Top 11 Best Dog Training Collars 2022

Handling a dog can be stressful, especially if the pet in question is stubborn and disobedient. Some dogs tend to engage in unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking, jumping on people, peeing in wrong places, aggression, etc.

You can eradicate such behaviors by using a training collar. Currently, the market is flooded with different brands of collars, so you have to read each product specification to learn more about the item.

Nevertheless, you can avoid the stress by going through this detailed review article. It highlights some of the best dog training collars that can help you change how your dog behaves.

11 Best Dog Training Collars

#1 DOG CARE Training Collar

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With this dog training collar, you will have a chance of teaching your furry basic commands. As a result, your dog will be more obedient and less likely to have behavior problems. This device provides you with three training modes, which are safe and friendly to your pet. Depending on the active mode, the collar receiver can beep, vibrate, or generate static. All the modes are very efficient, so you can choose the one that suits the behavioral traits of your pet. The dog’s level of arousal may also determine the mode that you are supposed to use.

As such, it is advisable to do some homework on your dog so that you can know what makes him or her tick. This item comes with a remote, which has a user-friendly design, thus giving you an easy time with the controls. There is also an LCD display, which will show you several things such as the battery level, current mode, and other things. The remote works as a transmitter while the collar is the receiver. Both units will communicate provided that they are not more than 330 yards apart.

The remote and the receiver run on powerful lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable. When on a full charge, the former will provide you with up to 45 days of battery stand by while the latter can last for a maximum of 15 days. The remote can host up to nine channels, meaning that it can send signals to nine different receivers. This will allow you to train multiple dogs at a go. Since each receiver will be working on a different channel, each of your pets will be controlled independently.


  • The remote has a security keypad lock to prevent accidental shock to your pet
  • Both the receiver and the remote support USB charging
  • Adjustable static levels


  • There is a high possibility of mixing up the dogs when all nine channels are active

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#2 PATPET Dog Shock Training Collar

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The training collar by Patpet is ideal for professional dog trainers and first-time users. When you buy this product, you will get a remote and a collar receiver. The two devices work in concert through wireless signals transmissions that will allow you to have fruitful training sessions with your pet. The remote can send signals up to 1000ft, thus allowing your dog to move freely. This feature will enable you to train your dog in different places. You can do it in the park, backyard, lawn, or any other place where the dog can move with minimal restrictions.

Furthermore, this device provides you with different means through which you can train your pet. All the training techniques are humane, so your pet will be more than safe when using this training collar. The method that you use will depend on how temperamental your pet is. As such, the beep mode can work well with less stubborn dogs, while the static shock mode can be applied when handling pets that find it hard following basic commands. The shock level is customizable up to 16 levels. Through this, you will be able to tune the settings according to your preference.

There is also a vibration mode, so you can start by warning your dog with the beep, followed by the vibration, and lastly, the static shock. However, this may vary depending on the dog’s personality and the command that you want to teach the pet. This item comes with an adjustable collar, which can suit different sizes of dogs. So, it won’t matter whether you own a Beagle or Great Dane.


  • The remote is ergonomically designed
  • Rechargeable
  • Versatile


  • Can only train two dogs at a time compared to competitor models, which have multiple training channels

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#3 Bousnic Dog Training Collar

Bousnic Dog Training Collar

The Bousnic dog training collar comes with an IP67 waterproof receiver, which allows your pet to get wet without damaging the delicate components inside the device. As a result, your dog will be able to play with sprinklers, jump in the pool, or roll in wet grass in between the training sessions. The LCD display on the remote has a backlight, which will provide you with a clear view of the screen even when training your dog under extreme sunlight.

Additionally, the receiver comes with a nylon strap, which can fit dogs whose necks are between 8-26 inches. Besides, the remote has a dual channel system that allows you to train two dogs at the same time. You can change the training channels by pressing the 1/2 button only once. This will give you access to each dog’s collar receiver, thereby allowing you to administer the corrective measure depending on the response of each dog.

The antenna on the remote will ensure that all signal transmissions take place in real-time, thus making it easier for the dog to pair the warnings with the mistakes that he or she made in the previous training sessions. This way, your pet will be more likely to learn new tricks faster. The transmitter and the receiver use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which are long-lasting, thus allowing you to have several training sessions before a recharge.


  • 1000ft control range
  • Harmless to pets
  • Settings are customizable


  • Requires recharge after a couple of days

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#4 Slopehill Dog Training Collar

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This training collar will ensure that your pet does not acquire any injuries during training sessions. It does this by applying correction techniques that won’t harm a single hair on your dog. In addition, the conductors on the receiver have silicone rubber covers, which will protect your pet when he/she is running or playing. Like most training collars, this device has three training modes, but the only difference is that there is an extra LED mode, which you can use when training the dog in a poorly lit environment.

Through this feature, you will have an easier time locating your dog, especially when having late evening training sessions. Moreover, the collar strap is also reflective, thereby allowing you to find your dog in an instant. When on a full charge, the battery on the remote will last up to 45 days, while the one on the receiver can power the device for 15 days. Also, you can adjust the static stimulation from 0 to the 99th level.

The transmitter will send signals up to 2600ft provided that there are no obstacles between it and the receiver. Nevertheless, the area of coverage will be reduced to 350ft when solid objects are blocking the signal transmissions. If used correctly, you will notice a change in behavior in a matter of weeks.


  • The package is inclusive of  a USB cable
  • Batteries have a long life
  • Reliable


  • Signal transmission is likely to be affected by obstacles

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#5 TBI Pro Dog Training Collar with Remote

TBI Pro Dog Training Collar with Remote

The training collar by TBI Pro is designed and tested by professional K-9 experts, so you can buy this unit with high expectations that it will deliver what it promises. This device is very efficient and can assist you when training your dog by relying only on the beep and vibration mode. Nonetheless, if your pet is not responsive to the two modes you can consider switching to static.

Still, this mode is safe and humane and will allow you to establish an effective communication link with your pet. As such, this device can help you eradicate unwanted behaviors, thus creating a strong bond between you and your pet. Thanks to the power microprocessor in the receiver, this device can run on a single charge for up to 15 days when used continuously.

The remote has a maximum range of 1600ft, hence allowing you to train your dog in different locations. You can alternate the training sessions between yards, parks, or any other place with few obstacles. The vibration mode provides you with up to 100 levels, allowing you to choose the level that your pet is more responsive to. Furthermore, the batteries only need two hours to charge to full capacity.


  • The receiver is waterproof
  • Overvoltage protection
  • Powerful antenna


  • Supports only two channels

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#6 Flittor Shock Dog Training Collar

Flittor Shock Dog Training Collar

One of the most impressive things about this device is its advanced memory function, which allows you to train different dogs without rebooting the system. This device features a standard tone mode and other two training modes that you can customize to match your dog’s behavioral response. The remote is fitted with an LCD screen, which will show you the current vibration and static levels, thus allowing you to apply the appropriate corrective measure.

Additionally, the remote has a flashlight feature, which will allow you to locate your pet when it’s dark. The transmitter has a strong signal transmission that can send signal frequencies up to 2500ft. This may, however, change depending on whether there are obstacles in the training area. To ensure that there is stable signal transmission and reception; try as much as you can to avoid obstacles.

This applies to walls, trees, buildings, and any other manmade or natural feature that may cause a drop in signal transmission. Operating this device is very easy since all the buttons on the remote are marked according to the function that they initiate. Moreover, this item comes with an instructional manual, so you have nothing to worry about.


  • Suitable for different breeds of dogs
  • The receiver is fitted with conductive silicone covers to protect your pet
  • Safe for pets


  • Comes with one receiver collar

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#7 BRISON Dog Training Collar

BRISON Dog Training Collar

This dog training collar can help you restructure your dog’s behavior by making the dog more obedient to commands and eliminating unnecessary barking. The device is able to achieve these functions through three different modes that will give you maximum control over your dog. Depending on the button that you push, the transmitter will send commands to the receiver, which warns your dog when he/she engages in unruly behavior.

The warning can be in the form of a beeping tone, static stimulation, or vibration. You can use whichever mode that your pet is more responsive to. However, it is advisable to start with the beep and vibration mode to check whether the dog will heed to the warnings that you give. If the two don’t yield results, you can use the static mode. This form of punishment won’t harm your pet, making this an ideal training collar for both small and large dogs.

Through the lock key function, you can avoid shocking your pet accidentally. This limits unnecessary confusion and will also make the dog more responsive to future commands. The receiver is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about being caught in the rain or the dog jumping into a pool.


  • The TPU collar is comfortable for pets
  • High-tech design
  • The receiver has a fast-charging feature


  • The transmitter can only train two dogs per session

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#8 CLEEBOURG Dog Shock Collar

CLEEBOURG Dog Shock Collar

You can stop your dog from behaving inappropriately by using this professional training collar from Cleebourg. When the right mode is applied, it will only be a matter of time before your pet starts behaving the right way. The receiver will be receptive to the signal transmissions made by the transmitter as long as the two units are within the working range, which is 1200ft.

By using this device, you will be able to correct your dog when he/she makes a mistake with a simple push of a button. This device is not harmful, so you can use it knowing that your dog won’t be suffering in any way. Besides, the static shock function is customizable and will allow you to apply the level that matches the dog’s response. If the dog is tolerant to low levels of static, you can consider adjusting the settings.

Since the transmitter and the receiver are rechargeable, there will be no need of buying batteries every now and then. The full charge cycle takes 2-3 hours, so you won’t have to wait for long hours for the batteries to juice up. You can even bath your dog without taking the collar off since the receiver is rated IP 67 waterproof.


  • Long-range transmission
  • Automatic standby
  • Has a memory function


  • The signal may drop when the receiver is beyond the working range

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#9 BESWIT Dog Training Collar

BESWIT Dog Training Collar

The Beswit dog training collar is also another option that you can consider using when handling pets that like to misbehave. It is designed with the safety of your dog in mind, so you can apply whichever mode that your pet responds to without causing emotional or physical trauma. The transmitter can control a maximum of three channels. And will allow you to train three dogs in each session.

Plus, the remote has a special button, which can assist you in switching channels. This way, not all dogs will get shocked in case one misbehaves. Once you change the channel, the punishment will be directed to the receiver that you have chosen. Additionally, the system has an auto-standby feature, which will be activated when the device is left inactive for more than five minutes.

As a result, the battery won’t be drained when you are not using the collar. The built-in batteries on the transmitter and the receiver require up to four hours to get the full charge. More to this, the collar strap is can be adjusted to suit dogs that are between 10-110lbs. The static stimulation and the vibration function are both adjustable, so you can give your dog the level of punishment that he or she deserves.


  • Transmitter has a long range of up to 2700ft
  • Has a power-saving mode
  • The receiver is immiscible


  • The batteries will run out of juice after 7 hours of continuous use

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#10 F-color Dog Training Collar

F-color Dog Training Collar

This collar is designed with amazing features that you can use when training your dog. That said, it has four working modes that you can apply in different situations. The tone mode will generate a warning sound that will remind your dog that the behavior he/she is engaging in is not acceptable. If the beeping sound doesn’t work, you can use the vibration or static mode.

In order to keep your pet safe, the manufacturers have fitted the contact points on the receiver with conductive silicone. As such, your pet will be more comfortable wearing the collar, thus facilitating easy movement when training. There are up to 100 levels that you can tune to when handling dogs with different personalities. The remote can send radio signals to the receiver as far out as 2600ft.

The in-built LED light can come in handy when looking for your dog in the dark. A single push of the light button is all you will need to know where your dog is. It is recommended that you charge the dog collar to full capacity before the first use. This will allow you to get the maximum results when using this device. The collar should also be adjusted in such a way that the dog can have breathing space.


  • You get two receivers
  • Rechargeable
  • Comes with a user manual


  • Not long-lasting

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#11 ATRINERAZ Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

ATRINERAZ Rechargeable Dog Training Collar

The dog training collar from Atrineraz is built from high-quality materials that will ensure you and your dog have a good time when training. Moreover, the collar is made of a soft fabric that will protect your dog from potential neck injuries. The strap can accommodate neck sizes that are between 3.7 inches to 22.3 inches. As such, you can use this training collar on different breeds of dogs regardless of the size.

In addition, this device uses a light collar, which weighs approximately 120g. This will allow your dog to move freely without being weighed down. The vibration and beep mode are very effective, so you can use either depending on how stubborn your dog is. As a last resort, you can consider using static stimulation. You can know whether the conductors are working by using the test lamp.

When there are no obstacles, this device will allow you to control your dog even when the pet is 1000ft away. This collar is suitable for dogs who weigh between 15-120lbs. Additionally, the lithium-ion batteries will allow you to train your dog for long hours. All the features provided by this collar will help you get exceptional results when training your furry friend.


  • Easy to work with
  • Dog-friendly
  • Batteries are reliable


  • The collar is not immiscible

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Frequently Asked Questions

How efficient are dog training collars?

Dog training collars apply the principle of operant conditioning to change the behavior of your pet. As such, they generate beeping sounds, vibrations, and static shock, which will warn your dog that the behavior he/she is displaying is not acceptable. With time, the dog will pair the warning or punishment with certain behaviors, thus avoiding them.

Do training collars hurt dogs?

Dog training collars use humane training techniques that are harmless to pets. The static stimulation generated by these devices may startle the dog, but it won’t hurt your pet in any way.

Are dog training collars waterproof?

Yes. A good number of dog training collars are waterproof. However, you have to check the product specifications just to be sure.

Final Verdict

All dogs are good. They just need guidance to behave in the right manner. The dog training collars listed above will help you teach your pet new tricks and good behavior.

By applying the right setting, your dog will change from unruly to obedient. However, you have to follow the user manual to get the best possible outcome.

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