The 11 Best Dog Sweaters In 2022

Dogs are usually well protected against chilly conditions by their coats.

However, when the temperatures are extremely low, they need extra protection to keep them toasty and to avert cold-related diseases.

Some of us wrap our pooch in blankets, and others light up fires. These methods have significant limitations, such as limiting your dog’s movement.

A dog’s sweater, on the other hand, provides warmth and eliminates any limitations caused by blankets and other traditional means of providing heat.

Some dog sweaters are designed for more than just warmth provision in that your pooch can wear them even on a regular day because of their classy designs.

Picking the right sweater for your dog can be a bit tricky because several determinants come into play.

These determinants include the intended use for the sweater (warmth or casual wear), size, and design to mention just a few.

To narrow down your search for a good and classy pooch sweater, we decided to dig through the market and create a shortlist comprising the top, versatile, and high-quality dog sweaters.

Jump in and let’s find the most suitable sweater for your four-legged friend.

11 Best Dog Sweaters

1) Kurgo Loft

by Kurgo

Kurgo lift has a stylish design to keep your dog looking lovely while providing enough warmth.

This dog vest is made of rugged Microtomic ripstop nylon, which makes it lightweight for your dog’s comfort. This material is also durable to keep your dog well protected from the cold for long.

This vest has a reversible two-color design for adjustability to different environments. For example, black color for outdoors and yellow for indoors for a black and yellow reversible vest.

The top shell of this jacket is waterproof to make sure that your dog stays warm even when it gets drizzled on. The shell has a reflecting lining which helps you spot your dog in the dark with ease.

The Kurgo Loft dog jacket features a zipper opening for access to the dog’s harness. This allows the attachment of a leash to take your dog on walks without removing the sweater.

This vest comes in eight different color combinations and five sizes to make sure you choose the best possible fit for your pooch.

Provided that you choose the right size for your dog, this Kurgo Loft dog vest is flawless.

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2) KOOLTAIL Dog Sweater


This beautiful and delightful sweater from KOOLTAIL is available in two colors, i.e., red and cream, and five sizes ranging from extra small to large. This means that this sweater is suited for small dogs.

This sweater has one of the most exceptional turtleneck argyle designs which keeps your dog looking cute all day. Its classic patterns make it an excellent choice for casual wear.

The sweater is made from 100% acrylic, which is durable, soft, and lightweight for your pooch’s comfort. This material also provides excellent warmth for your dog during cold seasons.

It’s fitted with a hole in the back to allow easier access to your dog’s harness for leash attachment when going for a walk.

If you’re more interested in stylish sweaters for your small dog, then this is perfect. It’s flawless.

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3) Gooby – Stretch Fleece Vest

by Gooby

Gooby is a leading manufacturer of dogs clothing. They produce well designed, high-quality clothing to ensure that your pet stays cozy.

Their stretch fleece vest is no exception as it’s made of high-quality, durable, lightweight, and machine washable material.

The stretchable nature of this vest allows for a comfortable fit to keep your dog warm and classy. It also makes it possible to fit different sized dogs with the same sweater, which makes it adaptable.

Gooby fleece vest comes in many different colors and sizes to fit small and large breeds. This makes it easy to choose the most appropriate color and size for dogs of up to 80lbs.

This sweater is easy to wear and take off, which makes it convenient for you and your doggie.

It’s good to note that this sweater does not provide much warmth. It’s perfect for casual wear only.

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4) Stinky G Turtleneck Dog Sweater

by Stinky G

Stinky G sweaters for dogs are always well designed to make your dog look gorgeous and elegant. They are made to bring out the best look possible.

The Stinky G Turtleneck Sweater features a traditional knit design which looks classy.

The material used in making this sweater is soft to touch, durable, and lightweight. It’s also machine washable (with cold water) for your convenience.

It comes in varying small sizes and different colors. This allows you as a dog owner to choose the best possible combination depending on your dog’s size and intended use.

The sleeves on this sweater can be rolled to cover more surface when it gets cold. Even the collar can be rolled to make sure your dog’s neck is entirely covered.

This sweater is designed for small dogs of between 9 – 14 Lbs.

Stinky G Turtleneck Sweater is flawless.

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5) Blueberry Pet Classic Cable Knit Dog Sweater

by Blueberry Pet

This classic cable knit sweater is made of 100% acrylic yarn for easy upkeep and durability. Acrylic is lightweight and soft for your dog’s comfort. This material is also machine-washable with similar colors.

The sweater comes in many different colors and a range of small to medium sizes. This allows you to pick the best fit for your pooch.

This sweater has a smartly designed harness hole to allow leash connection without any hassle. This comes in handy when you want to take your dog outdoors.

It features a unique tweed knitting design giving it a distinct speckled effect. This and other delicate designs make the sweater perfect and stylish for your pooch.

As long as you choose the right fit for your dog, this sweater is perfect. Note that it’s not suitable for very frigid environs.

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6) Ruffwear Fernie Technical Sweater


This sweater is designed for both indoor and outdoor use to keep your dog safe and warm all day long no matter where you are. It can be worn independently or layered on another sweater for more protection.

The Ruffwear Fernie Sweater has a fleece lining which offers your dog more warmth.

Its sweater-knit fabric is lightweight and quick-drying to keep your dog comfy. It’s also durable to ensure long term use.

The sweater is fitted with reflective accents to enable visibility in the dark. A light loop is also available for attaching a beacon light on the back.

This sweater has a sleeve-style design to provide more insulation and warmth, which makes it perfect for cold environs and dogs with short coats.

Ruffwear Fernie Sweater has a full-length zipper on the side for a cozy fit. It makes it easier to wear and remove the jacket.

This sweater is available in four different colors and a range of small to large sizes for versatility. The wide range of sizes and different colors makes it easier to pick the perfect sweater for your dog.

On the downside, the back length seems to be too long for some dogs.

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7) Adidog Sweater by Scheppend

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Scheppend Adidog features trendy and classic hood designs meant to please both the pet and the pet owner.

Adidog Dog Sweaters are available in many different colors and sizes for small, medium, and large dog breeds. The versatility allows you to select the most suitable wear for your four-legged friend.

This sweater is made of cotton. Cotton is warm, lightweight, and breathable to keep your dog comfortable and toasty all day.

It’s fitted with a Sherpa fleece lining to provide extra warmth, especially during the cold winter seasons. The lining is smooth to touch for more comfort.

The sweater slips on and off with ease for convenience. Its stretchy nature and buttons provide an optimal fit to keep your dog looking cute.

Scheppend Adidog sweater has full sleeves to ensure that no surface is exposed. This keeps your dog warm all day long.

Provided that you select the correct size for your dog, this sweater is flawless and classy.

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8) Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater

by Chilly Dog

The Chilly Dog Boyfriend Sweater features a traditional boyfriend sweater design which aims at bringing out a sophisticated look for your pooch.

The sweater is hand-knit by professional knitters which ensures a high-quality, unique, and durable product.

The material used in making the Chilly Boyfriend Dog Sweater consists of 100% wool to ensure warmth and comfort. Wool is breathable, and lightweight to ensure that your dog remains cozy when it wears this sweater.

Plant dyes are used to color the Chilly Boyfriend Sweaters for an environmentally friendly end product. The use of natural dyes ensures that the sweater is safe to be worn by your dog.

Chilly Boyfriend Sweater comes in many colors and sizes from extra-small to extra-extra-large. This makes it easy to select the perfect match for your dog.

Because this sweater is made of pure wool, it’s not suitable for dogs with a short coat or sensitive skin. This is due to the rough nature of pure wool. You can use it in combination with something soft to protect breeds with sensitive skin or small fur.

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9) Zack & Zoey Basic Dog Hoodie

by Zack & Zoey

When it comes to classy casual wears for your dog, Zack and Zoey have a variety of them lined up just for you. Their Basic Dog Hoodie is an exemplary example of how exceptional their dog sweaters are.

The Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie is made of a combination of 65% polyester and 35% cotton. This combination creates a durable, lightweight, soft, and breathable sweater to keep your dog warm and comfy.

This hoodie is available in both bold and basic colors to choose the best color preference for your dog. It also comes in varying sizes starting from extra-small to extra-extra-large to fit small, medium, and large breeds.

It features ribbed sleeves and hem to fit perfectly on your pooch.

The sweatshirt is slit below the hood to allow a leash and collar connection. However, the slit is not ideal for a harness.

On the downside, this hoodie’s sizing is a little off, and it tends to shrink a little after washing.

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10) RuffWear K-9 Overcoat


K-9 Overcoat is a classic cold-weather jacket designed for active and adventurous dogs. All the materials used in making this jacket are recycled.

Its outer fabric comprises sturdy abrasion-resistant polyester. It is designed to be water-resistant and wind-resistant and to keep all other environmental elements out for your dog’s protection. The outer fabric ensures durability and prolonged use of the k-9 overcoat.

On the interior, the overcoat is lined with fleece to provide warmth and comfort. This material prevents any heat loss.

The jacket features auto-lock buckles on either side for an easy on and off, which makes it convenient to use. The use of buckles also makes the jacket fit perfectly on your pooch.

Reflective trim integrated on the jacket enables easier spotting of your dog in the darkness. A light loop is also included for attaching a beacon light.

The K-9 overcoat is available in six sizes and six colors. The six available sizes range from extra-extra-small to extra-large for versatility.

On the downside, the overcoat’s water repellant finish wears out with time.

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11) Fitwarm Knitted Sweatshirts for Dogs

by Fitwarm

This sweater features a soft and comfortable knitted fabric to keep your pooch warm in the cold days.

The fabric used is thick to ensure that enough heat is produced and kept inside for your dog’s comfort. It’s also breathable and lightweight to ensure that your dog stays cozy. This fabric is also durable and can withstand prolonged use.

The Fitwarm hoodie comes in one color and several different sizes for versatility. The sizes available for this hoodie fit small and medium-sized breeds with ease.

It has short sleeves which allow more effortless mobility for use as activewear for your dog.

This hoodie is perfect for keeping your dog warm and looking classy, but it doesn’t have a slit for leash attachment.

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Are there any tips to get a perfect fit sweater for my dog?

Yes, there are a few pointers which can help you get a perfect sweater for your dog. Here are some of them;

  • Always measure your dog and compare the size to the manufacturers’ chart before committing to buy. This is because different manufacturers use different size charts.
  • If the measurement lies between two sizes, choose the larger size
  • Take each measurement loosely to provide some breathing room for your dog

What is the importance of dog sweaters?

Dog sweaters are essential for keeping your dog warm, dry, and looking classy. Keeping your dog warm reduces the occurrence of any cold-related diseases. They also minimize exposure to mud and other elements that damage your dog’s beautiful coat.

How do I take my dog’s measurement?

  • Chest – Measure the broadest part of the dog’s torso/ chest
  • Neck – Measure around the base of the neck. Ensure that the neck’s opening is larger than the dog’s head.
  • Length – Measure the distance from the base of the neck to the base of the tail

Which factors should I consider when choosing a dog sweater?

  • Size – Choose a comfortable size in that it’s neither too tight nor buggy
  • Elegance – always go for a fashionable sweater to keep your dog classy
  • Warmth – choose a sweater fitted with thick fabric to keep your pooch toasty through the cold seasons
  • Intended use – Choose accordingly because some sweaters are designed for outdoor use while others are suitable for indoor use.

Final Verdict

Dog sweaters primary use is to keep your four-legged friend warm throughout cold seasons.

By doing this, your dog stays protected from cold-related diseases and conditions such as hyperthermia and pneumonia.

Other uses of dog sweaters range from keeping your dog clean and for cosmetic purposes. No matter your intended purpose, choose a versatile, durable, comfortable, and high-quality dog sweater.

We hope that you find your dog’s perfect fit from our top-rated dog sweater review.

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