Embark Dog DNA Test Review 2022

Dogs are our best companions. They stay with us through thick and thin. Similarly, it becomes our responsibility as well to understand them and to make them realize that we are there for them. Also, we should always remember that they cannot speak or express themselves.

Hence, it becomes our duty to understand their problems or mindsets. Sometimes we are not able to understand the actual problem they are facing or the reason behind their incessant illnesses. Earlier, in such situations, we only had hopes and prayers to back us up. But not anymore!

With the onset of high throughput genetic background screening and DNA testing, it is now possible to find out the specific reason for your pup’s discomfort.

Testing your dog’s DNA! Yes, it is required. We all love dogs and want to adopt one of them at some point of time. But do you know about their genetic background? Do you know specifically which breed are they or if they are a pure breed or not?

In most of the cases, these questions remain unknown due to which our furry friends do not get the proper care which they deserve.

You might have many other questions in your mind regarding your dog from the very beginning such as,

  • Will they be docile or aggressive when grown completely?
  • Will there be any congenital health issues?
  • What will be the personality of the dog?

And then comes to the most generic question; what if the breeder was not honest about their lineage?  

These are a few absolutely valid questions that need to be answered so that you can learn more about your pup. You should remember that it is not your fault that you do not know in detail regarding their genetic information because there are no such methods to learn about these except some clinical trials which might not be accessible to you.

But the wait is finally over. With the introduction of veterinarian developed Embark Dog DNA test kits you can now learn about your dog’s genetic makeup. Aided by this tool, you can give them proper diet and training accordingly so that they can grow up well.

Now, there are many reasons why you need to know about the genetic makeup of your pup and we will discuss them in detail before reviewing the DNA test kit from Embark.  

Learning about their genetic background: 

This is undoubtedly the biggest reason to run a DNA test for your pup. It majorly helps in case your bud is sick and you have taken them to the vet. It is probable that the vet might ask you about some breed-related questions.

This is crucial because different breeds of dogs require medications accordingly and they might also have certain allergies of various degrees with respect to drugs. If you already know detailed information about the breed, it will be a great help during diagnosis. 

Running a DNA test on your pup will also let you know about their family lineage and you can find out if your pup is a true or a mixed breed by comparing different characteristics of different pure breeds.  

Also, as a proud owner of a canine, you can just frame the DNA test results as it comes in a colorful artsy sheet and keep it as an emotional possession. You can have it as a part of your decor by hanging it on the wall of your house too. 

To stay alert regarding the medical conditions of your dog:

You should always give priority to the health condition of your dog. It is the one thing that enables them to be happy and jovial all the time. With the option of DNA testing becoming available, it has become a useful tool for learning 3 major things in detail about your dog. 

Disease related information: 

Different dog breeds are susceptible to different diseases. If you know the exact genetic background of your pup, you can gain more knowledge regarding the common illnesses of that particular breed.

We always say that ‘prevention is better than cure’. This is applicable in this case as well. Certainly, you do not want your dog to get affected by any kind of diseases because it will affect both of your lives.

That is why learning about the common diseases and their symptoms are extremely helpful and DNA tests are of immense importance in this regard. 

Dietary needs: 

Every breed has a different dietary requirement and it is highly important for you to follow the specific diet plan in order to keep your pup healthy. In this aspect, a DNA test comes handy as it provides you with the complete information regarding your breed of concern. Therefore, you can get complete diet details easily.  

Applications of Genetic Engineering: 

As time has passed, many genetic modifications have come up in dog breeds as well. The reason behind these modifications is the domestication experiments performed by humans since the beginning of time, to solve their purposes like hunting, or managing cattle herds, and so on.

This has given rise to new and more exciting breeds also these newer breeds come with more unconventional and novel health problems and behavioral issues. Performing a DNA test on these unconventional breeds brings some light on the root of these problems and gives you clarity or reasoning behind their nature too. 

Makes training easier: 

Some breeds are genetically aggressive; their energy requirements are higher. They need to get a certain amount of daily exercise in order to stay fit and maintain a proper body shape.

On the other hand, some breeds do not prefer to roam around the house. They are lazy, have a laid back attitude, and prefer to stay at a single place throughout the day.

Due to these reasons, you need to know detailed information about your dog’s genetic makeup. This will enable you to figure out how much exercise your dog requires on a daily basis. It will also answer questions like, what to do to uplift your dog’s mood? Or, how much distance should your dog walk per day? 

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DNA tests make you learn about your dog in a complete and better manner. You might get confused regarding what to do and what not to do with your pup during those initial days.

Various people may give you various 101 tricks and tips for better bonding with your pup but the wisest thing to do is to follow the path of science and to get a DNA test done to clear out the haze about your little-mate. This will ultimately make the bonding and learning easier and quicker. 

The Embark Dog DNA Test is the perfect solution for you if you are aiming to find out the genetic background of your pup. Let us discuss some prominent features of the DNA test kit.

Identifying the breed: 

Embark has the ability to screen more than 250 dog breeds with their high-throughput identification techniques. It also determines the variety and type of dog from the DNA test results.

The screening technique uses a highly sophisticated database along with a research-grade genotyping platform which is created with the help of genotyping experts of Cornell University at the College of Veterinary Medicine. It is completely scientific and authentic.

Quick and completely trustworthy: 

The Embark Dog DNA test kit’s advanced technology provides results in between 1-3 weeks following the day of testing. It is fast and completely accurate. The datasets are made in an interactive manner in order to be understandable. It is trusted by major veterinary hospitals across the world. 

Finding out the common ancestors:

With the advanced phylogenetic analysis provided by the Embark DNA tests, it has become a piece of cake to find out the distant and close relatives of your pup. If you want to get another little mate for you, it is better to get a close relative of your previous pup as both of them will go along well. Embark DNA tests help you to choose relatives with common ancestors and make your life easy. 

Ratings and Reviews: 

Embark DNA test kits are the highest reviewed and rated Dog DNA testing kits on premium online shopping websites like Amazon and so on. Its integrated technology and perfect analysis techniques have created a well-established trust among all its users.  

Embark Dog DNA testing kit; How to use it?

  • You need to collect saliva from your pup in order to perform the DNA test. The test kit comes with a saliva collection tube in a properly sanitized package.
  • Firstly, you need to take out the collection tube from the package. You should not remove the swab from the tube as it will lose its functionality. The tube can be used as a handle. Next, you need to take the saliva from your dog’s mouth for duration of 30-60 seconds. 
  • During this time, ensure to get the swab under their tongue gently. You need to make sure that the swab sponge is saturated with saliva. You can show a treat to your pup as it will increase the salivation inside their mouth but do not let them eat the treat. 
  • It is necessary not to let your dog eat for at least 30 minutes before taking the swab test as it will compromise the quality of the DNA and ultimately the test results. After completion of this step, it is time to place the swab upside down and collect it inside the collection tube.
  • The collection tube has some storage liquids which keep the DNA intact. Remember not to spill the liquid present in the collection tube as it will hinder the stabilization or fixation of your pup’s DNA. Screw the cap tightly of the collection tube. In the next step, you need to mix the contents of the collection tube by shaking thoroughly for 10 seconds. This will ensure the fixation of your sample for at least 6 months. 
  • Now comes to the last step which is the activation of your DNA testing kit. You can do this by visiting the website of Embark and by filling up the necessary details. Finally, you can mail your sample in an enclosed envelope provided with the testing kit to them.  
How it works

How is the test done?

After you register for the DNA testing kit online by going to their website, you will get the sample package containing the collection tube.

After collecting the saliva by the above mentioned technique you need to mail the sample directly to the Embark labs. They have created a unique identification process for each sample, with which you can track your sample at different stages of the analysis. 

  • In general, the swab present within the collection tube of the sample kit will have a huge amount of DNA. DNA does not stay loosely in the saliva. It generally stays inside a cellular organelle called the nucleus, as a super coiled form or a microscopic structure called a chromosome. 
  • Normally, a single cell contains 1.5gigabytes of data in the form of DNA. Now you can multiply the number of cells with this value which will give you several mega hard drives of data. The DNA contains every information regarding your dog. From sleeping to walking, from tail wagging to barking; every function is assembled inside the DNA. 
  • The next step in the analysis is to break down the DNA into its building blocks. Now, DNA is made with nucleic acids. The main component of the nucleic acids is the nitrogenous bases. 
  • To create a chain of DNA, every organism requires 4 nitrogen bases, Adenine, Guanine, Thymine, and Cytosine (A, T, G, and C). These bases combine in specific and different ways to make the genetic blueprint of your pup. In the first step of the analysis, the DNA is broken down to determine the sequence of the bases. 
  • Next comes to the analysis of these base pairs. As there are millions of copies of these bases it takes time to individually analyze these bases according to their orientation and find out their roles in the developmental stages of your dog. 
  • This is followed up by high-throughput research-grade microarray analysis to look at around 200,000 locations of the pup’s genome to find out the relationships and phylogeny related data. It also enables them to search for important details regarding the dog’s health and well-being. 
  • The last step is the comparison of your dog’s genomic details to the database of Embark. With more than 250 different dog species’ genome information recorded to the database, this technique can easily confirm the ancestry of your pup and the amount of uniqueness present within your dog. The data are assembled in an interactive way and handed to you in about 2-3 weeks. 

Everything you need to know about the variants of the test kit:        

The DNA test comes in 3 flexible variants giving you the option of having to choose the amount of data you like to receive. You can decide how well you want to know about your pup and how much you want to spend for the complete process. The options are; Breed Identification Kit, Breed + Health kit, and Genome sequencing kit.  

Option 1: Breed Identification Kit ($129)

The Breed Identification Kit is Embark’s most affordable DNA kit. It is a great starting point for owners who like to learn some basic details related to the ancestry of their pup.

With this tool, you will be able to know the lineage and phylogeny of your breed and some information regarding the common ancestors as well. It does not include the screening of health conditions. This kit includes ancestry checks against Embark’s immense database of 250+ dog breeds by using genetic marker-assisted studies.

You can track the ancestral lineage of your pup, way back to 3 previous generations. You will also be able to know about the distant and close relatives of your dog and if you are planning to get another for your household, you can choose from the related breeds for better correlation and behavioral coordination.    

Option 2: Breed + Health Kit ($199)

Next comes to the Breed + Health kit, which is considered as the best-value offer from Embark. Many owners are concerned regarding the health problems of their dogs and with simple techniques of marker-assisted genetic mapping, the health kit assures to predict the probable diseases.

Embark’s integrated database screens over 170 diseases and health issues of your canine friends which include dilated cardiomyopathy, glaucoma, and degenerative myelopathy. These are the three most common diseases of dogs that can occur during their adulthood.

Notification of possible health disorders can help you stay alert and take possible precautions to avoid the onset of the same. This kit will also let you discover 20+ unique physical traits of your pup which include, coat color, amount of shedding of hair, activity requirements, and so on.

Moreover, this enables you to learn about their grooming and walking requirements in a much broader sense.  

Option 3: Genome Sequencing – Beta ($349)

This is the most advanced package from the house of Embark. It houses all the required details and additionally does the whole genome sequencing of your dog.

This dataset will definitely provide you the details like lineage and health problem-related issues. It will also provide you the complete genome sequence showing the exact localization of the traits in the genome. It is really helpful for the breeders as they require this kind of dataset to prove their claims regarding different breeds.

Also, if you are a biology enthusiast it will definitely intrigue you as it comes up with so many unique details and characteristics.    

Some great works from the house of Embark: 

Most accurate and value-for-money DNA testing of canines in the market

Embark is the world’s leading company when it comes to DNA testing for dogs. They have successfully constructed a team of efficient scientists and researchers that has developed a high-throughput technology to screen every dog’s DNA and to find out the lineage.

With the usage of over 200,000 unique genetic markers and testing 256 quadrillion possible genetic ancestry related aspects, they provide you the most accurate dataset which suits your dog the best. 

Adult Weight Prediction

Many dog owners remain concerned about the weight of their pup when they grow up to the adult stage. To keep the weight at a certain range they apply different techniques in an unscientific manner. But often these tricks fail due to poor execution.

With the complete genome sequencing studies and lineage analysis Embark offers you the best possible prediction of your adult dog’s weight. By knowing this you can accordingly follow a proper meal plan and a regular exercise regime for the perfect growth of your dog. 

Being empathetic towards them will make your furry friends happy. For keeping them in a state of happiness, you should take this small step of genetic screening of your dog’s DNA. This will not only enable you to get a complete look at their lineage but also make you educated regarding their genetic makeup. Also, these reports come in interactive formats which will be easy for you to learn. 

We also advise you to always try to decrease their anxiousness and boredom for their mental well-being. It is always recommended for the owners to cooperate with them and nurture them. This act of kindness will change both of your lives for the better.

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