The 11 Best Dog Travel Bowls In 2022

Whether it is a trip to the woods, a one-week camp, or a journey to the beach, you need to equip yourself with the necessary gear so that you have an easy time away from home.

Now, if you are to come with your dog, you also need to have all the necessary pieces of gear for the dog during the time you are all away.

Well, nearly every dog caregiver will remember to carry along playing toys, favorite treats, and water for the furry friend, awesome! Unfortunately, a dog travel bowl never comes to the minds of many until it’s mealtime.

A dog travel bowl comes with a lightweight design to suit even the trips that you want to pack light. In fact, some feature a collapsible design that leaves enough space for the remaining pieces of gear that you wish to carry.

They come in either plastic, stainless, or fabric constructions to make hydration and mealtime easy. Below are the top 11 dog travel bowls the market offers!

11 Best Dog Travel Bowls

#1 COMSUN Collapsible Dog Bowl

COMSUN Collapsible Dog Bowl

Taking the first spot on our list, this is one of the perfect options you may turn to for the upcoming trip with your canine. In fact, since it is most dog owners’ favorite, you are guaranteed that it possesses all the features you need to have the easiest mealtimes away from home.

The package comes with two bowls, one blue and the other green each with a color-matching lid. However, in case you think that the two are not enough for your dog’s needs, these collapsible bowls are also available in a pack of three although you may have to pay a slightly higher price.

Each of the bowls is large enough to provide space for holding up to 12 ounces of fluids or 1.5 cups of dog food. In other words, the two bowls provide enough space for food so that you don’t have to keep the dog hungry during the trip.

The bowls are of premium-grade silicone. This construction is not only safe for your pet but also environmentally friendly. Additionally, the silicone material gives the bowls greater longevity as compared to other products of the same class.


  • The size is perfect for travel.
  • They have a good weight.
  • They have sturdy clips.


  • They may be too small for some dogs.

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#2 Bleds Collapsible Dog Bowl

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These bowls also come in a pack of two. One of the bowls is red while the other is of a blue color. However, they are also available in the other four color combinations so that you can choose the one that is of your favorite color.

Each bowl has a diameter of 5.1 inches and a maximum height of 2.1 inches. These sizes make them ideal for small and medium-sized dogs.

Have a large dog? No problem! These bowls are also available in a larger size measuring a diameter of seven inches and a height of 2.7 inches. In other words, regardless of your dog size and color preferences, you will always find the ideal option you want.

Like the preceding model, Bled Collapsible Dog Bowls are of food-grade silicone construction that is also eco-friendly. Additionally, this option is odorless, unlike some bowls that come with a slight plastic smell.

This feature ensures that it doesn’t spoil your furry friend’s favorite treat. Also, they are dishwasher safe and easy to rinse or wipe clean after each use to keep them in perfect condition.


  • The design is portable.
  • They open and close easily with one hand
  • They are collapsible.


  • It would be better if it was quite hard to collapse.

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#3 UPSKY Dog Bowls for Traveling Pet

UPSKY Dog Bowls for Traveling Pet

Apart from a delicious treat, your dogs also need an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated throughout the journey. This explains why these collapsible dog travel bowls come with a large water bottle.

The bottle adopts a dual design since it comes with two chambers, one for holding water and the other for food. The bottle also features two snap lids which are wide for easy dispensing of food or water.

The leak-proof silicone gasket makes the bottle leakproof and protects the food from the air so that it remains fresh for a longer time. The bottle is large enough to offer enough space for holding up to ten ounces of water and seven ounces of food while the collapsible bowl provides enough space for twelve ounces.

With all this space, you can now carry enough treats for your dog when going out on a walk, hike, or traveling. The pack contains two bowls that feature food-grade construction and are 100% heavy-duty. However, the manufacturer warns that you have to handle the lids delicately since they can damage easily.


  • The bowls and the water bottle are BPA-free.
  • The water bottle is a plus.
  • They are all easy to clean.


  • The caps do not feel sturdy enough.

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#4 IDEGG Portable Silicone Pet Bowl

IDEGG Portable Silicone Pet Bowl

IDEGG Portable Silicone Pet Bowl suits general pet use which means that it can be used by dogs or cats. A pack comes with two bowls of the color of your choice from the available varieties.

Each bowl is five inches wide with a height of 2.1 inches and gives enough space to hold 12 ounces of water and 1.5 cups of pet food so that your four-legged loyal friend will never become hungry when away from home.

Just like all the other before models, IDEGG Portable Pet Bowl utilizes silicone construction which is food-grade. And since the bowls are purely lead-free and do not contain BPA, you can buy this option without concerns over causing health issues to your pet.

Additionally, each of the bowls has color-matching carabiner for easy clipping although the collapsible design also implies that they are easy to fit in your travel bag without eating space for the rest of the gear.

The bowls clean with ease to ensure proper hygiene while the dishwasher-safe property rids you of the hassle.


  • Opening it is pretty easy.
  • The price is very affordable.
  • They are great for cars.


  • Sometimes the package may not include the carabiner clips.

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#5 PetBonus Four-Pack Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls

PetBonus Four-Pack Silicone Collapsible Dog Bowls

If you are one of the pet lovers that want the company of more than one dog, you may need to buy a number of dog travel bowls unless you are planning to feed them in turns.

But wait, this option offers up to four bowls at the price of a pair so that you have an easy time the next time you go exploring in the company of your furry colleagues.

The food-grade construction means that they are safe for pets and can suit both dog and cat use.

In fact, the bowls come in different bright colors so that you have an easy time distinguishing those that you use for the dogs from the one for the cat. Each of them has a top diameter of five inches while the base measures 3.5 inches.

Although the height is two inches, they collapse flat with ease to a thickness of only 0.5 inches making them easy to fit in an already loaded bag. The ability to hold u to twelve ounces of content means that we are safe to conclude that this set suits small and medium-sized dogs.


  • The carabiner is a nice touch.
  • They fold flat.
  • They are ideal for small and medium-sized dogs.


  • The clip seems to be somehow cheaply made.

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#6 YOUTHINK Travel Dog Bowl

YOUTHINK Travel Dog Bowl

If you want to try out a different material from plastic, you may consider buying these dog travel bowls since they are of stainless steel material.

The bowl interior is of industrial-grade 304 stainless steel while the exterior features BPA and lead-free plastic structure. The stainless steel construction implies that plastic allergy problems are now a thing of the past.

The bowl has two layers so that you can carry your dog’s favorite treats separately without taking extra space in your travel bag. Each layer holds up to 17 ounces of food so that you can carry enough for your small and medium-sized pup.

Each layer has a rubber-seal which makes it leak-proof so that it won’t spill even when upside down.

YOUTHINK Travel Dog Bowl has a hidden arched handle that makes it easy to carry around when at home, at the garage, or when at the camping site. The invisible handle allows for flat stacking of the bowls which helps to save more space.

The 60-day money-back guarantee lets you buy without standing any risk should the product come with any quality issues.


  • It is very heavy-duty.
  • It is very attractive.
  • It cleans with ease.


  • The pack looks somehow bulky.

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#7 IDEGG Portable Silicone Pet Bowl

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If you have a large dog breed, finding a dog travel bowl that can hold enough food for your giant dog may not be easy.

But here comes the good news; IDEGG Portable Silicone Pet Bowl has a top diameter that measures seven inches wide, which makes it wider than any other model you are likely to find in the market.

The base diameter is five inches while the height of 2.8 inches concludes that this bowl can hold enough amount of food or water for your large furry colleague.

In fact, the pack contains two bowls, each holding up to 34 ounces of food or water so that your pooch will never remain hungry or dehydrated even when away for days.

With this size is easy to term it a space consumer, right? Not at all; this bowl will collapse flat to 0.75 inches so that it fits nicely into your backpack. The pair features silicone construction that is eco-friendly and food-graded and free from toxic lead and BPA.

The pack also contains color-matching carabiners which allow you to clip it after washing so that they don’t wet the other pieces of gear in the bag. The bowls are available in a wide array of conspicuous color combinations that increase your pet’s visibility when you clip it to the canine’s leash.


  • They are very easy to clean.
  • The price is great.
  • They are collapsible.


  • The package may not contain the carabiners although under very rare cases.

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#8 Mr. Peanuts Dog Bowls

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Mr. Peanuts’ is one of the manufacturers that have a good record of providing high-quality goods to their customers. In fact, the manufacturer chooses to test their products on their own pets before releasing them into the market to guarantee safety.

And yes, coming from this manufacturer, you can buy these bowls with confidence that you are getting something of high-quality in return for your money.

This package comes with a set of three so that you can feed all your three dogs at a go without having to feed them in turns. They all come with a heavy-duty silicone construction and are free from BPA and toxic zinc which renders them non-toxic.

The diameter of the top is five inches while the bottom measures 3.5 inches. These dimensions together with the height of two inches give them enough space for holding 1.5 cups of pet food, enough for feeding small to medium-sized pets.

Also, when not in use, each of these dishes collapses flat to a 1/2-inch thickness that will nest nicely in your purse and backpack. The silicone construction is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe just in case washing dirty dishes isn’t part of your favorite activities.


  • The set of three is cost-efficient.
  • They are compact and easy to pack away.
  • They are easy to collapse.


  • They are too small for the large dog breeds.

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#9 Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

Bonza Large Collapsible Dog Bowl

Unlike any other preceding option, this dog travel bowl comes in a quantity of one. However, the bowl features a very large size that makes it ideal for the larger dog breeds that require more food and water.

The unit has a top diameter of seven inches with a 36-ounce filling capacity. Still not enough for your dog? No problem! You can still opt for the extra-large size that has a diameter of 7.75 inches.

But does this mean that it is only suitable for large dogs? Not at all; in case you have two small dogs, it would still be an ideal option for you since the oversized top means that they can share the bowl at a go.

The bowl comes with sturdy construction that ensures maximum durability. The high-quality construction is also free from BPA and other elements to let you buy with peace of mind that it will not cause long-term health issues to your furry friends.

Although it stands at the height of three inches, Bonza Large Collapsible Bowl folds flat to a height of 0.75 inches that guarantees to take minimum space in your backpack. The pack comes with a bonus water bottle that guarantees to keep your pup hydrated throughout the walk.


  • It is perfect for large dog breeds.
  • The construction is soft yet sturdy.
  • It is collapsible.


  • It may begin to split at the seams.

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#10 Friends Forever Collapsible Dog Bowl

Friends Forever Collapsible Dog Bowl

Like humans, dogs also love adventures. Now, taking your pup on an adventure is one of the best ways of strengthening your bond with him. Friends Forever Collapsible Dog Bowl provides you with a convenient way to feed your dog when on the go.

Unlike any of the preceding models that come with either plastic or stainless steel constructions, this bowl adopts high-quality nylon construction that delivers extended durability.

The construction is human food-safe so that you buy it with zero concerns over causing health issues to your loyal friend. The unit can not only hold snacks but also water since it features a waterproof liner. However, it’s unfortunate that it only holds water for a short time.

After use, the bowl cleans with ease and dries in no time, making it an ideal bowl for everyday adventures with your pooch.

Also, the Friends Forever Dog Bowls fold flat for efficient storage in your backpack or pocket. The pack comes along with a pair, one larger than the other. The smaller bowl holds up to 24 ounces while the medium bowl gives a capacity of 48 ounces that suits most dogs.


  • It is great for dog breeds with big heads.
  • The clipper turns handy after cleaning the bowls.
  • They are perfect for daily walks.


  • The quality of the clippers is not the best.

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#11 LumoLeaf Collapsible Dog Bowl

LumoLeaf Collapsible Dog Bowl

If you are looking for something unique, this is one of the bowls that you could be looking for. The bowl comes with a double design that grants you convenience when feeding the dogs.

Furthermore, the two bowls have an adjustable size that makes them ideal for small, medium, and large-sized dogs. When adjusted fully, the bowl holds up to 40 ounces, enough for most dogs in a single serving.

The bowl is of premium-grade silicone which is also heat-resistant to provide a healthy feeding environment for your four-legged friend.

The bowl also adopts a sturdy rim design which helps to sturdy while the non-slip base provides a perfect grip on any surface. The carabiner clip allows you to hang it to your backpack, pocket, or even dog leash after cleaning.

The 60-day money-back guarantee gives you an opportunity to claim back your money in case you encounter quality issues or if there is anything that your dog doesn’t like about the bowl.


  • It is free from odor.
  • The construction is toxic-free.
  • The collapsible design means that it folds down for storage and transportation.


  • The double design means that they will take more space in the backpack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to look out for when buying a dog travel bowl?

Consider factors such as construction, size, weight, design, pack quantity, and the ability to fold.

What are dog bowls made of?

Most of the dog travel bowls are of silicone plastic material. However, there are others that come with stainless steel construction while a few are of fabric.

Which is the ideal dog travel bowl for you?

To know the right option for your pooch, we highly recommend that you examine the features of each on our list to identify the one that suits your dog better.

Final Verdict

Dog travel bowls offer a convenient and hygienic way of feeding and hydrating your dog when you are on the go.

However, since not all the bowls out there are safe for your pet, we highly recommend that you choose one from our list if at all you want to make a healthy purchase.

Our top-notch options are all of the food-grade materials and are hypoallergenic making them safe for your pet.

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