Top 11 Best Outdoor Dog Beds For 2022

Whether you are on a camping trip or within your home compound working on a few DIY projects, your furry friend will appreciate relaxing on an outdoor bed as he watches you carry on with the activities of the day.

Outdoor dog beds provide a safe, and comfortable spot for your pooch to lounge when relaxing in the outside environment. These beds typically feature materials of the best quality, and that’s why some of them can stand up to harshest elements of the outside space.

Now, if you are here in search of the perfect outdoor bed for your dog, you just came to the right place. We have put together the industry’s leading products in a single list to make it easy to find the best outdoor dog bed for your lovely canine. Let’s set the ball rolling!

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Coolaroo The Original Cooling Elevated Pet Bed,...
  • Off-the-ground bed design keeps your pet cool by increasing air flow from all sides

11 Best Outdoor Dog Beds

#1 Pet Craft Supply Indoor / Outdoor Dog Bed

Pet Craft Supply Outdoor Dog Bed

Keep your dog comfortable when relaxing in the outside environment using this premium-grade dog bed. It is made using materials of first-class quality. Hence, it’s very long-lasting and will support daily use in harsh weather.

The durable polyester is extra-tough, fade-resistant, and UV-treated. That’s why this bed can maintain it’s beauty for a very long time. The finish is water-resistant to always provide your dog with a dry and comfortable spot no matter the weather.

The bed has thick padding canine feeling safe and secure. And with the large space it offers, it will support medium to large dogs. But if you intend to use it for your cat or small dog, there is also a smaller version for them.

The exterior material is pet-friendly. I mean, other than keeping the dog feeling cozy, it is chew-proof. Hence, it’s one of the beds you can count on to retain their shape even when using it for pups that love to chew.

The variety of colors makes it easy to pick the one that matches your preference. And with the portability it offers, it’s one outdoor dog bed that won’t slow you down the next time you set out for a camping trip.


  • It is very durable.
  • The fabric is machine washable.
  • It is water-resistant.


  • It’s not ideal for heavy chewers.

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#2 SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed

SUPERJARE Outdoor Dog Bed

Some times protecting your dog from a cold and hard floor is not enough. Pups also need protection from UV and other severe elements of the outside weather. That’s why this outdoor dog bed has a canopy.

The elevated design keeps the dog a few inches off the hot and hard floor while the canopy provides shade from the summer sun. That said, your lovely pup will always want to relax on this dog bed as you tackle your daily activities.

The raised bed features sturdy steel construction for maximum strength. The high-quality 1680D Oxford fabric is extra-tough and can stand up to sharp nails of your canine.

The portable design makes it easy to carry along wherever you and your canine go. The handy small carrying bag provides an easy and convenient way to carry the bed to the beach, camping trips, and more.

The canopy bed doesn’t come fully assembled. However, it’s so easy to have it up and ready for your pup. In fact, you won’t require any special skills or tools- not even a screw!


  • It has a canopy.
  • It has a sturdy construction.
  • Assembling it is a breeze.


  • The canopy is not waterproof.

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#3 Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

Cheerhunting Outdoor Dog Bed

The next outdoor dog bed provides enough space to accommodate medium and large dogs. It features Oxford fabric for maximum durability and impressive performance in almost all weather conditions.

The high-quality material is claw-resistant and will endure playful scratching by your four-pawed member of the family. The refined stitching lets buy with confidence that it will not begin to come apart after a few days of use.

It is one of the versatile dog beds you will come across in the market. I mean, other than serving as an outdoor dog bed, this option will work well as a camping pet mat, car mat, and an indoor dog mat.

For the avid campers that would love to enjoy the company of their pups to the woods, this premium-grade dog bed folds easily for transportation. The manufacturer includes a carrying bag for better portability.

Furthermore, unlike some dog beds that will catch stains easily, this pet bed is designed to resist stains. But even when you notice a few, you can wipe it clean or machine-wash to maintain it in tip-top condition.


  • It folds easily for transportation.
  • The versatility is good.
  • It is waterproof.


  • The padding is a bit thin.

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#4 Floppy Dawg Just Chillin’ Elevated Dog Bed

Floppy Dawg Just Chillin' Elevated Dog Bed

Keep your pet cool in the scorching summer using this outdoor pet bed. The dog bed adopts an elevated design. Therefore, it will keep the pet safe from the hot floors during the summer and off the cold surfaces come winter.

The platform is of premium-grade fabric for long-lasting use. The mesh material at the center of the bed allows for maximum breathability to keep the pet feeling cool even in the hottest moments of the summer.

The large canopy means that this unit is designed to provide maximum protection to your pet for optimal comfort. That’s why we recommend it to pet caregivers who want the very best for their furry friends.

This elevated dog bed has a steel frame. Thus, it’s very strong and will not bend with time. The durable finish adds a visual appeal to the bed and prevents it from rusting even with extensive use in corrosive outdoor environments.

The bed comes in different sizes to meet the specific size needs for your dog. However, since it’s not available in small versions, you may not find this bed the perfect option for you if you have a pint-sized pup.


  • It is portable.
  • It has a breathable fabric.
  • Available in different sizes.


  • The canopy not so long-lasting.

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#5 Cheerhunting Waterproof Dog Bed for Outdoor

Cheerhunting Waterproof Dog Bed

The next pick on the list is also another promising bed for your pet. It is of Oxford 600D fabric, a material that is not only pet-friendly but also incredibly tough, waterproof, and resistant to stains.

The unit is thickly-padded with white cotton to keep your pet cozy and comfortable in cold weather. The thick padding also provides good cushioning for pressure points to make it a good purchase for arthritic and elderly dogs.

The raised walls of the sides provide a sense of security when your pup is playing on the bed. The sloping design of the front edge makes it easy even for the elderly dogs to climb on and out of the bed.

Because it’s a stylish dog bed, it’s good for both indoor and outdoor use. The beautiful grey color brings aesthetic benefits to any space. The anti-slip bottom keeps the bed in place, ensuring that it does not shift when your dog is climbing or coming down from the bed.

Maintaining this pet bed clean is also a piece of cake. But since machine washing can affect its waterproofing ability, the manufacturer recommends you clean it by hand washing.


  • The raised side walls are a plus.
  • It remains in place.
  • The cover is removable.


  • Machine washing doesn’t work best for it.

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#6 RELIANCER Elevated Dog Cot with Canopy Shade

RELIANCER Elevated Dog Cot with Canopy Shade

This bed is available in different sizes. That makes it possible to find the exact fit for your pet. The wide spectrum of color varieties lets you settle for the one that suits your outdoor space the most.

Like a few of our predecessors on the list, you are getting an elevated bed here. Hence, it will keep your dog warm in the chilly weather, cool in the scorching summer, dry when it’s rainy, and comfortable from the hard floor.

The bed also comes with canopy shade. This feature provides better protection to your pet when relaxing in the outdoor space. The most impressive thing about the canopy is that it is removable for moments when your pup needs to enjoy a little sunshine.

The 1680D Oxford fabric is durable and will retain its shape even when using the bed for large canines. A Textilene mesh is also long-lasting to keep your pet well-ventilated through several summers.

The frame is of heavy-duty steel for reliable support. The bed also has middle beams to improve the overall strength of the bed. The non-skid feet keep the unit from shifting when your pet is playing or going on/off the bed.


  • The shade is removable.
  • The material provides good ventilation.
  • The middle beams provide additional support.


  • The color of the canopy may differ slightly with that of the bed.

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#7 Lightspeed Outdoors Travel Dog Bed

Lightspeed Outdoors Travel Dog Bed

Although it’s the seventh on the list, this dog bed is unique in its own way. For instance, it has a self-inflating mechanism that activates with a simple twist the nozzle to allow the air in.

The self-inflating feature improves the overall comfort of the bed without the need for special inflating accessories. After use, this bed deflates easily by just opening the nozzle and rolling up the mat.

The top of this mattress is soft fleece material. This fabric creates a cozy surface that your dog will always want to relax when spending time in the outdoor environment.

The mattress bottom is of high-quality polyester construction. This material is puncture-resistant and waterproof to ensure that moisture doesn’t seep through from the floor. Hence, your dog will always have a dry and comfortable spot to lounge.

The outer shell and the fleece cover will support machine washing and drying in the dryer. The built-in nylon straps allow you to compress it for easy transportation and storage when need be.


  • The base is water-resistant.
  • Inflation holds nicely.
  • It has nylon buckle straps for easy transportation.


  • They don’t self-inflate quite enough.

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#8 PETMAKER Elevated Pet Bed-Portable Raised Cot

PETMAKER Elevated Pet Bed-Portable Raised Cot

This raised dog cot provides a nice spot for your canine a few inches above the surface. The off-ground style gives your furry friend a serene place for longing far from mites and other insects that are likely to disturb him when enjoying the outside environment.

The raised bed keeps the air flowing from all directions to keep the pooch cool when the temperatures surge. The mesh center panel is very tough and will not tear easily like in most members of the competition.

The sturdy frame construction implies that this unit is one of the dog accessories that will serve for years to come. You can use it in the porch, patio, and backyard although it also comes with non-skid feet for protecting your floor when utilizing it within doors.

The portable design makes it convenient to carry from indoors to the outside environment. However, for long journeys like camping trips, the manufacturer sends the unit with a handy carrying case.

This bed comes in a variety of sizes. Hence, whether you need one for a small dog like Chihuahua or one of the giant dog breeds, chances are that you will find the size that works best for your pet.


  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It keeps the dog comfortable.
  • It is portable.


  • There are only a few color varieties.

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#9 Riley and Mae Travel Dog Bed Plush

Riley and Mae Travel Dog Bed Plush

For the pet parents who are always on the go, here comes one of the outdoor dog beds specially made with their furry friends in mind. It’s a smartly-designed travel dog bed that doesn’t really look like one.

This unit comes in the form of a fashionable tote bag but converts into a spacious dog bed to give your furry friend a place to call home away from home. The handles go under the mat and are soft to ensure that they don’t cause discomfort to your pet.

The generous side pockets offer plenty of room for your dog’s treats and other supplies. That said, if you don’t want to carry lots of stuff on your next camping trips, this travel dog bed has that sorted.

The ability to transform into a bed quickly means that your dog will always have an instant surface to relax when he needs it most. And as thin as it may seem, this bed has just enough padding for your canine.

You can use it in the camps or at home when spending time with your dog outdoors. But in case you need it for use on the dog crate or a couch, this amazing unit will also not disappoint.


  • The convertible design is a smart idea.
  • The material does not shrink after washing.
  • The fabric is easy to care for.


  • It may not offer enough space for some dog breeds.

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#10 Majestic Pet Products Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Bed

Majestic Pet Products Indoor Outdoor Pet Dog Bed

Tenth on the list is also one of the market’s top-rated dog beds. It is one of the products that are made in the United States. That said, you can count on it as one of the outdoor dog beds that will hardly disappoint.

This dog bed is tough enough to withstand everyday abuse in an outdoor environment but also very beautiful to coordinate well with most interior spaces. The portable design makes it easy to transfer between indoors and outdoors.

The outdoor bed is made with tough polyester for years of use. The polyester is treated to ensure that it can withstand years of direct exposure to UV and other elements that are a potential threat to its lifespan.

The machine-washable polyester fabric interacts well with your pet and is also environmentally friendly. That said, this pet dog bed is one of the options you can buy with peace of mind that its made with the safety of your dog in mind.

The zippered slipcovers come out readily when its cleaning time. The high-quality zippers will hold up well through several years of washing and use. And since it’s machine washable, there is no more struggling to wash off stains and dirt.


  • It is from the United States.
  • The zippers are heavy-duty.
  • The cover comes out readily.


  • The stuffing could be a bit thicker.

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#11 ANWA Elevated Dog Cot Bed

ANWA Elevated Dog Cot Bed

For those that are looking for a large outdoor dog bed that won’t cost them an arm and a leg, this is one of the options they should consider giving a try. This bed offers enough space to accommodate large dog breeds that won’t easily fit in the majority of the beds out there.

The bed provides ample space for dog breeds such as German shepherds, Mastiffs, Great Danes, and other giant-size dogs. But in case you think it isn’t the perfect size for you, this bed also comes in a smaller and larger version.

The off-ground design of the unit keeps the dog at a comfortable temperature above the ground. Hence, whether it’s in the chilly moments of the winter or the hot afternoons of the summer, your dog will always enjoy resting on this dog bed.

The steel frame means that this bed will support the heavy furbabies well. The powder coating prevents rust while the non-skid feet indicate that this bed will not rob your floor of its beauty when utilizing it in the inside environment.

The oxford fabric supports multiple cleaning options. In other words, you can either wipe it with a damp cloth, hose it off, or remove the cover and machine wash when you feel that it needs some deep cleaning.


  • It’s very spacious.
  • It has non-skid feet.
  • The price is great.


  • It may not be the perfect option for small dogs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Outdoor Dog Beds Waterproof?

The short answer to this question is- Yes and No. While some dog beds aren’t waterproof, most of them have waterproofing properties. However, it’s important to note that their level of water-resistance differs from one bed to another.

What Makes Elevated Outdoor Dog Beds Better?

Although it’s absolutely fine to lay your dog’s mattress on the surface, most pet owners will prefer off-ground beds. They keep the dog comfortable from the wet, cold, or hot floor as well as irritating insects.

Can I Wash My Dogs Bed?

Yes. Dogs will want to relax on a clean surface. That’s why most of the bed covers are removable for cleaning. You can handwash or machine-wash depending on what the manufacturer recommends.

How Do You Clean A Waterproof Dog Bed?

Since machine washing affects the waterproofing properties of a dog bed, most manufacturers recommend handwashing. And how should you do it? Well, most manufacturers suggest that you clean the stained areas with a sponge using hot and soapy water. Avoid using bleach as it may affect the fabric.

What Bed Is Good For A Dog With Arthritis?

When buying a dog bed for an arthritic dog or elderly one, ensure that you get one with thick padding. The heavy padding will help provide nice pressure relief. Beds with heavy stuffing help cushion sensitive joints to keep the dog comfortable.

Final Verdict

An outdoor dog bed is one accessory that every dog needs. These beds give canines the comfort they need when enjoying moments in the outside space. However, because of the tough nature’s elements, it’s good to be considerate of what you are buying lest you fall victim to the many knockoff products.

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