Top 12 Best Dog Stockings 2022

Christmas is fast approaching. It’s been a good year and has enjoyed the best moments with your furry friend. You are looking for a way to reciprocate the great love and loyalty your dog has shown all year long.

And what another surefire way is there to keep your dog’s tail wagging this festive season other than a dog stocking? Dog stockings are great gifts and pups value them so much. They stuff an endless possibility of gifts ranging from clothes and grooming accessories to collars, chew bones, and many more.

The most impressive thing is that some are customizable to make it so specific to that special furbaby. In this article, we will be exploring the 12 market-leading dog stockings. Keep reading to identify the perfect option for your pet.

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12 Best Dog Stockings

#1 Beyond Your Thoughts New Linen Dog Bone Christmas Stockings

Beyond Your Thoughts New Linen Dog Bone Christmas Stockings

Make this coming Christmas the most colorful for your lovely pup. And yes, these dog stockings are one way to make this festive season the most memorable for your adorable canine.

They come as a set of four. Each dog stocking offers plenty of space to accommodate a wide array of gifts for your pets. Hence, whether they are your presents to your lovely pet or from friends, expect to have enough room for them.

Each stocking is of high-quality cotton material to last for many years. The bone-shaped design implies that these dog stockings are sure to become your dog’s most favorite asset. After all, we all know that dogs and bones have been the best friends for centuries.

At the inside part of the stocking is a high-quality lining. The soft material ensures that it doesn’t scratch your dog’s Christmas treats so that you present them to your dog in tip-top condition.

The nifty bow on each piece makes it more fashionable and beautiful. And with each piece featuring a wide opening, it’s now convenient to put and take out treats. In fact, with a little training, your dog should do it easily.


  • The bow is very cute.
  • The material is of high-quality.
  • The material is super soft.


  • The opening is quite small for large gifts.

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#2 Yodofol 2 Pack Dog Christmas Stockings

Yodofol 2 Pack Dog Christmas Stockings

The second option on our top-notch list also embraces the shape of a bone. Therefore, chances are that it will also become one of your dog’s most adorable gifts. However, unlike the predecessor that arrives in a set of four, these dog stockings come as a pair.

Each piece affords enough space for candies, small toys, chocolates, gift cards, and other goodies from the whole family. The color of the stocking alongside the beautiful toy is a guarantee to add a unique touch of beauty in every room.

The pair is 100% hand-made, making it incredibly cute. The premium cotton construction means that it’s not only super soft but also a durable addition. Therefore, if you want a stylish stocking you can count on for several years to come, you won’t go wrong with this pair.

And because they are cute, you may find it hard to resist the urge to display them in your room. That’s why each stocking features a sturdy hanging loop for easy hanging to a Christmas tree, window, or any other place you see suitable.

The opening isn’t too large, however. But don’t let that put you off- it’s still wide enough to allow easy storage and removal of the most common dog gifts.


  • They are large.
  • Each piece has a hanging loop.
  • It arrives as a pair.


  • There are no color varieties.

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#3 RenFox Christmas Stockings for Dogs Pets

RenFox Christmas Stockings for Dogs Pets

This dog stocking provides more room than you will get in the majority of the competitors. Hence, in case you need a large dog stocking that will accommodate plenty of goodies for your dog, the Renfox Christmas Stocking is one of the options you need to try out.

Unlike any of the previous options, it arrives as a single piece. But since it only claims a fraction of the price of the competing models, it makes a lot of sense to add several pieces into your shopping cart if you think that one isn’t enough for your needs.

The piece makes use of a timeless plaid dog paw pattern. The beautiful design means that it will never run out of date and that it’s one of the options conceived with your furbaby in mind.

The unit also has some bone-shaped accessories that attach to it. Therefore, other than presenting gifts to your dogs, expect it to look cute when hanging on a Christmas tree or any other area around your space.

A combination of course velvet and non-woven fabrics ensures that you get a piece that will nice on your palm and one you can use over and over again. Therefore, other than serving in the Christmas, this piece will also survive through several special days.


  • The price is nice for the size.
  • The design is timeless.
  • It leaves plenty of room for personalization.


  • It arrives as a single piece.

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#4 SherryDC Dog Cat Paw Christmas Stockings

SherryDC Dog Cat Paw Christmas Stockings

Although you are getting a pair in this case, there is much that one member of the duo borrows from our previous options. For instance, the red stocking looks exactly like the previous option and has bone accessories also attaching to it.

The cute paw design makes it a visually-appealing dog stocking for use on the Christmas tree and other areas around your home. The construction is a blend of flannelette and plaid for optimal durability.

You can use the pair for keeping toys, treats, chew bones, and a bunch of other goodies that your dog loves. That’s why it carries enough room for these and other gifts you might want to get for your pet for the approaching Christmas holiday.

We like that the manufacturer leaves the user enough room for customization. In other words, you can add your canine’s name at the top of the stocking to make it unique for your pet.

The exceptional beauty, sturdiness, and large size make these stockings very versatile.  Hence, other than using it for your dog, this pair will also serve as an ideal gift pack for cats and other pets.


  • The construction is pretty strong.
  • It’s a multifunctional pair.
  • There are a variety of colors.


  • The bows don’t look to be of the best quality.

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#5 Aiduy Pet Christmas Stocking

Aiduy Pet Christmas Stocking

Let your pet feel part of the family this coming Christmas by buying him this amazing Christmas stocking. It comes as a pack of two with each piece featuring a large pet claw pattern for beauty.

The stylish design means that this pair will serve as a great decoration accessory whether its for Christmas or any other special day. It will step up the beauty of your room when using it at the fireplace, staircase, mantel, or other places.

Each dog stocking is made of materials of the highest quality. Therefore, each is durable so that you get the most out of your cash. The roomy interior means that you and other members of the family will have enough space for your dog’s favorite treats and toys.

The versatile pair is perfect for different pets. You can use it for dogs, puppies, cats, and many more. To make it more unique and special to your dog, you can add the name of your pet at the top of the Christmas stocking.

Each stocking comes with a loop at the top area. The loop makes it easy to hang the unit for decoration or storage purposes until the next special day. Finally, there are many color varieties for selection.


  • The contrast of the colors is nice for the festive season.
  • They have some good weight on them.
  • The craftsmanship is excellent.


  • The price isn’t the most inexpensive for a pair.

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#6 WEWILL Lovely Embroidered Pets Pattern Christmas Stockings

WEWILL Lovely Embroidered Pets Pattern Christmas Stockings

There is much to love in this outstanding dog stocking. First, it’s a versatile Christmas stocking. In other words, other than serving as a dog stocking, you can use it for decoration purposes.

The premium-grade cotton construction makes it generally super soft for a comfortable touching experience. The delicate appearance alongside the exceptional workmanship means that it isn’t an ordinary pet stocking.

At the interior of the Christmas stocking is a soft inner lining. This material keeps all the goodies safe and in perfect condition in the bag when also making it easy to put in and remove contents from the gift bag.

The piece has an adorable cartoon cat and dog pattern. In fact, unlike the printed patterns that come out with time, the pattern of this unit is embroidered to ensure that it doesn’t lose its beauty over the days.

The double material gives the stocking a more sturdy feel. That said, this pet stocking should go beyond serving your pet this coming Christmas. And as we expect from the product of its class, be ready to pay a little more for it.


  • The hanging loop is large for more compatibility with hanging hook sizes.
  • The pattern is very durable.
  • The feel of the fabric is great.


  • It’s not so easy to write on with a marker.

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#7 LO LORD LO Christmas Stocking for Pet

LO LORD LO Christmas Stocking for Pet

Grabbing the lucky number seven on the list is one of the market’s most amazing dog stockings you can get your dog this coming Christmas. It arrives in a single pack although it is also available in a pair.

The unit combines beauty, high-quality materials, and exquisite craftsmanship. Hence, it’s very long-lasting and has everything that a pet stocking needs to have to turn your canine’s perfect friend.

We like that it comes with good size. Therefore, whether you want it for stuffing goods for your small dog, giant pup, or cat, this high-quality Christmas dog stocking from Lo Lord Lo should work just fine.

There is plenty that this Christmas stocking can hold. I mean, you can use it for treats, outward hound toys, candy, and any other thing you think would make a perfect gift for your pup this festive season.

The top will allow you to personalize so that you come up with a design of your own preference. Nevertheless, if you choose to leave it, it’s not in any way going to look less cute.


  • It maintains its shape even after filling.
  • The color blends in with the holiday decor theme.
  • It’s super easy to personalize.


  • The size may be way larger than you are probably expecting.

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#8 Sugaroom Personalized Christmas Stockings

Sugaroom Personalized Christmas Stockings

Make this Christmas the most memorable for your lovely pet. And what another way can you keep your dog happy this Christmas other than presenting him a variety of gifts. And yes, this gift stocking is an attractive way to present to your pup what you have for him for Christmas.

The paw print pattern alongside the dog fishbone design is sure to impress your dog even at first glance. Therefore, even before you unleash the inside contents of the gift bag, the outside appearance is enough to get your dog’s tail wagging.

The blend of cotton and polyester fabrics make the bag soft to the touch when still making it incredibly tough to survive through several festive seasons. The polyester material also ensures that it retains its shape for a very long time.

You can use it as a present container for your lovely canine or utilize it for Christmas decorations or any other holiday. The unit even comes with a sewn-in loop to support multiple uses.

The unit comes as a single piece. However, if you have more than one pet, or want more than just a single piece, we like the fact that the manufacturer also avails it in packs of 3 and 4.


  • The colors are so vibrant.
  • The bag is super soft.
  • It is available in packs of different pieces.


  • The handle would be a little wider.

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#9 Aitbay Pet Christmas Stockings

Aitbay Pet Christmas Stockings

If you have a dog and a cat and want to make this festive season their best ever, this set comes with you in mind. The pieces come with a pair- one for your lovely canine and the other for your other furbaby.

All pieces have super cute 3D patterns that are sure to capture your attention and that of any other pet lover. Therefore, other than serving as a present container for your pet, it’s a perfect gift for that friend who loves pets.

The one made for cat has a cat carton pattern while the other has that of a dog. The varying patterns make it easy to distinguish the one made for your canine from that for the cat.

The two pieces are of the same size. And since each stocking is extra-long and wide, you will get enough space for gift cards, candy canes, pet toys, and other fantastic gifts you may want to get for your puppy this coming festive season.

Quality cotton construction ensures exceptional durability. The material also means that this pair is designed to feel great in the palm. Additionally, the construction along with the beauty means that you can utilize it for decoration.


  • There is a nice pocket outside.
  • They work well for both cats and dogs.
  • The 3D patterns are great.


  • The edge of the socks seems a little out of shape when in a hanging position.

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#10 QBSM Dog Christmas Stocking

QBSM Dog Christmas Stocking

Although it only comes as a single piece, this Christmas stocking carries versatility comparable to that of a set. I mean, you can use it for your cat, dog, or for decoration purposes depending on what you think works best for you.

We know that you love your pet so much and there’s an endless list of what you want to get him this Christmas. With this in mind, this piece from QBSM has good length and width to give you enough room for all your presents.

The paw design improves the overall beauty of the piece. The red color means that you can use it for Christmas, birthday, Halloween, new year eve, and other special days when you might want to decorate your room.

The stocking comes ready to use for decoration or as a pet’s gift pack. But just in case you want to make it specific and unique for your furry friend, you can still personalize it by embroidering the name of your pet at the top of the socks.

A few pet owners, however, believe that this dog stocking has a few areas that need improvement. For instance, the opening isn’t wide enough to accommodate long and oversized treats. Also, the sewing of the handle is done on the wrong end which makes it face in different directions from the others.


  • It will not fall apart.
  • The price is good for the quality.
  • The red color works well for most events.


  • The handle would work better if it were on the other end.

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#11 OurWarm Pet Dog Christmas Stockings

OurWarm Pet Dog Christmas Stockings

As you buy Christmas stockings for the little members of the family, remember that your canine is also part of the family. Therefore, just like the youngsters, your dog deserves his own stocking for Santa to fill. After all, she has been good to you all year long and therefore deserves a nice gift.

This piece has everything that a dog stocking needs to have to help your dog create precious memories this Christmas. For instance, it is cute with a bone-shaped decoration to attract your dog. The bone-shaped attachments act as name tags for your pooch when personalizing the stocking.

The material of this gift container is super thick to make it reusable. The outside material has a plushy feel while the inside lining is super soft to all your dog’s treats in the perfect condition.

Toys, gift cards, candies, chocolate, Christmas ornaments, and small gifts are just a few of the hundred and one gifts that this pet stocking can accommodate. But in case you need it for decoration applications, they will add a warm and rustic touch to your space.


  • It is reusable.
  • The bone-shaped accessories are attractive.
  • It has a plushy feel on the inside.


  • The name tags are not the sturdiest.

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#12 URATOT 2 Pack Christmas Stockings

URATOT 2 Pack Christmas Stockings

Taking the last spot on the list is an amazing unit from Urarot. But don’t be too quick to judge- it’s not in any way an inferior option. In fact, this pair outshines a few of its predecessors in many aspects.

The two pieces utilize paw pattern design. Hence, other than serving as a pet stocking, we expect the pair to work well for other applications such as decoration during Christmas, holidays, and other special days.

However, one piece of the pair has a red color while the other one utilizes a black tone. Hence, it’s now easy to distinguish one stocking from the other when using the pair for different furbabies.

The large capacity affords you enough space to stuff gifts for your pets. Furthermore, each stocking will open wide to allow for convenient operation when putting in gifts or taking them out for your pet.

The pair makes use of polyester and velvet materials. This construction is an implication that they are very sturdy for long service life. The premium materials also give them a warm and luxurious feel.


  • They offer large capacity.
  • There are many varieties.
  • It’s convenient to use.


  • It’s not the perfect pair if you need a small version.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Dog Stockings?

Dog stockings are sock-shaped gift packs. They provide a stylish way of holding your dog’s Christmas presents from friends, family members, and other people.

What Can I Put In A Dog Stocking?

There are many things that can make your dog happy this coming festive season. That said, you can use your dog stocking for different varieties of presents. Most people use them for candies, toys, treats, and other dog accessories.

Are Dog Stockings Worth It?

As minor as they might look, dog stockings mean more than you can probably imagine to your pet. They are an effective way to stir happiness for your dog. It gives your furbaby a sense of belonging.

Do You Wrap Stocking Presents?

Although there isn’t any problem with wrapping, no one wants to spend time unwrapping. For that reason, most dog owners prefer putting gifts into the bags unwrapped. Unwrapping is also another great way of increasing the capacity of the bag.

Can You Make Stocking For Your Dog?

It’s possible to make stockings for your dog. After all, most of these accessories are hand-made. However, you are likely not to get a stylish design unless you have all the materials and skills necessary.

Final Verdict

Your lovely canine should have a dog stocking by now. These accessories offer great fun to furbabies. They are a great way to make them feel part of the family traditions. But in case your pup doesn’t have one yet, it’s now time to make this coming Christmas more memorable for him than ever. Pick the right dog stocking from our list to keep your pet happy throughout the festive season.

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