after feasting.


  • Works well for small and large dogs.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • The bottom part is elastic.


  • Some customers reported a slight smell that disappears after a while.

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#7 DroolingDog Dog Clothes Small Dog Shirts

DroolingDog Dog Clothes Small Dog Shirts

Although this dog shirt is rated as extra-large, it’s important to note that it’s extra-large in the category of small dog breeds. That’s why even with such a high rating, the manufacturer recommends it for pups weighing between 13.2 lbs. and 16.1 lbs.

The shirt provides your puppy with superior protection against inclement weather when also making them look pretty cool than any other dog in the neighborhood. “I ❤ My Mom” printed on the back gives the furbaby a way to let the world know the deep love she has for the mother.

The nice cotton blend lets you buy this dog shirt knowing that you are getting something that is going to keep the puppy feeling comfortable even when the summer temperatures hit the crescendo levels.

Besides being breathable, the cotton fabric is easy to clean. Actually, since it’s washable, keeping your dog clean and stylish has just become easier. The stretchy fabric conforms to your dog’s shape to always deliver a snug fit.

Even having all that said about this product, we must also acknowledge that it has its own downsides. For instance, there are no many color varieties here. Also, it isn’t available in large sizes that can fit medium and giant dogs.


  • The lightweight design is good for small dogs.
  • The fabric is very soft for superior comfort.
  • The printing on the back is nice.


  • It’s for small dog breeds.

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#8 Idepet Soft Cotton Adidog Cloth for Dog

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There are many reasons why your pup should wear a dog shirt. For instance, apart from keeping him warm in the winter and safe from the summer sun, a dog shirt will help keep your house neat by ensuring that the dog’s fur doesn’t scatter all over the place during the shedding seasons.

If you are bothered that your pup is shedding too much even after regular grooming, this shirt is one of the options that will help keep your house sparklingly clean from fur just as you want it.

The shirt’s size rating is small. The neck is 9 inches whereas the back length is 11.9 inches and the chest girth 13.38 inches. And with other sizes available, chances of missing the perfect fit for your furry friend are very slim.

Like all other preceding dog shirts on our list, Idepet Soft Cotton Adidog is made from cotton. Hence, it’s super soft, durable, and will leave the pet feeling comfortable whether in the summer, winter, or any other time of the year.

We like that the manufacturer makes this dog cloth available in different colors. In other words, whether you prefer black, red, blue, yellow, pink, gray, or navy blue, you have all these colors available for selection.


  • It covers the tail when you pick the correct size.
  • It keeps the dog warm.
  • The fabric feels great.


  • There is no hole for a harness.

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#9 Koneseve Dog Shirt

Koneseve Dog Shirt

With 12 sizes available of this dog shirt, it’s now easy to get an excellent fit for your dog, no matter the size and the breed. The chest of the smallest version measures 11 inches while that of the largest is as big as 43 inches.

The chest girth of our hand-picked option is 20.8 inches and will work well for dogs with a weight of between 15-24 lbs. That means that it works well for dogs with a chest that is slightly smaller than the 20.8 inches given that you should leave 2-3 finger’s space when measuring your dog’s size to prevent it from being too tight.

The natural cotton fabric is soft, comfortable, and will not cause itching to your dog. The superb workmanship ensures that the shirt makes up for a perfect gift that your pet will cherish for many years to come.

The snap buttons make it easy to put on and take off. Also, we like that this pet T-shirt has a magnificent collar that won’t deform with time and a unique and lovely shirt pattern. Therefore, with this dog cloth, expect your canine to look more fashionable than ever.

Although it doesn’t come in many color options, it is available in three most preferred colors; blue, red, and green. Even with all these features and many more, this shirt comes at a very affordable price that almost all dog caregivers can afford.


  • The design of the collar is great.
  • The snap buttons are beautiful.
  • The pattern is great.


  • There are only 3 color varieties.

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#10 SCIROKKO Dog Shirt


This dog shirt is another amazing option for dog owners who are looking for a combination of great quality and price. Whether you choose small, medium, or large, this shirt comes at a fraction of the price of other competing models.

The small size fits dogs with the neck girth of 10.2-11.1 inches, a chest size of 14.5-16.1 inches, and a body length of 8 inches. And because it’s elastic, this cloth contours to your dog’s body shape for a snug fit.

This dog attire is 100% cotton. Therefore, it’s one of the dog shirts you can count on for durability. The red and black checked makes the dog look more stylish while the short-sleeved design means that it can serve as an excellent shirt for the summer.

The curved hem makes the cloth look more adorable. Also, it keeps the dog comfy even with an extended period of use. You will also appreciate how far the design goes in allowing for easy on and off.

Lastly, this dog shirt is versatile. I mean, after keeping your dog safe and clean from dust during the day, SCIROKKO Dog Shirt transforms to a perfect nightgown for your dog to keep him warm during cold nights.


  • It doesn’t get hot in sunny weather.
  • It can serve as a perfect nightgown.
  • It is very lightweight.


  • More sizes would be good.

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#11 Fitwarm 2-Pack 100% Cotton Striped Dog Shirt

Fitwarm 2-Pack 100% Cotton Striped Dog Shirt

Washing your dog regularly can cause damage to their fur in the long haul. That’s why you need to find ways of cutting down on the number of baths to keep these furry colleagues healthy.

Now, one of the ways of doing this is by getting your pooch a nice dog shirt. These clothes cover the most part of the dog’s bodies, minimizing the chances of their fur picking up dust and dirt when playing and running around.

One of the dog shirts that will serve well in this is this nice option from Fitwarm. It comes as a multi-colored shirt although it’s also available in eye-catching pure blue and pink options. However, we recommend the multi-color version since it favors most occasions.

It is available in different sizes with the smallest being XS and the largest XXL. The elastic underbelly keeps the dog comfortable on all occasions while the ribbed elastic leg opening allows for uninterrupted movement.

Most pet parents also like that the design of the shirt makes potty breaks more convenient. And since it’s a pullover shirt, wearing and taking it off is quick and easy than in most competing models.


  • The design is fantastic.
  • The multi-color shirt is nice for all occasions.
  • It makes potty breaks easy.


  • Some customers wish that the shirt was more elastic than it is.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should Dogs Wear Shirts?

When cold, it’s alright for dogs to wear shirts for long periods. However, during the summer season, dressing dogs can increase the likelihood of hyperthermia. Hence, ensure that you take it off more often in the hot weather to let some air in and curb the condition.

Do Dog Shirts Help With Anxiety?

Anxiety is very common in dogs. If you have a dog that experiences separation anxiety or other kinds, a dog shirt can make all the difference. A snug-fitting shirt gives the dog a sense of security even when left alone which in turn keeps them from getting anxious.

How Can You Measure Your Dog Size?

When buying your dog shirt, measure the neck, chest, and the length from front to back and compare it to the manufacturer’s size chart to tell the perfect size for your pooch. When taking these measurements, keep the tape measure a bit loose to allow for comfort.

Is Dressing Up Dogs A Really Good Thing?

Although most people underestimate their significance, dog shirts bring plenty of benefits. For instance, they keep them warm in cold weather and protect their fur from dirt and the harmful UV rays.

Can You Use Dog Shirts For Cats?

The simple answer is- Yes. Most of the shirts on our top-notch list are very versatile in that they can be used for cats and dogs. Therefore, as you choose one for your dog, get a smaller size for your cat too.

Final Verdict

A dog shirt is one perfect gift you can get for your canine. It delivers lots of benefits to these furry colleagues. However, when choosing the right one, be sure to get the size right since the wrong size will do your four-pawed friend more harm than good.

Our review suggests some of the market’s top-rated options. They are all durable, comfortable, breathable, and affordable.

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