The 11 Best Leather Dog Leashes In 2022

Owning a dog comes with responsibilities, one of which involves keeping your dog in check any time you take them outside the house.

No matter how much you trust your dog, it is a requirement to keep them on a leash whenever you’re jogging or taking a walk outside. A leash is also useful when training your pooch.

A dog leash can be nylon, metal chain, or leather. There’s no denying it that leather takes the top spot as the most favorable material for your dog leash.

This is because leather is durable, comfortable, and classy than any other material used in making a dog leash.

To help you select a genuine, sleek, and durable leather dog leash for your pooch, we decided to compare the most prominent ones in the market.

We narrowed them down and came up with a list of top ones, which are reviewed in detail within this article.

Jump into our list and find the perfect leather leash for you and your dog’s comfort.

11 Best Leather Dog Leashes

1) Fairwin Braided Leather Dog Leash

by Fairwin

Fairwin recognizes the importance of having a strong leather leash. This is why they use full grain American leather to provide you with only the best for your pooch.

The high quality of this leash is unbeatable considering it’s made using 100% genuine leather. The leather is strong enough to support any breed, including the strong German shepherds that are pullers.

The robust characteristics plus the thickness of this leash makes it tensile resistant to keep your dog safe and avoid pulling away. This also prevents chipping or snapping.

Its qualities make it perfect for not only walking your dog but also for professional military grade training.

The belt comes in different width sizes, i.e., 1/2″, 5/8”, 3/4″, and 1”. This allows you to select the ideal leash depending on your dog’s size. Despite the difference in width, they are all 5.6 feet in length to provide you with enough leverage to control your dog easily and 1/8” thick for strength. The long leash also keeps your dog relaxed.

This leash is braided by hand to offer more strength and durability.

It’s flawless.

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2) Logical Leather Dog Leash

by Logical Leather

If you are looking for a stylish leash for your four-legged friend, then this logical leather leash is the one for you. This leash comes in eleven different colors to choose from including bright and dull ones.

The leash is 1/8″ thick for heavy-duty use. It comes in three different lengths, i.e., 4ft, 5ft, and 6ft, for a chance to choose the ideal length as per your dog’s size or intended purpose.

The logical leather leash is made from a single full grain hide to ensure durability and strength. The high-quality of this leash makes it suitable for use in small, medium, and large breeds.

This leash is water resistant, and it’s adaptable for use in other extreme conditions, unlike the nylon counterparts.

It’s capable of withstanding up to 245lbs of pulling force which makes it perfect for robust dogs.

The leash features a sturdy nickel plated solid brass clasp which clips on and off the collar easily. The clasp is durable and can put up with considerable pulling force.

Its handle has well-beveled edges, and it’s supple to keep your hands safe.

On the negative side, this leash has a weak clasp/ swivel hook, which is not suitable for large dogs.

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3) Soft Touch Collars – Leather Braided Dog Leash

by Soft Touch Collars

Soft Touch Collars is a well-known company when it comes to leather products for our pets. Their leather braided dog leash keeps this reputation high due to its great genuine leather and high quality.

This leash features superior full-grain leather material meaning that it’s sturdy and durable. It’s handcrafted to keep the quality intact.

It’s tanned using natural products to prevent harmful products that dye up your dog’s fur. Natural tanning gives it a warm, rich tone and increases its strength.

This leash is braided and riveted for strength and durability. The heavy-duty construction makes it perfect for use with any dog size.

Soft Touch Collars’ leather braided leash has a soft padded handle to protect your hands from leash burns when pulling your dog during training or when walking.

This leash is available in three different sizes for versatility, i.e., 6ft x 3/4″, 6ft x 1/2″, and 4ft x 3/4″.

Its rivet and swivel clasp are forged from brass for strength and durability. They are then lacquered to protect them from rust and corrosion.

The clasp’s simple design is easy to clip onto the dog’s collar.

This leash is flawless.

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4) LEATHERBERG Leather Dog Training Leash


Leatherberg Leather leash is handmade from top quality US rawhide. It’s designed into a beautiful and comfortable to use leash for you and your dog’s comfort.

The leather used to make this leash is full grain to ensure strength and durability. It has a high tensile resistance due to its sturdy construction, making it perfect for that puller dog.

The leash is available in rich brown and black color. The good thing about this natural color tone is that it does not bleed all over your cute Chihuahua’s fur.

This Leatherberg leash is 6 foot long to provide you with enough leverage to control your dog easily. This also keeps your dog comfortable during runs or walks.

Each end of this leather leash is double stitched and riveted to withstand strong pulling force and to increase durability.

It features soft well-beveled edges to keep your hands safe when walking or training your dog.

The leash has a heavy-duty snap hook to keep your dog leashed no matter how hard it pulls.

On the downside, the stitches may loosen up after a while.

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5) ADITYNA – Heavy Duty Leather Dog Leash


The quality of the leather used determines how long the leash lasts and how comfy it will be for you and your dog. This is why Adityna uses a single premium grade genuine leather to make their leash.

Its high-quality construction assures you of its strength and durability to handle major pull force without snapping. It’s a little stretchy to prevent cracks over time.

The leash is available in two different sizes, i.e., 6 ft(L) x 3/4 inch(W) for medium breeds and 6 ft(L) x 1 inch(W) for large and extra-large breeds. Its extra-long size makes it easier to control your dog during walks and training and gives it enough roaming space.

Its ends are stitched and reinforced using two stainless steel rivets. This makes the leash strong to withstand strong pull force, especially during training.

The leash is fitted with a 4″ stainless steel clasp to create a secure connection between it and the dog’s collar. The stainless steel clasp is rust and corrosion resistant.

Its handle is soft to keep you safe from leash burns when your dog pulls. The handle is designed in such a way that you can double up and use it as a short leash to keep your pooch up close.

This leash is flawless but not very suitable for training dogs due to its flex nature.

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6) Signature K9 Standard Leather Leash

by Signature k-9

High-quality Latigo leather is one of the strongest and durable types of leather. The signature K9 standard leash is made from this type of leather to keep it sturdy and durable. Latigo leather gets better with continued use.

The leash is available in different sizes including, 3’, 4’ 5’, and 6’. All these lengths are available in either 1/2″ or 3/4″ width. This allows you to choose a suitable leash as per your dog’s size.

Due to its strong construction, this leash is one of the most recommended for military grade professional training.

This leash has beveled edges around the handle to prevent cuts and leash burns.

It has strong stitches at both ends and a brass rivet for reinforcement. This increases the strength and durability of this leash.

The leash is fitted with a swivel clasp to prevent any entanglement during use.

The clasp is made of lacquered brass to keep the leash securely connected to your dog. Brass construction is resistant to environmental elements.

This leash requires softening because it’s quite stiff.

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7) Wellbro Double handle Leather Dog Leash

by Wellbro

Wellbro combines strength and style to bring you one of the most versatile leather leashes in the market.

This leash is handcrafted using soft and pliable leather. The leather used has clear texture, and it’s free from stains or any chemicals. This means that it’s environmentally friendly and perfectly safe for you and your dog.

The leather construction makes it sturdy and durable to provide you with the best service for long.

This leash has two handles to double up as a short and long leash. The inbuilt traffic handle helps to control the dog through busy traffic and crowded places while the walk handle gives the dog freedom to roam during walks.

The leash is braided to increase its strength and durability. It’s soft and has beveled edges for comfortable and strong grips.

It has a sturdy copper alloy swivel clip which attaches on and off your dog’s collar with ease. The clasp is resistant to rust and corrosion for increased durability.

It has a waterproof finish to enable use in rainy conditions and to make cleaning and maintenance easy.

Wellbro leash measures 6’ in length and 1.8cm in width. This size is strong to handle aggressive and strong pullers.

It’s unique in design and works flawlessly.

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8) Timber and Tide Outdoor Co – Premium Leather Dog Leash

by Timber & Tide Outdoor Co

Timber and Tide Outdoor Co.’s leather products are known for their military and law enforcement grade strength. This leash is no exception.

The leash is made of genuine full grain Latigo leather to provide unrivaled strength and comfort during use. The leather used is supple and soft to keep your hands bruise-free all day long.

It’s 7/8” in width and 4mm thick to withstand continuous use from your four-legged friend. It’s 6 foot long to provide your dog with enough space to play around during walks.

The leash has a water-resistant finish for use in the rain and easier cleaning.

It has double riveting on both ends to keep the leash strong and to withstand tremendous pull force during runs and training.

Its snap is durable and easy to clip. Both the clasp and rivet are made of vintage gold to add a taste of sophistication to the leash.

After prolonged use, however, the rivets by the clasp loosen and may come out.

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9) Leerburg’s Latigo Leather Dog Leash

by Leerburg Amish Made Leather Leashes

Leerburg’s leather leash represents quality and style from the famous Amish harness makers.

It’s made of soft yet strong Latigo leather to provide you with enough strength to handle your dog during training and runs. Latigo leather is durable, which assures you of prolonged use.

The soft Latigo leather and well-finished edges provide a comfortable grip with no risk of injuries to your hands.

The rivets and snap are made of high-quality stainless steel to endure regular use. They are weather and corrosion resistant to enable use in any environment. The snap swivels to prevent entanglements of the leash.

The handle and snap are sewn and then pop riveted to provide maximum strength and security whenever the leash is in use.

Leerburg’s Latigo leather leash measures 6ft long by 3/4inch wide. With such a leather dog leash at your disposal, you can comfortably control a dog of any size.

This leash is flawless.

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10) Mighty Paw Leather Dog Leash

by Mighty Paw

Mighty Paw uses premium leather to provide you with one of the top dog leashes. The leather used is 100% genuine, and it’s pliable to give you and your dog a comfortable time during your walks.

The Mighty Paw leather is strong and durable for continuous use by your pup.

The pliable nature of its leather, plus the beveled edges provides you with a relaxed and firm grip. Its soft nature keeps your hands injury-free.

This leash is available in two sizes, i.e., 5’ x 1/2″ (Lite) and 5’ x 3/4″ (Standard) and three different colors (brown, light brown, and black) to choose from according to preference and dog size.

It’s double riveted on both the snap and handle ends to provide enough strength to control even the most playful dogs. The rivets used are made of strong and durable alloys.

It has a sturdy swivel snap made of quality alloys. This creates a secure connection between the leash and the dog’s collar.

This leash is flawless.

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11) Fairwin Brown Genuine Leather Dog Leash

by Fairwin

This is our second item from Fairwin, and it’s for a good reason. It’s one of the top-rated leashes for use in small dogs.

It’s made of genuine leather. It’s handcrafted to provide the dog and the dog owner with a high-quality, durable, and robust leash.

The leash is sewn at both ends to increase its strength and to withstand pulling from your pooch.

It has heavy-duty copper clasp which clips easily on your dog’s collar. The clasp swivels, and it’s tensile resistant to withstand considerable pull force when training or running.

The leash comes in different sizes for different breed sizes. The one for small dogs measures 3/8” (W) x 5’ (L). This is long enough for easy control of your small dog.

The edges are well curved and softened to give you a good and comfortable grip when walking your dog.

The only problem faced with this leash is that it tends to get stretchy after a while.

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How do I maintain my leather dog leash?

Quality leather dog leash requires minimal maintenance to increase durability. One way to maintain your leather leash includes the application of leather cream to condition and retain its leather integrity. You should also clean it after every use with a damp cloth for finished leather. To clean unfinished leather, apply saddle soap using a soft dry cloth and wipe it off using a dry cloth.

Are there any safety precautions associated with a leather dog leash?

Yes, there are. Like any other pet product, certain precautions are followed. These include;

  • Keep it away from child’s reach – some of the leather leashes are treated with harmful chemicals and dyes.
  • Avoid dog chewing – do not leave it on the dog when not in use because they tend to chew leather.
  • Do not machine wash or iron it.
  • Store in a dry place to prevent the formation of mold due to moisture
  • Always inspect your leather leash for damage before each use
  • Do not use if damaged

What is the importance of having a short leather leash?

  • A short leash offers better control when navigating through a highly distractive environment such as a veterinary
  • A short leash comes in handy during training as it keeps your dog in perfect “heel” position
  • A short leash is safer when crossing busy streets and sidewalks because it keeps your dog right by your side.

What are the advantages of leather dog leash over other materials?

  • Leather is more durable than nylon and other materials
  • Genuine leather is more pliable than its counterparts
  • Leather is more comfortable to grip and less slippery which comes in handy during rainy seasons
  • Leather is strong than most materials with the exempt of heavy duty chain
  • Leather is easier to clean and maintain
  • It’s more stylish and fashionable

Final Verdict

Make your dog happy and stylish when walking them down the street by using a leather leash. Leather is one of the most robust materials. Any leash made from genuine leather is durable, strong, and comfortable for both the pooch and the owner. Choose a leather dog leash based on its size, the size of your dog, the purity of the leather, style, and many other factors discussed in the article.

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