The 11 Best Tents for Camping with Dogs In 2022

Camping is one of the best ways to spend your free time with your family. It gives you time to explore the outdoors and to carry out fun activities as a family or even alone.

If you are a dog parent, bringing your Fido camping with you is even more fun. Let’s face it; it’s really devastating and unfair to leave him locked up at home or with your neighbors. Camping with your pooch is no walk in the park, but as a dedicated and loving dog parent, you know how much your pooch will love the feel of nature and are willing to do what it takes to make him/her happy.

One of the major requirements when going camping with your dog is acquiring a big tent to accommodate you, your family or friends, and your dog. Finding the right tent to house you and your dog can get stressful, especially if you’re an outdoor novice. It requires a high-quality and heavy-duty tent for it to be successful.

To ease the whole process for you, we carried out a detailed research and narrowed down the top dog-friendly tents for you.

Dive into the details and let’s find the perfect tent for you and your pooch.

11 Best Dog-Friendly Tents

1)  Coleman Evanston Dome Tent with Screen Room

by Coleman

The Coleman Evanston screened tent is a spacious and high-quality tent for you and your dog. It’s made from 75D polyester taffeta which can withstand your dogs’ claws. This is one of the high-quality and heavy-duty materials used in making tents, which means that this tent is durable and will serve you and your pooch for long.

The tent features Coleman’s WeatherTec technology, which aims at keeping you, your gear, and your pooch away from any rain. This tech includes welded floors to strengthen the floor and avert needle holes, weatherproof zipper protection, and reversed seams for weather resistance.

This tent measures 10 x 9ft with a center height of 5’8″, which is enough space for you and your dog to play and sleep comfortably.

What makes this tent even more suited for camping with your pooch is the vestibule/ screen room which creates extra space for your dog to sleep in or to relax during the day when you’re busy. The room is well ventilated and transparent to keep your pooch comfy.

It also comes with a rainfly which provides more weather resistance.

There are several storage pockets to store your necessities and your dog’s snacks within reach for your convenience.

The tent features a robust wind-resistant frame. It also comes with hooks and ropes to safely secure it to the ground.

This tent has window awnings which enhance circulation without exposing you to the rain. This keeps the tent fresh and avoids odor built up.

On the downside, the screen room is not well protected from the rain.

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2) Wenzel Klondike 8-Person Tent

by Wenzel

This tent is perfect for families or friends who take their dogs with them for camping. The tent easily fits up to eight people, which implies that it has enough space for your pooch as well. It measures 16ft (L) x 6.5ft (H) x 11ft (W).

The tent is made of water-resistant polyester coated with polyurethane, which increases its resistant to water, keeping you safe and dry. This material is durable and can withstand your dog’s claws for a long time.

It has a removable rainfly to protect the whole tent from rain. When the rainfly is removed, the meshed roof provides enough ventilation to keep the tent odor-free.

The tent comes with a screened area which you can use as a sleeping room for your dog. This also comes in handy to keep your pooch safe during the day when you’re busy with other activities.

The tent features strong power corners, shock-corded fiberglass roof, and steel frame to keep the tent stable in any situation.

Accessory pockets are integrated into the tent walls to hold your accessories and dog treats. This creates convenience as they are easy to reach.

The tent features a well-ventilated system including a vent at the back to keep your whole tent well aerated for you and your dog’s comfort.

As long as the tent is well set up, it’s flawless.

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3) Gazelle Pop-Up Portable Camping Tent

by Gazelle Tents

The Gazelle Pop-Up Tent is made of coated 210 denier polyester material, including the floor for durability. This construction provides water resistance during rainy days and protection from UV during summer.

It has strong metal hubs and fiberglass poles to make it sturdy and robust to endure any weather condition that you may face.

It has a rugged removable floor which is perfect for your dog to roam and play in. The floor is also waterproof, durable, and strong, and it’s connected to the shell using loop tape and a hook strip.

This tent measures 78” (H) X 168” (L) x 94” (W) which means it can comfortably accommodate a few people plus your dog.

As the name suggests, this is a fully assembled pop-up tent, which means it takes a few minutes to set up saving you time.

The tent has a big screen room which provides extra space for your pooch to play or sleep in. You can also use it as your leisure room.

The tent is well ventilated via meshed windows, open roof, and a meshed screen room to keep you and your pooch well aerated.

It also comes with a removable water-resistant rainfly for versatility, i.e., remove it when it’s too hot inside and install it during rainy or cold seasons.

This tent works well when camping with your dog as long as you set it up well and install the floor correctly.

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4) Coleman Carlsbad Four Person Tent

by Coleman

This is another fantastic tent ideal for camping with your dog. This is especially suitable for sunlight sensitive dogs because it has darkroom technology, which blocks 97.5% of sunlight. This technology also prevents the buildup of heat inside the tent.

This tent measures 9 ft by 13 ft, and it has a 4ft 11inches center height. This is enough room to accommodate you and your dog for a comfy and relaxed camping experience.

Just like our first Coleman tent, this tent features WeatherTec System to make sure that it’s fully waterproof. This keeps you and your pooch dry.

It comes with easy to access storage pockets to store treats for your dog and your small necessities, which creates convenience.

The tent has a screen room to provide you with more space which can be used as a sleeping area for your dog.

Ventilation is essential when it comes to dog camping. This is why this tent has meshed windows and screen room to ensure that it stays well aerated throughout camping.

It’s made of durable, lightweight Polyguard fabric which ensures that it lasts for long.

This tent is flawless.

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5) ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 2-Person Tent

by ALPS Mountaineering

This is a fully assembled tent meant to accommodate two people. For those dog parents who like going camping solo, this tent can comfortably accommodate you and your four-legged friend.

The Alps Mountaineering Lynx Tent measures 5’ (B) x 7.6’ (L) and 46” center height. It has two vestibules which provide ample space for your dog(s) to spend a night in or to play in.

The tent features a two-pole aluminum and polyester construction for a stable and robust setup. Aluminum and polyester are both weather-resistant, which makes this tent durable and fit for regular camping. Polyester is also resistant to UV, which keeps the tent cool through summer for you and your pooch’s comfort. Factory-sealed seams provide additional weather protection.

It comes with stakes and guy rope to provide more stability to your tent, especially during windy conditions.

This tent has built-in storage pockets which create a convenient way to store small personal accessories and dog treats.

This tent is perfect for camping with Fido.

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6) Kelty Salida Camping and Backpacking Tent

by Kelty

Going camping with your dog requires a spacious and well-constructed tent. The Kelty Grand tent meets both of these requirements.

This is a two-person tent which makes it perfect for you and your dog. With a 30ft-squared floor area, it provides enough space for you and Fido to spend a night comfortably. It also has a 10ft-squared vestibule floor area which comes in handy when you want Fido to sleep on his/her own.

The tent has a 68D polyester rainfly to offer protection against UV rays and to provide water resistance during the rainy season. Its seams are fully taped for extra water-resistance.

It has robust aluminum poles to provide stability in slightly windy days.

When it comes to ventilation, this tent has a meshed wall material to provide sufficient air circulation throughout the tent.

It’s fitted with internal pockets to store easy to access snacks for you pooch creating convenience.

This tent has a perfect design for dog lovers to spend a few days camping with their dogs. It’s flawless.

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7) Eureka Copper Canyon 4-Person Tent

by Eureka!

The cabin-like design with almost vertical walls makes the Copper Canyon tent more spacious and suitable for camping with your dog. It measure 8’ (W) x 8’ (L) x 7’ (H) and weighs 18 pounds.

The tent features a strong combination of steel and fiberglass frame to provide stability through windy and rainy conditions. Its body features polyester construction to provide resistance to UV and water, keeping you cozy inside the tent with your pooch.

Two large storage pockets and an overhead hammock provide easy to access storage for treats and personal accessories, which creates convenience.

The tent has meshed windows which allow air circulation throughout the entire tent for a comfortable night with your dog. The mesh keeps the mosquitos out.

This tent has a removable rainfly to offer protection against rainfall and scorching sun.

This tent is flawless.

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8) Slumberjack Overland 10 Person Tent

by Slumberjack

This is a big tent for a family or a large group looking to spend time in the outdoors with their dogs.

Slumberjack features a tunnel style construction with room dividers to provide ample space for both you and your dogs. It has a single wall polyester construction which makes it easy to set up and light to carry.

The tent’s polyester construction is resistant to water and UV light. This means that you and your pooch are always protected throughout any camping season.

The tent features strong hybrid steel and aluminum poles which provide sturdy support in any weather conditions that you’ll face. Stakes and guylines are also included in the package to provide extra support when it’s required.

Air circulation throughout the tent is well catered for by five large windows. This keeps you and your pooch comfortable throughout the camping period. The windows are meshed to keep mosquitos and other insects and bugs out of your tent.

The only problem faced when using this tent is that it tends to leak in water during heavy storms. It’s more preferred for summer camping.

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9) Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Deluxe 8-Person Tent

by Kodiak Canvas

Kodiak Canvas Flex Bow Tent is a 6 to 8 person tent, which means that it’s great when you want to include your dog in your camping trip. It can fit a few people and leave enough space for your dog to play and even spend a night comfortably. It’s one of the most superior tents in the market.

This tent is made of marine-grade, silver-coated, duck cotton Hydra-Shield canvas, which is resistant to UV to keep your tent cool even when the sun is unbearable. The canvas is also water-resistant to ensure that you remain warm and dry as you hang out with Fido.

The support frame consists of galvanized steel tubing and Aluminum T-joints for strength, resistance to corrosion, and durability.

The tent has four windows to keep it well ventilated and eliminate any odor from the tent throughout your camping. The windows are fitted with No-See-Um mesh to keep all insects and bugs at bay.

One unique feature about this tent is the extended rainfly, which provides a nice shed to relax and carry out other chores such as cooking for your dog. This also ensures that the rainwater drips away from your tent’s door.

This tent is flawless and perfect if you have more than one dog.

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10) NTK Indy GT XL Tent

by NTK

The NTK Indy Tent has ample space which allows you to go camping with your dog. The tent has a floor size of 14ft by 8ft, which is enough to comfortably fit a few of your friends or family plus your dog. If you have several dogs and looking to camp alone, this tent provides you with all the space you’ll need to play and relax with your four-legged pals.

It has a 100% waterproof rainfly. It’s made of 190T polyester, and it’s coated with polyurethane to provide extra resistance to both water and UV. This ensures that you’re well protected no matter what strikes.

Its floor features antifungal polyurethane material which is seamless and silver-coated to prevent leaks into the tent. It’s rugged and tough enough to withstand your dogs’ paws for years.

The framework of this tent features Nano-flex fiberglass poles interconnected with double gold chrome coated ferrule to form a sturdy and robust support system for your tent.

This tent has No-See-Um micro-mesh windows for air circulation throughout the tent. This ensures that you and Fido stay fresh and that insects and bugs do not gain entry into the tent.

Storage pockets are integrated to allow room for dog snacks and personal accessories. They are easy to access for convenience.

The only flaw with this tent is that it takes a lot of time to set up mainly because you have to slip the poles up the sleeves. Other than that it’s perfect for you and Fido.

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11) Wenzel Alpine Tent

by Wenzel

If you’re looking to go camping alone with Fido, this tent provides enough space to accommodate both of you. It’s also light enough to carry around and easy to set up.

The tent features a water-resistant polyester body to protect you through the rainy days. This material is strong and durable, providing you with years of camping with Fido.

It has a removable fly which comes in handy through all camping seasons. It can be removed to allow more air circulation or to spend a night watching the stars. It also has two meshed windows for aeration when the fly is in place.

The tent has a shock-corded fiberglass frame to keep the tent sturdy and enable an easy setup.

It has overhead storage to stash some essential items and snacks for Fido.

On the downside, setting up the tent is a bit cumbersome.

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What items should I carry when camping with my dog?

Dog camping can be demanding, but with the right equipment, it eases up. Always make sure to carry;

  • A strong and long dog leash
  • A short leash
  • Dog food
  • Dog bed
  • Bug spray
  • Dog sweater/ jacket
  • Your dog’s ID tag
  • GPS collar
  • Canine boots
  • Freshwater

What should I look for in a dog-friendly tent?

  • Rugged/ thick fabrics to withstand scratching from your dogs’ paws.
  • Vestibules/ screen rooms for extra space, especially when many people are going to camp in the same tent. This can be used as a sleeping room for your dog.
  • If there’re no vestibules, ensure the tent is large enough for you and your dog
  • Well ventilated tents to remove odor and keep the tent fresh

What are some of the safety precautions when camping with your dog?

  • Never leave your dog alone whether tied up or otherwise at the campsite
  • Treat your dog with flea and tick preventative solution
  • Always keep your dog on a leash for his safety and that of other campers

Is a dog-friendly tent different from a regular tent?

No, a dog-friendly tent is a regular tent capable of accommodating your dog’s needs. It has to meet all the requirements for your dogs’ comfort. For example, its floor should be tough to avoid damage from your dogs’ claws.

Final Verdict

Dogs always enjoy when you let them explore new environs, and camping is definitely an exciting experience for them. The right gear, which includes a tent, makes the whole camping experience even better for both of you. Choose the perfect tent in terms of quality, versatility, and space to make sure that you and your dog are cozy, safe, and having fun throughout the camping period.

All the tents reviewed in this article are dog-friendly. Select the one that meets all your requirements, and you won’t be disappointed.

Happy Camping!

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