The 11 Best Dog Water Toys In 2022

Dogs, just like humans, need something to concentrate their energy on. Most people take their dogs for runs or walks, but this only helps to take away the energy for a couple of hours. It’s also not possible to take your dog for walks and runs every day.

For this, and many other reasons, including your pooch’s health and fitness, you should have ways to keep your dog occupied while having plenty of fun at the same time.

One of the best ways to keep your dog busy while having plenty of fun is through water toys. Water toys are fantastic, especially if your dog loves swimming or if you’re looking to train your dog to get used to the water.

Acquiring the right water toy for your dog depends on several important factors, including the quality of the toy, durability, your dog’s age, and preference, among others.

Based on these factors, we narrowed down the water toys in the market and came up with a list of the most preferred, top-notch water toys for your dog.

Wondering how to keep your dog fresh, happy, and having fun throughout summer? Jump into the details and acquire a water toy for your Fido.

11 Best Dog Water Toys

1) Chuckit! Small Amphibious Shark Fin

by Chuckit!

The chuckit Shark fin toy is specially designed for unsurpassed performance when it comes to water toys. The good thing about the shark fin water toy from Chuckit! is that it comes in three sizes so you can choose the best fit for your dog.

It’s made from high-quality, durable material to withstand regular harassment from your dogs’ canines. It’s rugged but gentle enough for your dog’s mouth.

This water toy features bright colors for easier visibility by your dog, which creates convenience when playing fetch.

The shark fin water toy features self-righting technology. This means that no matter how you throw the toy, it always ends up in an upright position. This increases visibility and creates an exciting action for Fido.

The good thing about this water toy is that it can be used on both land and water, creating versatility for play.

However, the shark fin toy has one flaw – The mesh fabric covering the fin part wears out after a while.

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2) Ruff Dawg Flying Fish Floating Dog Toy

by Ruff Dawg

The Ruff Dawg Fish water toy is made of 100% solid rubber to ensure durability and to withstand regular biting from your dogs’ canines.

One unique feature about this water toy is that it has a hole to string a rope. This gives you control over how far the toy goes into the water when playing. It also makes it possible to play tug with your four-legged friend.

The toy floats in water, and it comes in bright colors, making it easier for your dog to spot for convenience.

This water toy is only suitable for medium to large-sized dogs.

On the downside, the peripherals, including the fin, might break off during tug or due to aggressive chewing. It’s perfect for playing in the water only to avoid damage.

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3) Kurgo Skipping Stones Water Toys for Dogs

by Kurgo

Kurgo is one of the best manufacturers of dogs’ outdoor products. Their products are of high-quality and aim at providing you a comfortable and fun time with your pup.

Their Skipping Stones water toys are shaped like real stones to give you a practical skipping stone experience when playing fetch. This stimulates your dog to have more fun.

The Skipping Stones are made from high-quality and durable material to withstand regular play with your dog. The material used is non-toxic and BPA free for your dogs’ safety.

Kurgo Skipping Stones water toys come in bright neon colors for easier spotting. They also float, which increases their visibility in the water.

The toys come as a pack of two to ensure more fun for longer. The extra “stone” can be stored for later use in case you lose or damage the one in play.

Although they’re made to be used in water, they can also be used to play on land.

Note that this Skipping Stones might be small (3” x 2” x 1.5”) for larger breeds.

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4) SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float

by SwimWays

If you’re looking for a toy to enable you to train your dog to become more water-loving, then you’re in luck. The SwimWays pool float for dogs is a versatile water toy as it can be used for play, relaxation, or training your dog.

The float features a reinforced, heavy-duty fabric construction that is puncture resistance to withstand your dog’s paws.

The float has two inserts that allow some water into the float to keep your dog wet and fresh as it relaxes in the pool.

It has integrated Inner Spring Technology which stabilizes the pool float for extra comfort when Fido is relaxing on it.

It’s fitted with Jet Valve technology making it easy to inflate and deflate. The float also folds into a small size for easier portability and storage, creating convenience.

The float is available in two sizes, i.e., small size for dogs under 65lbs and a larger size for dogs over 65lbs.

Other water toys can be placed on this floating toy for more fun.

This dog pool float is flawless as long as you get the right size for your dog.

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5) Canine Hardware Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball

by Canine Hardware

The Chuckit! Kick Ball features a combination of canvas, rubber, and foam. This construction is strong and durable, which makes this water toy suitable even for the aggressive chewers. It’s also gentle on your dog’s mouth.

This water toy features deep, groove design bite zones which make it easier for your dog to bite and carry the ball.

The Chuckit! Kick Fetch Ball is designed using bright colors (blue and orange), which makes it easy to spot when playing in the water or on land. Its buoyant design also contributes to its visibility when playing in the pool. This makes it convenient for the dog and the dog parent.

It’s integrated with Chuckit Max Glow Technology which illuminates in the dark for after-dark playtime. It charges under bright lights for a few minutes and provides prolonged playtime.

The Chuckit Kick Fetch Ball comes in small and large sizes to accommodate all breeds.

It’s flawless.

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6) Mihachi Bouncing Chew Balls Water Toys

by Mihachi

The Mihachi chew balls are specially made for dogs that love to spend their time in the water. They’re also pretty fascinating and an excellent way to lure dogs into the pool.

The Mihachi chew balls feature TRP soft glue on the inside and a Lycra fabric on the outer side. This construction is soft enough for your dogs’ safety but sturdy enough to last you for years.

The balls come in a combination of bright yellow and black color, which makes it easy for the dog and the dog parent to spot. They also float effortlessly in water to catch your dogs’ attention. This makes water play more fun for the dog and the dog owner.

Mihachi Balls come in twos. This creates more fun and games when you have more than one dog. You can also store the extra ball for future use.

Although Mihachi balls are made as water toys, they can also be used on land for non-stop play.

The balls are 6cm in diameter, which is a perfect size for only small to medium dogs.

They’re flawless.

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7) KONG – Dog Toys Goodie Bone


Kong produces dog toys for both water and land play. Their products are always heavy-duty, high-quality, and fun to use for both the dog and the dog parent.

The Kong Goodie Bone cements their reputation by being a great water toy for Fido.

It’s made of highly-durable, puncture-resistant rubber material which can withstand constant chewing from your dogs. The rubber material used is non-toxic for you and your dogs’ safety during play.

The Goodie Bone features a bright red color, which helps your dog to spot it easily during play. It also floats in water, making it simpler to locate.

Kong Goodie Bone classic shape allows rope attachment for water retrieving training. This also allows you to control how far the water toy goes into the water.

The water toy has goodie grippers on each end where you can stuff dog treats for your dog to retrieve. This is perfect when relaxing in the backyard.

It’s available in medium (for small to medium breeds) and large size (for medium to large breeds) for versatility.

The Kong Goodie Bone is not suitable for aggressive chewers.

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8) Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee Dog Toy

by Hyper Pet

This is one of the most versatile dog toys as it can be used in any season on land, grass, water, and snow without any fear of damage.

Its center is composed of a high-quality, multilayer nylon construction for durability and to withstand continuous outdoor use. This construction is safe and gentle on your dog’s teeth and gum.

The outer rim features a soft rubber construction which increases the water toy durability. The rubber used is non-toxic, high-quality, and durable to enable prolonged use.

The Frisbees’ nylon construction is lightweight, enabling it to float in water for easier spotting. It also comes in bright colors, which increases its visibility in the water and on land. This creates convenience when playing fetch.

The Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper Dog Frisbee is flawless.

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9) ZippyPaws – Floaterz, Outdoor Floating Squeaker Dog Toy

by ZippyPaws

ZippyPaws have lovely toys for both water and land play. They are also major manufacturers of other high-quality Fido products.

Zippypaws’ Floaterz come in different animal designs including duck, shark, walrus, and turtle, allowing you to select the most suitable one for your dog.

This dog toy is made from durable reinforced fabrics, tear-resistant stitches, and robust rim webbing. All these unique constructions and designs make this water toy resilient and ideal for extended play with your dogs.

The fabrics used in making this water toy are soft and gentle on your dogs’ teeth and gum. They’re also free of any toxic chemicals which ensure your dog’s safety.

The Floaterz contain two crescent-shaped squeakers that squeak even when in water to keep your dog excited when playing.

The head of this toy is stuffed for chewing when water play ends, keeping your dog occupied on land and in water.

It’s suitable for small and medium dogs, but it’s not recommended for strong/ aggressive chewers.

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10) Bull Fit Floating Fetch Toy & Bite Tug

by Bull Fit

The Bull Fit Fetch and Bite Tug Toy is constructed from fire hose material for durability and strength. This material is non-toxic and gentle on your dogs’ teeth and gum.

Bull Fit dog toy is versatile in that it can be used to play various games on land and in water, including fetch and tug of war.

This toy is brightly colored, which enables your dog to spot it in water. It also floats in water due to its fire hose material construction, making it more visible to both you and your dog. This makes it convenient.

It’s suitable for medium to large breeds only.

On the downside, the buoyancy of this toy can be compromised after a while. Allow your dog to use this toy under supervision to eliminate any risks of damage.

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11) West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Interactive Toy for Dogs

by West Paw

This is more than just a water toy to play fetch with Fido. It’s meant to mentally challenge your dog to retrieve the treats stashed in it.

The Qwizl dog toy is made from ultra-durable material to prolong the use of this toy. The material used is non-toxic and therefore, safe for your dog. It’s also gentle on your dog’s teeth and gum to prevent injuries when playing.

It comes in bright colors, which makes its visibility on land and in the water easy. It’s also capable of floating due to its light construction, which makes it easy to find in the water.

This dog water toy is flawless.

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Why are water toys essential for your dog’s wellbeing?

  • They clean teeth and soothe gums
  • Strengthens the bond between the dog and the dog owner through interactive play
  • Promotes your dog’s health and fitness through exercise
  • Your dog’s focus on water toys keeps him/her well behaved. He doesn’t chew your shoes and furniture.
  • Used as a training technique for retrieving and swimming lessons
  • They replace (with time) expensive snacks/ treats which are linked to dog’s obesity
  • They keep your dog entertained when you’re busy

What precautions should be taken when using dog water toys?

  • Always supervise your dog to help toys last longer and to keep your pooch safe
  • Hide the toys after water playtime is over to reduce damage
  • Make sure that the water toy is not compromised before each play

What factors should I consider when choosing a water toy for my dog?

  • Age –some toys are produced with your dog’s size in mind. Small-sized toys are perfect for small breeds, but they can be dangerous for large breeds as they can easily choke them. Large toys are suitable for large breeds because they can bite and carry them easily while small breeds can’t.
  • Swimming experience – if your dog jumps into the pool or sea without hesitation, then any toy that you get him/her will be perfect. However, if your dog is anxious around the pool or sea, get them a float pool water toy.
  • Durability – this depends on whether or not your dog is an aggressive chewer. Acquire the material that will last as per the intended use and your dog’s chewing habits.
  • Design – Frisbee water toys are recommended for athletic dogs to keep them physically active. A food delivery water toy is perfect for chewers and dogs that suffer from separation anxiety.
  • Versatility – You can choose a water toy that your dog will enjoy playing with on both land and water to keep them occupied.

Can dog water toys be used on land?

Yes, but not all of them. Some dog water toys can be used to play on land depending on how durable their construction is and their overall design. The water toys that can’t be used on land are the ones that are prone to damage due to continuous chewing or the ones with unique water play designs such as floaters.

Final Verdict

Dog water toys are educational, challenging, and fun for your dog. They also provide a way to focus your dog’s energy to avoid damage to your personal property due to boredom.

Selecting the perfect water toy for your dog is tricky as it requires a careful contemplation of all the factors that make an excellent water toy.

The dog water toys analyzed in this article are top-notch, and they fit into the top dog water toy category because of their outstanding characteristics.

Select any of our reviewed dog water toys depending on its features and have fun playing fetch and tug of war with Fido.

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