The 11 Best Dog Wheelchairs In 2022

Dog; the most loyal and compassionate friend you could ever ask for.

If you are a dog parent, then you know exactly what I mean. Dogs always stand by you, offer you compassion when you’re hurting, and risk their own lives to protect yours.

Just as they are there for us, we are obligated to cater to them and show them love and kindness whenever they need it.

Dogs, just like humans, suffer from diseases due to failure of certain systems, or acquired infections.

Some of these diseases cause nerve degeneration causing your lovely and compassionate friend to have mobility issues.

Apart from diseases, mobility problems can occur due to injuries, or naturally due to old age. Some dogs recover through rehabilitation, while some may remain disabled for life.

As a dog parent, when faced with such a situation, the best thing you can do for your pooch is to gift them their ability to walk and have some fun, even with when suffering paralysis.

Dog wheelchairs offer your dog their independence back by enabling them to walk and even go to the bathroom without assistance.

If your pooch is disabled, then you need a high-quality, durable, and most convenient wheelchair to keep your dog happy and comfortable.

Luckily, in this article, we have reviewed the top, most versatile, high-quality wheelchairs to help you make a good purchase for your pooch.

Dive in and let’s find a suitable wheelchair for your pooch.

11 Best Dog Wheelchair

1) Best Friend Mobility Dog Wheelchair

Best Friend Mobility

This rear support dog wheelchair is made to help your furry friend get their happy, run-around life back.

Its adjustable frame is made from aluminum. This makes it light on your dog’s back and enables easier lifting when you want to lift your dog. Aluminum is also resistant to rust for use in any weather condition.

Other parts of this hardware are made from stainless steel for durability, strength, and resistance to weather.

The front and back harness feature a deluxe neoprene construction for water and oil resistance. This ensures that your dog stays dry and comfortable, and keeps the harness cleaner for longer. Both the front and rear harness are adjustable to fit your dog perfectly.

The harness supports, (rear and front), are padded to ensure that your dog is comfortable.

One vital feature of this wheelchair is both male and female dogs can relieve themselves while on the wheelchair. This creates convenience.

The wheelchair can be adjusted in length, width, and height to fit your dog’s size and support them as required.

It’s fitted with polyurethane wheels sealed with bearings which work well in any terrain. They’re durable, and they make your dog’s mobility easy.

This dog wheelchair is available in extra small to large sizes so that you can pick the right size for your dog.

The wheelchair, however, is a bit complicated to assemble.

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2) Newlife Mobility Rehabilitation Wheelchair

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The Newlife Mobility Wheelchair is perfect for those dogs undergoing rehabilitation after a surgery, the elderly dogs, or the ones with paralyzed rear limbs.

This wheelchair is adjustable in height, length, and width by a simple push of a button. This makes it easy to operate and to fit perfectly on your pooch.

Its aluminum construction is light, to make sure it doesn’t add any weight on the injury. Aluminum is also resistant to rust, which makes this wheelchair durable and suitable for use in any weather condition.

The harnesses are made from soft, waterproof, durable materials. They are padded and breathable to keep your dog happy and comfortable no matter how long they’re on the wheelchair. They are many to provide optimal support and are easily adjustable to fit your pup.

The wheelchair has sturdy, all-terrain pneumatic wheels which enable the mobility of your pooch.

It’s available in seven sizes for both small and large breeds. Choose the right size for your dog for optimal support.

This wheelchair, however, has some flaws; It’s hard to assemble, and its nuts get loose very fast (needs frequent tightening).

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3) Walkin’ Wheels Large Dog Wheelchair

Walkin' Wheels

The Walkin’ Wheels wheelchair for large dogs is specially made to support dogs of between 70-180lbs. It’s easily adjustable in length, height, and width to fit any dog within this weight range.

It supports dogs with partial or no mobility capabilities in the hind legs.

It has a durable, lightweight aluminum frame for easier mobility of your dog. Aluminum allows all-weather usage since its resistant to water and other environmental elements. This sturdy yet light construction makes the wheelchair suitable for long term use.

Walkin’ wheelchair is fitted with dense wheels covered in rubber treads, which makes them perfect for any terrain because they can’t get punctured. The large size of the wheels enables use on rough terrain without hindrance.

All its harnesses are fully adjustable to find the right and comfortable fit for your dog. They’re well-padded, and the cover material is breathable to keep your dog cozy.

This wheelchair, however, has slightly weak joints which wear out after a while.

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4) K9 Carts Dogs Wheelchair

K9 Carts

This K9 Cart is one of the top wheelchairs in the market. For over five decades, it has undergone thorough testing and designing, by K9’s Orthopedic Veterinary Hospital to make sure the design works well for your dog.

It features lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum construction for your dog’s comfort. This material is robust, durable, and resistant to weather, to offer years of continued use.

All the harnesses and other parts that come into contact with your pup are padded for comfort and protection.

This wheelchair is flexible in that it can be used to support your dog’s rear legs partially or fully.

It has sturdy pneumatic wheels which can be used on any terrain without hassle. The wheels are durable and can’t be punctured.

The back and front harness are made from soft, cozy, and sturdy material to ensure that your dog is comfy. They are easy to adjust to fit your dog perfectly.

The K9 cart wheelchair is fully adjustable in height, length, and width to make sure that your dog is well supported.

It’s available for both small and large breeds.

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5) Walkin’ Wheels For Small Dogs

Walkin' Wheels

This is another excellent and versatile wheelchair from Walkin’ Wheels. It’s meant for small dogs of between 11-25lbs with limited or no mobility in their back legs.

Its framework is made from lightweight aluminum. This makes the wheelchair light and enables easy and stable maneuverability.

Aluminum is also resistant to environmental elements allowing use throughout the year without risking damage.

It has dense foam wheels with a sturdy rubber outer layer which prevents damage. The wheels are large enough to roll smoothly even on rough terrain.

The walkin’ wheelchair for small dogs is fully adjustable in length, width, and height to fit your pooch comfortably.

It has heavy-duty harnesses which are fully adjustable to provide a comfortable and ideal fit. They’re padded and breathable to keep your dog cozy no matter how long they wear the wheelchair.

While using this wheelchair, your pooch can comfortably relieve themselves without the need to remove it. This makes it convenient.

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6) SURPCOS Dog Pet Wheelchair


SURPCOS is one of the few companies that offer high-quality wheelchairs for both front and back leg rehabilitation for your dog.

Their wheelchairs come in bright colors to provide style as they provide support to your dog.

This wheelchair features a robust and lightweight aluminum alloy frame for easier mobility of your pet. This alloy is resistant to weather for all-season use.

This comes in handy especially if your dog has no mobility capabilities and they’ll be using this wheelchair for long.

The harnesses feature soft, breathable materials that are padded to provide comfort for your dog. They’re adjustable for optimal support and fitting.

In other areas, including leg rings, soft wraps are integrated to prevent pressure sores. This ensures that your pet stays safe and relaxed when using this cart.

It has urethane all-terrain wheels to allow your dog to explore without any limitations. The wheels are durable and large to ride smoothly even on rough terrains.

The wheelchair’s height, length, and width can be adjusted around the thighs to fit your dog perfectly.

This wheelchair is challenging to assemble.

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7) Huggiecart Wheelchair for Small Dogs


This wheelchair is for small (size 3R) dogs weighing between 18 – 40 lbs. The dog’s belly should be less than 11” from the ground to use this wheelchair.

Its frame is made from aluminum to ensure strength and durability. Aluminum is light, which makes it easier for your dog to move around, and it’s resistant to environmental elements for all-season use.

The wheelchair has a neoprene chest harness which is waterproof to keep your dog dry no matter where they go to explore. The harness is adjustable to fit your dog correctly, and it’s padded for maximum comfort.

It has non-flat wheels with ball-bearings for more effortless movement. They are suitable to tackle any terrain you want your dog to explore.

The wheelchair is adjustable in length, height, and width for a perfect fit on your pooch. Just make sure you select the right size by taking their measurements first.

However, this wheelchair is hard to assemble.

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8) HiHydro Wheelchair for Small Dogs


The HiHydro Wheelchair is designed for small dogs of between 2.2 – 66 lbs experiencing hind legs problem.

It’s available in six different sizes to allow you to choose the most suitable one for your Chihuahua or any other small breed that you have.

Every part of the wheelchair that comes into contact with your pup is fitted with soft wraps to prevent friction, which can cause injuries (Sores).

Its length, width, and height can be slightly adjusted within a specific range to make sure the wheelchair fits your pooch well.

The frame is constructed from an aluminum alloy that is strong, lightweight, and durable. The dog can move around easily due to its lightweight construction.

Aluminum also makes the wheelchair suitable for any weather because of its resistance to environmental elements.

It has a soft and breathable front strap that can be easily adjusted to fit your dog well. The elegant construction of this strap keeps your dog comfortable and prevents any injuries.

The wheelchair has two solid rubber wheels which are silent and wear-resistant. This means that they can be used on any terrain without damage.

On the downside, the straps on the back may end up limiting the dog’s ability to go to the washroom. If removed, however, the dog can go to the washroom comfortably.

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9) Best Friend Mobility SitGo

Best Friend

This wheelchair represents a big revolutionary step in the pet wheelchair solutions.

This is because it gives your dog mobility and allows it to sit or lie down when it wants to relax without having to remove it.

Its frame is made of lightweight aluminum for your dog’s comfort and easier maneuverability.

Aluminum is rust-resistant, which increases the durability of this wheelchair.

All the other hardware is made from stainless steel, which is sturdy, weather-resistant, and durable for prolonged use.

Its front and rear harness feature an exclusive neoprene construction which is designed to provide comfort.

The neoprene construction is water-resistant and breathable to keep your dog comfortable when using the wheelchair.

The width, height, and length of this wheelchair can be adjusted using a wrench, to make sure your dog fits comfortably.

It’s fitted with all-terrain polyurethane wheels which are durable and puncture-resistant. The wheels are large to ensure more effortless mobility even through rough terrain.

The wheelchair’s design allows your dog to use the bathroom without having to remove the wheelchair. This makes it convenient.

It’s available in small and large sizes to accommodate all breeds.

On the downside, some of the wheelchair’s components are of low quality and wear off quickly.

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10) BEETLA Adjustable Pet Wheelchair


The BEETLA wheelchair features a heavy-duty, lightweight aluminum frame construction for optimal mobility and comfort.

This construction is resistant to environmental elements, which increases its durability and makes it adaptable for use in different environs.

Its harness is made of fluffy, breathable mesh fabric which provides your dog comfort and support. It’s also fully adjustable to make sure that it fits your dog well.

It has EVA Shock-absorbing foam wheels to make sure that your dog walks comfortably through any terrain. The tires are constructed using wear-resistant material for prolonged use.

This wheelchair is meant for small dogs of 6.29” – 9.45” in height and 3.54” – 5.9” in hip depth. This range in height and depth means that the wheelchair can be adjusted to fit your dog perfectly.

It has soft warps on all contact points to protect your dog from friction-based sores.

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11) Anmas Sport Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

Anmas Sport

The Anmas Sport Wheelchair is designed to accommodate small dogs of up to 40lbs. It comes in three sizes so you can pick the most suitable fit for your dog.

It has a lightweight aluminum construction which makes maneuverability easier for your pooch while maintaining stability. It’s also rust-resistant and sturdy for prolonged use and durability.

Its harness is fully adjustable, which makes it easier to fix the wheelchair comfortably on your dog. The material used to make the harness is soft and breathable for your dog’s comfort.

This wheelchair’s design enables any dog to relieve itself comfortably while still on the wheelchair for efficiency.

It’s fitted with 8″ pneumatic wheels which can be used on any terrain.

This dog wheelchair is adjustable in length, width, and height around the thighs to ensure that it fits your pooch well.

On the downside, the screws need to be tightened regularly to keep the wheelchair from falling apart.

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What are some signs of rear limb weaknesses to look out for in a dog?

  • Stumbling with one or both front legs
  • Rear limbs crossing over the front paws constantly
  • Short irregular steps
  • Spreading front limbs out wide to find and keep balance
  • Taking a few steps and then laying back on the forelimbs.

What are some conditions that a dog wheelchair is meant for?

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Arthritis
  • Rehabilitation after serious injuries
  • Osteomyelitis
  • Fractured back/ spine
  • Degenerative myelopathy
  • Hind leg amputee
  • Ligamentous injuries for example ACL
  • Thoracic injury
  • Any condition causing rear leg pain or weakness

How do I measure my dog’s wheelchair size?

Measure his rear height while he rests on his side. Take measurements from the folding of the flank to the toe pad.

Don’t pull or extend your dog’s legs when taking the measurement. This is the most important measurement because the width and length are more flexible.

What are some tips for a dog parent whose dog is using a wheelchair?

  • Check for loose nuts/ screws and tighten them frequently or after every use
  • Always observe your pet when using the wheelchair – the hind legs should be raised than the front legs.
  • Take off the wheelchair every two hours or so after use for your dog to rest/ relax
  • Remove the wheelchair when your dog is asleep

Final verdict

Dog’s, just like humans, deserve compassion and love when ailing because they do the same for the dog parents.

When your dog is suffering from immobility related conditions, take a step, and help in their recovery by acquiring a suitable wheelchair for them.

The wheelchairs reviewed in this article are top-notch in quality, strength, convenience, assistive mobility, and durability.

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