The 11 Best Electric Toothbrush For Dogs 2022

Most people assume that oral health care is only essential in humans. Poor oral health in dogs, just like in humans, is associated with the overall health.

Oral health care affects the conditions of vital organs such as the heart especially in the golden age of our lovely dogs. This is why we need to take care of their oral hygiene regularly to avert diseases occurring due to poor oral health.

Regular toothbrushes have been developed to take care of plaque that contains a variety of bacteria associated with oral/ dental degradation. However, to make sure that all the plaque and tartar is eliminated, it’s recommended that we use electric toothbrushes.

Electric toothbrushes are stronger, and they scrub the pooches’ teeth better, making sure that oral health is maintained. This also eliminates the need for expensive visits to your veterinary.

Acquiring a good toothbrush for your dog is essential because it determines how easy the process will be and how well your dog’s oral health will be maintained.

Keeping in mind that dogs are man’s best friend and that we all love them, we decided to do some digging and found some of the most recommended electric toothbrushes to maintain your dog’s oral health.

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Here’s our review on the best electric toothbrushes for dogs that we compiled just for you.

11 Best Electric Toothbrushes for Dogs

1) Petosan Sonic Pet Electric Toothbrush

Petosan Sonic

The Petosan electric toothbrush comes with a double-headed brush to maximize cleaning the canine’s teeth. The dual-sided head brush allows cleaning of the internal and external part of the teeth at the same time. This saves you time.

It has a powerful but tranquil motor. The low noise emission ensures that the dog remains calm and comfy throughout the teeth cleaning process.

The motor powers the brush head producing up to 20,000 bristle strokes per minute. This is powerful enough to eliminate any plaque and tartar on your dog’s teeth and gum.

The bristles are made using DuPont nylon filaments which are recommended for use in pets. They are designed to access hard to reach areas such as between the dog’s teeth and below the gum line to ensure that no place is left vulnerable to tartar buildup.

By utilizing double heads and sonic technology, this brush is very effective in maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene.

It comes with two brush heads – a small one and a large one. This makes it versatile because it accommodates both small and large breeds of dogs.

This toothbrush, however, is not tolerated by some dogs due to its vibrations.

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2) OneTwoThree Ultrasonic Dental Care

OneTwoThree Ultrasonic Dental Care

OneTwoThree electric dental care kit for dogs contains two tartar scrapers and a toothbrush. This makes it easier to clean and maintain your dog’s oral hygiene.

It utilizes ultrasonic cleaning technology with appropriate vibrations for pets to ensure the best cleaning results. The levels of vibration from the powerful motor are minimal to ensure that your dog is not startled.

The two tartar scrapers come in different sizes to accommodate both small breeds (smaller teeth) and giant breeds (big teeth).

The brush head has silicone based bristles. They are soft to prevent injuries to your pets’ gum but are effective in maintaining good oral hygiene.

An integrated led light on the toothbrush makes it easy to observe and clean your dog’s teeth and gum with ease. This helps to ensure the removal of all dirt and tartar.

It features an ergonomically designed handle for a comfortable grip when brushing your pooch.

The toothbrush is powered by two AAA batteries, which are easy to change when required.

This toothbrush works flawlessly.

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3) Mira-Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush for Dogs (Starter Kit)

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This kit from Mira-Pet contains an electric ultrasound toothbrush and toothpaste.

The ultrasound toothbrush is powered by a powerful motor which works silently to keep your dog at ease during the cleaning process.

It has an ultrasound chip embedded in its brush head. The chip produces 60 million air oscillations per minute, which cleans out dirt and breaks down bacteria in your pets’ mouth. Less debris and bacteria means better oral and overall hygiene.

Its brush head is three-sided, making it easier to clean all sides of the teeth in one go. This saves you time and makes cleaning efficient.

The Mira-pet ultrasound toothpaste has antibacterial properties, and it helps in breaking down tartar. This keeps the teeth and gum clean and healthy.

The brush is rechargeable via a USB charger. It stores enough charge to last you through several days for uninterrupted teeth cleaning sessions.

However, the great qualities of this electric toothbrush come at a very high cost.

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4) Baosity Pet Electric Brush

Baosity Pet Electric Brush

Baosity electric toothbrush aims at ensuring that your dog’s oral health is at its best. This prevents gum diseases such as periodontal disease and loss of teeth.

This toothbrush comes with three brush heads. Each brush head has a different design of bristles to clean small and large teeth. This makes it versatile and efficient, especially when you have many dogs.

The bristles are designed to reach hard to clean areas such as between teeth, for thorough cleaning. They are also soft to massage the gum without causing any injuries to your pet.

It’s powered by one AAA battery, which makes it easy to clean your dogs’ teeth without any downtime. The battery is easy to change when drained.

It features a plastic handle construction providing a comfortable and firm grip to brush your canine’s teeth with ease.

On the downside, the brush heads are of low quality.

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5) Ocamo Dog Electric Toothbrush

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Ocamo electric toothbrush features a wave brush application feature which allows easy and fast cleaning of your dog’s teeth.

The toothbrush comes with two heavy duty brush heads. The brush heads are fitted with well-designed bristles to reach the crevice between teeth for optimal cleaning. This ensures that your pet’s oral hygiene is well maintained.

The bristles are soft to massage the soft gum without inflicting any injuries to your dog. They massage the gum to make it strong and healthy.

It comes with an easy to operate dial on its handle. Just one click and the brush turns into a rotary toothbrush capable of eliminating plaque and tartar.

Its handle is simple, and it provides a comfy grip for more effortless operation.

The toothbrush runs on AAA batteries which are easy to change when required. This means that it has no downtime.

The Ocamo electric toothbrush works flawlessly.

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6) Faougess Full Care Kit

Faougess Full Care Kit

With the Faougess Kit, you can take care of all your dog’s grooming requirements at home, including nail trimming, hair trimming, and oral hygiene care.

This kit contains all the basic pet care rotary tools including, nail grinder, clippers blade, toothbrush, and paw brush. All these operate using the same electric handle, which makes it easy to care for your pet.

Let’s turn our focus on the toothbrush that accompanies this kit. The brush head is long with well-set 360-degree bristles to make sure that every part of your dog’s mouth is thoroughly cleaned. Before using this brush, you need to soak it in hot water to soften the bristles. This eliminates any possibilities of injuring your pet’s gum.

It features three speeds, i.e., 3,000 RPM, 5,500 RPM, and 7,000 RPM. This allows you to select the most suitable speed to brush your dog’s teeth. The motor runs at low vibration (under 60db).

It’s fitted with a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with a 3 hour charging time. The battery holds power for days to allow uninterrupted use.

This electric toothbrush is 100% waterproof, which keeps it durable and enables usage in any environment.

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7) iCare Ultrasonic Dental Calculus/ Toothbrush for Dogs

iCare Ultrasonic Dental Calculus

If it’s your first time to maintain your dog’s oral hygiene at home, then you’ll need a kit containing all the necessary equipment to get rid of the built-up tartar.

The iCare dog dental kit contains two tartar scrapers of different sizes. This helps you work on large and small teeth. It also makes it possible to reach crevices without hurting your pet.

The brush head features silicon-based bristles, which are gentle on your dog. The bristles are capable of maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene as they can get rid of plaque with ease.

It uses ultrasonic technology with minimal vibrations to keep your pet at ease during teeth cleaning.

Its IPX7 waterproof which allows usage in any environment without damage to the brush. This makes it convenient.

A bright LED light is integrated to make it easier to clean and observe your dog’s oral environment.

It runs on two AAA batteries, which means that there’s no downtime. The batteries are easy to change.

This ultrasonic toothbrush works without hitches.

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8) Mothermed Pet Teeth Cleaning Tools

Mothermed Pet Teeth Cleaning Tools

Mothermed pet teeth cleaning tools are designed for removing calculus, plaque, stains, and tartar from your dogs’ teeth. This reduces any chances of your beloved pet getting oral related problems.

It comes with four different types of brush heads to cater for different teeth cleaning requirements. This includes a stain removal brush, teeth smoothening brush (preventing/ removing dental stones), tartar removal brush, and a crevice cleaner for cleaning between teeth and other blind areas.

All four brush heads have silicone based bristles. They are friendly to your pets’ teeth and gum, and they clean up all the dirt with ease. The toothbrush rotates at high speed, which makes it easier to remove tartar and stains from teeth.

Mothermed pet electric brush can be powered using two AA batteries or can be charged using a USB cable. This eliminates downtime and creates convenience.

The brush can run on three different modes, i.e., clean mode, medium mode, and sensitive mode. This allows you to choose the most tolerable mode for your dog.

It has an ergonomic handle to provide a secure and comfortable grip when working.

This tooth cleaning kit works flawlessly to remove and prevent tartar built up.

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9) WAWLIVING Dog Electric Toothbrush

WAWLIVING Dog Electric Toothbrush

The WAWLIVING electric toothbrush comes with two brush heads for versatility. The large brush head is suitable for larger breeds, and the smaller head can be used with smaller breeds and puppies.

The brush heads have DuPont 0.005mm bristles. DuPont bristles are super soft to avert injuries to your dog’s gum, but they are strong enough to remove plaque and prevent tartar formation. Their narrow diameter allows them to access hard to reach places and remove any lodged dirt.

The brush heads are oblique trapezoidal, which makes it easier to clean your pets’ teeth at the right angle. This makes the process easier.

The toothbrush has a powerful motor which runs quietly to make the brush more suitable for your dogs’ use.

The motor is powered by one replaceable AA battery. This allows continuous use of the WAWLIVING electric toothbrush with zero downtime.

It comes with a storage capsule for safer storage and easier portability of the electric toothbrush.

This electric toothbrush is too sensitive for use in puppies.

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10) Smart Paws Pet Electronic Toothbrush

Smart Paws Pet

Smart Paws is a well-known company that produces high-quality grooming devices for pets. This electric toothbrush maintains its high reputation by being perfect for maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene.

This electric toothbrush comes with two brush heads for replacement purposes or use by two dogs. The brush heads have German DuPont bristles which are soft for your pet’s comfort during the brushing process. They can reach tight spots and remove plaque to maintain good oral hygiene. The smooth quality of the bristles makes them perfect for use in baby-level care.

The electric toothbrush features a strong motor which rotates the brush head at high speeds for fast and easy cleaning. It runs quietly to avoid spooking your dog.

It’s powered by one AA battery, which is easy to switch out when necessary. The use of changeable batteries eliminates downtime when operating, making it convenient.

It has a non-slip handle which is comfortable to grip when brushing your dog’s teeth.

Smart Paw electric toothbrush is flawless.

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11) Alfie Pet Oral Hygiene Set

Alfie Pet Oral Hygiene Set

Some of the top cleaning devices come in sets for convenience. This is an excellent example of the advantages associated with a great set.

Apart from a high-quality electric toothbrush (our primary focus in this review), this set contains a teal toothbrush, finger gloves, and a fast-dry microfiber towel. The items in this set make your dog’s oral hygiene a simple process.

The electric toothbrush in this set comes with four brush heads. They have soft bristles to protect your dog against injuries during cleaning. The bristles rotate at high speeds capable of eradicating plaque and tartar.

The Alfie electric toothbrush has a silent motor to make it friendly to your dog. The motor runs on AA batteries which are interchangeable to allow continued use of the brush.

It has an ergonomically designed handle to make it easier to hold and brush your pet’s teeth.

On the downside, the Alfie electric toothbrush produces uncomfortable vibrations.

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Is oral hygiene necessary in dogs?

Yes, it is. Oral hygiene helps to prevent tooth loss, periodontal disease, gingivitis, and other oral-related complications. Good oral health is also associated with the general wellbeing of your pet.

What are some dog teeth cleaning tips?

  • Always use a specially designed dog electric toothbrush
  • Brush the teeth once a day
  • Give your dog a sample of the toothpaste you will use before you start brushing
  • Brush using smooth, gentle motions to avoid injuries
  • Never use human toothpaste on dogs. Use pet-safe toothpaste; preferably non-foaming paste with a pleasant flavor.
  • Lift the lips to expose teeth and gum when brushing
  • Make sure you clean all the teeth including molars and canines to eliminate tartar build up
  • Reward your dog after brushing to reinforce the brushing process positively

When should you start brushing your dog’s teeth?

Start brushing your dogs’ teeth early enough in their life to make it a normal and comfortable practice.

What are some advantages of using dog electric toothbrush?

  • Electric toothbrush provides more brush strokes per minute compared to manual brushing.
  • An electric toothbrush covers more surface area
  • It saves time because it covers more surface in less time
  • Removes plaque and tartar with minimal effort

Final Verdict

Our dogs require regular care to ensure that they live a comfortable and healthy life as they keep us safe and give us company. Oral care is one of the ways to ensure that your dog lives a prolonged life without suffering from oral conditions. The use of a dog electric toothbrush to maintain healthy oral hygiene at home is one of the simplest and most recommended methods.

An electric toothbrush uses a powerful motor to deliver more cleaning power to ensure the elimination of plaque and tartar containing harmful bacteria. Acquiring the correct electric toothbrush for your dog comes in handy as it makes brushing easier.

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