The 11 Best Elevated Dog Beds In 2022

The day is finally over; it seems to have ended faster since you had a good time with your furry friend.

You have walked around the neighborhood with your four-legged companion for the best part of the day and feel extremely tired that you can’t wait to soak into a deep comfy sleep!

Now, take a moment and think about this; what if you were to spend the very night on the cold floor? The chances are that it would turn into a nightmare, right?

Well, unless you have an elevated bed for your dog, you are ignorantly causing the same nightmare to your pup!

An elevated dog bed applies the same logic as an ordinary bed. It lifts your canine off the hard cold floor giving him a warm and comfortable place to rest or sleep all through the night.

This sleeping arrangement also keeps him safe from crawling insects and prevents the chances of developing calluses and sores at the elbows and other pressure points.

These are just a few of the benefits that your friend gets from a raised bed. In this article, we have prepared the very top 11 elevated dog beds the market holds for you.

11 Best Elevated Dog Beds

#1 Niubya Elevated Dog Cot with Canopy

By: Niubya

Most dogs love to stay outdoors. Unfortunately, the outdoor environment can turn unbearably hot especially during the summer season.

This explains why Niubya 48″ XLarge Dog Cot has a canopy that provides rescue from the harmful UV rays of the summer when resting or sleeping in the outdoor environment. The full-shade canopy is detachable to also allow use in the indoor space.

The bed features premium-grade oxford cloth that keeps the pet cool and relaxed during the hot afternoons of the summer.

The cloth combines with the rest of the construction to support up to 136 lbs. of weight. And since the bed measures 48″L x 36″W x 43.2″H, we are right to conclude that this bed provides enough lounging space for most dog sizes.

The strong legs lift your pooch 9.1 inches to not only keep the dog dry from a wet surface but also give your canine a peaceful sleep away from crawling organisms.

The strong steel frame provides exceptional strength and holds the bed in position while the paint coating offers superior resistance to corrosion so that you can set it up for your dog anywhere and any time of the year.

If you have never assembled a dog bed before, this option comes with a straightforward design that connects without tools so that you get your dog to luxury in no time.

Extra features:

  • The fabric can stand up to paws scratch.
  • The canopy height is 43.2″ for smooth entry and exit for most dogs.
  • A two-year warranty backs the purchase.

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#2 SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed


Although this option costs slightly more than other beds, this is one of the indicators that it comes with something extraordinary.

For example, like the preceding model, Superjare Large Dog Bed features a canopy that provides full shade to protect your dog from the sun’s UV rays.

The sturdy frame together with the durable cloth implies that this premium-grade bed can support up to 120 lbs.

In other words, whether you need it for your small canine or for the giant breeds, the bed should offer comfort for most of the dog sizes.

The high-quality cloth withstands playful scratching to ensure that it lasts year after year. Also, the Oxford fabric offers better breathability to give your pup a luscious experience in the hot summer afternoons.

Although sturdy, SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed allows for portability so that you have an easy time carrying it the next time you are out for a trip, camping, or at the beach.

The convenient carrying bag means that it will not take space for your gear. Installation is also a breeze- In fact, you won’t even need tools for the job, commit to it a few of your minutes and little of your effort and that’s it!

However, if this size seems too big for your furry friend, there is also a smaller option that suits smaller dogs excellently.

Extra features:

  • The extra-large size measures 48″L x 36″W x 43.2″H
  • It is very easy to clean.
  • The package includes a detailed instruction manual.

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#3 AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed

By: AmazonBasics

If you need a raised dog bed with a simple setup, settling on this model would be a good idea. The bed has a breathable mesh that provides proper ventilation to keep your dog cool even when Mother Nature seems to be throwing the worst at it.

The legs elevate the dog at around seven inches off the ground; a perfect height that is not too high to climb neither too low to compromise on airflow.

The frame is of durable iron metal that delivers performance that you can rely on to last for years to come. The smooth curving of the corners of the frame eliminates the chances of causing injuries to your dog when playing, climbing, or coming down from the bed.

Additionally, AmazonBasics Elevated Cooling Pet Bed boasts a lightweight and portable design making it a perfect option for dog owners that love traveling, camping, or boating with their furry colleagues.

The bed sets up in minutes and comes with all the necessary tools you need to get the unit up. The instruction manual provides step by step guideline on how to ensure that you set it up like a pro even in your first attempt. The bed is available in different sizes making it easy to find the ideal one for your dog.

Extra features:

  • The bed is super-easy to assemble.
  • It comes with durable construction.
  • The bolts are of hard steel.

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#4 K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Original Elevated Pet Bed

When buying a dog bed, ensure that the bed has the capability to offer the comfort that can last. And yes, this is one of the elevated beds that will do just that.

The bed is of the finest materials that give comfort and longevity. The superior construction of this unit makes it an all-year-round bed and the top-recommended bed by a good number of vets.

Surprisingly, this K&H product comes with a very affordable price that nearly every pet owner can manage. The hammock design of the set up signifies that there is no better gift for your four-legged loyal friend warm spring and summer months.

The center is of a mesh that dissipates warm air when allowing cool air to penetrate through to deliver a cooling effect to the dog when the temperatures are at their best.

Could you be planning to go out camping or to the beach with your pooch? Fret no more! This pet bed is easy to carry anywhere you go since it adopts a lightweight design that will not slow you down.

The bed comes in four size varieties so that you can choose the correct size that will deliver optimal comfort for your dog. In case the bed gets dirty, it cleans with ease by wiping the surface with a wet cloth or hosing it when in the outdoor space.

Extra features:

  • The fabric resists tear.
  • The bed supports up to 150 lbs.
  • The rubber feet will not scrap the floor.

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#5 K&H Pet Products Elevated Pet Bed

K&H Pet Products Elevated Pet Bed

This pet elevated bed also comes from K&H and packs a number of impressive features that give your dog ultra-comfort when taking a nap and in a night-long sleep.

The K&H unit employs a durable design, making it an excellent choice for anyone in need of an affordable pet bed that will last for years to come. Like the earlier sibling, this bed also features rubber feet that protect the floor from scrapping when using it in the indoor space.

The bed has 600-denier nylon fabric which possesses improved waterproof properties and resists mold and bacteria build up so that it remains in excellent condition even with outdoor use.

The mesh center delivers improved ventilation to not only keep your dog feeling cool during the hot moments but also to repel moisture and other elements that may cause discomfort to the dog.

The bed applies a straightforward design that assembles and disassembles in minutes to give your pup a perfect surface for lounging without having to keep him waiting for long.

The bolster also cleans with ease and is machine washable, making it an ideal option for anyone who doesn’t want to get involved in the hassle of cleaning it up.

Extra features:

  • The unit holds up to 150 lbs. of weight.
  • It employs a very sturdy design.
  • A canopy for the bed is also available although you have to purchase it separately.

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#6 The Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

Original Elevated Pet Bed by Coolaroo

If you are looking for an elevated dog bed that will get the job done at an amazingly low cost, then look no further beyond The Original Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed. In fact, this bed leads the way to recording the highest number of sales than any other on the market.

The off-the-ground design ensures improved airflow by elevating the pet up to seven inches from the ground. The setup comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large sizes making it hard to miss the correct size for your dog.

The sturdy construction implies that this bed will turn a handy purchase regardless of your dog breed while the scratch-resistant fabric is an indicator that it comes with your pet in mind.

The soft platform gives the pet a comfortable place to relax or sleep without causing pain on the pressure points. Also, the breathable fabric is phthalate-free which signifies that you can buy with the peace of mind that it will not cause adverse effects on your pet. Mites, flea, and other insects can turn irritating to a dog.

With this in mind, the mesh material of the bed resists insects to give the man’s best friend a serene atmosphere for lounging. However, you should ensure that you buy the original version since there are other counterfeit models bearing the name Coolaroo.

Extra features:

  • The setup is GREENGUARD-certified.
  • The frame has powder-coating that ensures maximum durability.
  • The polyethylene fabric avoids hot spots.

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#7 Kuranda Dog Bed Indoor Elevated

Kuranda Dog Bed Indoor Elevated

Now, apart from durability and breathability, beauty is something that you should also pay attention to when buying an elevated dog bed if at all you want it to dovetail to your home.

Kuranda Dog Bed is among the few raised beds that not only bring comfort but also step up the sense of beauty at home. Although the bed does not have a metal frame like other options, it adopts PVC frame which is sturdy enough to support a maximum weight of 100 lbs.

However, if your dog weighs more than this, you can still go for the Kuranda all-aluminum dog bed.

The unit employs an incredibly sturdy design that can stand up to the mischievous dogs, making it a great purchase for any dog owner who is tired of replacing the dog’s beddings over and over.

The smart design of the unit is shown in the ability of the fabric to tuck into the frame, hiding it from the dog to discourage chewing.

The Cordura fabric offers the same durability as canvas and resists abrasion, making the bed generally durable.

Also, the unique fabric delivers excellent traction which reduces the chances of accidents when climbing or coming off the bed.

Kuranda PVS Dog Bed works perfectly in indoor use and that is why the fabric comes in different color varieties so that you can choose the one that blends into your outdoor space perfectly.

Extra features:

  • It comes from the United States.
  • The frame features a UV-resistant finish.
  • The fabric stands up to repeated cleaning.

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#8 Petsure Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

Petsure Outdoor Elevated Dog Bed

This raised dog bed measures 35″/43″/49″ which indicates that it is big enough to accommodate large dogs. The bed lifts the dog eight inches from the surface to ensure that he remains dry even the outdoor surface is wet or muddy.

The platform is of durable Teslin material which is not only environmentally healthy but also hypoallergenic to ensure that you buy without the fears that it may cause allergic reactions to your dog.

The ruggedly constructed frame holds the bed in position and can tolerate tough outdoor conditions for years. The fabric offers excellent traction for safe operation when jumping on or off the bed while also offering exceptional resistance from rips from claws.

Petsure Large-sized Elevated Dog Bed supports up to 85 lbs. of which implies that it meets the lounging needs for different dog sizes and breeds. The bed assembles and disassembles to make carriage to your dog’s favorite lounging spot a piece of cake.

The four heavy-duty screws keep the unit steady and do not catch rust with time when the bed is used in outdoor conditions for an extended period.

The hex key means that you will have the easiest time putting it together. The fabric resists stains and cleans with ease to render it one of the low-maintenance raised beds on the market.

Extra features:

  • The construction is high-quality.
  • The ultrasonic welding mesh enhances the level of comfort.
  • It comes with skid-resistant feet.

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#9 Petmaker Elevated Pet Bed

Petmaker Elevated Pet Bed

Sleeping on the hard floor can cause some serious pressure points. However, Petmaker Elevated Pet Bed comes with your pet in mind and brings a practical sleeping solution to your furry friend.

The ventilated bed allows for airflow in all directions to ensure that the dog gets the much-needed breeze when the temperatures go up.

The feet reliably support the bed a few inches off the ground to also keep mites and other stubborn insects at bay. The durable construction guarantees longevity even when used in harsh outdoor conditions.

Additionally, this bed features non-slip feet which makes it not only a perfect outdoor addition but also allows for use in the indoor space without damaging the floor.

Also, Petmaker Elevated Pet Bed comes with a pocket-friendly price tag that suits nearly every pocket of a pet owner.

The medium size suits the medium-sized dogs although you can also get small and other large sizes depending on the size and the weight of your pooch.

The navy blue color steps up the beauty in any space although it is also available in other colors such as gray and green.

Extra features:

  • It comes with a carrying case.
  • It is versatile and suits any pet.
  • The design is travel-friendly.

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#10 Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

Veehoo Cooling Elevated Dog Bed

During the summer, the floors may turn extremely hot especially in the outdoor space. When winter comes, the case is totally opposite.

In other words, sleeping on the floor has never been comforting to your dog. Fortunately, this elevated dog bed comes with luxury and comfort that your four-legged fella will appreciate.

Therefore, getting this bed means that you end up with a more comfortable, healthier, and dryer dog. The unit features mesh at the top to keep the dog cooling during the hot afternoons and to allow for moisture dissipation.

The Textilene fabric is UV stabilized which means that it doesn’t lose its quality or color with extended exposure to sunlight.

When it comes to set up, it is pretty forward and doesn’t require screws and wrenches. The feet, frame, and fabric are all durably constructed to give the bed a high load-bearing capacity that suits nearly all dog sizes.

Extra features:

  • It is highly stable.
  • The construction is waterproof.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes.

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#11 K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed

If your dog is among the heavy chewers, this is one of the elevated beds that are crafted having him in mind. The bed features a durable ripstop ballistic fabric that is not only chew-resistant but also waterproof and resistant to tear.

The sturdy aluminum frame covers all the edges of the fabric so that there will be no protruding edge. Still not convinced yet?

Well, to stand behind all these claims, the bed comes with a six-month chew warranty that gives you the chance to claim for a replacement in case your dog chews the fabric within this period.

The fabric is soft and delivers high levels of comfy so that your dog will never want to come out of it. The bed delivers even weight distribution for optimal durability.

The spacious bed fits nicely in crates although you can use it alone in the place of your choice or the place where your dog loves to stay. The fabric comes with a very beautiful black color that guarantees to dovetail any space decor.

However, should you need a different color; the bed is also available in snow camo and tan colors. The bed comes pre-assembled leaving you to only screw the four legs without the need of tools.

Like other before elevated beds, K9 Ballistic Chew Proof Elevated Dog Bed is also available in other sizes.

Extra features:

  • The bed measures 25″x40″x6″
  • It is available in three colors.
  • It is easy to spot clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should dogs sleep on the floor?

No. Although sleeping on the floor for only a short period may not pose much effect, sleeping repeatedly can cause muscle and joint pains which may affect the dog’s mobility.

Are elevated dog beds better?

Generally, an elevated bed is better than the foam-based dog beds because it is easier to clean, making it easy to keep it hygienic. This property makes it ideal for the canines that have allergies. Also, raised beds offer greater breathability than their counterparts keeping the dog more refreshed.

How do I choose a dog bed?

Choosing a raised dog bed may turn daunting especially if you reach the market before making a decision on the specific model to buy. When selecting an elevated dog bed, consider the quality of the construction (frame and the fabric), the breathability of the fabric, the size of the bed, and the height of the bed. These are the most important factors although there are other minor considerations you need to put in memory such as the color and the recommended place of use.


Just like a bed remains a necessity to humans, an elevated dog bed is a must-have for the dogs.

Apart from comfort, raised dog beds also deliver other health-related benefits to your furry colleague. Therefore, consider adding one of the products on our list to your shopping cart!

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